Ross Douthat: A Defeat For White Identity Politics

Ross Douthat is trying to spin the 2018 midterm results as a defeat for White identity politics:

“Which brings me to the recent midterms, which offered a natural experiment in the race-versus-economics question — because, as president, Trump has been more plutocratic than populist on many issues, even as he has kept up the tribalist provocations and, just before the midterms, used the migrant caravan as an excuse for race-baiting.

If the Obama-Trump voters were primarily motivated by racial anxiety, you would expect his approach to consolidate them for the G.O.P. — especially with a strong economy, with the Democrats putting up lots of minority candidates, and so on.

But white identity politics failed to hold Trump’s gains. Some of the biggest swings against the G.O.P. were among middle and lower-income Americans, not just among affluent suburbanites. The Upper Midwest swung back toward Democrats. And among whites without college degrees, Democrats improved on Hillary Clinton’s showing by eight percentage points — identical to their gains among college-educated whites. …”

This is a poor take.

The White Right has traditionally been skeptical of the GOP. The 2016 election was an exception to the rule because Trump was a unique candidate who ran on racial and economic populism. He adopted our positions on trade, immigration and foreign policy to bulldoze over conservative candidates.

Two years later, President Trump has failed to deliver on either his racial populist or economic populist messages. He passed a massive permanent tax cut for the wealthy. He signed banking deregulation. He didn’t change our foreign policy. He didn’t build the wall. He hasn’t deported millions of illegal aliens. He hasn’t delivered on “law and order.” Instead, he delivered a bunch of “True Conservative” policies for wealthy and Jewish donors which voters don’t care much about.

The fact that Sheldon Adelson and Steve Schwarzman were at Trump’s side watching the midterm election results in the White House personifies why the GOP lost the midterms. The party has shown little interest in catering to either its base or swing voters. While Trump dog whistled hard about immigration in the last month of election season, it was utterly implausible.

If anything is true, the midterm results would have been much worse if Trump had not appealed to White identity politics. He was able to convince a large swath of voters to give the GOP a second chance in spite of its record on immigration. He lost the voters who were disappointed by his failure to deliver on his promises on both the racial populism and economic populism fronts.

It wasn’t reasonable to expect the White Right would consolidate behind the GOP after the Charlottesville Resolution which blamed us exclusively for what happened there, the failure to do anything about Anitfa, the prosecution of RAM and especially after the loss of free speech on the internet. No one should be surprised that the enthusiasm of 2016 had completely vanished after the last two years. Even if we had wanted to support the GOP, internet censorship took away our means to do so.

The real story of the 2018 midterms is that voters don’t care about the policies that the GOP keeps delivering. Blacks and Hispanics did not care about record unemployment. The tax cut is unpopular. “Rebuilding the military” went over with a big eye roll. No one cares about moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and all this “pro-Israel” stuff except Sheldon Adelson. Even Jews don’t care about it who turned out to vote for the Democrats in larger numbers than in 2014.

In one sentence, promising one thing to voters while selling the policies to donors is a trick that didn’t work twice. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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  1. Shame on me. I hate them. We literally have no representation. We have no one but ourselves. Looks like we better get on that. Spencer said something the other day that finally made sense in my brain. How the TOP will never allow any of our people rise in the ranks over there. How it’s been tried before, only to fail. And the ones that tried to go along to get along, simply ended up giving them their best years of work. I’m convinced we must build our own, someway, somehow. Thanks HW for helping me connect the dots.

    • I was watching some of Joe Owens’ videos on Youtube yesterday. He has moved on from criticizing movement figures and is starting to build the next BNP on his own. That is what American Nationalists must do. Select a viable city and start something.

      Liverpool is Ripe for a Nationalist Revolution

  2. If anything, the midterms were a victory for White identity politics.

    GOP that ran on pro-White platforms did well. GOP that ran on tax cuts for Israel lost.

  3. The past two years was one great big article on the conservative case for losing elections.

    They went with the conservative agenda instead of the populist agenda. The midterm dog whistles from Trump had some effect but nothing like 2016. They seemed to have had no effect in states like Pennsylvania. Whatever affection they had for populist Trump in 2016 does not translate to the GOP and their agenda in 2018.

    They even lost voters who benefited from conservatism’s neo-liberal economic policies which is the most hilarious statistic of the midterms.

    • A lot of bourgeois whites (and jews) are fanatical social justice warriors, they will never vote for a GOP they see as “racist” no matter how much its economic policies help them.

      Among working class Whites, the biggest swing was toward not voting.

  4. So in other words, if we had billions of dollars for a White interest group we could of bought the President’s ear?
    ‘White interest group’ that be racist.

  5. In 2000s Australia when the conservatives wanted to win, they talked the same BS Trump did. They dog whistled against the threat of terrorism and illegal immigration which was only 12,000 people a year. Then when they got power they stopped illegal immigration and hit Australians with 200-300 thousand third worlders per year.

    Now white kids are getting hacked to death by Somalis with machetes in Melbourne.

    That is how conservatism rolls. World Wide.

    So I knew Trump was BS back in 2016, because I had seen his routine several times before.

    So when Trump won office, he staffed up like Jeb Bush would and did nothing but watch CNN and shit post on Twitter for two years. So now non-white immigration is at the same rate as Obama. And this week, to add insult to injury, he said that representing the whites that put him in power, would be “racist”. Obama would never say that about blacks under torture.

    I hope the poor turnout indicates that whites in America are finally starting to get what Conservatism really is.

  6. “Blacks and Hispanics did not care about record unemployment.”

    Actually, no one cared. This is a war for survival, and only Trump clung to the illusion that politics-as-usual was still possible.

    If fence-sitting whites, white “moderates”, etc wanted to buy America more time, they had to have done that in 2018. Instead they voted to put America out of its misery.


  7. Whether you like him or not, Alex Jones warned years ago – long before 2016 – that Trump is the front for a consortium. In 2016, even old Alex fell for the ruse.

  8. kind of the opposite of what douthat days. nominal engagement of european interests by trump over the last 2 months of the campaign helped republicans a lot. they were set to get wiped out. instead, they were actually able to gain senators, and hold governor offices in key states.

    while disappointing in some ways, he’s still doing more than any single politician in the entire united states ever has. it was GOPe operators who did as much as they could to stop the trump agenda, that were the main issue. paul ryan, and to a lesser extent, mitch mcconnell, hurt the republican party a lot over the last 2 years. that’s not the only thing going on, but it’s the biggest factor. a lot of the GOPe guys decided to retire, rather than continue.

    the truth is they didn’t go nearly far enough into identity politics. they better go a lot further, otherwise 2020 will be it.

  9. Jews continue to even fight among themselves at 2% of the American Population…….

    True White Europeans Americans are still around 60%……..

    The Lessons from the Alt-Right of 2016-18 are MYRIAD……….

    It’s impossible to truly interpret everything in a metaphysically purely objective sense because none of us are purely metaphysically objective……..

    The Future will Push HARD…….

    Most of us Individualistic Narcissistic Alt-Righters will be DEAD and GONE……..

    Once South Africa Brazilian America truly forms……..

    I think of Matt Heimbach/NSM and I think of the Young College Republicans……..

    I just don’t think the Nick Fuentes approach has a Robust Future…….

    I really don’t…….

    Future White Generations are going to be BRUTALIZED……..

    Capitalism FEEDS but it also Divides, Conquers and Destroys………

    I really don’t know how it will go…….

    But, White Genocide is the REALITY…………

    This is the NOW……..

    Scapegoats abound without Mirrors………

  10. Heimbach, Parrot, Linder, Kessler, Spencer, et al need to put aside their differences and start to form some kind of strategy for a unified pro-White movement that isn’t going to splinter up. And the LoS will eventually have to become a lot more militant and secessionist.

  11. When enough Whites get fed up enough to actually do something for their own race, it will be too late. There are a few White nations that have enough racial pride to be jew-wise and keep their nations White, mostly Eastern European countries. The others are seemingly doomed to become turd world shitholes or already are in many places.

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