Political Compass Test

I just took the Political Compass test.

I haven’t taken it in years, but I wanted to check to see if my views have changed dramatically since Yang came along. No, I am still in the same place that I was around the year 2004.

I’m a populist and nationalist. In other words, I am socially conservative, economically populist. I chose the pseudonym “Hunter Wallace” because George Wallace was from Alabama. I’m a Southern populist and nationalist and have never pretended to be anything else since the 2000s.

Why do I find the Chairman Yang meme so amusing?

Among other things, I am comfortable with social hierarchy and authority, economic fairness, social conservatism, peace and prosperity and a RESTRAINED capitalism. Thus, it is hardly surprising that I have warmed to Chairman Yang and see little to dislike about China.

Since 1981, the poverty rate in China has fallen from 88 percent to 6.5 percent because it has smart leaders. The Chinese have become wealthy while AVOIDING becoming just another hopelessly pozzed Western democracy. The same is true of South Korea and Japan. That’s like … my politics.

This guy wants to give Millennials and Zoomers $1,000 a month, destroy Conservatism, Inc. and move the country beyond it’s absurd, hopelessly polarized and dysfunctional politics. I’m supposed to oppose that because he is ethnically Chinese? LMAO.

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  1. My political platform: I am for, in the following order:

    Inside my body and us all – the Eternal Spirit, my children, my other family, my tribe, other tribes, other animals, plants, other life, the rest of existence.

    Just because I love my brother, doesn’t mean he can sleep in my bed, and so on for the rest of the world – just because I wish comity between tribes, doesn’t mean they can live in our lands. A place for all and all in their place.

    In our time, Nihilism has gained the upper hand, but the response should not be “evil be thou my good”, but replacing Nihilism with the Best Order.

    Whether you think society needs more or less entropy at any given time (right vs left) is likened to wanting to have a planet in a habitable zone: not too hot (burning steam) nor too cold (frozen ice) but the warm water compatible with life. Sometimes you would move to the left, sometimes to the right. What we are fighting now wants an end to all that is good and all that is sacred and all that is living – hating life because their egos are not eternal.

    • I see this more in biological terms. The Crusaders brought a parasite back to Europe with them when they took “Jewish” wives. We are in the end game of this relationship. Not good or evil just basic biology. Any enemy is “evil” from the perspective of defending your families and future children. Good and evil is largely a white construct anyway. Jews and Muslims are clearly not burdened by such distinctions of behavior.

    • Hunter’s term is the dominant one but it can also mean sex (Pos)itive which is a designation used for dungeons and other degenerate sex clubs in Seattle and Portland. For a small door or membership fee you can go do S&M degenerate acts with total strangers and ram dildos up their asses etc. and whip them on various dungeon immobilization devices. Portland in particular has sunk to a level of degeneracy even below the gay bathhouse scene in San Francisco during the late 70’s before AIDS.

  2. My favorite political idea is Lysander Spooner’s locally-controlled currency based on land. That would undercut central authority in one fell swoop. It would lead to localism writ large, and bring about the individualist nation of near-total freedom sabotaged by elites here almost since the beginning. But anyone challenging the authority of central banks ends up dead, so there’s that.

    • Silver based currency would work too. There is enough still being mined in the Northwest to probably do this but it would require local control.

  3. On the PC, I am three squares to the right of center and one square up from center. However, the PC is very bad; I wrote a very thorough critique of it here:


    I also question whether its social dimension has any real meaning these days, especially with the way they phrase the questions.

    I have my own political quiz here: https://enopoletus.github.io/quiz/ with one dimension for domestic policy (note: deeply and thoroughly mixes economic and social left/right, to the consternation of many, but virtually everyone in any sense of “right” should end up to the right of center) and one dimension for foreign:

    “The same is true of South Korea and Japan.”

    South Korea is pretty pozzed (though its current left-wing government is not as pozzed as Taiwan’s DPP one, which, however, is substantially more pozzed than the Taiwanese people are). Japan has been pretty insulated from the poz; arguably more so than China.

  4. “Since 1981, the poverty rate in China has fallen from 88 percent to 6.5 percent because it has smart leaders.”

    the poverty rate in China fell cos the Wall St. banking mafia moved all the manufacturing capital from USA to China e.g. Apple

    (using illustrative numbers)
    then: USA $40K factory job, China $5K farm job (total $45K)
    now: USA $20K welfare, China $10K factory job (total $30K)
    net fall in global demand per off-shored job negative $15K

    – China, richer
    – USA, opiodes
    – banking mafia going from multi-millionaires to billionaires

    apart from the destructive effect in the West the net fall in global demand is causing the global economy to slowly implode


    i do like BAP’s take though – if getting Yang into the debates leads to all the Dems competing over how much to give away that might help by showing what a corrupt mess it all this.

    • “net fall in global demand per off-shored job negative $15K”

      That definitely hasn’t happened. Overall, China wins much, much more than America loses. Arguably, America outside the MI+IN+OH+IL+WI wins more than it loses from trade with China.

      China has, no doubt, gained a lot from trade, but it’s a big country. A lot of its economic rise was self-financed internal development.

  5. political compass: natsoc or national capitalist, don’t care which as long as it’s one or the other

  6. Ideology? Pffft! I went systemless a long time ago, I am just Pro White.

    All I want is punishments for all anti-Whites, espectially White anti-Whites, the traitors. Chase them down. Extract their wealth. Banish them to poor brown countries forever. Eternal warfare on the anti-Whites!

  7. I’m just barely into the upper-left corner, very close to dead center of the graph, which is a bit surprising considering how much my views have changed. Last time I took that test, in the middle of my college years, I was a decent ways into the bottom-right portion.

    Way back then, I’d have been backing Rand Paul 2020. Now, I don’t give a damn. Secure the bag, let it burn.

  8. I always hated that test, but…

    Economic Left/Right: 0.13
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 1.79

    …Heck of a lot closer to the centre than I expected.

    I started in the same truecon territory as my parents. First presidential candidate I ever voted for was Michael Peroutka. Went into libertarianism and then full-on anarchism for most of my 20’s. Supported Ron Paul in the 2008 primaries, Cynthia McKinney in the general, Paul again in 2012, no one in the general. Started to move to the right circa 2014.

    Oddly enough, I was a relatively late passenger on and off the Trump Train. it wasn’t until some time after Super Tuesday that I was convinced to buy myself a MAGA hat. Didn’t want to burn it until after the second Syrian Airstrikes. Sometimes suspect that in a lot of ways I’m back to where I was in 2014. I just say “kike”, “nigger”, and “faggot” a lot now.

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