New Zealand Mosque Mass Shooting

In case you haven’t heard the news, a team of violent spergs just shot and killed dozens of random people at two mosques in New Zealand:

“WELLINGTON, New Zealand — A gunman opened fire on two mosques in central Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday, killing multiple people, the police said.

The police said one person was in custody, but they were unsure if there were other people involved. The country’s police commissioner, Mike Bush, warned Christchurch residents to stay indoors and told anyone thinking of visiting a mosque in New Zealand today to not go.

“This is and will be one of New Zealand’s darkest days,” New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, said at a news conference after the shootings.

The national public broadcaster Radio New Zealand reported that shots were fired at a mosque near Hagley Park, and that a second mosque on Linwood Avenue, also in Christchurch, was also attacked …”

It’s really bad.

The shooter streamed it on Facebook Live and posted his manifesto to 8chan. He claims that he was radicalized by Candace Owens and gave a shout out to PewDiePie.

You can’t make this up.

#YangGang and #MIGA were in the middle of a furious exchange on Twitter over gun rights when the shooting happened. Ratfucker Jack Posobiec posted a Periscope video in which he attempted to piss off and divide and conquer Yang supporters over the gun issue.

The absolute state of MIGA:

I posted an article earlier this evening in which I gave my take on the video. I said that I thought Yang was making a perfectly reasonable point about violent spergs lashing out because we have seen so many of them over the years. The fake news has attempted to smear me twice with guilt by association with these people even though I have never advocated violence.

The bloodshed in New Zealand will simply be used to further demonize Whites, deplatform pro-White voices from social media and fuel the push for gun control. It will be used as fodder to further stigmatize nationalism and prop up multiculturalism. This is why we have ONE RULE posted on the sidebar and have to deal with the hassle of moderated comments.

For the sake of the cause of White people, gun rights and free speech on the internet, we need to steer clear of these people and violent, nihilistic, self-destructive behavior.

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  1. Oh dear. Well – remember – this wouldn’t have happened if there weren’t Muslims in New Zealand. Don’t forget this salient fact.

  2. I’m only surprised that this is happening first in Kiwiland. Is this the initial volley in a fight against muslim immigration in the West, or only a one-off thing?

    • The timing, as always, is odd…couldn’t be another state-run psyop, could it? NZ is pretty much the Sweden of the Pacific, lots of cucks and SJWs there. More and more I am convinced that Yang is their guy and he is going to be the next President.

      • False flags are common, gkruz. Some of the things mentioned by the shooter don’t add up. How does a blasé normie right-winger like Owens inspire this shooting? How does a nigga chick make the shooter into ethno-nationalism? Owens is part of the right’s version of the rainbow coalition. Conservatives aren’t anti-tax, but for low taxes. Bringing up the US second amendment for a shooting in NZ is also odd. This whole thing is filled with misdirection, which makes it seem like a psyop.

  3. Did you notice how Cernovich and Molyneux jumped on with Posobiec? The whole thing was coordinated by the grifters & the MIGA crowd. One of the most obvious gas lighting attempts I have seen. Too bad events happened that ruined it for them.

  4. When I visited big cities I used to wonder how people can live that way and not go crazy? You have little idea of who are your neighbors, let alone people in the streets, bars, etc surrounded by concrete, noise everywhere, faceless dumb humans going nowhere, meaningless jobs, now the multikulti insanity everywhere, how not a sane person become nihilistic?
    Orientals and semites can thrive in a big city, European men prefer open spaces, few people around, nature, wilderness, horses, dogs, etc
    Violence will explode in the next decades. People welcoming it or not.

    • @Nemo – correct. Violence, although undesirable, is the invariable outcome in social conflict. ALWAYS. Everywhere throughout all time.

  5. IF this is real – my only thoughts are for the little White girls that will not be brutally raped by Muslims. My thoughts are for the innocent Whites that will be spared being run down by Muslims in trucks. MY thoughts are for THEM.

    • Denise, as usual you are right on the money. If nothing else, this chastisement will help to preserve order in New Zealand for a while.

      The Kiwis will have to start thinking about how they will hide their guns, though. The backlash will come from politicians especially that bitch of a NZ Prime Minister, in the form of Australia’s gun laws.

      Morrison the Australian PM is no doubt now feverishly faxing their laws across the Tasman Sea to Ahern to use as a template. It was his party that forced them on the Aussies after the “Port Arthur massacre”.

  6. Someone on Twitter is saying he had White Genocide in his manifesto. Is this true, or was he using Replacement? I bet it was Replacement, because there is such resistance by most righties to use White Genocide.

    My comment:

    White Rage bros? What are you going to do? You can’t control White Rage, it can flare up any where and at any time. You could be watching a movie, be at the supermarket, at your place of worship, or just cruising around town in your limo, and some random White guy pops his cork.

    When you put a program in place to assimilate Whites out of existence in all of their countries, its natural that some of them will explode. So lets have a national conversation about White Genocide. Is wiping out Whites in the name of anti-racism a good or bad thing? Discuss!

    • White People are nice until we’re NOT. We’ve been generous, suicidally generous, with our tolerance and resources- and we are slandered, robbed, assaulted, raped raped raped and murdered.

      Well there are those of us who do NOT appreciate the abuse.

      Racial segregation is the best solution. Those Muslims should not BE in Western Nations. They behave abominably. Calling them “savages” is unfair to mere savages. And they are in Western Nations because of there cousins the JEWS.

      They must GO.

  7. Yang supports open borders immigration, so it’s hard to take seriously all of these excuse-making interpretations of Yang’s words being bandied about that are premised on the idea that Yang wants to do something about balkanization. If he cared about what is happening to whites and possible balkanization, he’d have a different position on immigration.

    It should be noted I think that Yang in those remarks very deliberately didn’t limit his comments to “violent spergs” which would include people of color like the Asian that shot up Virginia Tech and the Muslim who shot up the gay club as well as alienated whites; instead, Yang broadly disparaged white people as a whole and all of white gun culture, which many people understandably are going to see as a problem with Yang.

    Being pro-Yang does mean being anti-2A. There is no getting around that. Yang does support gun registries, etc., no?

    This Yang stuff and securing the bag and so forth has been amusing up until now. But to see right dissidents now embracing Yang’s anti-2A positions and endorsing Yang’s premise that whites as a whole are a menace and that nuts like this shooter prove his point is frustrating.

    Let’s be real. The man’s candidacy for the presidency is a joke. In a few months, Yang will be gone. In the meantime, reinforcing Yang’s leftist premises about whites and guns just to get some shots in against “MIGA” is a bad idea for many reasons.

    • 1.) Yang is running on the standard Democratic position on immigration

      2.) He specifically brought up the subject of violence and balkanization. Actually, I think it was some time ago, but some people are circulating the video and trying to make a big deal about it.

      3.) I don’t see him disparaging White people. He is just pointing out that these people are being pushed to their limit and that some will inevitably lash out. As we have seen happen dozens of times now

      4.) I suppose it depends on how important you rank gun rights relative to other issues. I already own plenty of firearms so I am not all that concerned about the issue. I certainly don’t believe it is a good enough reason alone to support the GOP and everything that comes attached with it. I didn’t vote for George W. Bush or Mitt Romney because of gun rights.

      5.) There’s no money in populist politics. A tiny handful of Jewish donors have all the money and buy the policies. They bought everything Trump has delivered – criminal justice reform, tax cuts, increasing legal immigration, Jerusalem, banking deregulation, etc. – and we got nothing out of his presidency because it was a bait-and-switch. That’s a whole lot more frustrating to me than hoarding assault weapons. I already have assault weapons, but I don’t have any representation in American politics.

      6.) I don’t think it is a joke. I don’t think he will be gone in a few months either. Instead, I think he struck a nerve because Millennials and Zoomers are worse off than their parents, and that issue probably resonates even more strongly than immigration or gun rights in the electorate. The meme “conservatism or $1,000 a month” crystallizes the whole issue.

      • Do you really feel like you’re making a calculated choice with Yang, or is this just more of a desperate attempt to squeeze some kind perceived victory from an election process that we all know is rigged?

        I made it a point to tell people before Trump was elected that they better not get their hopes up, because they were definitely going to be disappointed with him when it came time to implement actual policy instead of just campaign rhetoric. People should have just used him for the moral victory of winning an election against the establishment on the left and right. Then everyone should have instantly dropped him before he had started stabbing people in the back. It was never a question of if Trump was going to be like all the other politicians, but rather a question of when he was going to do it. The pigfucker did it immediately after he was elected.

        DO NOT put any faith whatsoever in Yang. You won’t just be disappointed and angry that you gave his voice relevancy and power, you’ll be beyond incensed and have to be placed on suicide watch.

        • I haven’t spelled out my reasoning because it is probably not a good idea. I agree though with the new consensus that this course correction is the right thing to do for the moment. There is also nothing lost by voting in the Democratic primaries.

      • @Hunter Wallace – Your blog is my daily go-to to get the real deal; and the commenters I read here have the best takes, bar none, I see out there. A while back, you gave some of the most insightful political commentary on the Current Year I’ve ever heard — again, bar none.

        Even so, I think you are missing it re Yang. I’ll defer to @Lew’s SPOT-ON take.

        Bless you for all your brilliant work!

        • Thanks.

          There is no reason for anyone to get mad over the Yang posting. What’s the worst case scenario? Yang vs. Trump in 2020? If you lose, you get $1,000 a month as a consolation prize, and if it goes nowhere, well, all we did was make some mischief in the Democratic primary until he dropped out.

    • “If he cared about what is happening to whites and possible balkanization” he would move back to China.

      • gkr- Actually, while that thought initially makes sense, it is nullified when a person is born into a FOREIGN culture, and then is RAISED/assimilated in that culture. Yang seems ‘chinese’ until he makes a joke, laughs, smiles, and everything about it says, ‘Yup, American… with slanty eyes, but “American.” until that sentence makes sense- and then it doesn’t. And that is the great non-sequiter, in this age of ‘diversity as nation.’ Yang would never be seen as a ‘True Chinese’ in China, and he can never be American, to White Americans who understand our racial history.

        This is the fundamental tragedy of an “Internationalist” position- the host population (in this case, Whites) sees people like Yang, Obama, etc. as ‘foreigners’…. because they are. But these poor folks are seen by their own race as somehow ‘different’ – [unless you are a dumb N-word. Obummer- an effeminate Mulatto, raised in an Asian Culture, with no cultural/racial connections – except to his own ego, is viewed as ‘Black’ by Blacks- who thereby voted him in as president, bloc voting racially -both times].

        While Yang on the other hand, has said (even if tongue in cheek), “Let’s make the White House the Gold House in 2020” by encouraging large representation in Asian voting patterns in California’s primary (because of the rearranging of the dates, Calif. becomes 5th this time). He is clearly wanting Asians to vote in a similar fashion- as an ETHNIC BLOC- a racial voting bloc that is neither American, NOR Chinese. They are what the bible calls, “Mamzers.” ANd no matter the color, no matter the origin, such a scenario is the death-knell of every civilization that has embraced it.

        Because for Yang (and many like him), America is that most vile of ideas, a ‘proposition nation.’ And the ONLY GROUP who seemingly have preached this proposition nation credo, and not been affected by it, are those who see themselves as racially (and spiritually) somehow unique- i.e., the [sic] ‘Jews.’

        Yang’s initial appeal to Asians (in his speech to Asians I saw on one YT video) is that he KNOWS the Racial White Conflagration is coming; and I wonder if this Yangbux scenario is HIS attempt to stifle a White ‘Awakened Saxon’ Race War, which he said is going to come. I’d be ok with that, as long as he realized we are the “Primus inter pares” – first among equals, when it comes to race in the USA. But When he said on Joe Rogan’s interview that because he was an immigrant, he would be “willing to staple a green card to every immigrant’s American University Bachelor’s diploma,” I realized he’s utterly clueless about the White Rage- unless he actually thinks he can ‘buy off our whiteness.’ My country is not for sale- to a damned Jew, or a shifty Chink, TYVM.

        So, when HW says we (as Whites) can’t talk about violence, and getting rid of Muslims, Gays, Jews, etc. invading our nation, by using that means (ever?), one wonders how bad things are going to get, before we just say ‘Eff it’- and let our decorum fall, and do the Kipling thing…. Will it be too late? Will we be in the Racial Gulags for whites by then? Dear God, I hope not.

        • Fr. John,
          I think everyone who was born in the USA, regardless of race, has been altered, neutered, even deformed, by becoming American. The Melting Pot experiment was not a total failure in that it did make people from all over the world something peculiarly new but failed in that it could not make us all trust each other in this unnatural environment. In researching my ancestors, on both sides of my family, I realized that I lost more than I gained by becoming an American. And seeing where this country is going, I find myself for the first time in my life wishing my ancestors had never left the Old Country for this soft genocide machine of a “nation”.
          That we are entering a time when we could be easily and swiftly transforming into a hard genocide machine seems to me too obvious to deny.
          If you read my other comments on this blog, you will know I regard the whole Yang thing as a con and an even greater trap that Trump. I don’t know why Hunter believes this Yang bang thing. But no matter what he says, we all know that sooner or later we are going to have to fight.

          • It is a new strategy.

            I’m already a populist and a nationalist. I have been since the early 2000s. Instead of agitating about social issues though within the GOP, I am going to try agitating about economic issues with the Democratic Party. I figure it is worth a shot.

          • Too many incompatible ingredients were allowed into the pot. America would have been fine had it maintained its Northern European founding stock.

  8. I’ve always been a huge supporter of this site until this yang bullshit. He is an anti-White commie that wants to grab guns. He is very open about both of these stances. Brad getting yellow fever killed this site for me. Now some Lauren Southern stance about ChristChurch? How many of our children have been raped or sold into sex slavery? How many of our people have they killed? FUCK THOSE SCUM. The government under Trump of Yang isn’t going to do a fucking thing for us. They are not going to remove the predators they shipped in. The solution is to stop sucking up to politicians.

    You’re push a chink now? SMDH

    • 1.) I had decided that I wasn’t voting for the GOP over guns long before Yang came along. I didn’t vote for McCain or Romney either. I’ve never been a conservative voter

      2.) I have a great deal of sympathy for White Millennials and Zoomers who are getting screwed in this gig economy. As a populist, I have no objection at all to UBI.

      3.) I’ve been writing here for 10 years and have never supported mass shootings.

      4.) If we stop supporting politicians, then what is it to you? The GOP position on guns isn’t good enough for you to vote for them either

      5.) Do I object to a chink we wants to pump billions of dollars into our community? No, I support that because I am not dumb, especially when the alternative is Trump or some other Democrat.

    • I wouldn’t read to much into the yang thing Harold, its just a hope cope. There is nothing else, that’s how bad it is.

      • Nothing is lost by voting in the Democratic primaries.

        The Democratic nominee will either be Yang or someone like Kamala Harris. If Trump had to compete with Yang in the 2020 election for populist voters, that would be the ideal scenario to move us forward.

  9. Most of us thought by voting for Trump we’d get a Wall and mass deportations.

    What makes anyone think that if elected the Chinaman will, or is even able to deliver on his campaign promises?

    • Of course he won’t be able to deliver even if he wanted to. The Founding Fathers set up the system with checks and balances to make it next to impossible for changes like this to get through,

      Merika is going down with all hands.

      • Wouldn’t it be funny as hell though to watch the Democrats be forced to deliver on $1,000 a month? They would have to choose between their base, swing voters and their donors. I don’t understand why so many people are missing the humor here.

        • You will go through exactly what you went through with Trump. Yang will “try” to get the $1000. The House will “reject” it. Time will pass. Disillusionment will set in. The next election will come along. Then a “new” candidate will come along from nowhere. Then…then…

  10. “What makes anyone think that if elected the Chinaman will, or is even able to deliver on his campaign promises?”

    don’t interrupt hunter when he’s memeing. let the young fella have his fun. he’s too young to know any better.

    • I’m 38.

      I’ve been involved in this scene since I was 20 years old. Actually, I do know better. I know that conservatives will never lift a finger to do anything we want them to do. I know that they also take our support for granted which is why I am looking elsewhere

      • You’re a good man HW, but you should know by now that we aren’t going to vote, tweet, online petition, flash protest or Yang Gang meme our way out of this. Your Rebel ancestors knew what had to be done when every other option was denied to them.

  11. Violent sperg? The Marxist government in NZ has started shifting refugees to small towns around the country, they have also doubled the refugee quota and thousands more pour in on scam visas.

    How about you do a write about that. We are a tiny island. Your neighborhood is still to clearly White Brad come live in our brown hell, then tell me about “violent spergs” Not every White man is going to let muslims groom and rape their children.

    There isn’t 1 single White male in NZ who hasn’t had to deal with roaming packs of blacks beating them at some point in their life.

    There’s nowhere to run Christchurch use to be the only White town left.

      • Ok, fair enough. Sorry for the sperg bro, we can hear the sound of the gulags opening already over here.

        • @Silverdawn, No gulags. Go out like James Cagney’s character in the terrific film “White Lightning.”

    • Diversity means chasing down the last White person everywhere or anywhere on planet earth. Mars too, if we ever get there.

      The massacre will be used to discredit, demonize and marginalize pro-Whites everywhere, even more than we are already. This in turn will nurture more White rage. It’s an anti-White self fulfilling prophesy.

      • This is a stupid cope, how much worse than it already is? where do you draw the line? dude i saw an article the other day blaming White people for racist air we breathe. Whats your “demonize” line bro? do tell.

          • Yes, in a way.

            Use the manufactured crisis they’re trying to spin and spin back. Whites in Colorado are pushing hard for psychiatric evaluation holds instead of Red Flags:


            Our overlords don’t want this because they know it will never work, and that only grabbing guns can achieve their ultimate goal.

            It is no coincidence that this ‘massacre’ happened with the high death tally, given how paramount this struggle is becoming in the US (where it’s easier to scrutinize such high casualty events), now as debate rages around Red Flags and psychiatric holds.

  12. The ship is headed for the rocks. Voting for Trump, Yang, or anyone else will only change the point of collision.

  13. Obviously the 2nd Amendment must be further stripped down in light of this event in another country. Because the RKBA in the US is influencing formerly peaceful kiwis to become gun crazed killers.

    Mexico for instance was a bucolic utopia before the evil anglo and their boomsticks stole their indigenous land and filled them with hate and gave them guns in Operation Fast n Furious. Now they hold their cartel victims at gunpoint before beheading them with machetes. If the guns were banned, they could not do this, because nobody would stand still at machete point and be beheaded without guns being involved. The science is settled!

    In London, their DESIRE for guns like the US drives the religion of pieces people to use kitchen knives, forcing the logical diversity loving British govt to ban all knives, because of US gun laws.

    David Hogg tried to warn us about the effect of the NRA on impressionable foreigners!

  14. Throughout the entire Western world pro Whites are systematically denied platform after platform for exercising free speech. The alternative to free speech is violence.
    Anti-Whites tolerate or excuse Black rage.
    If anti-Whites continue on their present course they’ll continue to get more White rage. Will they relent on shutting us down or double down?

  15. I think the main cause of all this is the lack of a social communitarian element in the United States. People do not feel rooted or part of a community as all that matters is fluff, entertainment, sex, money, sports and
    mindless diversion. What cultural Marxists call the “Society of Spectacle.” East Asia has a sense of community the white Western world does not and consequently angst and alienation reign supreme which often empowers senseless acts of violence. Society does not feel real and feels illusionary as if we are a piece of driftwood in an endless sea bobbing up and down and carried by the current to God knows where.

  16. The shooter’s ultimate aim:

    “to create conflict between the two ideologies within the United States on the ownership of firearms in order to further the social, cultural, political and racial divide within the United states.This conflict over the 2nd amendment and the attempted removal of firearms rights will ultimately result in a civil war that will eventually balkanize the US along political, cultural and, most importantly, racial lines. This balkanization of the US will not only result in the racial separation of the people within the United States ensuring the future of the White race on the North American continent, but also ensuring the death of the ‘melting pot’ pipe dream.”

    The shooter is incorrect that we can shoot our way to Partition, we need a UKIP style political movement.

    However, the shooting itself is exactly why we need Partition, to prevent the madness that was seen in the days before the Partition of India and Pakistan with millions either brutally murdered in the streets or fleeing for their lives.

    PS Yang is not going to stop AI and robotics, just give you a hush payment so you won’t cause a ruckus while you are exterminated – read his actual positions.

      • Think about the words you use. Muslims, brown people are not minorities. Whites are the minority and the majority are now rushing in to take our homes away.

  17. RAMZPAUL Gets it again:

    I hope that one day, soon, OD will retire the Yang banner (talking about violence…) and raise the banner if not of Partition, but an independent South.

    Here’s how you can get an actual independent Dixie:

    1. Partition
    2. Northern Alliance
    3. Dixie separates from the white American remnant, but remains part of the Northern Alliance which fulfills the military security requirement, great power coordination, and balance of power.

  18. I doubt that this one is real, just like most of the others weren’t real. Maybe 10% copycat.

    Maybe a black op and psy op combined, just to keep the skeptics silent.

  19. EUROPA RISES — Against the Great Replacement.

    His livestream attached — be ready for this.
    Pause strategically and read the writing on his weapons too.
    Note the music played on the way to his appointment with destiny,
    one for example: “Serbia Stronk” is one selection.

    Get the document and video, right away (will delete later to reduce chances of getting doxxed).

    Here is a drop-box link.
    1. Paste into browser address bar
    2. Should show two files.
    3. Left click on Download button at upper right.
    4. Select “Direct Download” and save the file on your computer.
    5. Unzip the file, inside the folder produced will be the video and document.
    6. You can also click on the “thumbnails” to drill down, then dowload the files individually from there.

    This fellow put a lot of thought, and I think spirit, and even some humor into this partisan act. Get the files, review thoroughly, and judge for yourself.

    Get it asap as I will eventually delete it from my drop-box to reduce risk of getting doxed.

  20. This sucks.

    AH Talked about such things back in the day and said that while some individual assassination of some really bad enemy or traitor might seem helpful, much better to have physical fighters who learn and practice judo. Are enemies and traitors need to get their ass beat. Paul Ryans, Rand Pauls, Lisping Lindsey Grahams, Lutheran Immigrant service leaders (get their name), George Wills, the 12 RINOs that just went with the Dems to oppose Trumps State of the Emergency on the border – they wouldn’t be doing their immigration treason if they were facing the real threat of some serious physical beat downs.

    We need to start using effective Leftist tactics that work in the real world.

    Learn to dox.

    Read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals – what did they do then – stuff like flooding some classical music event sponsored by some rich enemy and getting their supporters to eat a lot of beans and fart in the classical music center.

    AH and yes Ernst Rohm used similar tactics to contest, win the streets from the Communists and show up cowardly liberal Social Democrats, cuckservatives – things like releasing mice during the showing of pacifist movie “All Quiet on the Western Front”.

    This sucks.

    Going postal, indiscriminately slaughtering Muslims in a mosque, Jews in a retirement home – very counterproductive.

    This Sucks.

    Anybody promoting this sh*& is either an idiot or a plant.

  21. After watching the video many times I’m getting the feeling that this was staged.

    1. The majority of victims just instantly, in tandem, lie down together when they hear the shots – to pretend they’re dead? He hadn’t even entered the room yet. Only one guy makes a break for it. The rest are calm and serene as they are being slaughtered. Nobody – even trained, would be able to do this. And this is not taught in active shooter drills – you’re not told to lie down and pretend you’re dead.

    2. None of the head shots are messy. The gal killed at the end has a chunk of her hair blown off – that’s it. In the main room where most were “killed” – one guy’s cap flies off during a head shot. But other than that, not a single head shot is messy. This from an AR-15.

    3. He executes very cleanly – has a decent view of the victim and calmly fires – nothing in the way. But at the end he gets into his car and fires into the windshield and side window. Why? He could have gotten out of the car for a few seconds for a clear, clean shot. Because he needed to “prove” that he had ammo – that the other shots weren’t blanks. That was the sole purpose for blasting the windows – to prove that he had real ammo. Of course he could have loaded real ammo once in the car.

    4. We never see people really falling up close. Most of the “victims” are already lying dead. Others that are killed are either far away or it’s dark (as when he first approaches the Mosque) so it’s hard to see how the bodies fall.

    4. His manifesto is too perfect – lays it all out in detail. This plays so easily into the Media’s hands – it’s the perfect movie actually.

    Maybe I’m wrong – but there are several things in the video that don’t add up.

  22. Reading the manifest I didn’t get the impression that any “promotion of violence” had anything to do with this action.

    I reckon it seemed to him that all us non-violent types haven’t done a thing to slow down the slander, rape, pillage, murder — the looming genocide of the white race.

    Meanwhile the enemies of our people both openly and covertly promote rape and murder of our folk (and stand by their “heroes” who act on it). And get away with it — with tacit approval at least if not openly by the would be masters of the world and their servant-traitors and invaders.

    I’m sure there are fakes and dupes and false-flags, but this guy might have been a 100% genuine sincere actor.

    The feeling I get as a non-violent activist is that of growing pressure to get results, to actually make obvious and real progress on “securing the existence of our race and a future for white children”.

    Because Europa *is* rising. Don’t you feel it?

    Europa is all white people everywhere.
    It will follow success.

    Let that success be us non-violent activists I pray.
    But God helps those that help themselves.
    We have to make the non-violent path happen.
    We have to get out in front of this.

  23. i think the censorship campaign is blocking all the avenues for people like this guy to vent so they explode instead.

  24. Does anybody have a take on why the NZ shooter was in Pakistan and North Korea recently?

    He had nothing but compliments for the Pakistanis.

  25. Did you read the statement he made?

    He seems quite open about traveling the world and harboring no animosity toward those who stay in their own lands and refrain from invading our lands:

    Did/do you personally hate muslims?

    A muslim man or woman living in their homelands?No.
    A muslim man or woman choosing to invade our lands live on our soil
    and replace our people? Yes, I dislike them.
    The only muslim I truly hate is the convert, those from our own people
    that turn their backs on their heritage, turn their backs on their cultures,
    turn their back on their traditions and became blood traitors to their own
    race. These I hate.

    Did/do you personally hate foreigners/other cultures?

    No, I spent many years travelling through many, many nations.
    Everywhere I travelled, barring a few small exceptions, I was treated
    wonderfully, often as a guest and even as a friend. The varied cultures of
    the world greeted me with warmth and compassion, and I very much
    enjoyed nearly every moment I spent with them.
    I wish the different peoples of their world all the best regardless of their
    ethnicity, race, culture of faith and that they live in peace and prosperity,
    amongst their own people, practicing their own traditions, in their own
    But, if those same people seek to come to my peoples lands, replace my
    people, subjugate my people, make war upon on my people, ,hen I shall
    be forced to fight them, and hold nothing in reserve.

    Do you believe those you attacked were innocent?

    They are no innocents in an invasion, all those who colonize other
    peoples lands share guilt.”

    Unlike the oh-so-predictably screaming (((media))), he doesn’t seem to “hate” racial-strangers per se — he hates the invasion of our lands and the genocide of our people.

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