President Trump Calls On Rep. Ilhan Omar To Resign From Congress

UPDATE: Pence chimes in

Here is Donald Trump the presidential candidate in 2016 on money and influence in politics. You might recall he described Jeb! as a puppet who was totally controlled by his donors:

Here is President Trump in 2019 on money and influence in politics. He called on Rep. Ilhan Omar to resign over criticizing AIPAC:

The latter Trump is the loser who watched the 2018 midterm results in the White House with Sheldon Adelson by his side who spent $55 million on Republican candidates. He later gave Sheldon’s wife the Presidential Medal of Freedom as a consolation prize.

Note: What did the Republican Senate do with its expanded majority after the midterms? It passed the anti-BDS bill, new sanctions on Syria, $38 billion in foreign aid for Israel and McConnell’s amendment opposing the withdrawal from Syria. McConnell spent the day trying to convince Trump to support his bill to cut ICE in exchange for 55 miles of bollard fencing.

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  1. I cant wait for him to lose in 2020 already. What an absolute traitor. Dont expect any support when (((they))) crucify you after to lose you backstabbing piece of trash.

    • The jews are going to put this moron back in, in 2020. Who in this world could be a more compliant useful idiot for Israel than Trump? They probably were well aware of love for the jews in 2016, and that’s why they chose him over that old whore.

  2. I am just wondering who will be willing to go out and fight for Trump this time around. I will vote democrat across the board, and I will be rooting for antifa to destroy any jew loving Trump supporter. I’m never coming back to the republican party.

    • I am considering joining Antifa, partly as a deep cover saboteur but also to kick Trump supporters in the ass.

      • I’ve thought about doing that, but I’m just too handsome to fit in with that crowd. They’d know something was up.

      • I’ve jokingly threatened to join ANTIFA (or the Venezuelan Special Forces) for the exact same reason. I think my name, face, and voice are pretty well known to them at this point, but I could get a shave, a fake ID, and some acting classes maybe.

        Worth noting… if Antifa ever does get their self-professed dream of guillotining all the 1%er’s of America’s wealthy, it would by necessity require them to guillotine 42% of America’s Jews, plus a whole Hell of a lot of blue-pilled shitlib goyim.

        (Obligatory Disclaimer: Not saying that they should actually do that, just stating the basic mathematical facts of what would happen if they did.)

        It was my realization of that fact that played a big part in leading me down the leftist-to-alt-right pipeline. Hard to believe that there’s still anyone left like 2012-era me left in the Left, but ya never know…

  3. Talk about agreeing with someone for the wrong reason….

    This Omar creature has no business in the US House of Representatives…or any Western government for that matter. She needs to go. The sooner the better.

    But on the other hand the charge that criticism of the State of Israel is the same as anti-Semitism it total nonsense. It’s just a different flavor of the same disingenuous game of pretending to see “racists” hiding under every rock that the left plays with our people. It’s not something to be supported.

    So I’m torn…

    • Reps. Omar and Tlaib are enemies of the Zionist state and of Drump, so as far as I’m concerned that makes them our wartime allies.

      • Hey Spahn, how long before muh hollohoax laws are enforced in the usa?
        Listen to these puppets kvetch for kikery

        “Those who engage in anti-Semitic tropes should not just be denounced, they should face consequences for their words.”
        The eternal enemy serpent race spawns of satan will outlaw speech soon…especially against the jewish terrorist commies or their hordes of beastmen.

      • their purpose (tactical/strategic) in use was twofold; now that their first tactical purpose has been accomplished, they will be liquidated in service to the strategic, the legislative outlaw of any criticism of their users.

      • “Reps. Omar and Tlaib are enemies of the Zionist state and of Drump(sic), so as far as I’m concerned that makes them our wartime allies”.

        I’m not so sure about it.
        The whole “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” thing sounds good on paper. But in the real world it’s often a recipe for disaster. You may be attacking a bad guy by setting another bad guy on them. But in the end you are enabling evil and destructive forces that WILL come back and bite you in the end.

        Take a look at WW2. It’s failings are a useful corrective.

        The Western Allies, including eventually the US, considered NS Germany to be their enemy. At they same time they recognized that Marxism was an evil and destructive system and that the Soviet Union was a threat. But they put their well founded misgivings about the Soviets aside and they send billions in lend-lease aid to the Soviets, propping them up when they were on the ropes. More importantly, the Western powers lost hundreds of thousands of their own people in pursuing the war against Germany directly. In helping the soviets, the view was (from the view of the Western powers, not me) that they were “working with a bad guy to beat a worse guy”. It was the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” fallacy in action. In the end, it propped up the evil of the Soviets and caused them to dominate Eastern Europe for many decades longer than the NS state even existed.

        (Note, I believe we fought on the wrong side in the Second World War. In the example above I’m talking about the views of the US government at the time. My own views, and that of many here, are quite different)

        Omar is NOT an ally. Never loose sight of the fact she hates you, and all Whites, just as much (perhaps more) than she hates Jews.

    • The Congressbulb didn’t even criticise Israel It just said AIPAC existed and had lobbying power. Basically a slave spoke when it was not allowed to in Talmudic thinking. Truth is irrelevant.

  4. This is insane. How can anyone pretend we have a functioning country at this point? And we are getting ready to invade Venezuela? Soviet collapse v. 2.0 coming very soon methinks.

    • If so I am getting out of the disgusting country and moving to Venezuela to join the revolutionary army. I’m already planning to leave because I find the US completely intolerable. will make sure the Venezuelan army goes full Pol Pot!

  5. The Democrats are in a tough spot now. They’re as beholden to the Jews as the Republicans, but if they punish the Congressbulb, their hardcore supporters will be furious that the leadership is caving to Trump. (No Republican will be outdone in genuflecting to the Tribe.)

    We’re seeing a parallel with the UK Labour Party. The problem of the new anti-Semitic brown constituency is starting to affect the Democrats. The White and Jewish corporate Zionist leadership will hold back the flood for now, but it’s only going to get harder to keep a leash on these true believers. (I guess we’ve all forgotten about coonman so it’s not all bad for the Dems.)

  6. I’m sick and tired of this ass hat and everyone of the Zionist puppets in Congress. They have accomplished nothing but plutocratic tax cuts and shit for Israel. Virtually nothing has gotten done that Trump ran on. Now hes calling for an elected congresswomen to be removed from office because she was critical of a lobbying group that represents a foreign nation? This shit is getting crazy. We live in a clown world.

  7. A few weeks back, we had RAMZPAUL going full Afterthought, now Greg Johnson:


    Finally Finally Finally Finally Finally – Greg uses the word: Partition.

    Partition Partition Partition Partition Partition.

    It’s not just the best way forward, it’s the only way forward – by the numbers.

    Now if we could just start adding to the snowball – Colin Liddell, Andy Nowicki, Davis Aurini, Identity Dixie, Occidental Dissent – start pulling in people like Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, and keep pulling people in from the MAGA crowd, then standard Republicans – we could actually WIN.

    First say, then do. It’s basic neuroscience.

  8. Are zog and its bought and paid for gentile whores pushing the boundaries to see at what point resistance is felt? Do they believe that the masses have been so completely indoctrinated in the state’s secular religion of holocaustianity that any criticism of jews and their activities are verboten?

    The kangaroo courts already exist in the European Union, the jewnited states, Canada, and English speaking Oceania. Will Diego Garcia, Guam, and American Somoa become the ‘Gitmos’ to whoever zog deems an ‘enemy of the state?’

    Zog and other enemies of the First Amendment should take heed of JFK’s warning; “When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.”

    • >>Zog and other enemies of the First Amendment should take heed of JFK’s warning; “When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.”

      I’m not sure how I feel when I hear white racialists using that quote, since the context of it was him basically saying that brown people need more gibs so they don’t go full Fidel Castro on us.

      • @Power of the Sword, I used it in context to the present conditions of our dispossession, not In relation to its original intended audience.

        There are relevant quotations of people that I vociferously disagree with both in philosophy and ideology (e.g., Marx’s quote on religion).

      • It should be pointed out though that the same thing was said by one Benito Mussolini in 1922, shortly before he marched into Rome at the head of 8,000 blackshirts. The only thing that prevented it from being an armed revolution was that the government was afraid of what the Fascists could do.

    • The South ought to secede, dammit. Have White Southerners really become so cucked that they’ve lost their sense of national and cultural identity?

  9. If Ohio Rep Steve King(I’m sure he says it to himself), GOP is AIPAC whore. He’d face an immediate expulsion and possibly jail time.Late Ohio Rep James Traficant.What a sorry sack of doo doo the republican party are.Their patrotism and loyalty is to Khazar occupation Palestenne

  10. The Jews want us to know (((who))) the boss is. The Jews don’t want anyone to talk about it. It’s a public secret. Our craven Congressional traitors know the drill. Towel head needs to learn when to shut up. I doubt she’ll be forced to resign because she isn’t White.

    • I disagree. They want EVERYONE to know who the (((boss)) is…and they are more than obvious about it. It is part of their prideful arrogance they call chutzpah. They also put it out there to say to us, “..and what are you gonna do about it? NOTHING, GOYIM!”…and laugh at our inaction OR misdirected energy.

  11. Trump is nothing more than the complete takeover of the US government by Zionism’s most extreme faction. He lost the popular vote but was installed by Israel. I’ve suspected that all along and known it since April 2017. I dont see how it can be denied at this poinnt.

  12. O/T but Help!

    Cosby announces he’s a political prisoner in the tradition of MLK and Ghandi.

    Someone help us white women. I’m feeling totally overwhelmed.

    David Bell in Asheville, NC faces three misdemeanor charges for defending a middle aged white woman from a swarm of rampaging blackettes in a mall.

    White people out there who think you won’t be next, think again.

    David Bell 2020

    • Mary – no one is coming to save us. We must try to save ourselves. Our worst problems are internal. White men are brilliant at creating things – but they are utterly DISASTROUS in protecting our own kind, and have been so for centuries. No one is coming to save us.

  13. The jooo$ waffle on about ‘white privilege’ whilst controlling the media, banking, politics, entertainment and publishing….meaning they control the narrative…..and earn literally $ billions in the process to aid our downfall-and then fucking tell the world not to criticize them….but to instead criticize the whites!
    No manual labor or ordinary jobs for these pampered pooches……they have to be in the middle of far bigger things, being a nuisance.
    To my fellow actual humans……I hope you enjoy all that white privilege on a daily basis.

  14. We have to publicize Trump’s early skepticism of the Israel lobby more. That’s a good way to confound boomers and support our narrative. We have to do more to counter act the damage that Trump’s sucking up to Jews is doing to our narrative.

  15. The clown’s orange panties are tied-up-in-knots causing a rash around his twat and making him feel bitchy because Ilhan Omar said pretty much the same thing about AIPAC that Trump said about AIPAC during the presidential campaign. I guess you can’t make it to the presidency unless you LIE thru your teeth on the presidential campaign trail. It’s an American presidential tradition Trump seems to want to preserve. I guess that’s why he calls himself a “conservative”, he wants to conserve the American tradition of presidential candidates LYING thru their teeth during presidential campaigns.

    • Trump must be gearing up for his re-election campaign, which unlike the first campaign will require extensive jew tuchas-kissing.

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