Ronnie Raygun Rules Again

I’m only voting in local races on Tuesday.

I’ve explained my reasons for doing so a million times on this website: the loss of free speech, the destruction of our monuments, the spiraling of Antifa violence, etc.

This is not what I voted for in the 2016 election. I think I can speak for my faction when I say that we are living through the Reagan era all over again. The GOP Congress has delivered YUGE tax cuts, banking deregulation, a shitty healthcare system, record immigration inflows and unbelievable levels of wasteful military spending. The True Cons in Congress wanted to take a crack at welfare reform this year and were only prevented from doing so by sabotaging Roy Moore’s Senate campaign.

If you want to know how the Donald Trump era ends in Washington, look at Ronald Reagan’s presidency. He borrowed both the Make America Great Again slogan and the policies from Reagan. As with Reagan in the 1980s, we are seeing supply side tax cuts giving a short term sugar rush to the economy while piling up a mountain of long term debt. As with Reagan in the 1980s, we’re seeing a military buildup. As with Reagan in the 1980s, we’re seeing the economy deregulated and the welfare state dismantled, but we are also seeing illegal immigration picking up and our cultural decline accelerate. As with Reagan in the 1980s, we’re seeing the same “peace through strength” foreign policy.

President Trump couldn’t have won the 2016 election on Reaganism alone. He ran on Buchananite themes on trade, immigration, foreign policy and political correctness. In office, he has sounded like Pat Buchanan on his Twitter account, but has governed like Ronald Reagan. He has griped about NATO while expanding it to include Montenegro. He has imposed harsh sanctions on Russia. He condemned NAFTA and scuttled the Trans-Pacific Partnership only to incorporate 2/3rds of its text into USMCA. He has given speeches about how we are all Americans under one flag while celebrating the entire multicultural calendar. He rails against Hollywood celebrities on Twitter while ignoring Antifa violence.

What is America going to look like when this is over and the dust settles? All signs point to it being a browner, more indebted, more politically correct country than it was in 2016. It is only two years in and somehow we have nearly lost our free speech and freedom of assembly. We stoked a huge backlash to elect the GOP in 2016 and were left with ZERO political cover for it.

As with Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, White Nationalists were sold a bill of goods and pumped full of false hope by the Republican Party. We bought into the message that Trump was selling, but our circumstances have actually deteriorated over the past two years. Joe Six Pack went back to sleep in 2016 and is now wearing a QAnon t-shirt and posting on Facebook to “Trust The Plan.”

The 1980s called and want their nostalgia back. The GOP is always going to be a Center Right party presided over by a Center Right elite that wants to enact Center Right policies. If you haven’t noticed that yet, you haven’t been paying close enough attention.

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  1. In a way I’m glad that Gab is temporarily offline. The MAGA-tardation on that site was
    driving away some of the best Gab contributors. Now those Trumpanzees can’t promote their right-wing nonsense about only voting for Republicans.

    If Trump is trying to restore the Reagan era does that mean we get stuck with Pence as president after Trump leaves office?

  2. Interestingly, it was St. Ronnie of Ruin who began the destruction of the private pension system in the US, Way back in 1984 he signed a bill that allows companies to steal the interest money the workers’ pension funds may have accrued. This happened where my husband used to work, and before the ink was dry, the new owners of the company had extracted the $7 million interest. They waited for the final blood letting until Clinton signed a bill into law in 1995 that removed the rights of workers to sue companies if their pension money was stolen. As soon as that bill was law, the remaining $44 million disappeared, leaving us $12,000 a year poorer, and reliant mainly on Social Security, although I recently did find another job (age 69). I actually hate both parties totally, it’s just that I hate the dems just a little bit more. I did say I would vote next Tuesday, but I have a feeling this will be my last election to do so. By the way, approximately 70% of pension funds have been stolen, so hasn’t the government just been dandy in protecting their citizens. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that the invasion will probably proceed unimpeded.

    • Don’t forget his Immigration Amnesty in 1986(?) which set off waves of brown sewage flowing north which has never stopped.

  3. I’m 73.
    The country I grew up in is gone.
    In the 1950s, we rode the bus to school…
    with our rifles and ammo… to shoot in the
    school basement rifle range after school….
    In new york state.

    • I can’t imagine what it’s like to remember a functioning country, it was the hush before the storm by the time I was born. The towns my parents (boomers) grew up in are gone – my dad used to hitchhike to the beach all the time as a teenager, something you’d end up dead in a ditch for now. The town I was born in (millennial) and towns I was raised in are also all gone, completely mestizo and high crime. I’m glad my grandpa (late GI / early silent generation) didn’t live to see what’s happening now but my grandma did and she’s lucid enough to realize everything we’ve lost and despair over it.

  4. I feel you man. But you KNOW we can’t just base our actions on emotion. We HAVE TO put all emotion aside. “Strategy,” is a very very long term, and multifaceted thing. The fun part is activism and local voting like you do. The sucky part is where we HAVE TO cringe and vote “least worst,” in EVERY election. See the comment by A. Vick – something(?) a few articles back on your front page today. They suggest exactly what you’re talking about but with an interesting twist. Please check it out and see if you have ideas to make it better.

    Meanwhile … don’t let “politicians” cause you to fall on your sword. We’re in a WAR. SOME of what we MUST do to win this war makes us angry, ie., voting for the least worst ones.

    Go ahead and vent. Experience the anger. Then get over it, stand up, and continue to storm the enemies. There IS a big picture. It IS worth it in the end. Come on man … we need you.

    • See the comment by A. Vick – something(?) a few articles back on your front page today. They suggest exactly what you’re talking about but with an interesting twist. Please check it out and see if you have ideas to make it better.

      Mate, I’m both incredibly flattered & slightly frustrated that you forgot my name ROFL.

      Anyways, my basic theory is that at the national level only the Dems & Reps are viable. At the regional level third parties could win power (and my experience with Southerners is that they will only support authority figures who they view as legitimate, they are not going to join a secessionist effort led by a retired college professor). My strategic vision is the same as John Tyndall’s: first you win a little bit of power, then a bit more, and finally you obtain enough power to control the state. Then the really interesting things start to happen.

      If I were a member of the LOS this is what I’d do:

      1. Create a separate political entity, let’s call it the ‘Dixieland Freedom Party’.

      2. Encourage LOS members to attend events and use them as the ‘muscle’ to keep Antifa from disrupting rallies.

      3. If necessary, I’d field 4 or 5 highly motivated & charismatic comrades as Republicans. Let them run for state level senate & house offices and then secede from the Republican party (yes, I know, it’s a cheeky pun). This is an old fashioned European parliamentary trick. You join a party -> Use that party as a vehicle to win a bit of power -> Your clique fissions away from the old party and forms a new party. It’d take approx. 1 year to pull off and would require a good deal of discipline.

      This would be the easiest way to gain a foothold in the political system and breed a viable third party.

      Then you simply encourage the fissuring of the Dem party by fostering regional parties in leftist strongholds such as Hawaii & California.

      • Hi,

        Never an R or D Again!

        Trying to play the game is a loser on its face. We must figure out a way to get out of the fake two party paradigm. I like the new party idea.

        But a massive shaming campaign by willing leftys and rightys could dismantle the R and D paradigm, if done right.

        I have been trying for over a decade to get this on track, but no one seems interested in anything more than playing within the prescribed system of bondage.

      • @Vickstrom – Not 1 year but maybe 4. Things don’t “turn on a dime.” So far … I agree with everything you say, but would add : visualize an enlarged Confederate States and coin a phrase. The Dixie thing is a name, sure … but we need an equivalent to MAKE AMERICA GREAT … or … ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL. I say, do a combo that rocks, that motivates, and is easy for simpletons to remember and repeat :





        Here’s vague words that will not motivate enough people : SECEDE. DIXIE. THE DIXIE PARTY ( WHAT DOES THE DIXIE PARTY STAND FOR AND WHAT ARE THEIR TOP GOALS … PLANS ? )

        Form think tanks and get the conversation going. Don’t launch anything till the PLAN is PERFECT.

        • balkanization helps the jews , but at this point its needed for the survival of our rights.
          the isn’t much to remain positive about but we must march on!

          • >Balkanization helps the jews

            No, it doesn’t. It actually really, really hurts them. The USA is the world’s greatest superpower (the only one with 10 aircraft carrier battle groups) and it is also Israel’s greatest ally. Very few nations would give a rat’s ass what ‘the Jews want’ if there wasn’t the threat of American intervention involved.

            If America balkanized then the American led world order would immediately implode. That would be bad for 99% of the world’s Jews. Although I wouldn’t support this idea merely to spite Jews. They are not what this is about.

  5. Hunter,

    Yes, war was the difference I had in mind between Orange Raygun and Orange Dubya.

    War looks like a likely outcome given the events you listed earlier today:

    “Neocon Mike Pompeo is now in charge of the State Department. Neocon John Bolton is now National Security Adviser. A few days ago, Trump said he intends to destroy all the enemies of the Jews. Congress has already passed a huge overseas contingency fund war chest.

    “Do you think Iran is on that list?”

    The war might be in Trump’s next two years or his potential second term.

    But who knows, maybe Pence will be Dubya Deux (h/t Spahn).


    I never knew that about pensions in the US. Sounds like something journalists should investigate. But of course journalists are now journofa more interested in persecuting dissidents than in uncovering government malfeasance.

    • Eh, President Boyfriend wasn’t stupid enough to get us bogged down in a Jugears-style Mideast quagmire (though he came close a time or two); I suspect that Orangeman is likewise either too smart or too cowardly.

      If he does, well, lots of interesting options for us at that point. I don’t think America can survive another major war.

  6. I understand why Hunter feels the way he does and have enormous respect for what he’s done and how he’s put himself on the line all of these years.

    But I disagree with him on the issue of voting for the GOP in the midterms.

    Trump came into office with his own party loathing him. His own cabinet picks have either called him a moron – Sec of State Tillerson – or have stabbed him behind his back – Haley, Nielsen, Cohn, etc. – or became “do nothings” like Jeff Sessions.

    Thus it’s obvious that he didn’t come into the Presidency with much political capital. Had he spent it all on pulling back troops from Russia, or getting them out of Afghanistan and Syria, then he’d have nothing left for working domestic issues.

    So he’s had to pick and choose carefully where to strike – and even then his own party wouldn’t support him. Had McConnell and Ryan supported him on The Wall, it would have been well under way by now.

    He’s tried to get businesses to come back to the U.S. via tariffs and other incentives – but the results don’t happen overnight – although we’re seeing some benefit.

    Two years have come and gone – it was two years ago that he was elected – why not give him two more years? If we let the Communists take a majority in Congress then it’s guaranteed that Trump will get nothing done – instead he’ll spend all his time fighting impeachment efforts.

    While I don’t believe he’ll get elected in 2020 (because the Communists will have “fixed” the swing states that they lost in 2016), it’s worth the final 2 years to see if our Republic can be saved.

    If you don’t vote in the midterms, then you’re ready to “burn the whole thing down” – and that’s fine. But then don’t complain as things get really bad – just be in survival mode and understand that we’re headed towards a Bolshevik-ruled environment.

    If you vote GOP in the midterms and the next two years are a repeat of the last two years then at least you’ll know that we tried. At that point there’s nothing else we can do and the country is truly lost. On the other hand, miracles can happen and some amazing things could happen in the next two years. But we’ll never know if we don’t try to give him those final two years.

      • logically, if you have nothing to gain in voting, you have nothing to lose either. If your desire is to catalyze the end, so be it. Is there a plan ready and waiting for this? I wish it were so. If not, then attrition is one option. Voting is not endorsement when you know the end is your dispossession in the current rule set. Voting does not mean you support your demise. That is left think.

  7. @A. Vickstrom
    >Balkanization helps the jews
    “No, it doesn’t. It actually really, really hurts them. The USA is the world’s greatest superpower (the only one with 10 aircraft carrier battle groups) and it is also Israel’s greatest ally. Very few nations would give a rat’s ass what ‘the Jews want’ if there wasn’t the threat of American intervention involved.

    If America balkanized then the American led world order would immediately implode. That would be bad for 99% of the world’s Jews. Although I wouldn’t support this idea merely to spite Jews. They are not what this is about.”

    That’s a great point, i didn’t really think of it like that it just seems like a weak move to cave in but this is why i wish this site would post comments a little quicker..
    I would like to partake in intellectual discourse with people who are less influenced by their anger ,such as myself, and who have been red pilled much longer..
    We are not taught anything in the ZOG indoctrination centers they refer to as “schools”….its more like lesbian dildo studies and the mating pattern of bisexual fruit flies.

    There is always more to know and understand and points of view to consider and assess that differ from our own.
    Thanks for the response, as i cannot seem to comment very efficiently on OD.
    Probably because i am on a cellphone usually….idk

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