Chairman Yang’s Populist-Progressive Coalition

There could be a deal that looks something like this.

Politics is about horse trading and voting. We need to give up identity politics for a few years and start voting for our interests. You’re never going to really change what is in the mind or heart of another man anyway unless you convince him through persuasion.

1.) Detoxifying White Identity – White people should be granted a place in American politics. There is no reason to keep repressing White identity. The only thing that accomplishes is polarizing the electorate to the benefit of conservatism. It also drives some White people insane and to the point of violence like we saw in Charleston, Pittsburgh and New Zealand. Why not just let White people have pride in their identity again on the Yang plantation and have a landslide victory?

2.) Dissolving Political Correctness – Political correctness is nothing but a handicap for progressives. It keeps populists aligned with conservatism. Just look at what happened in Charlottesville where you had populists and progressives fighting with each other while Drumpf and MIGA controlled every branch of government and used it to pass a huge corporate tax cut for the rich.

In hindsight, none of that was necessary and it would have been far easier to strike a deal. The Confederate statue was the most important issue to the populists. Progressives care far more about other issues though than symbolic shit like that but can’t win the middle due to political correctness. The solution is everyone agrees that Christianity is the moral code, not political correctness.

3.) Ending Censorship – Why not just let the Pepes back on social media and give them amnesty? They’re using social media to rip Donald Trump and conservatism now anyway.

4.) Immigration – Democrats look foolish standing like Custer over the border wall. We’re also going to need a moratorium on immigration anyway due to the impending loss of so many working class jobs to automation. Shifting to the center on immigration on 2020 with Yang will satisfy and intrigue millions of Republican voters. Build the wall. It needs to be done anyway.

5.) Health Care – After Charlottesville, I was surprised to look at the polls out of Virginia. The majority of Virginia voters were STILL in favor of keeping Confederate monuments. This is just a losing issue for Democrats that angers and drives away White voters. The single most important issue to Virginia voters is health care. Populists would back Medicare For All.

6.) Infrastructure – Both populists and progressives agree on infrastructure and can easily find common ground here.

7.) Universal Basic Income – $1,000 bucks a month? This is the ultimate issue that will unite populists and progressives. It is also easily doable. We would just have to dump a lot more Republican senators. We already gave you back the House of Representatives in 2018.

8.) Student Loan Forgiveness – This issue has huge appeal across partisan lines to Millennials and Zoomers. It’s worth yielding on political correctness, censorship, White identity to get something as good as this and all the other things on this list.

9.) Trade – Yang is right that the problem here is not so much trade itself as it is distribution. A populist-progressive coalition solves the problem with UBI.

10.) Anti-Racism – Why not just deflate the balloon that is anti-racism? White America isn’t by definition “racist.” That’s absurd. This is toxic shit that alienates White voters and drives them toward conservatism and makes them racist thereby making it more difficult to achieve more important mutual goals we agree on. If racism were redefined to, say, purely hating other people on the basis of race then race realism and White identity could be detoxified and reconciled to this.

11.) Foreign Policy – Does anyone on either side want anymore stupid foreign wars like Iraq? Why not just dramatically cut military spending? It is a huge waste anyway.

12.) Weed – Full legalization. Who cares?

13.) Israel – Ilham Omar was right.


Suppose that a deal had simply been made at Charlottesville?

The “racists” keep their Confederate statues. White identity is accepted as legitimate. In exchange, the progressives and socialists get UBI and the above? Political correctness has divided us and made us enemies, but when it is gone we are a super majority.

Note: If you are on the Antifa side, would you rather continue doing what you are doing now which is waging the class war by going to jail fighting with cops all the time, street wrestling with the Proud Boys and Joey Gibson, spending countless hours doxxing people and vandalizing statues in the middle of the night all of which gets you exactly nowhere in life? Alternatively, you can vote yourself legal weed, a $1,000 bucks a month, health care and the abolition of your student loan debt.

Are you as dumb as we think you are or do you agree to the settlement? The only people who have profited off the last two years are the ultra wealthy who control the government. You can continue vandalizing all these things that don’t really matter in life or the ruling class at the ballot box in a single stroke. Wouldn’t this be fun to do for the sheer novelty of the change of pace?

It’s probably best that you leave the humor, political strategy, tactics, propaganda, the candidate and partisan attacks on conservatives to us. We can take it from here. You should also consider cancelling your plans to stage various riots this summer in favor of going door to door to pitch “$1,000 bucks a month or conservatism” to ordinary American voters. It will be an easy sell.

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  1. I think this article is barking up the wrong tree. We in Alt-Right might go along with your recent proposals but the Bolsheviks of the Democrat party would never side with us. They are hell bent on their course, they are purists, whereas this new course you have laid out is with intention, to destroy the Conservative movement and Trump for his abandonment of promised action. I really don’t think you have a coalition with the Yangists.

    I’ll give you credit though, you are doing you’re best to make this happen.

  2. Keep begging the filthy juden,servants of the devil to make compromise with the whites! It won’t happen! You just are just showing them how weak you are!

    • Instead of farting around with supporting various ZOG candidates we should be putting this time to use in preparation for RAHOWA.

      • Brad Griffin knows that he and his family are on the top-20 list of people for the Birmingham Field Office to round up and murder in the event that anything like that ever happens. I understand his reluctance. It annoys me too sometimes, but I can’t really say that I wouldn’t be acting the same way if I had any good reason not to die.

        • I don’t believe in 1980s accelerationism.

          If we want to demolish conservatism, it would be far easier to vote for Yang. We need to accelerate the realignment of the electorate, not our own marginalization in a vicious circle of violence. That’s unwise and unnecessary.

  3. It’s not really a left/right fight, but one over control. One side wants total cultural and political control, and the other believes on limits based on personal responsibility and individual choice. Fuck the tax argument and other economic traps, because it’s just one side giving a few more shekels compared to the other. What ultimately matters is which powerseeking faction you will give in to. If the UBI ends up giving us the ability to secede from cultural control, it will be a great boon. If we go over to the side of total control and end up being used for shills that ultimately get nothing out of our support, what then? I would like to be able to peacefully separate, but it’s obvious the other side won’t allow that. Going under the radar and building alternatives to a dominant culture is only truly possible when there is at least some freedom. If this Yang gambit doesn’t succeed, there will be godawful times coming.

  4. Probably not going to happen, but I could live with this kind of deal. I just don’t think the left is grown up enough yet for this. But, you never know, saner heads might come to see one dya.

  5. “Why not just let White people have pride in their identity again on the Yang plantation and have a landslide victory?”

    Is Yang willing and able to do this for us? The progressives that fill the Democrat ranks don’t want it. And the Jews who finance the political machine REALLY don’t want it. Yang has already shown that he doesn’t have the balls to stand up to the Jews even on an issue as easily defensible as opposing infant circumcision. If he can’t even defend a foreskin, do you really think he’ll make it “OK to be White?”

    I’m not gonna lambaste you for getting excited over Yang’s potential, but you gotta at least keep your hopes measured. It wasn’t even four years ago that a similarly-exciting candidate turned Judas on us in a heartbeat.

  6. I hate to say it but maybe we need a Chinaman to rule over us, because Whites no longer seem capable of governing themselves.

  7. Yang says he wont ever deport any illegals and he will grant amnesty and citizenship to the 35 million illegals already here , conditionally. With UBI,,the number of border busters per year would probably triple, they want that monthly loot and they would get citizenship too His plan would literally swamp the US in no time with 3rd world trash Think there are too many Somalians in Maine and Minnesota already ? You aint seen nothing yet. So we would get about 50 million new brown immigrants , legal or illegal, in about 15 years. Whew ! The UBI system is unsustainable on several fronts, not just immigration.

  8. Yangism is Nihilism.

    The cackle of the mad before he breathes his last.

    The “movement” has become a sick joke, but without the joke.

  9. But really, none of this is possible if we have Jews running everything. They are only capable of thinking in zero sum games and centuries old ethnic grudges. There will be no negotiating our way out of this or appealing to rights or anything like that

    • For proof of this, just look at how Jews handle foreign policy. It is not pragmatic or based in cold geopolitical reasoning. It’s insane. Just pure effeminate/emotional insanity.

  10. Well Trump has been mostly a disappointment and a blind alley to nowhere. We can keep holding the throttle down while the train sails off the collapsed bridge into the gorge or we can try something different. As a 50 something white male I expect nothing but there a lot of younger white people that could benefit from the things Mr Wallace suggests…the only if is can Yang and his associates be trusted to keep their end of the deal.

  11. I totally get your new message Hunter. I agree that it’s way better than permanent strife and conflict.

  12. Now I heard it all, white nationalists putting their faith in a Chinaman to save them from the corrupt jew controlled political system. Didn’t you lean anything from Trump and empty promises? Do you really think Yang is really going to give you and $1000 a month? Yang also said he didn’t want “white” nationalists supporting him. I guess that is 4D Yang chess. Chairman Mao was a Chinese nationalist and said all the rights things. How that worked out for those “woke” Chinese. Maybe Yang can legalize dog slaughter and consumption while he’s at it.

    How about we save ourselves and stop relying on the corrupt system and controlled politicians to save us. For God sake, we have become so weak and pathetic that you and every other so called white nationalist thinks we can win in a system that has been corrupted and against us for decades. Mark my words, Yang is not going to do a dam thing for whites and is in the pockets of the same jews that control all the other politicians. The whole system needs a overhaul, not a band aide. I thought you were smarter than this, Brad.

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