Beta O’Dork Makes Populist Pitch

It falls flat:

“EL PASO, Texas — Beto O’Rourke, christening his presidential campaign at a boisterous rally in his hometown, cast himself on Saturday as a crusader against moneyed interests that he said have corrupted America’s democracy and a president he accused of capitalizing on politics of “fear and division.”

In what amounted to his maiden stump speech — delivered at the first large-scale, structured event of his nascent campaign — O’Rourke’s populist progressive framing evoked similar appeals from rivals Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

“This extraordinary, unprecedented concentration of wealth and power and privilege must be broken apart,” the former Texas congressman said to cheers, “and opportunity must be shared with all.” …”

I feel like Beto is trying to speak to populist voters in our language, but he honestly comes across here as a progressive pretty boy with rote talking points and no solutions.

I agree with Beto on the concentration of wealth in America, universal health care (what is his plan?) weed legalization (who cares?) and ending our involvement in foreign wars (is he serious?). Unfortunately, when Beto speaks in political correctness and panders to the Far Left by calling for tearing down the pathetic border fence, I just tune out. He is also running on the personality cult he built in Texas where he lost to the Zodiac Ted Cruz in a wave election who is known for his charisma.

Note: There is only one candidate on the Democratic side who has a real chance of building a strong populist-progressive coalition.

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  1. What a joke Cipher O’Rourke is. He makes Yeb! look like Sam Houston by comparison. If this is the best candidate the Dems can find then Cheeto Jayzus wins a second term by default.

    • maybe not. Drumpf will not win PA or Wisc. a second time. That drops him to 278 EV. If any of these contested 4 states – AZ, FLA, Mich., or Tejas flips…Drumpf is finished. And Beto – anywhere on the demoncrat tkt – might just flip Tejas. I also want to point out that

      Beto’s wife/controller is (((Amy Sanders))), daughter of a Tejas Jew real estate billionaire.

  2. I don’t get where this Beto is a pretty boy idea comes from. He’s a lanky dork.

    “and opportunity must be shared with all.”

    Opportunity? What will that do? Gimme the bag.

  3. Nothing can happen in American politics — no health care reform, no “income inequality” fixes, no “reparations,” nothing — until all immigration is ended, and a substantial percentage of illegal foreign bloodsuckers are deported. Nothing.

    Leftards need to be made to understand: we could have universal socialized health care — but only if you send home the tens of millions of mooching Latinos. We could readily address income inequality — if our jobs were for our own people, if our university seats were not given away to foreigners.

    None of these observations are products of “racism” or “hate” — this is simple fluid dynamics. This is just f&cking /plumbing/, for pete’s sake.

    All of our problems in this country — ALL of them, without qualification — are caused by the Left’s refusal to send packing the millions upon millions of mooching migrant invaders. At bottom, their staunch refusal is powered by the Left’s racist hatred of White Americans, and the unquenchable, irrational, unfathomable hatred which the Jews have for the evil goyim.

    End racist Jewish hatred for Whites, and all problems suddenly become solveable.

  4. I am too young to vote but I would not vote for Beto or Trump or Yang. I think they are all evil. As for the Latin vote? According to a Latin newspaper Hispanic support for Republicans since 2002 has gone up 1%—-from 10% to 11%(the 2018 figure). And this 11% is primarily fueled by Cuban latins not Mexican Americans. This same research found 54% support Democrats. The other 35% are undecided, though lean Democrat. Depends who offers us the most. The Republicans are crazy if they think they can win the Mexican American vote. Unless of course they become just like Democrats,

    The only Mexican Americans I have met in my life who have favored Republicans are those who live among anglos and have sacrificed their identity —so-called assimilation. In my school there is an Argentinian girl who favors Republicans but she is not Mexican.

    Anyway, the Republicans going from 10% latin support to 11% support in 2018 is not much of a surge. And as I mentioned above if you take out the Cuban support for Republicans the latin support for the R party is dismal especially among Mexican Americans.

    Christina Romana

    • The only Mexican Americans I have met in my life who have favored Republicans are those who live among anglos and have sacrificed their identity —so-called assimilation.

      “Sacrifice” is the wrong word. Anglo culture is vastly superior to Mexican culture, so these people have gained something – they are able to lead higher quality lives – rather than lost something. It is mostly stupid, pointless pride that prevents the rest of those who have grown up in America from doing the same.

      • Silver,

        Now if this “vastly superior” culture could only protect itself from all of it’s enemies both internally and externally. That would be a sight to behold.

        Catch you later,

        Christina Romana

        • Its ability to protect itself or not is completely beside the point. Its value lies in the individual and social benefit of those who embrace it. Its existence is one very important reason why Anglo communities are so much nicer than hispanic communities.

          • The latin communities I have lived in are quite nice both in Mexico and in California/Texas. My family even employs 2 anglo families to take care of our properties. My family are not Indians. Though I do like most Mexican Indians.

            One of the main individual and social benefits of a culture has to be in the readiness to defend what is right and what is yours. That is an essential ingredient of every society no matter how much you try to ignore it.

            Either way, good luck with your wonderful community. You have your anglo one and I have my mine. You can have the last word if you like. The conversation is already circular.

            Christina Romana

  5. “I feel like Beto is trying to speak to populist voters in our language, but he honestly comes across here as a progressive pretty boy with rote talking points and no solutions.”

    Beto is just a typical spoiled Texas rich kid, like the one’s I went to school with. In which schools, the grades you made were a product of the size of your parents’ bank account, not honest effort.

    Most of these characters, having grown up in staunch Republican households, end up becoming lawyers and dabble in politics as a sort of semi hobby. Quite frequently, they pose as “progressives” and “Democrats” and pretend to espouse Leftist ideals. There are few things as incongruous as seeing doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs supporting Democrats, or claiming to be one. Especially in Texas, where we’re still class and social conscious, despite attempts by Yankees to reconstruct us.

    Beto is fake. Another political opportunist tying to make it big. He won’t even make it to the first primary. For the Dems it’ll be Biden 2020.

  6. He’s accusing Trump of taking advantage of divisions being created by his own side? That’s rich.

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