The AI Future Has Finally Arrived


“Amid a torrid geopolitical, commercial and scientific race around artificial intelligence, universities are adding professors, classes and entire new programs, but there is still a massive talent shortage, forcing companies to contemplate creative ways around it.

Steve and Kaveh report: The frenzy at American and Canadian universities reflects the changing technology cycle, in which AI is expected to become perhaps the defining factor in economic and geopolitical power in the decades ahead.

The big picture: Students are pouring into computer science programs from coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada, university professors tell us. But the AI students among them still number at most in the low thousands in all at the moment, while companies say they are prepared to hire tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of AI experts …”

As Kai-Fu Lee explains in his book, deep learning AI is the big breakthrough and that technological breakthrough is already in the rearview mirror. Andrew Yang said yesterday at his rally that we are only three years away from an AI robot sounding identical to a human.

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“The U.S. and China, front runners in the race to lead the world in AI, are playing with different strengths: China has vast amounts of data and money at its disposal, but the U.S. has a significant leg up in talent.

The big picture: Crucially, the American talent pool is made up mostly of international researchers and students, according to a new analysis from Joy Dantong Ma of the Paulson Institute.

More than half of the best-of-the-best AI researchers in the U.S. are originally from other countries, Ma writes.

Why it matters: If Ma is right, the Trump administration’s immigration policy may be damaging its efforts to win the AI race.

New visa restrictions specifically targeting Chinese immigrants could be especially harmful to U.S. universities trying to attract the best students for AI programs — and, by extension, to U.S. companies looking to hire top AI talent once they graduate. …”

Actually, it doesn’t matter at all.

Kai-Fu Lee explains in his book why China doesn’t need immigrants. The technological place we are at now is like the immediate aftermath of the invention of electricity. The question now is how fast will the new technology be implemented by the government and entrepreneurs. How many new devices can deep learning AI be applied to now to automate the economy?

Note: MUH GUNS! I NEED MUH GUNS TO FIGHT HALF SENTIENT DRONES AND CYLONS! Just observing that science fiction has a way of coming true in the long run. Surely, the Chinese aren’t already working on robotic soldiers and drones powered by deep learning AI, right?

joking/not joking this doesn’t sound nearly as far fetched as it might look

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  1. There are companies in Canada that already have automated or nearly automated production facilities. New factory start ups in Europe are mostly automated, too. Even in shops where automation is not so far along, the machines aren’t fifty to sixty years old, like they are in American plants.

    Japan has already had these facilities since the 1980s. There’s a factory in Japan, which makes vacuum cleaners. Robots toil in near total darkness, in automated production cells. Except for maintenance crews, the staff are all up in the head office, not on the shop floor.

    Most electronic devices are assembled by machines. Many automotive firms already have automated assembly lines.

    When asked why automation hasn’t taken off in America, a Japanese expert quipped that “America still has plenty of low wage slaves to do the work that is done by machines in Japan.”

    What we have are leaders dedicated to the Jewish program of White genocide and promoting Jewish interests. Thus their clinging to non White immigration, when it makes no sense otherwise. And Middle East wars on Israel’s behalf.

    We also have old fashioned oligarchs, who are dedicated to 19th Century global domination. Hence their building of aircraft carriers and maintenance of massive fleets, armies and airforces, in an age where the new empires and power blocks are virtual and based on money, influence, information and the manipulation of abstract symbols. Not battleships, bombers and bayonets.

    They’re also dedicated to old fashioned labour and race politics, enforcing a 19th Century work regime with token computers retrofitted onto it, and fighting Communism and other all but extinct ideological enemies.

    USZOG is still trying to invent new weapons to win WWII and the Cold War.

    USZOG is not in the race for AI, everybody else is.

    Meanwhile, the USZOG Navy is considering bringing back the battleship, in updated form, naturally.

    These same Oligarchs own U.S. corporations. They’re not really interested in AI or Automation, except where it can save a few pennies here and there. They’re more interested in dominating people, which in a Fourth Wave Society, isn’t possible.

    They’ll just make the excuse that they can’t afford the massive start up costs of Automation. Besides, it’ll hurt Niggers, somehow, and they can get lots of Mestizos and Pakistanis to do the work that’s increasingly being done by automated machines in Mexico and Pakistan.

    We’re not gonna catch up with the rest of the modern world, and enter the 21st Century, until we get rid of the 19th Century government and education systems, and the people who maintain and benefit from them.

    Get rid of the 19th and 20th Centuries, first. Everybody else in the World already has.

    On railroad warning signs in Germany, they’ve replaced the steam locomotive silhouette/icon, with an electric locomotive. Their reasoning for the change was that steam locomotives no longer define modern rail operations.

    • I would say that we can be 100% certain that the Chinese military and likely the US military is already experimenting with applying deep learning AI to both drones and robots. It is always the military that is the first to seize on and develop new technologies.

    • Yes, but as Kai-Fu Lee explains in his book there were decades in which AI research went nowhere due to the rejection of the “neural networks” approach. The big breakthrough came during the Obama presidency and is called deep learning which has led to the achievement of “narrow AI,” which is to say, half sentient robots that can now learn like a human.

      • That’s been a goal since the 1960’s. Westinghouse, now owned by Toshiba, was an early leader in machine learning.

      • @Hunter Wallace
        “narrow AI,” is just like being good at one task and one task only. It is like those kids who are mentally retarded, but for some reason they can play piano robotically.

        Here is why I have no fath in science fiction fantasies of robots with human level AI coming to be our slave boys in 5 years:

        When I was growing up, computers were doubling their speed and memory every year, so when you upgraded your computer it really meant something. Now the speed of the processors is improving by small fractions each year, and young programmers are no longer trained to make their programs run efficiently. So your computer runs slow and laggy compared to 10 and 20 years ago. Its just awful if you notice these things. Classical computing seems to have hit the wall.

        Luke Smith has noticed the same thing and comments on it here.

        P.S. Luke Smith is a useful channel to bookmark, if you want to learn how to make your own website, instead of rely on ban happy Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube.

        Soon they will be using A.I. to ban us. If we say the wong thing oin their platform we will be gone in 5 seconds. That is the only A.I. future I have faith in.

  2. Before gulping down the red pill in 2010 I had been under the spell of shows like BSG. I mean deep, blue spell.
    BSG really was cartoonishly Jewish.
    The entire show kinda played out like a Jew wet dream, to be fair and honest.

    Caprica was a bit better han BSG but it, too, was cartoonishly Jewish.

    I gratefully watch them both through a Jew wise lens now, the only lens.

    Why Caprica got ditched after the mini series and a long first season, with a ghey cliffhanger, I don’t really care. It did mean loss of profit for Jews lol.

  3. I hate to break it to you but AI – as it’s hyped today – has the same core technology that existed 30+ years ago. They have done nothing innovative – many layers of neurons (hence “deep learning”) actually makes it harder to learn. The new frameworks that surround and run the core engine dazzle the young engineers but it’s really all bullsh__ from the perspective of being something new AI-wise.

    The eye-opening demonstrations – such as the Boston Dynamics robot that did a back-flip, were made possible NOT by AI, but by advances in miniaturized sensor assemblies, motors, and computing platforms (high performance, low cost, very small sizes). The robot doing a back-flip is really a multi-dimensional (appendages) control problem – doesn’t need an AI solution.

    If you think in terms of the elites behind the “New World Order”, AI is an agenda that they are pushing to get people to focus on an “artificial god” – a “god” because it can (supposedly) “think” faster than humans and create better solutions to problems. And this is what the elites want – to take our focus away from the True God (with Jesus Christ as part of the equation), and to start believing in “artificial gods”. Again – the core technology has not changed in 30+ years and they are not doing anything that could really be called “innovative”. Everybody has been dazzled by the marketing and re-packaging of an old technology.

    That being said – it is a very powerful technology – however, multiple / deep layers is the wrong approach. The trick is in setting up the training and test sets – that’s where the real work is involved (90% of it). But most young people today are lazy and want solutions that don’t take a lot of work – so the idea of tossing a bunch of data at a large Neural Network (lots of layers) and letting it train for days is appealing. They get results but nothing Earth-shattering and not even 1% of what the Neural Networks can really accomplish.

    Again – think of it as an agenda – the elites are pushing for the population to believe in “artificial gods” and turn their attention away from The True God.

    • I disagree.

      1.) First, I read all of this and it had no impact on my religious faith. Actually, I have become more serious about my religion over the last year which is why there are so many more posts about Christianity.

      2.) Second, there were two camps in AI research and decades went by with little progress. There was the neural networks approach and this other approach which from I can tell was less empirical and more nationalistic. The big breakthrough is deep learning and that came when Obama was President and now the US and China are racing to develop the technology and create applications for it.

      3.) Third, I have been looking into this and believe my own eyes. We really are rolling out applications of deep learning AI and that is destroying working class jobs just like Yang and all these other tech nerds are saying it is

  4. Hunter said “AI research went nowhere due to the rejection of the “neural networks” approach.”

    Actually no – they are using Neural Networks still. They claim that the big difference is that they are using many layers and maybe a few other small tweaks. The core engine of deep learning – Neural Networks – has been around for 3+ decades.

    As one who understands this technology intimately, I’ve been amazed to watch all of the hoopla over this “new technology”. Finally I realized that it’s the agenda that the elites are driving with an evil purpose – to move our trust from The True God to “artificial gods” – this is all part of the Luciferian doctrine and plan.

    • I will address this in the review.

      Basically, this other approach was dominant for decades, and recently there was a shift back to the neural network approach which has taken off. In the last three years, there has been massive progress in AI

  5. AI is just a tool in the hands of ZOG. It won’t make men better rulers. It will likely give bad rulers greater power to oppress.

    True, guns will be useless against AI soldier robots. But they will be indispensable in defending against feral Negroids in the no man’s land to which free White men will be relegated – if they are not just exterminated altogether by AI as noncompliant pests.

    Voting our way into paradise hasn’t worked these 6000 years. Why will it work now?

  6. hunter is an expert on this stuff. he read a book, after all.

    he’s been thinking about robots for 2 months, at least.

    • I trust glarg blarg’s assessment.

      He knows better than 1.) our own lying eyes, 2.) all these robots souped up with deep learning being rolled out on a daily basis now, 3.) Yang and Kai-Fu Lee, 4.) Elon Musk and virtually the entire tech community, 5.) the Chinese government and 6.) all these Chinese students flooding into AI research.

      We need to reelect Blompf in 2020 because $1,000 a month will cause “hyperinflation” and Yang will take our guns away which we wouldn’t be able to use to fight drones in Civil War 2

  7. Last comment on this.

    Hunter – you’re a very smart guy and are deeply insightful – I’ve followed your blog for years now. I’m just asking you to think about the bigger picture.

    This AI fad is part of an overall strategy to move the population into trusting an artificial god. First it started with Apple’s Siri – then along came Alexa. So we’re used to taking advice from machine voices that have names attached to them. The next step is “well the AI system says that really we should take these steps to save the human race – it totally agrees that Climate Change is a threat to mankind – and if the AI system says it, then we must believe it of course”. At that point we believe what the AI system says – because we’ve been conditioned to take the advice of Siri and Alexa.

    You say that everybody is jumping into AI – well a lot of people are on the “Climate Change” bandwagon as well – does that mean that they’re correct?

    What people fail to realize is the AI – Neural Networks specifically – can be trained to give whatever answers you want. So behind the scenes, these “AI systems” can be trained to show that “Climate Change” is real and a serious threat to humanity. They can also be trained to show that White people are dangerous to society because they easily become White Nationalists. The possibilities are endless.

    Most tech researchers working in the AI arena don’t know about what was done before – so they think it’s all new and cutting-edge. People are dazzled by the articles of Intel developing Neural Network processors so that thousands and millions of neurons can be trained in parallel. History repeating itself – a company called Accurate Automation, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, did the same thing in the early 90s – they built and sold boards for running massively parallel neural networks. The idea being that training time could be reduced by using hardware processing and larger neural networks could be used for image processing applications.

    Bottom line is that it’s no accident that AI came onto the scene recently – it dovetails very well with the conditioning of people to accept suggestions from machine voices – specifically Siri and Alexa. The purpose of this “AI Revolution” is to gain more control over the population – and it will work.

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