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    • gab.ai

      A gabbai (Hebrew: ?????), also known as shamash ???? (sometimes spelled shamas) or warden (UK, similar to churchwarden) is a beadle or sexton, a person who assists in the running of synagogue services in some way. The role may be undertaken on a voluntary or paid basis. A shamash (literally ‘servant’) can also mean an assistant to a rabbi (particularly the secretary or personal assistant to a Hassidic rebbe).

  1. This is just another black pill to swallow to help us get set for the reality ahead.

    The Communists took the House (and will take the WH in 2020). The “caravan” is now being processed for asylum and thousands will be released into our country (with many more on the way). Trump’s MAGA “dream” is over. Julian Assange has apparently been indicted by our govt (but Hillary is still free and talking about running again in 2020). Gab is about to become Twitter 2.0 but with a much smaller presence. And the list goes on.

    Each of us has to think about how we are going to live under very repressive conditions in the oncoming years. To imagine the future, pretend you are a White living in South Africa today. And still – there are many White Liberals in South Africa that “don’t get it” so don’t buy into the idea that eventually the White libtards here in the U.S. will finally come to our side. The psychological elements that create a state of “being in denial” are very strong and hard to combat – thus again, don’t expect them to wake up one morning and understand reality.

  2. Eh, fuck gab. What really scares me is the day they find a way to shutter 4chan.

    In some countries, you already need ID to participate in social media or online forums over a certain size. Post anything “abusive”, or even try to conceal who you are, and the police will be knocking at your door.

    We’re going to see that here one day, First and Fourth Amendment be damned. What will we do then?

    In a way I almost think it’ll be a good thing. We can either shut the fuck up and admit that the whole thing was never anything more than a slightly precocious and agitating hobby, or we can shut the fuck up and find… other ways to show the system how pissed off we are at them.

  3. Nail, meet coffin.

    Ofc, since I was banned for doing the same shit I’d been doing for 2 years, I don’t see any reason why anybody would ever trust Gab not to sell the IDs straight to the FBI/DOJ/SPLC.

  4. Torba is a christian weakling. It’s clear he never thought through what he was doing before he started Ga, even though the entire course of events was predictable.

    Christianity is anti-White and cannot be other. It’s a jewish cult that attracts weak people and produces them too. It sets up whites to be taken advantage of by jews. Thus, it serves jews and endangers whites. Top talmudist Maimonides said this outright.

    We need a Red Twitter, that simple.

    • Calm down jewboy.

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      TraitorGlenn lasted nearly a decade before going Manchurian ZOGbot and gunning down three mongrels in the parking lot of the Old Kike’s Home. But not to worry. Your Virtual Colostomy Bag was in no danger of being gabbed.

      Must be pretty toxic over there if the Chief Elder of Neo-Nutzi Zionism is over here. Does jewr Ayn Randian LibberToon nutziism extend to unbanning Bradifer?

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      I’d send TraitorGlenn Miller a carton of Camels along with a Christmas card to finish off the formerly drunken Lumbee Melungeon if they’d let Sgt. Snitch have it all at once.

      I take great pleasure in knowing that prion-poisoning first appeared in Moronsouri not in a Kansas or Iowa – bordered county but in Adair County first where you live, jewboy. What do you think the odds of that are?

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      Itz the Ayn Rand LibberToonian jewboy thang to do.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
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      Ten Thousand Warlords Project

  5. Torba has been assigned a handler named Rob “$3 bill” Monster by his new bosses at the ADL, so I’m sure all users’ account data will be kept safe and confidential.

    • lol. Yeah the Jim Bakker wannabe. Rob Monster is a complete clown. Nothing about how he presents himself is real. I don’t buy even for one second that he is for free speech. It appears that he is a commissar appointed to watch over Torba and give him “ideas” on how to proceed with Gab.

  6. Torba is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Either he does this stuff ramping up censorship or his site gets kicked from every registrar, financing/banking options cut, etc. They give him the option of destroying his own company or they destroy it for him. We can criticize the way Torba has handled a lot of it, and he deserves that criticism, but these are the hard decisions he is facing.

    The core issue still is the ability for the infrastructure companies to collude to censor dissidents. Unfortunately, it looks like that issue is not going away because nobody in Congress wants to combat it. And even people on the alt right do not help to push options like SMACA that would solve the issue, instead choosing to nurture fantasies of the zog emperor Trump saving them.

  7. I wonder how many within the dark side of government are stinking up these social media platforms. I would not be shocked at all if some of the negative or threatening posts are from those within our enemy’s camp.

    • For certain. The Jews favored way of destroying a free speech platform is by way of the most vile pornographic images know to man.

  8. All I can continue to say is I like VK, for the very simple reason that is is in Czar Vlad’s cyberland.

    As far as I can see, Czar Vlad is the only serious force (Orban is quietly supported by Vlad) that has been able to contend with the Jew England Yankee Empire, and that means those things he provides are stable.

    Yes, there are rules at VK – you must be decent, yet, there is none of the skullduggery one finds at Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, and, now, GAB.

  9. When it comes down to it, genuine freedom can only exist if one is willing to die to protect it. Sounds ridiculous when all those American troops go overseas to fight for other peoples’ freedom while ours are being repeatedly eroded here at home. I guess the bottom line is cock-eyed morality trumps self-preservation. Who knew?

  10. Who is Andrew Torba? Anyone know his real background?

    I don’t buy the Pittsburgh shooting at face value. It’s like precious metals. If you don’t hold them, you don’t own them. If I didn’t see it with my own two eyes nor know someone who did, the chances that it actually happened are far less than it actually didn’t. Perhaps the GAB post by the “shooter” was the real intended target and the “victims” were mere collateral damage.

  11. F#*k Torba and his platform. For the right price anybody can be bought, especially for the names and addresses of dissidents posting mean memes of our enemies.

  12. Wow the ZOG/BlackLiesMatter/Cuckservative Iron Curtain is really coming down on here in


    I’m unable to post any comments on places I used to post freely 2 years ago:

    The Atlantic Magazine
    The New York Times
    National Review


    Even Russia Today!

    • Why would you want to submit comments to any of those verkakte publications, Senor Ryans? But doesn’t the politically incorrect Jim Goad write for Takimag? And doesn’t OD provide a link to it? Perhaps that link should be deleted.

      • Takimag was one of my biggest gateway drugs from edgy anarchist to alt-righter. One of the liberal trolls on there once said that the commenters had their own political philosophy which seemed to be a “strange mix of anarchism, libertarianism, and Nazism” and I’ve always associated it as the primordial soup from which the alt-right emerged.

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