Trump Administration Set To Grant Record Numbers of H-2B Visas

This will be a wrap for today:

“The Trump administration is planning to grant approximately 96,000 H-2B visas for temporary and short-term workers — 80% of whom come from Mexico and Central America — this fiscal year, the Washington Post reports.

Why it matters: This is the highest amount of H-2B visas given since 2007, per the Post. As the amount of temporary worker visas increase, President Trump has heightened his rhetoric on stopping a “colossal surge” of immigration through the U.S.-Mexico border, saying “the system is full. Can’t take you anymore. … Our country is full.” DHS Secretary Nielsen has described the current situation at the border as a “system-wide breakdown” of the U.S. immigration system. …”


Such has been the experience of being “tethered” to the “conservative-populist coalition.”

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  1. 96k is nothing compared to the invaders they appear to be processing as asylum seekers. Nothing an increase in spanish speakers on call centers. The entire process is self serving. Now we need more native hisspanish speakers to service power, phone, banking and internet services.

  2. Multiracial diversity is my shepherd. I shall not survive. It erodes my sanity with its Hip-Hop, it causes me to buy security alarms, its tries to have intercourse with my daughter, it confiscates my guns and turns my son into a Whigger and eats up my taxes. Surely its degeneracy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall be forced to dwell in the house of equality forever.

  3. Last summer the main news story every night on my local news was that the seafood houses, the chicken industry, Big AG, and the resorts didn’t have access to enough cheap labor. It was on every night. You would have thought it was some national emergency. They would have various business owners whining about how they had no workers. My GOP congressmen literally leaped into action and worked very hard with Trump to see this remedied.

    The GOP simply stepped up to the plate to make sure it wont be a problem this year. The “free-market” will have their cheap labor that makes all our lives so much better.

  4. So what the US Chamber of Commerce / Club for Growth “conservatives ” are saying is that we need a massive permanent underclass of menial laborers to exploit in order to maintain the economy? How is this any different from the Roman Empire? In fact isn’t it worse, because Roman slaves were treated better than today’s minimum wage slaves?

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