Andrew Yang Addresses Violent Balkanization Scenarios

Jack Posobiec, a MIGA shill, circulated this clip on Twitter:

Andrew Yang responds:

Very interesting.

This is one of the most honest and interesting exchanges that I have ever seen in mainstream politics. Yang expresses his concern that Asians will be swept into a vortex of violence when the Jewish elite inevitably loses power to a declining and dispossessed White majority.

Yang proposes that reasonable people try to avoid that scenario. In recent interviews and tweets, he has been like, “I kind of understand where those people are coming from.” The country’s leadership is hopelessly bankrupt and is refusing to address the real problems.

What if Asians like Yang displaced the Jews as the leaders of the Democratic Party? It’s an interesting scenario to think about it. The Jews currently control both major political parties which is why Congress has voted like 4 or 5 times on anti-Semitism resolutions in 2019. The Jews are singularly responsible for alienating the White majority and polarizing the country with identity politics. He seems to understand that this is the animating motor in the MIGA conservative coalition.

Note: I’m enjoying these tweets more than Trump’s tweets.

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  1. Some clear parallels between Trump and Yang are beginning to come to the forefront at this point.

    Like Trump, Yang believes in accepting money and work effort from his most ardent supporters while disavowing them. And like Trump, he often talks out of both sides of his mouth. Yang talks a good populist game on his twitter feed and to Tucker’s audience, but in front of the Asian La Raza and at Harvard he promotes the worst Jewish-inspired hate caricatures of working class whites as deranged and violent.

    Yang specifically pointed to whites as the violent threat in a Balkanized America, not blacks, hispanics, Asians, etc. Of course, if Yang really cared about balkanization, he wouldn’t support open borders immigration policies that will only make that problem worse.

    Yang’s proposal to create a gun registry to disarm people deemed a threat by society are pretty chilling given he has made it clear that he sees lower class whites as the main threat for violence in America going forward.

    • Why? When you start believing the fallacy of universal salvation, then you inevitably adopt the fallacy of universal equality, and then, you adopt the heresy of Universal lowest common denominator = American Dumb-ocracy.

      While I deny the [sic] “Jews” their claim to being ‘God’s Elect’ with all my being, I am fully convinced that that Idea must exist, that such a race must exist, if history and the Scriptures are true. And that the Biblical form of governance (Monarchy, stratification of society) also takes into consideration that genetics still makes stupid whites, just as much as stupid blacks, etc. It’s just that OUR stupid whites are still more intelligent (on average) as any other races more intelligent denizens.

      So, the next question to ask, once one gets to that point, is WHO is the Elect of God? WHO deserves to be given civilization, power, authority, rule over lesser races, and this planet as the ‘spoils’ of the Great Battle between Christ and Satan? The historical answer has always been, ‘Christendom.’ Or, in plain English- Whites. All races subconsciously know this, the Jews deny it with all their being (sour grapes) and we have been taught (almost as if it were propaganda from the opposition!) that to acknowledge God’s gifts and our prominence as a race, is a form of ‘pride’- when it is merely our due, as the Race of Adam.

      One can pooh-pooh this, call it all ‘desert religion’ and the rest, but the reality is, any white advocacy (whether via measures of artistic, GDP, IQ scores, or even Übermensch ideologies) is fully in line with this construct of Christendom, even as one denies its’ reality. And THAT is what is so “ungläublich.”

  2. I’m starting to wonder if we can work with the Chinks. I’m liking what I am hearing. They don’t benefit from affirmative action either so there might be an alliance there. The Murdoch Murdoch was really timely. Thanks for posting.

  3. I dont think hes wrong- I think hes honest.

    Blacks are violent but are not revolutionary minded in the same way we are nor prone to care too much about having their job, culture and way of life stolen from them.

    Its white culture being destroyed and the treasury looted.

    This is a complex issue and its a complex time with very few answers. The demographics and the math do not lie- We are being replaced at the same time we are experience negative population growth and watching the nation we knew turn into something else…

    This is a white issue. Other groups have always thought of themselves as ‘groups’ and not as a part of a collective nation- They vote on group interests alone while whites generally vote for what they feel is best for the country itself.

    We care about the national debt…We seem to be the only ones.

    Anyhow I like yang and I dont care anyhow. the country is lost and every group is looting its festering corpse while we’re pretending we still have a country.

    Secure this bag.

  4. Wow. A semi-mainstream and probably about to be mainstream presidential candidate is acknowledging the future breakup of the US in a violent civil war. This really is quite a time to be alive…

    • I hope I live to see some type of break-up. It would be glorious. I’d rather it was a peaceful breakup, but ZOG won’t allow that.

  5. Racial segregation is the ONLY answer. And it doesn’t have to BE a violent separation. If violence occurs – it will happen BECAUSE JEWS, BLACKS BROWNS AND ALL THE ORCS WON’T LET US GO IN PEACE.

  6. I notice you conveniently didn’t post the response in that exchange where Yang said something about knowing who has all those guns, implying that White men are the gun threat. Add that to the rest of the conversation and what he is saying, that he also said in 2018 in a tweet series about jews, is that Whites are the threat.

    You fell off hard with this shit Hunter. I bet you wont even allow this comment either. Very disappointing.

    • I’m not sure what you are talking about. I posted the whole video last night when Lew shared it here.

      Also, consider what you are saying: you’re mad at Yang for noticing spergs do this sort of thing, but you are also mad that people find it problematic when it happens

  7. his ‘solution’ is to completely disarm all adult white men and eliminate the second amendment.

    the yang gang memes are funny. that’s about it.

    • I’m guessing the disconnect here is the priority that some people attach to hoarding assault weapons which others don’t share. Most people are content to own a few firearms. They don’t need dozens like some conservatives and libertarians. They care more about other issues

      • You’re starting to sound more like a Prohibitionist and tofu-eating Leftist than a Nationalist and Southerner. What is an assault weapon? How many guns and how much ammunition is considered hoarding? Why are you suddenly consumed with supporting a left-leaning Asian and spitting out typical Democrat diatribes against gun owners to make him seem like a reasonable choice? Why are you trying to make him seem more palatable to people who have an obvious aversion to the federal government taking away more of their rights?

        Are you going to now start insisting that too many white people in a neighborhood isn’t good for race relations?

        Maybe you’re hoarding too many acres of usable land, and that land could be given to others who could make use of it. Besides, most people are content with an acre or two. They don’t need dozens like many Southerners. They care about other things.

        Most Southerners are content to mind their own business and not tell others what exactly they do or don’t need. Your current stance is really odd considering your history of talking about the evils of carpetbaggers and the federal government and priding yourself on being from the South.

        • How so?

          1.) The tagline of this website literally says “Nationalism, Populism, Reaction.” I’ve spent the last four years doing punditry and political analysis from a nationalist and populist perspective.

          2.) I’ve spent the last two years observing and writing about the Trump presidency. I was finished with Trump long before Yang came along.

          3.) Feel free to examine the archives. I’ve never believed that gun rights is the single most important issue that matters to me. I’ve never believed that gun rights is a SUFFICIENT REASON alone to vote for the GOP and everything that comes with it. If I believed that, I would have voted for the GOP in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2018. I would be voting for ANY nominee vomited up by the Republicans in 2020. I’m not doing so and it has little to do with Yang.

          4.) I’m pro-gun, but I already own lots of firearms. If I want a gun, I can go buy one right now. I’m not going to buy into the notion that Yang is going to take away your guns and put you in a FEMA camp.

          5.) Guess what? Maybe more White people could afford to live out in the country like I do if they weren’t chasing after shitty gig economy jobs and living in crummy apartments in urban areas.

          6.) I wouldn’t trade my rural Arcadia for anything. I love it out here! Just my personal opinion.

          7.) There is nothing at all odd about my current stance because I haven’t changed my views about anything. I’ve literally spent two years here criticizing Trump for failing to deliver on his populist promises. Before that, I supported Trump BECAUSE he was running as a populist to shake up the Right, but now I don’t support him anymore because he sold out to donors.

          • Not voting for Trump or the GOP isn’t the odd part. The odd part is that you probably understand what went wrong with lionizing a New York City candidate who had a history of being very liberal. And now here you are ready to throw another New York City candidate with a history of espousing liberal ideas on your shoulders. Maybe there’s some great strategy behind building this guy up and insinuating that all the white people looking for real change and “hoarding assault weapons” aren’t nuanced enough in their beliefs to see how the Great Asian Hope is gonna save them. But until I see proof, it just looks ridiculously desperate and no different than what we see and hear with run-of-the-mill Libertarians.

            And I still want you to define an assault weapon in a way that doesn’t sound like a typical ignorant gun-grabbing Leftist. And then tell me the threshold that separates a guy who just owns a lot of firearms(like you described yourself) and those who are “hoarding assault weapons.”

      • As long as a person is law-abiding, it’s nobody’s effing business how many guns he or she has, period.

  8. A bigger question than Yang 2020, is what will WE do when the US Navy, acting on its own or with the blessing of the Orange Buffoon or the next Prez, finally start a shooting war with the real Chinese, will Murican white people be stupid enough to go fight in another jew war …. my guess is that unfortunately most will run to the recruiting offices and I doubt any other ethnicities will be lining with them. JewSA! JewSA! JewSA!.

  9. As the late great Bob Whitaker put it: “There never was a stable multi racial democracy and never will be.”

  10. Anti-gun rhetoric from you, Hunter? Com’on man, who is to say how many rifles are enough? Thats a slippery slope and you know it.

    • I’m not “anti-gun.”

      I’m pro-gun, but with the nuance of not being ONLY pro-gun. Those people are rock-ribbed conservative Republicans. I’m a populist swing voter who occasionally – very rarely – votes for Republicans

      I voted for Trump in 2016. I didn’t vote for George W. Bush in 2000 or 2004 or John McCain in 2008 or Mitt Romney in 2012. If Jeb Bush had won the GOP nomination in 2016, I wouldn’t have voted for him

  11. “…What if Asians like Yang displaced the Jews as the leaders of the Democratic Party?…”

    I think this is important. I said that we needed to do something like this well over a year ago. Work with the immigrants to thwart the Jews. The reason is that while our Asian overlords might not be perfect they will not have the extreme hate for us that the Jews do. They will look after their people but I doubt they will go to so far as to exclude, and possibly massacre us all if they get the chance, as the Jews would try to do. I think many Asians will act and try to be “Americans” in the old fashioned positive multicultural sense.

    Here’s where I talked about allying with the immigrants here before. I also said it many other times, and places, but this is the one that popped up searching.

    Give me my Wang bucks!

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