Axios: Millennials Series

I’m a generational orphan.

I was born in November 1980. I am too young to feel like a Gen X’er, but too old to feel like a Millennial. Anyway, I argue with my wife about it all the time:

For Millennials, now come the robots
1 generational thing: Are we speaking the same language?
The millennials who are making it
The work gap in the most diverse generation
Millennials spark a pilot comeback

“What’s happening: Millennials came of age during the Great Recession. Since then, three-quarters of all new U.S. jobs have paid less than a middle-class income, according to Labor Department data.

These minimum- or lower-wage jobs are the ones that millennials — ages 23-38, born between 1981 and 1996, and the largest generation in the country — are often taking.

Unlike prior generations, there may not be much of a ladder up from there. Part of that is economics — tech and globalization have hollowed out middle-skill, middle-wage jobs. And part of it is the continued aftermath of the financial crash. …”


Seriously, what are we going to do about the robots? As my attention has been drawn to this issue, it really seems like older people have a blasé attitude about this massive looming problem. No one gives a shit about Israel except our politicians who won’t stop talking about it.

Note: Let me outrage everyone who reads this blog.

I agree with AOC that automation is more of an opportunity because in the long run the world will be a wealthier place and everyone will have more leisure time. Similarly, I like animals like Adolf Hitler. A reasonable person can agree with someone of another perspective on some things while disagreeing with them on others. The irrational SJW fundamentalist mindset is just the opposite.

Adolf Hitler liked classical music. He liked science and technology. He liked autobahns. He liked the environment and whole foods and strenuous physical exercise. HE LOVED ART. The Nazis also waged war on cancer and were ahead of the Allies in rocket science and other areas. Were any of these things BAD simply because Hitler liked them or is that a retarded way of looking at the world?

Am I a Nazi for this overlap with Hitler? Not really.

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  1. “What are we going to do about the steam shovels?” The ditch diggers were probably saying 125 years ago.
    The problem isn’t advanced technology.
    The problem is the endless flood of 3rd worlders, legal and illegal.

  2. “Adolf Hitler liked classical music.”

    And Bill Cinton played the …… saxophone. (that’s not music, that’s JAZZ)
    Ergo, I LOATHED that prick (and his shrew wife) from day one.
    Obongo was a pot-smoking Nigger. Even lower on the totem pole…..

    As Shakespeare said: ” The man that hath no [classical] music in him- let NO SUCH MAN BE TRUSTED.’


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