MAGA: Jack Dorsey Is Yang Gang Now


“Andrew Yang, the 44-year-old tech entrepreneur running for president, might not be a household name yet, but he has a growing list of big-name donors. …

Yang announced incredulously last month that actor Nicolas Cage had just donated to his campaign.

“I think Nicolas Cage may have donated to my campaign. It is done,” Yang tweeted out. …”

Watch out, Blompf

Chairman Yang’s power level is growing:

Politics is a team sport. The objective of politics is also to WIN, not have your personal identity and self-esteem validated by who you are playing the game with.

Welcome to #YangGang, @Jack

Now, let’s get to work cleaning up the discourse on social media and realigning our dumb electorate with meme warfare to fix this stupid country.

Note: You know that he is right.

Yang will also unf**k your company which has become a 24/7 Royal Rumble of Boomers who stay perpetually mad with each other because of economic hardship and identity politics. How many people are going to stay frothing mad 24/7/365 when Yang is president in 2021?

We’ve also got Nicholas Cage on board the Yang Yacht.

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  1. I have sworn a moratorium on fed posting, j-naming, siege reading, meth smoking, and other such wignat activities on twitter to focus solely on the optics of free money. It will be tough.

  2. Someone who would have voted for Governor Wallace and General LeMay in 1968 is now supporting a zipperhead for president? How does one reconcile this, HW?

    • I’m a populist.

      I believe in social cohesion and economic fairness. I have shared that map nearly 50 times now. It just so happens that most Asians also share those some values. Few are Left-Libertarians.

  3. Jack and Hunter on the same team. Maybe he’ll give you a blue checkmark dude.

    Hey when Biden gets the Democratic nomination are you going to be voting for him? I’m trying to plan ahead. He is currently polling the highest, as opposed to Yang who is polling very low.

    • Naw naw nigga.

      When Biden or Harris gets the nomination, HW is going to go full Siegepill and tell us all to earn our seats in Vahalla before signing off forever. He and Honorary Aryans Yang and Gabbard will crash the DNC Party in a Dodge Challenger and soak all of the Beltway in the blood of skraelings and of bourgeois white traitors, that they may serve them forever as their pathetic little gay fucklings in the afterlife. He’ll then subscribe to pewdiepie and floss on the corpses of his enemies.

      He doesn’t really believe in all this “voting” or “election” stuff, it’s just a charade so that the System will be caught unawares when they finally strike. Cunning, eh?

      • Not even close.

        If Yang doesn’t win the Democratic nomination, it will change nothing. It won’t stop the automation of the economy by deep learning AI. So, if the issue is only looming in 2020, it will be ripening by 2024.

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