MIGA: The Trump Administration Is Crushing Iran With Sanctions

Exactly why I voted for him in 2016:

No, I voted for him in spite of his views on Iran. I was never on board with the idea of encircling Iran and crippling it with sanctions to impose homosexuality on the country.

It has gotten to the point where Blompf is so desperate for praise that he is quoting the likes of Bret Stephens, a Never Trump neocon who opposed him to the end in 2016, because he is impressed with the 180 degree turn that the administration has taken on foreign policy.

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  1. Trump is all ego. Trump’s only friends at this very moment are those who are currently kissing his ass. If Coulter is praising him in 2015 then she is terrific and smart and genius. If Coulter is criticizing him in 2019 then she is a crazy nut job.

    Trump is the most retarded, shallow, narcissistic man to ever sit in the WH. He just lives to be praised by people. He has no beliefs or values at all. His ghost writer Tony Schwartz was 100% correct about him.

    • True. Establishment Republicans finally figured this out after a couple of years and now they know they can get him to support whatever they want as long as they kiss his ass.

  2. OT, but interesting: Blompf is putting together a plan to deal with EMPs. If it’s implemented before anything of a cataclysmic nature happens that could sabotage our electrical grid, the possibility of going Mad Max if SHTF is sharply reduced. Why wasn’t anything done to protect our grid before, despite years of warnings? History is filled with incidents where TPTB are willing to sacrifice the peasantry, if it means more control and resources for themselves. Otherwise, this lack of preparation is just plain stupid. People at the top are a kakistocracy, though, so who knows?

  3. Sad to say but George Soros may be right when he predicted Donald Trump-or Trumpism-will prove to be a fleeting and transitory phenomena.

  4. The worst thing about all this is that it’s not an attack on liberals and it’s not an attack on conservatives, who don’t have any problems with Trump. It’s an attack on the alt-right for no reason whatsoever.

    The alt-right wasn’t calling its own side anti-Iran, anti-poor, pro-war, pro-gay or pro-jew. But all of a sudden a bunch of geniuses came up with idea of shooting their compatriots in the back because Trump didn’t turn out to the President that nobody realistically should have expected him to be.

    You’re not turning on anyone but your own, to get in bed with ACTUAL pro jew, pro gay, pro immigrant, pro poz liberals. And the ultimate rationale? A bag of silver.

    And you’re trying to clothe the whole thing in having a greater altruistic sense than those you’re needlessly strawmanning.

    What good is this going to come to? You really think you’re going to out-liberal the liberals to appeal to whites when whites have been choking on liberal “love” for centuries?

    Finally, there’s not much more destructive you can do to dysfunctional people than give them free money. They don’t clean up their ways and start paying their bills, feeding their kids and getting their lives in order. They get worse and then look for more money.

    Even with all the self destructive behavior the alt-right has engaged in its hard to imagine anything more self destructive than this. This is the ultimate poison pill. We have been young and immature. We have been anxious and impatient. But this goes beyond all of that to something so selfish and irrational that it makes one wonder if we never get anywhere not because of the media or the churches or the academy but because we are, in the final analysis, a bunch of world class morons.

    Beam me up Scotty.

    • You just don’t get it. A guaranteed basic income is eventually going to become a necessity because automation, downsizing and offshoring of jobs are going to make earning a living all but impossible. If you aren’t going to rise up and overthrow the System (which you clearly will never do) then you might as well milk it for all it’s worth.

      • no, you don’t get it. UBI was just beta tested for a full year in Finnland.

        surging price inflation ate it up.

        experiment cancelled.

        except for certain things – space exploration, medicine, etc. – post-CW2 we will go back to a world made by hand.

        or there will be no world.

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