House Unanimously Votes To Declare “Fighting Anti-Semitism” a US National Security Interest

Maybe it is just me, but it seems like Jewish control over nearly every aspect of American life and government has only intensified under the Trump administration.

Here is AIPAC celebrating its victory on anti-BDS legislation – the top priority of the Republican Senate – and a GOP resolution that unanimously passed the House yesterday which declared “fighting anti-Semitism” to be a US national security interest:

The GOP wanted to embarrass the Democrats by showing that they weren’t as fervent in their support of Israel and prostrating themselves before AIPAC lobbyists:

“House Democrats were forced to vote Wednesday on a measure condemning anti-Semitism, a gambit by House Republicans to embarrass the majority party in the wake of controversial comments by Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

GOP leaders used the procedural tactic — known as a motion to recommit — as a messaging tool to put Democrats on the spot after Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her deputies publicly denounced Omar’s comments this week.

The surprise maneuver came when GOP leaders offered language condemning anti-Semitism to a high-profile foreign policy measure, causing a 30-minute holdup on the floor as top Democratic leaders huddled to discuss the next steps. Then in a highly unusual move, all Democrats voted in favor of the GOP amendment. …

After it was announced, Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), one of the House’s highest-ranking Jewish members, said on the floor: “I rise in support of this resolution.”

Multiple GOP lawmakers stood up and cheered — and so did some moderate Democrats, like Reps. Abigail Spanberger of Virginia, Joe Cunningham of South Carolina, Kendra Horn of Oklahoma and Anthony Brindisi of New York. …

As Will Wescott notes here, the House recently voted to unanimously condemn Steve King and White Nationalism. Jewish nationalism, however, is worthy of unanimous support:

Such is how the Overton Window has shifted under Donald Trump.

Mike Enoch shares an old Joe Sobran take that sums up this episode:

In other news, Vice President Mike Pence is currently in Poland to visit Auschwitz and meet with Netanyahu. He also visited the Ghetto Heroes Memorial:

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is lobbying Poland to pass Holocaust restitution legislation:

It gets even better.

The current bill that Sen. Richard Shelby and Mitch McConnell are pushing as a “down payment” on Trump’s border wall provides $1.375 billion for 55 miles of bollard fencing and ONLY in the Rio Grande sector. It also allocates $5.3 billion for Israel, Jordan and Ukraine:

MAGA is an intensified version of mainstream conservatism.

George W. Bush built hundreds of miles of the same border fence that Trump is trying and failing miserably to build. He also refused to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. The George W. Bush tax cuts were also relatively modest compared to the Trump tax cuts.

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    • “If we lose this war in 75 years the U.S. will either be the most anti-Semitic country on Earth, or it will have been thoroughly Judaized.”

      Adolph Hitler, 1943

    • You shilled for Trump harder than anyone on this blog, On and on you were the salesman for this moron until after he got power. When he was safgely in power and bombed Syria, you turned on a dime. You have no shame!

      Its the Denises.

      • Most of us bought into Trump’s BS. I think we thought there was still a sliver of hope for this shithole country. Denise is a valued member of this community. You are nobody and likely a JIDF hasbarist trollbot. When you made up your fake last name (((Andy))), did you think that you could jew one over on us by using a lawnmower brand name (Briggs and Stratton)? Beat it rat, you are not welcome here.

        • You know what the problem with this movement, and everything else in the democratic West is? People with low IQ or high IQ but no commonon sense, with loud mouths.

          So I suggest a fix for this. A politicy where people and leaders who get it wrong be demoted and the ones who get it right be promoted. So you get it wrong, you shut your mouth and go the kitchen and make sandwhiches.,

          Make me a sandwich WP.

          • You talk big for a jew. Tell you what, I won’t make you a sandwich but I be happy to give you a complimentary shower after you long train ride to your new home. Afterwards you and your friends can make yourselves some nice pulled pork or ham-and-cheese sandwiches.

      • Hey, most of us supported him, in part out of desperation. There’s nothing shameful in getting over your mistakes and moving on.

        • @Gabby
          And I think in many cases people voted for him because they were cautiously optimistic rather than outright excited and convinced that he could do anything. You never know what a politician can do until he’s actually been voted in. I guess many were curious to find out in Trumps case-and he was voted in based on what he said at the time. In any case, we now know- Jews and the Deep state run things, not any president. Our mistake. We’ll know for next time. A better system is needed, not just a better president. If Hillary had got in, that lesson would not have been learned, and god only knows where the country would be by now.

        • “Cautiously optimistic” characterizes my attitude. I took MAGA to mean America before 1968 when Soros, Saban, Goldman Sachs, neocons, neolibs, The Jewish Lobby, MSM, America before the Jews took over and made all values beyond sociopathic greed and Israel rootless and on the wane. They want Russia to be a Jew vassal state and he hasn’t given them that yet. But, on everything else he has put on the yarmulke and danced the whora.

      • Hey Andy Briggberg – no one had any idea that Trump would turn out this badly. No one. And, El Kike-o – it’s the KIKES. It’s always been your malicious evil Tribe. ALWAYS.

        • Yes they did, but you ignored them.

          Come on Hunter, lets have an honest accounting of who shilled for Trump and who said he was full of it. The silly ones who got it so wrong should be demoted, so the smarter ones can rise through the ranks.

          The problem here is the same as what happened after 9/11. The idiots who were supposed to prevent 9/11 from happening were not demoted or fired after the event, they were all promoted and put in charge of ensuring it didn’t happen again.

        • I distinctly remember chiding madam for being too pessimistic about Drump when he began screwing up early on in his failed presidency. How I wish I could take those words back!

        • Yet you should have had the intuition to know that he would turn out this badly. His loyalty to Israel and his association with powerful Jews was well known before he took the meat puppet role of president. He was a narcissist celebrity with very obvious weaknesses and snake oil salesmen tendencies. Trump University… ring a bell?

          I knew this whole thing was a sham the moment he invited Bill and Hillary Clinton into the Whitehouse for the luncheon and overwhelmingly complimented them. How could ANYONE take his rape allegations towards Bill Clinton, and his abuse towards Hillary Clinton seriously after that?

  1. Imagine, if you can, a president who is so bad that he actually makes GW Bush look good by comparison. Actually, you needn’t use your imagination at all. He’s none other than Donald Drimp. And if he wants to win reelection he will have to kiss jew tuchas like it’s never been kissed before.

  2. Weimerica 2.0

    Its beyond obscene.

    Opposition to Jewish ambition “to impose its rule on other nations”, be it globalist, communist, mulitcult, or liberal, is not anti-Semitism, even if the Jews imagine it so.

    Western nations have an equally solemn duty to prevent Jewish subversion of identity, faith and morals.

  3. All we need is a costly new war, and trump will have surpassed W by every metric — something I never could have imagined a decade or so ago, when I earnestly believed that W was maybe the worst and wickedest person to ever hold the presidency.

    I thought that the silver lining to all this Israel cock-sucking would be that I could point it out and tell people “see? Israel really is practically running our country.” But the young ones are ambivalent, and my old boomer associates are ecstatic beyond belief (because if we’re blessing Israel then you KNOW we’re being blessed too, cuz god said so in the Old Testament!). Excruciatingly difficult to keep faith in my people when they have the evidence right in front of their faces, but steadfastly refuse to accept it.

    • Quit lying.

      Trump said there was blame on both sides for Charlottesville.

      W would never of said that.

      Trump’s job is to destroy the Republican Party.

      He is doing that.

      In the short run, that will be terrible for us, but it will be our salvation in the long run.

      • So he gives a very weak, barely perceptible condemnation of antifa… and this makes him measurably better than W? And moreover, I’m “lying” for pointing out that he is FAR worse than W on virtually any metric that matters?

        Get a fucking clue, dude. I’m calling it as it is, nothing more, nothing less.

  4. Is Jewish control of America even a question anymore? How can anybody look at the legislation Congress has passed bipartisan and argue that Jews dont control the US? And yes Jewish control has intensified with President Kushner calling the shots in the oval office.

  5. You know the funny thing about this is that the bulbhead literally just called AIPAC out for having way to much power and influence over American legislation. And what do you know AIPAC tweets 4 message in support of the bipartisan legislation that they undoubtedly poured millions into that passed. Jews control America that cannot be denied and virtually all policies that pass bipartisan are for Jews, Israel, and Jewish wars that benefit Israel.

  6. Satan focuses his best and brightest fallen angels on those who reach the masses … and Jews, ( to make them do things that will make us hate them. ) Writers, ( and bloggers Hunter, ) producers, gov’t rep’s professors, actors, musicians judges etc. They are TOP targets for possession and influencing. This is how / why THEY ALL ODDLY SEEM TO BE ON THE SAME PAGE.

    Every “Jew” I know or knew or was acquainted with WHO WAS A CHRISTIAN, thought like us, voted like us, hated what we hate. Every one who was NOT Christian was an ass like the 80 % of scummy Jews who vote demoncrat.

    So … there are 2 different kinds of Jew. Normal, and scumbag. About 20 % seem to be normal, about 80 % seem to be scumbag.

    This is truth and street wisdom. Let’s be fair and honest. It’s the same with us whites. Lots of us are right on … some not so much … then there’s a bunch of freaks, ( Antifa for instance, and all who vote demoncrat. )

    Don’t let Satan trick you into hating ALL Jews and ALL Israel. Read the bible. See what God says and do THAT. God hates those 80 % too. But the other 20 % are in His will. Be careful. DON’T piss God off !!!

    • Gigi, How do these 20% good jews fit into the new Khazarated States of America (KSA) you normally are kvetching about? By the way, why do you worship the jews’ god?

      • It’s not 20 percent. At most it’s 5 percent, likely less. 95 percent are soulless, demoralizing scrofula.

    • “Normal” jews do not exist. Neither does the demon-god they worship. Fuck the jews and fuck their bible. This country is ruled by whores and traitors.

      • These ‘normal’ Jews may exist, and may not be involved in activities that are conductive to our destruction- but they do and say nothing to those who are. When good people do nothing, evil wins. You’re right though-there’s plenty of sinister whites as well……and may the fires of hell await their arrival! The traitors within are far worse than the external enemy.

      • This bill is stupid and wrong of course, but if YOU don’t have Jesus in you … you are open for Satanic influence and possession. Read : The Signature Of God – by – Grant R. Jefferies. It proves 100 % the bible is true. So … if your hatred of every single solitary person of a certain race, ( even the 20 or so % , ) is more important than your eternity … 🙂 there’s nothing anyone can do for you. Just pop in AC / DC’s “Highway To Hell,” and enjoy here and now, cause this’ll be it. And as for “the Jews God,” last I checked there was just 3 Gods. The towel heads Allah, the Hindus Bubba, I mean “Budda,” and our God, the Christian God, which even Michael Hill and David Duke seem to follow.

        I’d read that book if I were you.

    • I’m not one to believe in the pseudo-scientific concept of the “biological jew”. Genetically, most Jews – and I do mean most – are merely people with Middle-Eastern ancestry, nothing more.

      So I’m quite convinced that ALL jews are Satan’s spawn, because ALL jews CHOOSE to be part of the organised, international criminal cartel of Judaism. Judaism is just as much a choice as is being part of the Italian mafia or the Mexican “Los Zetas” drug cartel. It is true that children are born into these cartels, yet they have the discretion to move on from them. Most choose not to do this.

  7. Wow.
    So fighting an unpopular opinion is a “vital national security concern”? Talk about garbled priorities.

    That should be a puzzling thing even for those who are not anti-Israel or anti-Jew. It should give even the “normies” pause.

  8. It’s not just you.

    By the way HW are you planning to continue that Black History Month thing you were doing last year? That was fun.

    • Not this year.

      I’ve been reading so much European history that it is difficult to shift gears. Lately, I have been reading about the Dark Ages, the Glorious Revolution, the Scientific Revolution and German history. I plan to write some more book reviews toward the end of the month.

      • Dutch/Flemish history is largely ignored because of the language but clearly is central to why we are where we are today.

  9. ZOG can justify any kind of tyranny it wants. All it has to do is invoke those two magic words: “national security”.

  10. I will point out that this tendency of American politics to be a Philosemitism Olympics is not new. I once looked inside a book of old congressional records from the 1970s. It seemed like most of what discussions in Congress consisted was debates over how best to protect Israel, who is more pro-Jewish, how best to aid the persecuted Soviet Jews, and general howling about the international Antisemitic Communist Conspiracy.

  11. We have been sold a “bill of goods”, folks. Is that finally clear to all listening and watching?
    And you still cry out for a wall…to keep us all coralled in the world’s largest open air prison facility. Get ready for the hatespeech laws like the UK has…we will have those forced on us within two years. It will apply to all kinds of free speech, but only anti-semitic speech will actually be enforced, with a few token convictions over other groups.
    The suppression of all dissent will INCLUDE criticism of South Africa’s genocidal government…wait and see.
    They won’t jail us at first, either..just FINES, FINES, AND SOCIAL RESTRICTIONS!

  12. Who could have preditcted this would happen? DUH…

    Trump gave his children to Jewry, including the love of his life, his eldest daughter. And the one he gave her to of all people, was the child of a crook who had Netanyahu over for regular sleepovers at his home. It doesn’t get more connected to the Jewish mob than that.

    Since Trump started running I kept asking myself, why does Alt-RIght/WN support this clown? How could “anti-Semites” support someone who is an enemy of their ideals? The cognitive dissonance was worse than anything the insane left could dream up.

    There are only two possibilites. Either the movement is led by utter fools, or they don’t believe what they’re saying about Jews. Which is it?

    I once naively thought America would be the first out of this mess, but after Trump in 2016 I lost all faith. Now I think a South African future awaits us.

    • The warning signs were everywhere. People just desperately want a Hitler 2.0, even if they have to lie to themselves about the man in question. A hero where there are no heroes…

  13. I don’t remember it being this bad under Obama.

    Obama hated Netanyahu and negotiated the Iran deal which was a major source of resentment for the big Jewish donors like Sheldon Adelson.

    • So our choices are rule by “anti-semitic” orcs, or philo-semitic traitors. What a wonderful world we live in.

    • True, but Obama and his boyfriend Holder ignited the undeclared race war we have been in since then. There are no lesser evils in this madhouse.

    • To be fair, it has not been our country for a long, long time. The Marxist rot began in the ’30s and really got kicked into high gear when arch-traitor L.B. Johnson signed the 1965 Immigration Act.

  14. Anyone else see the irony that America, and likely most of the West, has to fund Israel up the arse, but yet as non-Jews, we could never live there if we wanted to? Not that I’d ever want to, but you get the idea as to their hypocrisy. But its our fault – we just let it happen.
    I can’t work out if Israel is the teachers pet, or the hated schoolyard bully-likely a bit of both.

  15. Maybe it is just me, but it seems like Jewish control over nearly every aspect of American life and government has only intensified under the Trump administration.

    Which is not the same thing as saying it’s intensified because of Trump.

    The reason it has intensified is because social media has enabled pro-white facts and pro-white thought to reach and influence a much wider audience, and the Trump phenomenon has, at the same time, motivated many others to actively seek it out. This has alarmed the ruling elites. That is why Jews are frantically trying to reassert and tighten their control.

    It’s completely understandable that Trump is viewed by many as a disappointment. It’s a mistake to allow disappointment in him to cloud the game-changing aspects of his rule.

    • I hope you’re right. These latest moves have the smell of desperation regardless of the negative impact they may have.

    • Except he’s not just a disappointment, he’s a fraud. Do you honestly think it was lost on the jews that disenfranchised whites would look for a hero after the Obama years?

      I smell the last gasps of cognitive dissonance all over your comment.

  16. This could open up the door to hate speech laws, being any speech Jews and their gentile shills hate. We already have the screamers and thugs. Now we’ll get the thought police and be no different than Europe.
    1A is DOA.

  17. Bretheren, we must disseminate this rapidly to everyone we know and not give up on those slumbering around us.

    Dont cloister this, RED PILL THEM ALL!

  18. Good article and comments on this…about ZIONIST WORLD MATRIX…Damn..White ZOG ZOMBIES all over the place now…Anybody got a Magnectic Resonance Lie Deterctor…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE…

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