Emmanuel Macron: “Nationalism Is a Betrayal of Patriotism”

President Emmanuel Macron of France made it clear today that he fundamentally doesn’t understand the nationalist and populist movements sweeping the world:

“Old demons” are not rising again.

Europe isn’t on the precipice of World War 3. Nationalists these days abhor war and have cheered on Poland’s Independence March and Jair Bolsonaro’s recent victory in Brazil. The warmongers of the 21st century are liberal internationalists, not nationalists. In France, it was Emmanuel Macron who has supported airstrikes in Syria which were slammed by Marine Le Pen.

Trump was pressured into doing the Syria airstrikes by Macron. His nationalist supporters strongly condemned and opposed the airstrikes. We also support peace and cooperation with Russia. It is the GOP establishment and the Democratic establishment which is hostile to Russia. These are the same people who were behind Iraq and Libya and all the wars of the 21st century.

France made a huge mistake when it elected Macron. 71 percent of the French people have no confidence in Macron’s government. He is only 5 points more popular than François Hollande. Unfortunately, the next presidential election in France isn’t until 2022.

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  1. Patriotism from the Latin word Pater denoting father. Thus patriotism is its most original and pristine sence denotes loyalty to a kindred stock!

  2. To Macron the Wordist

    A person who believes that men should be united according to their nation — their common race and culture — is a nationalist. One who believes that men are only united by words should therefore be called a “wordist.”

    Wordism is the opposite of nationalism. A Wordist believes that people can be united only if they believe the right thing, if they accept the right words as the Only True Faith. A Communist, a fanatical Catholic, a fanatical Protestant or a Politically Correct person is a Wordist

    In a Wordist world, we are trained to code all our natural loyalties into books. We do not say, “I demand the right to do what I wish, even if you think it is bad.” We have to get a thick book to show that doing what we want to do is, to use Ayn Rand’s word, Objective.

    The Wordist denies all ties of blood. His greatest enemy is race. All cults want to have a new generation whose ONLY common bond is THEIR MEMBERSHIP IN THE CULT. The Reverend Moon demands interracial marriages. He wants people to be united only by the Reverend Moon, not by blood. To a Wordist, an American is not someone who was born in America. To a Wordist, a True American is someone who BELIEVES in the right WORDS.

    A lot of noise is made about how vicious war between different nations or races can be. But the worst wars in history were wordist wars. All wordists claim they love everybody and that their words unite everybody. Then they proceed to kill real people by the millions. Mao would have laughed out loud at Hitler’s paltry death rate. Wordism is a horror. It’s the reality of what Wordists accuse racism of being. Wordists claim their form of Wordism will UNITE Mankind. But when mankind is divided into Wordist camps, he is at his most vicious.

    The Wordist is a person who denies all ties of blood. His greatest enemy is race. This was true of Lenin, the Pope, and also Reverend Moon. Wordists believe they’re above provinciality. But there’s nothing more provincial than loyalty to one of millions of Universal Truths. Wordists are enormously powerful, but their assumptions about social animals having no territory or wars or class systems are dead. Chimpanzees patrol their borders and kill intruders. Jane Goodall, after spending most of her life studying chimps, had no idea of all this. She was asked if this meant “aggression” was innate. She naturally said that was impossible. Her scientific explanation:

    “It CAN’T be!!!!”

    • Too many words, Herr Mozart!

      A patriot believes his country is superior to all foreign lands, while a nationalist believes his people to be the equal of all others.

      Which belief system is more likely to lead to war?

  3. I am positive all those men who fought during WWI and WWII did not do so for world government. And, that includes all sides.

    I often wonder if his wife is his handler.

    Look at his face with those homies and it’s clear he has trouble containing his excitement. I bet his little finger puppet is at full attention. I wonder if he and the “Mrs.” had sleepover guests that evening.

    Time to retire traitor.

  4. He was never popular, he won in the first place only because of the disgusting revisionist treason of the French “socialists” and “Communists” (in name only) supporting this ultra-capitalist Rothschild scumbag, while the working class voted overwhelmingly against him. French Communists used to be anti-immigration back in the days when they actually threatened capitalism and imperialism, but not when they call to vote for Emmanuel “Colonialism is a crime unless it happens today” Macron.

  5. 1.3 million Frenchmen died and 1.5 million maimed to liberate the Alsace-Lorraine France had lost in 1872 in WW1. How many will die to free France’s no-go zones?

  6. For decades, the French have had the option to vote Front National.
    Let them have the civil race war they so obviously crave.

  7. That fag turns up from literally no where and beat Le Pen then becomes de facto leader of Europe.


  8. its too late now, 2022 is beyond the death of the french people. this time period should teach all Whites world-wide that its the government that is the enemy. this is a state sponsored genocide. seeking to vote etc is open denial and a projection that you are already dead.

  9. The most remarkable and also the most injurious consequence of the Great War has been the creation of new nationalisms and the exalting
    of those already existing.

    Nationalism is a danger for the Jewish people. Today, as in all epochs of history, it is proved that Jews cannot live in powerful states where a high national culture has developed.

    From The Jewish Sentinel, Chicago, issue of September 14, 1936.

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