Wall Street Journal: Hate Speech on Live ‘Super Chats’ Tests YouTube

The Wall Street Journal was doing this with PewDiePie a few months ago:

“After Robert Bowers stormed the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh on Oct. 27, far-right personality Ethan Ralph launched a live stream on YouTube to discuss the shooting that claimed 11 lives. Soon, some viewers began paying to have their comments featured on the live chat scrolling alongside the streaming video, through a feature YouTube launched last year called Super Chat.

During the live stream, which YouTube said Mr. Ralph has since deleted, one user paid two British pounds to write, “How u get a Jewish girls number? Roll up her sleeve.” Another viewer paid $5 and wrote: “If you want to know if the Synagogue shooting was a false flag then check out the lucky Larry life insurance policies on those dead Jews.”

YouTube said late on Friday that it had permanently removed Mr. Ralph’s channel, “Ralph Retort,” from its platform for policy violations and for going against its terms of service. …”

Blah blah blah … how can we exploit this to censor the internet?

Everywhere you look it the same story: floundering legacy media outlets that hide behind paywalls whining and complaining about entrepreneurs using social media platforms to find fans who want to bypass and tune out their garbage. In the name of “democracy,” they have anointed themselves the guardians of the internet and reserve the right to censor anyone they disagree with.

Ethan Ralph is “hate speech.” Alex Jones is “hate speech.” Sarah Jeong isn’t hate speech. Don Lemon isn’t hate speech. If you disagree, you’re “hate speech.”

Why hasn’t anything been done about the issue? Why isn’t Congress standing up for free speech? The answer is because of some convoluted True Cons ideological bullshit about the free market. Monopolies abusing their market power to engage in censorship is okay unless it is the GUBMINT doing it. Jared Holt is right that FOX News and The Wall Street Journal are both owned by the Murdochs.

Note: This is one of the reasons why there isn’t any Red Wave. I think there are too many people who are sick and tired of the lack of a response to this bullshit.

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    • “Robert Steele” comes across as something of a kook, madame. Still, he’s on to something. Either that shootout at the OK Synagogue (credit goes to Anglin for that phrase) was a hoax or the jews allowed several of their least valuable members to be sacrificed for a “greater good”, namely shutting down free speech online and disarming the goyim.

      • He says he’s ex-CIA. That could go either way. He does work with William Binney on occasion and Binney is definitely a good guy. Binney would definitely know if he was dirty. But, I agree, there is something off with him from time to time. First he said Trump won the election fair and square yet also states he’s an accidental president without clarifying it. I also detect boasting in his personality. Always makes sure he gets credit for things.

        The kikes do kill their own though. And, he often posts interesting articles.

  1. Hey, did you notice something ‘interesting’ about that WSJ article?

    The bit where an unnamed Storyful analyst was the source for all the lies they chucked out there?

    We know who that lying piece of trash is, don’t we? Michael Edison Hayden, up to his old tricks, and thinking he can get away with it. No, he can’t. We know he’s responsible for this.

      • I guess.. I mean, they could have hundreds of employees on the deplatforming right wing speech beat who have previously been engaged by decent right thinking people in a vigorous debate.

        But seriously though, it’s absolutely Hayden. Would be interesting to know who at the shabbos goy Murdoch operation hired him on.

        “The researcher has been targeted in the past by white supremacists and other members of the far-right fringes.”
        What a little pansy that pantywaist Hayden is. To quote a true scholar of far-left activism, “Remember places, traitors’ faces”.

  2. WSJ stealing money from Ralphretort’s sick kids charity stream = bad optics for WSJ

    Also good that they were able to get a lot of people to try an alternative streaming platform

  3. I saw several tweets that he had raised 27K for St Jude’s Hospital but when you tube pulled the plug they confiscated all that money. Anti-Whitism trumps children’s cancer research money.
    “Hate speech” is any speech anti-Whites hate.

  4. Whites do not, by and large, advocate for ourselves. Did any of you call Steve King’s office, and state your support for him, and cite the persecution of WHITE People? I did.

    My local GOP reps job, and I will vote for them. However – one of ’em just sent an email around about the “synagogue shooting”. Hunter – I know you hate this sort of thing – but I think the “shooting” is a false flag. Pics or it’s not real. And I mean pics of the security camera footage. Where is it? Just like the Holy Hoax – there is no forensic evidence that it happened.

    Jews. and every-one else, advocate for themselves. White Normies do not pay to politics. How many of you have had Normies say that they hate politics? Well Nature abhors a vacuum – and so does politics.

    I think that Trumpenbergstien is going to allow the 60 thousand Orcs massing now, in. Cuz “Ivanka cried” – and it’s what the Adelsons want. Normies are about to get a 24/7 IRL lesson Racial Reality. I’ll bet the only thing any-one does is learn Spanish. It’s going to be…interesting…

  5. White men are the biggest threats? You mean the ones that changed their laws to accommodate and benefit minorities at the expense of their own families and their descendants? Yeah, those ones!

    If you don’t think for yourself, you’re not thinking at all.

  6. “its not the death rattle in the throat of western civilization which is surprising; it is the fact that millions of americans believe that the death rattle is a beautiful song”

  7. Don Lemon (honestly lives up to his name) is a lemon! He is a lover of himself. I was freeborn; I did not get my rights by way of an amendment like the black community. There was a time in Freemasonry when blacks knocked on the ‘door’ and in response to their knock, they were given their own charter (hence the name Prince Hall); but they weren’t allowed to assemble amongst those of us who were ‘freeborn’. Shortly after 1995, Freemasonry on account of poor membership (elderly were dying quicker than new members joining) lowered their moral standards to accommodate these misfits into their circles. Unless you’re thrice born, you’d never know this was taking place on a fraternal level. Back stabbing goes both ways Hiram (22 August 1995)! Token of my bullshit sincerity, Ma Ha Bone you idiots! You screwed our country good!

    • Don Lemon is a low-rent negro shuckin’ and jivin’ on the kosher affirmative action/multicultural plantation for jeff zucker..

      It’s no secret that don lemon is a queer. Before his current anti-White male rants, his claim to fame was his theory that Maylasian flight 370 flew into a black hole and disappeared.

      The opposition must be getting desperate, when they use such an obvious imbecile to promote anti-White hate.

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