Should The Democrats Abandon Censorship?

Conservatism, Inc. got shellacked pretty hard in 2016.

I have a proposal for the Democratic Party. Why don’t you just stop censoring us now? We’ve changed our minds about Donald Trump, MIGA and trying to reform conservatism. Just step aside in 2020 and we will smack these cuckservatives 10x as hard as we did in 2016.

What do you say? I know you’re enjoying this. We’re settling a big score with Little Donnie here. There is going to be HELL TO PAY for not listening to us in 2016.

How opposed are you to working with such evil “racists”?

When there was a place for White people in the Democratic Party, you had huge national majorities from FDR through Lyndon Johnson and there was no gridlock in Washington. All kinds of important shit got done back in those days. Why don’t you just change your minds too and we can work together to send Conservatism, Inc. back into the dustbin it has crawled out of since the 1920s?

Are we anymore problematic than Ilhan Omar? Are we anymore “racist” than half the groups in your caucus? I don’t think so. 😀

Note: What do you say? Let’s get $1,000 BUCKS A MONTH! Now that is what I call a DREAM.

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  1. The left is trapped in the left/right binary worldview. They won’t cede control, not an inch. They’re about power, not about justice or being fair. If TPTB in the dem party don’t want Yang to succeed, the censors will clamp down even harder.

  2. Hunter

    I get that you are deploying rhetoric here but the problem isn’t that we are obstructing the Left’s objectives it’s that we ARE the objective. They have made it clear that they will abandon all of their purported values and ideals with regard to war, economic justice, and the environment for the sake of destroying us as an end in itself; the “values” themselves are just cladding. We are the ancestral enemy and the hate is unappeasable.

      • “we are willing to destroy Trump for them, why would they censor us? It is not in their interest”

        Since when are Marxists driven by rationality? If they were motivated by what is in their best interests, they would not be Marxists to begin with.

        • It is really already happening.

          Just as I predicted would happen, people are getting back on social media to spread memes against Trump and rebuild their networks. You can promote Yang on social media and “$1,000 a month” without getting deplatformed. The Democrats are in charge of censoring these platforms and will happily stand aside while he is walloped by his former supporters.

  3. “”What do you say? Let’s get $1,000 BUCKS A MONTH! Now that is what I call a DREAM”

    I say that $1,000 a month is today’s 30 pieces of silver.

    Throwing in with the enemy is playing a very dangerous game.

    • I disagree.

      There is a clear choice now. Yang isn’t our enemy. Trump, the GOP and MIGA are the enemy. If you want to support a con artist in 2020, so be it. Few people will be joining you this time around.

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