Political Correctness Derails Brittany Pettibone’s Marriage

I’m sure this is terrible for them.

“Journalists” tried to associate me with Robert Bowers simply because he had “regabbed” a few of my posts criticizing Trump. I didn’t know the guy or his plans in Pittsburgh. This is what has happened with Martin Sellner who is being smeared after being “linked” to Tarrant.

The “link” in this case turns out to be nothing more than a donation and a thank you note. This is hardly evidence that Sellner had anything to do with the New Zealand mosque shooting. Unfortunately, political correctness ascribes collective guilt to all White people, so the actions of one individual will have a toxic downstream effect on everyone even remotely associated with him.

Martin Sellner isn’t omniscient. Cut him some slack.

Note: See also Jared Taylor being banned from Europe.

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  1. Lana Loktieff pointed out how amazing it is that Western countries are seemingly powerless when it comes to stopping the illegal Third World flood, but act with incredible efficiency and celerity when it comes to banishing “white nationalists”.
    This cannot end well. We are literally ruled by traitors.

    • Yes. You would think at least ONE Western nation would have some decent leadership, but no. Evil traitors are in control everywhere.

  2. They know full well Sellner is not guilty of what they are accusing him of. They are lying and they know it.

    In the latest White Rabbit Radio podcast they talked about this issue. They compared what they are doing to Jared Taylor and now Sellner as similar to blacks being harrased by cops for no reason, other than the color of their skin.

    This is how the establishment will treat White Nationalists from now on. You can be doing nothing wrong, but they will try to pin something on you anyway. Whites that don’t hate themselvs are the new niggas.

  3. There’s a lesson here….if you think being an alt lite personality who never names the jew or uses racial slurs is going to exempt you from persecution you are a fool. Might as well go full 14/88 while you still have the chance.

    ZOG is deliberately trying to wreck this young couple’s relationship. The tyranny and humiliation they are imposing on us is more than any past regime has ever attempted. And we have tolerated it far too long.

    • Conservatives never deconstruct anti-White attack words like “racist” or “White supremacist” but deny that they apply to them and point their fingers at those “Nazis” over there. They’re too dumb or too vested in respectability to realize anti-Whites hate them too. Conservatives are our biggest obstacle to victory.

      Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  4. I don’t understand why Pettibone is even famous. Just a boring thot who has never said or done anything profound.

    This shows why the alt-light is so lame and cowardly. They want to capitalize on the alt-right’s popularity and edgyness while still staying mainstream by avoiding certain truths. Sorry, can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  5. Haxo Angmark

    And it hasn’t occurred to you that it was a thought out strategy in order to reach the most amount of people, to introduce the normies to these ideas and principles? For most normies, they don’t even have a clue that there is a huge average IQ difference amongst the races, so therefore they gullibly and naïvely believe that all we have to do is teach brown third worlders how to assimilate to our culture.

    Jared knows that once this pill is swallowed, a mass majority of people will continue on the red-pilling path to learn about who is behind pushing these low IQ foreigners into the West. If he was talking about Jews straight off the bat, he would never have been as successful as he has been.

    Every stage of red-pilling is necessary for people who are very adverse to the ideas because of the indoctrination they have been exposed to since the cradle. Jared has been a major help to wake people up, and he doesn’t deserve any punishment like you are wishing upon him.

    He has never gone off about loving Jews, as you say. He has merely said that they are fine and kept it to be a minimalist response – HOWEVER, he also uses the example of Israel to shut Zionists/Jews up who claim that it is morally wrong for whites to have their own ethnostate countries, while at the same time saying that Israel has the right to exist as a Jewish ethnostate. If Jared loved Jews so much, as you say, then surely he wouldn’t continuously point out their massive hypocrisy in this matter!

    We need Christians to support a cause, and Jared is going about it the correct way to get them to turn on their Zionist brainwashing and come to our side, you ungrateful snot.

  6. Jared has been at it for decades and made no difference. They even let him on TV for a while there, and he made no difference. The only people who made a difference are the memsters. The memester kids are the reason the moron Trump is in power and the establishment is freaking out, and closing up the internet, because they know they have lost the argument.

    Essay writing race and stats intellectuals like Jared only really succeeded in raising money for their organizations. They were the main ones opposing the use of simple memes as pioneered by Bob Whitaker. Sure Jared tried but his approach didn’t work, and he was unwilling to change course.

  7. Are these two even White Nationalists? They seem more like the subversive “counter-jihad” types that have for some time been funneling pro-whites into an impotent and establishment friendly kind of white Zionism.

    Whenever somebody who claims to be pro-white focuses on Islam I immediately become suspicious of their true motivations.

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