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Here’s the latest on the Gab situation:

Rob Monster, the new domain registrar, boasts on Twitter about removing hundreds of accounts:

Nebraska Antifa responds:

Gab responds:

Gab responds:

Gab responds:

Gab responds:

Two weeks ago, we were comparing Andrew Torba to Stonewall Jackson: “There was Andrew Torba, standing like a stonewall, fighting off the horde of fake news “journalists,” cat ladies and Antifa who want to end free speech in America.” Now, we are like …



… wish I could take back that hot take.

I’m not saying these rules are unreasonable. I agree that violent speech is an albatross. I can even understand the no doxxing rule. It’s just that … hundreds of accounts have been purged and the precedent has been set of Antifa and “journalists” censoring Gab. So now there will be no end to it.

If we have learned anything from this experience, it is that social media needs to be an auxiliary, not a substitute for our own platforms. It is easy to become a lazy shitposter. Say what you will about Stormfront or VNN Forum or 4chan, but there is less censorship on the old forums than on Gab.

In the months ahead, we are going to recommit to building up OD. We’re also going to continue to need your support to get past the legacy of the huge mistake that was Charlottesville. There is a legal battle on the horizon which will be decided in 2019 that will impact the entire movement.

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  1. This was bound to happen to Gab, since they are using old technology that is controlled by rich liberals from Silicon Valley. Torba was silly enough to rely on Microsoft, who jumped on the hate speech band wagon several years ago.

    The smart guys like Bitchute started out using torrent. That means their users host the content. The even smarter guys are not building social media platforms at all, they are creating brand new Internet protocols, that will be censorship proof.

    “If we have learned anything from this experience, it is that social media needs to be an auxiliary, not a substitute for our own platforms.”

    Think of it as going fishing. The only reason you should be on social media, is to lure users from their site back to yours. Have accounts on all of them, drop links to your articles, then tell people if they want their comments to be seen you, they should post here.

    Use them. Don’t let them use you.

  2. Torba had a visit from some people who asked him how much he really cared about freeze peach, and how badly he’d like to see his entire extended family tortured to death. He doesn’t seem stupid, so that the only other explanation I can come up with for how anyone can talk of “culture wars” and have their rules as “no doxing, no violence.”

    Anyway, what about this site, Hunter Wallace? Do you have a way to keep it running on some kind of anonymous proxy server if they ever find a way to kick you off the normie web?

    Or are we all going back to CB radio once it becomes impossible to say kike or nigger on the regular internet?

  3. will you give it a fucking break RE charlottesville? for it to be a “mistake” we would have had to foresee it, obviously that was impossible. while some great mens lives are in peril and they have had to spend time locked up calling this a failure only detracts from the struggle these men have had to endure. its almost like calling soldiers failures if they happen to get wounded in battle.

    was it bad? yes of course
    did it need to happen? sadly yes it did
    did it show us what we are truly up against? absoFUCKINGlutely
    as bad as SOME of it went it is the water mark of what we are truly struggling against.

    as a great man once wrote “Those who want to live, let them fight, those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live” – Adolf Hitler

  4. Building thy own platform takes a great deal of work and perserverance, Dear Mr. Griffin, as you would know.

    Yet, most folks aren’t like you – neither in perserverance nor in writing skills, as you may also know.

    That is why VK Social Media is such a fantastick thing.

    There, one has access to hundreds of millions of users, which is a window to the world, and there it is completely stable and free.

    Moreover, by being there, you help support a part of the world which, in it’s own imperfect way, is trying to do the right thing.

    VK Social Media – for the 3rd decade of the 21st century, there is no substitute.

    • Yeah, Handy Andy Torba got a lot of heat because of a radical who used GAB, and now he’s gun shy, and over compensating for actions beyond his control. I don’t think there’s any chance of Hunter going out antifa hunting with the George Wallace artillery—but—it probably has Handy Andy worried.

      Then there’s the whole stock market thing, and, (((Start Engine))), it begins looking like big bucks and a public offering for Handy Andy, then all of a sudden a radical user blows up GAB. Oy vey.

  5. White racial loyalists globally and generally do need a microblog that allows jew crit. Microblog is a great format. It is the most efficient way to get news and top commentary/analysis and graphics.

    Free speech absolutism is a shitty ideal and impossible idea. There’s no need to mention free speech at all, just assume and practice it. Jew-criticism is always the first speech to be banned, so allowing it always means the allower is where the true, functional, useful, actual, valuable freedom is to be found. It will always be found that IF you can criticize the jew, then you can criticize everything else, even polar bears. People on the level of christian patriotards such as Torba can’t grasp ‘free speech’ in the context just given; to them it’s just a marketing slogan that makes the tiny peckers in their microbrains stiffen.

    I’ll work with anyone who can set such a thing up – hosting or fronting or whatever is needed. Until we have such a thing, I’ll comment here from time to time, as my site outside VNN. Of course I will follow rules here. I’ll even eat a spoonful of dirt to kinda you know get where you sonats are coming from. That’s a joke. I have nothing but the greatest respect for two or three Southerners.

    (I’ll say for second and last time, I cant comment here thru Brave Beta, which I’m using to escape (((Chrome))) which I’m using now to post this.)

  6. It is obvious that this Rob Monster guy who came out of nowhere has more power over the site than all the uses who have been there since 2016.

    I have already started using Gab less and less. There are still some really good accounts to read on there so its still worth it but as far as a free speech platform that you can trust – that’s history.

    It’s not that his guidelines are necessarily bad or wrong – it is that he is full of shit.

    Thing is, I know he is lying because he has banned people I had followed who never broke any of his precious guidelines. Not to mention just banning people out of the blue and destroying accounts which had two years of content. The banning on a whim is what has left a bad taste in my mouth. There is no point to post on a social media site when all your content can be wiped in a second and with zero explanation. I am just supposed to trust Torba that he is doing everything correctly because he posts bible verses? With no process for people to go through the whole thing is a total sham.

    Running to twitter to inform everyone there that they are currently purging accounts was especially egregious. Who is running Gab? Torba or this Rob Monster? Or the FBI?

    • I’ve given up on Gab.

      My feed isn’t the same anymore that so many have gotten banned or shadow banned to where they don’t show up unless I look for them – like your profile is almost invisible to me, Ulfric.

      It’s just going to turn into another mess where most posts will be Trump-slobbering, boomer ladies posting cat pics, old Patriotards posting pics of their mulatto grandchildren joining the army, and other nonsense.

      • There’s so much #Q and #MAGA tardation on Gab that I find myself insulting the same stupid boomers 3 or 4 times a day. Twitter had a much higher quality of discourse.

      • I’m with you @Marcus Cicero. It’s pointless to participate to give credibility to a site that is going to use everything it can against you.

    • Torba is completely full of shit

      When he tries to make himself look like the victim, he talks about “threats of violence”, which it is reasonable to ban, if that term is interpreted narrowly.

      But the other day he admitted he was also banning “promotion of violence”. Which when it is interpreted broadly, was enough to ban basically everyone on my timeline, even guys who are below average in terms of edgy posting.

      I’m still on there and my timeline is almost totally cleansed, just a few people with a very low key posting style are left.

      To some extent I see this as a blessing in disguise, because there were persistent questions about the viability of GAB as a business (where did that money go? Not into building infrastructure that was resiliant against deplatforming) and about whether or not Torba is a scammer / whether he was ever committed to free speech.

      In the end, one has to wonder, how much reach to the broader world did GAB posts really have? IMHO, much less than twitter, despite censorship.

      I will miss having a bunch of WNs in one place though

    • I was one of those accounts that got banned out of the blue after two years of posting. I guess posting putsch memes is not okay now.

  7. Kind of OT but speaking of censorship … I noticed this morning that Incogman is down or gone – and still “suspended”. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that Grandpa Lamp Shade was gone as well –

    So they are quietly working to eliminate the smaller blogs which keeps their censorship efforts off the radar screen (as opposed to say taking down OD where a lot of people would notice).

    Expect nothing to happen for us during the next two years – then Hillary gets elected in 2020.

    The real nightmare is just beginning.

  8. Charlottesville was not a mistake. For once we showed the world that we are here and it terrified the enemy. It was inevitable. Backing down NOW is the failure, and before today I haven’t seen you do so. Every other pundit, leader, and e-celeb, but not you. Very disappointing.

    • Not sure what you mean by backing down.

      I’m still here, right? All I am saying is that when we held that event we did not know 1.) the extent of the corruption in Cville and 2.) the intentions of the police. We went into that event under the assumption that norms which operate elsewhere were in effect there

  9. Vox Day says: “Thanks to Oneway’s brilliant ongoing developments, Infogalactic will soon be offering a Twitter alternative that will actually work in the not-very-distant future. And no, we will not be promising free speech to social rejects and retards, to the contrary, we promise to clamp down relentlessly and remorselessly on all social media jackassery, trollery, and bantz because we are more than happy to leave that time-wasting, mind-numbing gamma nonsense to Gab and whatever other sites wish to cater to the unpleasant and the unproductive.”

    However, he has also said he won’t allow ‘alt-reich’ and ‘alt-retards’ to participate, his butt being too sore with page impressions from Anglin’s debate boot. That’s my snake-take, anyway. Vox has a lotta gamma, and some real productivity. We shall see.

  10. Torba got hook line and sinker into believing it was some kind of speech that set Bowers off.( so did alot of other muppets)

    Nobodys talking about what Bowers actually said that set him off, the HIAS refugee NGO.

    So of course the HIAS NGO will keep doing what its doing and more Bowers will be created, will the jews point the finger at everyone else but there little NGO.

    Its getting old explaining this to people.

  11. Vox Day has been a proponent of starting platforms for Alt-Righters, and has done so: Infogalactic as a Wikipedia alternative, Castalia House for non-SJW comics and sci-fi, and (soon) Oneway as an alt-Twitter. He’s not pro-free speech, in the sense that SJWs and their ilk won’t be allowed. If you don’t want to be converged by the left, you have to keep them out from the beginning, and stay vigilant.

  12. Small, heavily moderated social media sites like the one Vox Day is talking about don’t seem worth it most of the time

    They usually devolve into a cult centered around the administrator and his cronies

    The far right will usually do well at spreading their message on a venue that allows free speech or is just kind of lightly moderated, but the antidote to that is targeted, active censorship, to reinforce the specific positions of the mod team

    Commercial site with light moderation > Moderate right vanity project

    • Agree 100%. The whole thing will be a Vox cult. It will never be more than an extension of Vox’s blog with a moderation team consisting of his buddies and loyal fans.

      Look at the language he is using in that post. He is screaming about the “alt-reich.” He is calling out all the people who will not be welcome. Does that sound like someone who is going to run this like a business?

      The whole thing seems to be about his grudge with Torba and certain factions of the alt-right. What a professional would do is simply lay out guidelines of the social media site and say all are welcome who follow these guidelines and then setup a fair process that users go through if the guidelines are violated. My main problem with Torba right now is that he has no fair process for his guidelines. He is just banning at his leisure and telling everyone to trust his decisions.

      What Vox is offering makes no sense. Might as well just stay on twitter and be under the thumb of Jack. Gab offered something that was in demand – a commercial free speech platform. What Vox is offering is some cult-like blog where he just bans everyone he personally doesn’t like. No thanks.

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