Washington Post Counter-Signals SPLC On “The State of Hate”

My sides.

This is going to be good.


“See that speck there?” retired Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin says, directing my gaze to the ceiling of the Family Research Council’s lobby in Washington. I spy a belly-button-size opening in the plaster. “That’s a bullet hole.”

The blemish has been preserved for six years. “See that?” he asks, now indicating a cratered fire alarm panel near the reception desk. “That’s a bullet hole. That’s the first round. The second went through the arm of the building manager. The third round hit the ceiling. … Fired on August 15th, 2012, by Floyd Lee Corkins.”

The hero of that day was the building manager, Leo Johnson, who tackled Corkins and was shot in the arm as they scuffled. Asked by an FBI agent how he came to single out the FRC, Corkins replied: “Southern Poverty Law lists anti-gay groups.” The gunman, who was found to be mentally ill, was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

“He came in here to kill as many of us as possible because he found us listed as a hate group on the Southern Poverty Law Center website,” continues Boykin, FRC’s executive vice president, who is dressed today in a leather vest over a shirt and tie. …”

I see that Keegan Hankes is based in Georgia now. Hi Keegan. I know you are reading this.

“Krikorian told me his point was historical: “Haiti probably has had all the problems it’s had over the past couple hundred years precisely because it succeeded in breaking away from France almost too early. In other words if they had — obviously anybody who’s a slave has the right to rise up at any time you want — if they had failed, at this point France would be shoveling money at them just like they are to their other black slave sugar colonies in the Caribbean, Guadalupe and Martinique.”

I’ve made this exact same point here in the past. I could link you to all of the posts I have written comparing the outcome of Haiti to the outcome of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

“With the SPLC relying upon such a seemingly objective and widely accepted definition of hate, why do the vast majority of the groups on the hate list fall on the right side of the ideological spectrum? Cohen says there are just far fewer groups on the left that condemn categories of people for who they are. …I asked Cohen if those advances onto political ground threaten to erode the SPLC’s credibility as a nonpartisan arbiter of hate. “ “

These people have no credibility.

What universe are they living in by referring to “the SPLC’s credibility as a nonpartisan arbiter of hate”? Just laugh at them, ignore them and dismiss anything they have to say.

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  1. IIRC, there was some store in Pennsylvania that used to put out anti-Muslim signs and the SPLC listed the signs as a “hate group”. There was also some guy who had a bunch of personal blogs and all of them were separately called “hate groups”. That’s to say nothing about all the 20 years defunct Klan chapters that they list.

  2. One day they’re going to get people killed-and I hope they’re sued to oblivion as a result. They don’t heal division-they thrive on it. I don’t understand how their listing people actually benefits the community. So someone sees the list-what are they then supposed to do with the information? If people break the law, the police will investigate. If not, there’s no case to answer. You’re either a nation of free thought and expression, or you’re not.

    • “I don’t understand how their listing people actually benefits the community”

      The list does not benefit the community it benefits Jews.

      The SPLC is one of the Jews disciplinary organizations just like the ADL. When they move into White countries, they create hundreds of organizations to benefit themselves, and to suppress and vilify White racial consciousness, so they, the most ethnocentric group on the planet are free to run riot. They do not set up similar disciplinary organizations in Israel, to suppress Jewish identity. To fight the Jews hatred of the Palestinians. That would go against their goals.

  3. @Jack

    Yeah well said. And to think, they’ve been booted out of , what, 359 countries over many centuries, yet it didn’t teach them a thing.

  4. I happened to be flipping through radio stations an came upon a vitriolic man who was the personification the Lunatic Left-as malevolent as they are psychotic-imagine my surprise when at the end they thanked the speaker and identified it by name and it was not a man but Heidi from the SPLC! It sounded like a man.

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