Bolsonaro’s New Justice Minister Imprisoned Lula

If Trump had made good on his campaign promise to “Lock Her Up,” it would have been worth five points in the polls:

“RIO DE JANEIRO — The federal judge who doomed former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s bid to return to power by convicting him on corruption charges last year, agreed on Thursday to take a cabinet post in the government of the country’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro.

The decision by the judge, Sérgio Moro, to take the helm of the Justice Ministry was met with both outrage and jubilation, a reflection of how polarizing he has become.

The position is newly reconfigured to oversee efforts to fight organized crime and corruption. Mr. Moro, the most visible law enforcement figure in a sweeping corruption inquiry that began in 2014, has been hailed at home and abroad as a crusading disrupter of a political class many saw as descending into kleptocracy. …”

Sounds like Bolsonaro is off to a good start.

He picked a strong jawed White man, not a POC, who will govern with a firm hand. I just hope that Moro doesn’t turn out to be Jeff Sessions in office. Talk about a disappointment.

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  1. This strong jawed Moro guy fervently believes in the “constitution” and loves media attention.
    Bolsonaro was a mix between Rodrigo Duterte and Trump, now he is just a Trump’s tropical version.
    His family were very strong Catholics, now it seems he became another Evangelical dumb zombie, with passion for Israell, greedy, etc.

      • I had saw his interviews on YouTube from some years ago, like the need for drastic birth control.
        He began to change when he saw a real possibility of becoming the President, just some months ago.
        Now he is pretty moderate in his opinions, and the choices he’s making to his team.
        Brazil, apart from the South, is absolutely hopeless without some form of eugenics, wich is very improbable at this point.

  2. Moro is the public face of the new Brazilian civil servant: selfless, courageous, unafraid to take on the corrupt elites, inspiring others to believe that they can change the country for the better. His appointment will play well with the majority of Brazilians – except Lula & Dilma’s most fervent supporters, and of course the corrupt officials and executives linked to Lava Jato.

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