The Alt-Right Is Blackpilling On Trump

Fortunately, I saved my old tweets in a timeline that I created about the Trump administration just days before Twitter changed the rules to suspend my account:

Look at this:

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  1. Drumpf promised to build the wall, end illegal immigration, deport those in the country illegally, and crackdown on “sanctuary cities.”

    He and Sessions did none of the above.

    Instead of giving his voters what they wanted accomplished , especially with both houses of congress controlled by the gop; we got zilch.

    The zio lobby and the military industrial complex were rewarded with the jewnited states embassy being moved to Jerusalem, a bloated and wasteful defense budget, and more war mongering by neo/zio-cons haley, bolton, mattis, trump, and pence.

    Let’s not forget the Charlottesville resolution that every republican and trump signed, all the while antifa was encouraged and embolden.

    By the way, that’s not the rain hitting your face: it’s the zog controlled gop pissing on it and asking for your support.

  2. I got off the Trump train in March of ’17 and haven’t tried to get back on it since then. Its original engineer was that mischievous little green amphibean fellow, but he was soon replaced by a rather sinister looking hook-nosed gentleman who was hunched over, grinning maliciously and rubbing his hands together.

    • I think I truly left the Trump train the moment he started announcing that he’d drain the swamp by appointing a cabinet full of Zionists/Jews, whenever that was. And then I continued to fall off the train when he announced that he was going to let his DOJ investigate him when they forced him to fire Comey.

  3. In the end, any Presidency is about maintaining the status quo and advancing the interests of those who have bought and payed for the best government their money can buy.

  4. The Jews got the US to move its embassy to Jerusalem.
    Continuous kike ass kissing.
    The negroes got prison reform.
    The rich got tax breaks.
    Miriam Adelson gets the Medal of Freedom. Why is beyond me but all these medals and honors are bogus anyway.
    The insurance companies get to keep Obamacare minus the individual mandate. What happened to being able to buy insurance across state lines?
    There is no wall and I doubt there will be any funding with a Dem majority Congress even if he was serious.
    Interest rates keep rising.
    Antifa stays safe.
    Our educational system is still rife with Marxists most of it on the public dole.
    No media libels laws reinstituted.
    Arrests of white nationalists on bogus or trumped up charges but not of any meaningful financial fraudsters.
    No comments to this day on the abuse – often physical – his campaign supporters had to tolerate in 2016.
    I haven’t seen one of the much touted sealed indictments being unsealed. I call them fake!
    Julian Assange is being hunted?
    RussiaGate is still alive.
    IOne of his judicial appointments is already showing signs of support for his opposition. But, is it his opposition?
    The list is endless.

    I am starting to think Trump is the ultimate fraudster.

    What has he done for us?

    Donald Trump is the front for a consortium of special interests ~ Alex Jones circa 2012 or so

  5. Trump is allowing the caravan of invaders to make asylum claims at the Ports-of-Entry and they are being released into the United States. I think that Trump is a fake nationalist. I voted for him once to give him a chance, but I doubt that I will vote for him again.

  6. it’s fair criticism.

    he’s done a lot of good things that helped, but he’s also made some unforced errors, and hired a lot of bad personnel. not all of it is his fault – he’s surrounded by traitors, backstabbers, and never trumpers, who all want him to fail, and who want their party back, so they can return to losing gracefully and profitably.

    we’ve watched for 2 years now. suddenly after the mid term election, trump is make A LOT of big, unforced errors.

    i think we can all feel the country slipping away at this point. unless something very drastic happens in the next year, not two years, but one year, then i think it’s safe to say the country is 100% for sure lost for good.

    and then, yeah, you can stop voting in national elections.

    they won’t even matter if they’re close, since the democrats are just going to steal them openly now.

    best case scenario now is if ginsburg dies in the next 2 years and gets replaced by trump with another conservative justice. or if thomas deliberately retires now, like kennedy did, so that trump can replace him with a conservative justice that’s 40 or 50.

    that will be the only bulwark against the, nearly certain, decline into third world status and jewish rule that is coming. those conservative justices will slow things down for another 20 years or so, but only on supreme court issues.

    south africa actually looks not terrible compared to what’s, probably, coming in the US.

  7. Trump was our last hope to turn back the globalist takeover of everything in our lives, I thought. He was, and is, which is why I’m now so disappointed. The hope I felt and needed to believe in is also why so many follow Q. It’s almost like anything of a positive nature connected with Trump is some sort of psyop. The ruling class has their twisted priorities, and they don’t think about or care about how their policies and actions affect the peasantry. It’s looking like the only way to challenge the elites is to carve out little areas of independence that stay beneath their radar. Either that, or try to topple them, which isn’t a good probability.
    Someone mentioned Alex Jones. He usually gives good info, but he’s obsessed with trying to fit the multiracial rainbow theme into his presentations. It doesn’t work, and I think that on some level AJ knows that, because everytime he finds a redpilled black dude he brings the guy on his show. AJ always tries to build up the person of preferred pigmentation, talking about how smart they are, blah blah blah. It should be obvious that one doesn’t need to be a multiracialist to be a good Christian (Alex often mentions his faith), or to want to save Western civilization.
    It has finally become clear to me that being European and a Christian are the two essential ingredients that built what was the greatest civilization ever. It’s also apparent that jealousy on the part of non-Europeans, and self-hatred on the part of Marxists and other deluded cucks, are combined in a largely successful attempt to destroy the West. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to wake up to the facts, and may God help more of us to do so ASAP.

    • @ Richard L, alex jones’ wife is a jew. AJ bleeds stars of david. He’s another carnival barker like drumpf – both tiered to a kosher leash.

      F.Y.I., you also don’t have to be practicing Christian to to want to see White civilization saved. Just pro-White of European extraction will suffice.

  8. What has happened recently to cause the supercharged Black Pill:

    1. Midterm loss.

    2. Tucker who is a VIP being harassed at his home by antifa with a “shit happens” response from Trump.

    3. Democrats expanding their midterm lead by a large margin long after the midterms are over (election stealing) while the GOP snores.

    4. A promised executive order on birthright that was nothing more than a midterm political stunt.

    5. Prison reform. BTW this is not a shock, the GOP congress and Trump himself made it clear that he wanted this to happen after the midterms. Some of these guys act like its the first time they heard about it.

    6. Indictment of Assange.

    7. Trump fedposting about people standing up & confronting antifa while his justice dept. prosecutes them for it.

    8. Caravan starting to cross with a typical laughable response that we saw the last time.

    9. So-called conservative judges opposing and blocking Trump left and right. Trump responds like a deer in headlights.

    It is becoming untenable to shill for this guy any longer. That’s fine but we should remember the people who were right about this. This is important because these sunny day friends threw a lot of people under the bus to shill for Trump. I have noticed they have transitioned suddenly with no humility about how wrong they were.

  9. We don’t need Alt-Right, Dissident Right, Hard Right, or any other kind “Right”

    Right-Wingers have proven themselves to be the same kind of flaccid and ineffective status-quo lovers they have been since anyone can remember. We do share some similarities with their viees such as love of Nation and accepting Hierarchy, but we have some things in common with the Left too on issues like taking care of the environment and (some of us) workers rights. I doubt anyone here would call themselves “Alt-Left” just because of that though.

    Alt-Right was a clumsy label, it was never solidly defined and the term itself was coined by a Jew. This is why we end up with wishy-washy people who talk about Race War and Nazi memes in one breath then turn around and tell you to vote straight Republican the next. We set ourselves up for dissapointment and failure when we align our goals with that of establishment minions such as the GOP, and Jew-loving Opticucks like Patrick Casey take over 2 years to figure this out?

    tl;dr People on our side need to abandon the “Right wing” label

  10. You know I love you Hunter (and co, to include commenters) but solutions??

    Here’s a solution: Partition. Make it the 2019 word of the year. Make 2020 a referendum on it. 2021 move towards a unilateral declaration / shadow government / mass boycott.

    Recall the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis – first say, then do. All these self styled white nationalists are not saying HOW they are going to liberate our people out of bondage. Until we say, we can never do.

    Sure, they were pushing the “slow cleanse”, but that isn’t going to happen. It’s time to get serious; it’s time to start pushing Partition.

  11. A “Top-Down Secession” is the most realistic possibility, where, for reasons that benefit Jews and fellow travelers, a place like California could be split up or broken away, due to economics etc. This would be finagled through congress by their lapdogs and signed off on by their chief mutt.

  12. Yeah, I am black pilling big time since the midterms. The main thing that got me is that the rampant voter fraud seems to have been completely unchallenged other than Rubio and Trump tweeting about it. We need such a more forceful restoration of law and order. Maybe there will be a new AG that will make a difference but I am not holding my breath. Leftists are gloating online with confidence like they were when they thought Hillary was going to win. We need a powerful populist movement with a charismatic leader working OUTSIDE the system. Maybe some kind of incidiary event will occur that will motivate people but the left seems to be successfully using the frog-in-boiling-water method. ??

  13. It is hard to fix Liberal Democracy with more doses of Liberal Democracy because when all is said and done so called Liberal Democracy is neither liberal or democratic but merely the facade behind which a hostile Trans-nationalist elite reigns supreme.Sort of a reverse Oz whereby the person behind the curtain is not mild and meek-instead that is the image they project to the world- but is actually hostile and malevolent.

  14. Yes, a lot of people are Black-Pilling on President Trump after the Midterms……

    I think it’s good in the long run…….

    The Alt-Right seems somewhat more unified, strangely enough…….

    Everyone in the Alt-Right should read this……

    Especially, those full of Black Pilled-Depression……..

    This is a HUGE Pill of some color which I won’t name but I’m sure you’ll realize…….

    Yes, it’s written by the Far-Left Max Blumenthal………

    But, it describes why RAM was actually arrested/indicted by Rosenstein’s FBI…….

    Ukraine, the Azov Battalion, the Rise of the Militarized Far Right in Central/Eastern Europe…….

    With funding/backing from the US Deep State………

    It also contains good lessons for the Dissident Right in America about social media/internet and the literal army of paid sleuths watching us…….

    • Dang I wonder to what degree they are tolerated until they aren’t. And would very much like to see it with my own eyes. Do you think it’s as simple as flying to kiev and joining up?

  15. I saw through Trump from day1. He was just better at telling the sheep what they wanted to hear in regards to the wall, illegal immigration, etc. In the end, he is no different than any other past Republican cuck.

  16. How could any white nationalist still have supported Trump after the FIRST Syria strike in April 2017? Their much smarter European counterparts (not counting the Cuck Islanders who are a hopeless lot) did not.

    The whole alt-right should have distanced itself completely from the GOP after that, and instead focused on anti-war, anti-Zionism and anti-imperialism. Things that the so-called “Left” has abandoned so someone else needs to fill the gap.

  17. might as well just vote Dem from now…the real sad part of this is that the federal judges appointed by Trump appear to be no different from the judges appointed by reagan, bush I and bush 2, which means that they will not stop racial preferences or mass immigration or restore freedom of association…
    so what good are the GOP…I say just vote Dem, and maybe, just maybe we can at least get single payer…

  18. and as usual the comments here are full of ” jew this jew that”…
    wtf does this subject have to do with jews?
    trump is german…ryan is not a jew…mcconnell is not a jew….

    are these comments here from paranoid schizophrenics or from liberal shills?
    Inquiring minds want to know!
    Seriously, I often wonder how much of the alt-right is financially supported by paranoid schizophrenics via their SS disability payments…

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