DC Police Investigating Attack On Tucker Carlson’s Home As A Possible Hate Crime

Is anyone surprised?

This is the same Antifa mob which attacked Cernovich’s Deploraball and got away with it.

This is the same Antifa mob which was celebrated for punching Richard Spencer and got away it.

This is the same Antifa mob which disrupted the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and got away with it.

This is the same Antifa mob that went to Charlottesville and started the violence and got away with it.

This is the same Antifa mob behind the Disrupt J20 protests at the Trump inauguration who got away it.

This is the same Antifa mob that publicly burned a federal grand jury summons in September and got away with it.

This is the same Antifa mob that was threatening to murder Trump and kill Jason Kessler at Unite the Right 2 and got away with it.

This is the same Antifa mob that held a block party on Mike Pence’s lawn in Washington, DC and got away with it.

This is the same Antifa mob that attacked Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife in a DC restaurant and got away with it.

This is the same Antifa mob that Trump was talking about before the midterm elections.

We know these people so well that we are on a first name basis with them. No one even had to tell us who was screaming outside of Tucker Carlson’s house last night, trying to bust down the door and talking about pipe bombs on video. We already knew because they have been doing this for years now and getting away it. They are never punished for their crimes and act like they are invincible.

The 2020 election cycle is now in full swing … the mob, starring Lacy Mac and Luke Kuhn of DC Antifa, is the opening shot to pin this albatross on the Democrats.

Note: I’m so familiar with these people that I told Lacy Mac to stop LARPing and focus on raising her free-range child just two months ago. She is like eight months pregnant. Last night she was stupid enough to boast about being a part of this on her Twitter account.

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  1. Hunter that was excellent pointing out all their guilty crimes and got a pass.
    We really are experiencing 1917 Russia, 1920s Germany. The only way to cure this virus is political through the justice department. I’m hoping Trump gives them the green light to stamp out this political terror group. There’s only one other solution to protect ourselves and we don’t want to go that way.
    Maybe this is all a game to these people who fund and organized this who are pulling the puppet strings.
    Well we’ll see with the new justice department if action will be done, but don’t hold your breath?

  2. Its about time those on our side started getting away with a few things.
    We need to begin sorting out these scruffy, unhealthy soyboys and tattooed queen termites.
    They are racists and committed a hate crime against a man who stands by his principles and just reports in plain English whats really going on. The truth hurts and is inconvenient to the left.
    Get out there and confront them-they are bullies!

  3. “A new bill aims to send masked Antifa activists to jail for 15 years”

    I hope so. But, only the black and Hispanic ones.

    The white ones should go to the slammer for 30 years with sentences served in Louisiana with hard labor on a chain gang with longer hours during the summer months. Females included.

    • @Snowhitey, Yeah, in federal or state prison, your race is your tribe, so these “white” radical terrorists would have no friends in the joint.

  4. Even if the a trump DOJ cracked down on these communist anarchists, the next (((democRAT))) elected president will pardon and/or give them clemency, and that could as early as January 20, 2021.

    The only answer to antifa terrorism is something that is against OD’s rules to suggest.

  5. Someone high up in the food chain is obviously protecting and enabling these f**ks. Soros? Why does no one do anything about Soros and his NGO’s?

  6. I suspect the anti-mask law if passed will be declared unconstitutional. If so white activists need to invest in white hoodies and masks and have some type of patriotic colored, red white, and blue or American or Confederate flag masks, and take to the streets. The contrast between white activists and antifa would then be as transparent as night and day especially if we carry only 13 star Betsy Ross flags of the original American revolution.And by hoodies I DO NOT means KKK outfits. I mean zip up long sleeved hoodies!

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