Donald Trump: White Nationalists Have Very, Very Serious Problems

For once, I agree with Donald Trump:

It’s true that White Nationalists have some very, very serious problems. There is no point in ignoring the fact that there are some violent people in White Nationalism. We’ve watched people like Glenn Miller, Robert Bowers and Dylann Roof launch these attacks for years now.

The strategy that inspired the attack on the mosques in New Zealand is called “accelerationism” in White Nationalist circles. Basically, accelerationism is the idea that White Nationalists have no hope of ever being accepted in mainstream society because of leftwing journalists and groups like the SPLC. Conservatism has failed them. It has failed their countries. Nothing will ever change until our civilization becomes so polarized that it falls apart in a violent apocalyptic civil war.

What happens when you force people who disagree with you to shut up? What happens when you ignore their grievances? What happens when you give them no hope or room for a positive sense of identity? When they have no political representation or place in the economy? Well, they become desperate enough to resort to sporadic nihilistic violence to bring about change as we saw yesterday again in New Zealand. These are people who desperately want to be heard by the bankrupt political establishment.

I don’t think any of that is necessary. I’m an accelerationist, but a different kind of one. I believe in accelerating the collapse of Conservatism, Inc. and the Republican Party which is preying on their racial and cultural anxieties in order to advance their inhumane economic agenda. That’s why I am going to vote for Andrew Yang in the 2020 Democratic primary. Unlike Donald Trump, I think Yang listens to people like us.

Sometimes all it takes to stop these angry people in their tracks is to listen to them and reason with them and try to compromise and I think that is a better idea than anything the GOP or SPLC is offering.

I now think we need an intelligent, pragmatic centrist in the White House to tackle our 21st century problems, not a two bit celebrity con artist who hosted a reality tv show and sold out his supporters.



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  1. Yes, it is indeed very problematic when you are one of a small minority who realizes and cares that your people are being ethnically cleansed. The entire world will have even worse problems if whites are successfully erased from it.

    • Strange. The people on Stormfront have been diavowing it and the leadership have always rejected violence.

      Trump was inciting his supporters to violence just two days ago, and then a MAGA inspired mass shooting happened. Trump has some very, very, serious issues.

      John McCain did this thing where he voted with the Republicans on issues like guns when the vote was not close. But whenever the vote was close he switch sides and voted with the Democrats.

    • I don’t want to be a nazi anymore Hunter.

      Tfw you find yourself defending a mass murder because you can’t see a way out of this politically. Bad feels man.

      Not even sure what has happened to me these last few years since I ate all the red pills. I never used to be like this.

      How do I get off this nightmare hayride?

      • Join Yang Gang. That’s one way to stop this nihilistic evil you’re in. It’s time to focus on the REAL enemy.

      • We aren’t defending him, merely pointing out that this is the inevitable result of their aims to demonize and destroy whites.

      • @Ironic Sock Account:

        As a guy who tried to leave the Movement and then found myself right back where I started, the best advice I can give to ease your pain is this: Think for yourself, and set your own values. Don’t let your worldview be determined by ANYONE. Groupthink is a nasty problem in the pro-White movement, and I’m not saying that as a sideswipe against Yang Gang (I personally think Yang Gang is hilarious and fun, even though I’m not voting for anyone in 2020). Groupthink means that you take a position and vociferously defend that position just because you perceive that everyone else must believe in it. Case in point: Traditionalism. You can be a Modernist and still be a White Nationalist. Traditionalism is a different school of thought than White Racial Identity, and the most staunch Tradititionalists deny that Race is even the most important thing right now.

        I know its cliched advice, but trust me, being true to yourself and your beliefs will save you a lot of pain. Allow yourself to embrace the change that you feel from taking all those redpills. There’s nothing wrong with coming to the conclusion that political and/or peaceful solutions aren’t possible. I do NOT recommend that you actually go out and do something stupid, but you are allowed to react the way Ann Coulter and Senator Fraser Anning reacted, which is to say, they brushed it off and didn’t care. March to the beat of your own drum. I personally want to see individuals with agency populating this Movement, not retarded foot soldiers.

  2. It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

  3. WN certainly have problems alright. The clowns that campaigned for Trump, should be tarred and feathered and run out of the movement. But if we did that only 2% would be left.

    • Well what else should we do, Jerry?

      If you don’t think there’s any point in supporting candidates who at least pretend like they’ll be willing to offer you some concessions or at least make your life suck slightly less, and you’re not ready to advocate for spree shootings, then WHAT IN THE EVER-LOVING FUCK DO YOU PLAN ON DOING!?!?!?

        • Only soy-sipping cucks waste their time on tar and feather.

          I waterboarded myself. Wanted to get an idea of what awaits me if Orange Buffoon ever decides to file terrorism and sedition charges anyone who’s ever so much as posted a Pepe meme on social media.

          If footmen tire you, what will horses do?

  4. Yes, White Nationalists have very very serious problems. We got lawmakers who are complete sell-outs to the jews and most jews are Communists, especially the leaders of the jews, all Communists. The jews and the sell-outs have no loyalty to the United States, especially no loyalty to Heritage White Americans ; And we got ((( the Deep State))) conducting one false flag hoax mass-shooting after another and blaming White Nationalists for ((( their Deep State))) false flags hoax mass-shootings. We got a Mainstream Media and a Hollywood that does nothing but lie and denigrates White Americans thru lying, lies of ommission and lies of commission. We got schools, grammar schools, high schools, colleges and universities, that teach hatred for the White Race, and teaches very virulent hatred of Whites ; And we got a president who has reneged on every campaign promise. So yes, Trump is right, White Nationalists have very very serious problems.

  5. Hey wasn’t Trump inciting his supporters to violence the day before the shooting?

    The MAGA movement has some very, very serious problems.

        • *checks*

          ““I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of Bikers for Trump,” Trump told Breitbart in the interview, which he later tweeted. “I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad.””

          lol, Orange Buffoon still thinking anyone would a risk a bullet for him.

          “Tough people” my ass. He has the usual assortment of System Pigs and Zionist dupes, that’s all. They’ll scatter the moment it becomes clear that (as usual) he’s Jewing them on the paycheck, and those of us who do show up will not treat him or his family with any form of reverence.

          Spahnranch has the right idea. We should all go full DR3 and join Antifa.

  6. Lots dodgy about that New Zealand ‘mass killing’, just in time to distract from Israel’s massive attack killing many more Muslims in Gaza

    The shooter’s ‘manifesto’ at times uses USA-type spelling of English – also used by Israel – not the standard Aussie-NZ UK type of spelling

    Manifesto has jokes of the type run by intel agents running an Operation Gladio type false flag & amusing themselves … Intel boyz seem to be laughing at us … the ‘shooter’ in his ‘manifesto’ says:

    “The person that has influenced me above all was Candace Owens … her own views helped push me further and further into the belief of violence … Though … extreme actions she calls for are too much, even for my tastes”

    Candace Owens, the totally establishment USA soft-voiced petite black woman doing well for herself as the ‘new face of black conservatism’ at the CPAC convention?

    Does anyone in Australia – New Zealand even know this woman, now battling on Twitter against laughable accusations she ‘inspired’ the New Zealand mosque ‘shooter’?

    ‘Shooter manifesto’ also says he learned ethno-nationalism from the Spyro the Dragon Playstation video game … gents, they are having a big larf at us

    Gladio A (Bologna bombing etc) – Gladio B (9-11 etc) – Gladio C (much of the shite now)

    • I read the whole manifesto. The use of the symbol of Eric Striker’s group at the top is suspicious and it was full of bizarre claims about supposed mass support for his action beforehand. Though I can’t tell how many are trolling (like the Candace Owens reference obviously was).

      I agree about the possible Gladio connection, he pretty much admitted this was a strategy of tension. It remains to be seen who the tension will serve…

        • There was one mention of Jews – saying he didn’t see Jews in Israel as a problem if they all went and stayed there. Otherwise he didn’t make any reference to Jews or Zionism at all. He did denounce capitalists a lot. If he was a smart white nationalist he would have tried to frame counterjihadists like Breivik did, by adding in pro-Zionist and “culture not race” rants. Parts of the manifesto looked like they were trying to get WNs in as much as trouble as possible.

    • Candice Owens is the chans’ favourite “based black” of the moment. Before her it was David Clarke, and Ben Carson before that, and it was Stacey Dash back when Chris Harper-Mercer shot up his community college.

      That guy was doing the nilhistic Satan-worshipping Atomwaffen thing long before it was cool. He was a half-decent writer to boot. He could have been the perfect internet-radicalized white nationalist mass murderer, if not for the minor narrative-shattering fact that he happened to be a mulatto.

      As for American-style spelling, not uncommon among Aussies, especially younger ones who spend a lot of time on the internet. They’re probably more Americanized than even the Canadians.

      • I hear that most of the younger generation in Australia celebrates Halloween and pronounces Z wrong.

        I don’t doubt he’s from Australia.

  7. The anti-White powers that be, by forcing Diversity on us created the social and political conditions which lead to the massacre. Doubling down on “white nationalists” will only increase the likelihood of more massacres. Continued denial of free speech and political representation is only going to nurture more White rage.

  8. Indeed. We have a very serious problem. It’s called a total infestation of JEWS and their minions, in our lands. Ivanka the Plastic Surgery JEW tweeted in solidarity of the dead muslims. Her BS about “empowering women” neglects to mentions the MILLIONS little girls raped and murdered by the muslim vermin. That Shyster Puke Loser Cretin article is mewling about “rising anti Muslim sentiment”. They took as break from the “rising anti Jew sentiment”, even though Muslims are the ones going after THEM. Not one word about all the innocent people slaughtered by the dune coons. Not one word. And Big Bad Orange? He attacks US, and whines on Twitter about how it’s so important for jews to leave the Dems, and join the JewOP. The White People that voted for him and his rotten crew are being abandoned and abused – just like always.

    We are on our own.

    Nothing Yang could do would be worse.

    I can’t even imagine that their will be an election next year. It feels….impossible”. I don’t know what’s going to happen – but I will not vote for Trump.

    • Hell, how many Muslims did the Zionist Entity kill in their Gaza airstrikes in retaliation for someone shooting bottle rockets at them this week? Any “thoughts and prayers” for those Muslims, or do the Chosen get a special exemption when it comes to breaking their own playthings?

      I mean, I’ll admit it, I don’t really *like* the idea of people shooting random kebabs who just happened to wander into your country after Corpgov gives them every incentive to do so. I think that’s a case of goring the flag instead of the Matador. But I ain’t going to condemn Tarrant for doing it, right after I praise Netanyahu for doing it, right after I condemn Ilhan Omar for complaining that we have to bankroll it.

      And we’re pretty much the only ones with that mindset. We’re supposed to be the bad guys, and yet we’re the only ones advocating a consistent form of national autonomy and anti-imperialism. What’s going on with that?

      • That’s what our response should be to anyone who brings it up. He didn’t kill anywhere near the amount of Muslims that Israel has. And, Israel gets no negative press on it. Why’s that?

  9. yeah, they have a problem. guys like hunter wallace are part of the movement.

    hunter wallace for the entire last year – I refuse to vote in 2020 period. waste of time. completely stupid. i’m extremely cool, like those people who don’t watch the superbowl, yet must tell you that they didn’t watch it. has anybody ever run a marathon and NOT told every single person they know? i’m not sure, but the guys who are way, way too cool to watch sports are almost as annoying as guys who have to tell you every week that they’re absolutely, positively not going to vote in the next election

    hunter wallace today – yang gang! i will TOTALLY vote in 2020. for a chinese guy who hates me, hates america, and wants to disarm us, then replace us. now that’s southern nationalism. whew!

    • I spent all of last year writing about mainstream politics from a populist perspective. I’m not sure when you started reading this blog, but I did the same thing in 2015, 2016 and 2017. In 2018, I continued to sour on Trump because he got nothing done. His greatest accomplishments were ending the Iran deal, banking deregulation, signing a bloated military budget and criminal justice reform. So yeah, I was looking at all of MIGA’s accomplishments like that and was like why bother to even vote in 2020?

      But now? Yang is offering a $1,000 a month for my support. He offers $100 per person to spend on campaigns to nullify the influence of big donors. He offers student loan forgiveness and Medicare For All. He offers to detoxify our politics and puncture the wind in the sails of the Far Left by shifting public discourse back to the center. He is running on a platform which I think has the potential to destroy Conservatism, Inc. Why on earth would I oppose that?

      The more I thought about it the more I warmed to Yang. I don’t believe in “Making America Great Again.” I don’t believe in “Taking Back America.” I think that is a fantasy. I have a post-American mindset. Maybe that is just conservative nostalgia which isn’t getting us anywhere and we need to go back to the drawing board. That’s what I did at the beginning of the year.

      I don’t think Yang hates us. I think he is deeply amused by what is going on and tickled by the support he has received. I’m not worried about Yang disarming us and replacing us either. When Yang has finished redistributing billions of dollars from conservative donors into populist politics, we can all run for office and represent ourselves.

      • Except by then you will be in a re education camp learning to speak Chinese.

        “White devils easily distracted with pocket change.” Ancient chinese proverb

      • He is running on a platform which I think has the potential to destroy Conservatism, Inc.

        You said the exact same thing about Trump. You really didn’t think he hated you either. And the only real promises he seems to have kept were the ones we probably would have gotten with Jeb or Rubio in the White House.

        Trump offered to build a Wall along the entire southern border and make Mexico pay for it.
        Trump offered to deport illegals.
        Trump offered end “chain migration” and DACA.
        Trump offered to stop or lessen legal immigration until the illegal situation was resolved.
        Trump offered to go after American companies using illegal labor and bring back American jobs.
        Trump offered to investigate Hillary and lock her up.
        Trump offered to temporarily ban Muslims.
        Trump offered to remove our troops from the Middle East.
        Trump offered to not get involved in foreign wars and attack other nations.
        Trump offered to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a viable alternative.
        Trump was against establishment Republicans and offered to Drain The Swamp.

        You admit you that you were completely run over by the Trump Train you gave fuel to and helped sell to other people. And yet here you are talking about supporting another New York City guy with ill-conceived promises and a history of being even more liberal than Trump. And this time around instead of a White guy, you find an Asian. And the entire strategy seems to hinge on him not hating you and doing what he promises. Just like how it hinged on Trump not hating you and following through with his promises.

        This shit writes itself.

  10. Mr. Griffin, I belive the above statement should be posted along with every article you do about Yang, just for the sake of clarification of strategy. The Yang narrative being presented on this sight would be very confusing to a newcomer.

  11. I wonder if there’s something wrong with Trump– he hasn’t delivered a holocaust speech in weeks.

    And there’s no f-ing way I’m voting for Wang.

    Is Arthur Jones running?

    No matter. I am done with all of these gangsters and the quadrennial election show.

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