Andrew Yang: I’d Support a National Emergency To Solve The Border Crisis

YES, now we are talking:

“Democratic presidential contender Andrew Yang said on Monday he would support a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border under the right conditions.

“I would support it if it seemed like it was meant to actually generate more resources to solve the operational problems at the border,” the 44-year-old tech entrepreneur said during an interview with the Washington Examiner when asked if he supports President Trump’s national emergency declaration.

Yang said Trump’s version of the national emergency was a “sensationalist diversion” rather than a serious attempt to bring more resources to the border. While he supports a national emergency if “necessary,” Yang said it would be better to “go through existing channels.” …

Yang opposes a wall but supports tougher immigration policies than many of his fellow 2020 contenders. Yang says on his website, “ We need to enforce the border.” …

While Yang remains a long shot candidate, he raised almost $2 million dollars in the first quarter of fundraising and polled at 3% in an Emerson poll released Monday.

During a rally in Washington, D.C., Monday evening, the crowd booed when Yang brought up Trump’s wall. …”

The Wall = Blompf.

It is purely symbolic. No one really passionately cares about the issue except Trump’s base. Progressives don’t like the idea because border security is so associated with Orange Cheeto. Seriously, it would be worth building the damn thing though just to calm down all of these Boomers, and to accomplish all sorts of other more important things.

What’s the cost? A mere $25 billion? Chump change.

Note: I’d save that card for one of the presidential debates with Blompf. He will start flailing around on the stage about how he is going to build the wall.

If I were Yang, I would hit him real good on that subject and agree with him that the wall should be built, but that it won’t really matter because illegal aliens just surrender to the Border Patrol anyway and are allowed into the country under our current immigration laws. I’m optimistic that Yang can do that and expand the map to compete in Alabama and Arkansas.

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  1. Another way to hit Trump would be to go after him not pressuring the GOP into any action on immigration.

    “Mr. Trump, if it’s such a crisis as you claim why didn’t you use your incredible mandate and populist support in 2017 to put extreme pressure on the GOP to change our immigration laws and build the wall? Why did you choose to use your mandate to give massive corporate tax cuts to big business and not address the immigration crisis?”

    The best way to attack Trump and the GOP is to throw it back in their face that they are not really serious about the issue and they just use it as bait during election seasons. Yang should then claim that whatever he does (insert his ideas) will be done as a serious measure to fix the issue and not just bait to fool voters.

  2. “I’m optimistic that Yang can do that and expand the map to compete in Alabama and Arkansas.”

    VHAT?!? It is called the solid south for a reason! The idea of a Democratic candidate being competitive there is risible.

    Let’s look at an example: Al Gore: Born in Tennessee and was VP for 8 years and in 2000 he could not even win his hiome state!

    Just do not see how on God’s green earth some ChiCom is going be competitive!

  3. The “Cold War” of the 21st Century will be halting and reversing the mud flood. Not confronting extinct empires and power blocks.

  4. JMS, you just proved the total ineffectuality of teaching the illiterate and terminally stupid; and why they should be left as serfs and manual laborers, instead of bringing in beaners.

    TAIWAN is NOT Mainland China. Yang’s TAIWANESE- free society China, friend of America, etc.
    God, illiteracy is almost as bad as being a Liberal… or a hillbilly racist.

  5. Fr. John+ As a conspiracy researcher it is clear that the globalist elite would never let some freedom loving ‘Taiwanese’ run for President!

    First Taiwan is a Fake Nation only created a few decades ago It is about as real a nation as Belgium (made up of two ethnic groups, Flems & Wallons) or the geographic accident of Austria (which should be a part of Germany)

    With all this Chinese spying in this country & political corruption, like Al Gore taking ChiCom money through a front Buddhist temple. .. that he even personally visited… It is clear a game is afoot.

    My hunch is Yang is a crafty China-man sent on order from the yellow politburo in Beijing to try and bring in Maoism through the back-door! Yellow Peril!

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