Southern History Month 2019: Prohibition

Editor’s Note: This will be a work in progress which I will return to throughout the evening and tomorrow morning. I’ve been really enjoying studying, learning and writing and getting nostalgic about a different epoch of our history. Do you remember the time progressives tried to prohibit alcohol?

Alcoholism was a scourge in post-Civil War America. Why not simply ban the devil’s drink?

As I thought more about it, the progressive attempt to ban alcohol in the 1920s through the Eighteenth Amendment wasn’t all too different from the current progressive crusade to ban “hate” in America through putting White America in a cultural straight jacket. It hasn’t succeeded in abolishing “hate.” Instead, political correctness has only driven our discourse underground on the internet.

The progressive educated urban middle classes were the people who were behind Prohibition. They are also the constituency behind political correctness. In this case, the goal isn’t to ban a physical drink like alcohol, which was a utopian fantasy given the fact that alcohol (and its costs and benefits) has been part of our culture since ancient times. No, the current crusade against “hate” is even dumber than Prohibition because it involves forcibly deracinating Europeans and stripping them of a positive sense of identity, any sense pride in their own culture and heritage and making them jump through the hoops of a fake moral code (i.e., the -isms and the -phobias) which was concocted and spread through the mass media and by academic elites in the 20th century for the sake of abolishing tribalism, ethnocentrism and “hate” which is a normal emotion that every human being on the planet experiences.

Quite simply, the Prohibition of White people of European ancestry having a healthy sense of identity is likely the dumbest, most utopian social crusade in all of human history. But anyway, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and take a look back at the misguided quest to extirpate alcohol. It was the product of a good thing – the virtue of temperance or moderation – taken to an unsustainable extreme.

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  1. “The progressive educated urban middle classes were the people who were behind Prohibition.”

    From what I remember of that era, weren’t WOMEN also the LEADING VOICES for Prohibition- former Northen calvinists, who both had: a) become Unitarians and b) longed for the ‘Vote’ [ false ‘Equality’ as well?

    In other words, FEMINAZIS. Liberals. Do-gooders, whose souls are empty.

    Same whores, different era.

    Back in your place, you sluts.
    Patriarchy or death! (Has a much nicer ring to it)

  2. In the 19th Century, even before the Civil War, Americans consumed an unbelievable 32 gallons of liquor per capita!

  3. Prohibition was a white, fascist response to Jews peddling addictive substances, as they always have. Prohibition was successful in reducing alcoholism. The glamorization of the flappers and bootleggers is Jewish cultural propaganda. They live in fear of us kicking their addictive habits.
    The proper response should have been to ban Jews, not alcohol. Same with pornography, same with drugs. We’ll always have problems with these addictions, but if they’re contained inside our own cultural context, we tamp them down to manageable levels. With Jews, the volume is maxed to 10 at all times.

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