MIGA: Who Is Blompf, Really?

INTP Scorpios are natural detectives.

In the last article, we aired our suspicions that Andrew Yang is a Left-Authoritarian like virtually all the other Asians based on biographical information about his life.

If Andrew Yang is a Left-Authoritarian, what is Blompf? Is Blompf really a populist? I’ve been a populist for 15 years and … lately, he has been rubbing me the wrong way. In fact, there is something that has been bothering me about him since December 2016.

Something about Blompf … isn’t right

joking/not joking click through and listen

Why did he appeal to me in 2016?

Where was Blompf in the 2016 election? How did he win the election?

Where is Blompf now … in 2019? He’s not in the same position anymore. The character he plays for all the rubes has changed his position and is now somewhere near Hannity.

No … something still isn’t right.

Andrew Yang is a True Believer. He is a Left-Authoritarian.

Mike Pence is a True Believer. He is a Right-Authoritarian.

But … what about Blompf? He doesn’t believe in economic fairness. He isn’t a real populist. Come to think about it, he doesn’t believe in social cohesion either.

How can we possibly square Blompf the man with social conservatism? There is utterly nothing about his life at all that suggests he is a social conservative. That’s because he isn’t a social conservative. It is why he is so comfortable with casinos, adultery with Stormy Daniels, homosexuality, etc. Blompf had no problem selling out to the GOP establishment because he too is a Right-Libertarian.

Note: Take it with a grain of salt.

I will just say that I had him pegged before nearly anyone else in December 2016. I started watching him and analyzing the growing contradictions between his rhetoric and policies.

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  1. I don’t want to blow my own trumpet too much but i had him pegged as a degenerate Zionist stooge in 2015 when he started to make belligerent threats against Iran and referred to Muslims as “snakes”. And then there was his socially liberal Jewish daughter, his waving of the rainbow flag, his disgustingly servile AIPAC speech (which everyone made excuses for) his personal ties with the Israeli PM and on and on.

    It just shows how psychologically desperate pro-whites are that they threw all their support behind this used care salesman because he said a few implicitly pro-white things. Trump’s message was essentially this: “We’re going to leave the Jews in charge and things will continue as normal but the Jewish boot on your neck will ease the pressure off just a bit.” By voting for Trump whites were willing to accept that deal. Whites were willing to defile themselves and beg for scraps. It was a humiliation for whites. Whites need to aim higher than a slowdown of white genocide.

    I mean was anything good ever going to come from a candidate that was enthusiastically supported by the Zionist assholes at Breitbart? A candidate supported by sick homosexual Jews like Milo Yiannopoulos and Lucian Wintrich? 2016 was the year whites convinced themselves they could win by making a deal with the devil. What a surprise things didn’t work out.

    • Look closely at the maps above.

      What do you see in the electorate behind the Trump movement? Pretty much the entire Republican Party is now authoritarian. It’s just that … the president is a moron and a con artist and he sold out to the GOP establishment. If you think about it, one day Blompf will be gone and Conservatism, Inc will be gone as well. What becomes of those people?

      • They do what con artists always do, they move on to find the next victim to bleed dry.

        I believe in Trump, he had me fooled right up until I noticed doing 2017 that his actions did not match up with his words.

    • Supporting another cause instead of building their own party, is why American WN has gone no where after all these years. Nationalists in every other white country have been slowly building up their own representation, while American WN are still eating crayons. I don’t understand the problem. I assume there is a fatal flaw in the American character, where they will only support something if they can win it all right now. I suggest you get out sooner rather than later Ricky, because when this ship goes down it will be fast and it will pull everyone down with it. Glug, glug, glug…

      • Exactly, this is THE issue, yet the troll-right leaders are opposed to us having our own party. I’ve heard the Daily Stormer/TRS crowd react with fury and rage at the idea that we shouldn’t support the GOP. They are locked into the hopeless strategy of trying to subvert the Republican Party.

        Imagine if we had started building a pro-white party 20 years ago. We could be in power now instead of Trump. Either that or we would be in striking distance like nationalists in so much of Europe are now.

        All the effort that went towards supporting the GOP, supporting Buchanan in 2000, Ron Paul and now Trump is largely wasted.

        We need to contest elections under our own banner. The short term thinking has to stop. Too many people who joined the alt-right in the last 5 years are too invested in a desire to be influential in mainstream politics right now. We need better leadership than we have now to change our strategy towards long term building and community politics.

    • “Whites were willing to defile themselves and beg for scraps.”

      You’re just retconning — no, actually, out-and-out LYING — like a moron.

      Whites voted for Trump because he repeatedly promised a border wall which would block the demographic flood of cockroaches into our country, along with deportations, a cutback in work visas, and similar policies.

      There aren’t “scraps,” nor were Whites “begging” for them. The policies outlined wouldn’t have solved the situation, but they would have been a massive step in the right direction. People voted for Trump because there was at least a chance of his starting a reversal in the survival of their country and nation. If they hadn’t voted for him, there wouldn’t have been even a CHANCE.

      You’re just trolling and ragging on Whites in an effort to demoralize them. Jew.

      • A border wall was scraps. A politician who’s all talk about a border wall – which you may be learning the hard way by now – does not stop mass immigration. It reduces illegal immigration. But legal immigration is whatever the jews deem it to be. What use has your border been in preventing Somalis and other brown goblins from flooding the nation?

        And then even with your imaginary border wall, you’d still be sending billions of tax dollars each year to a terrorist state, with terrorist brethren like Jared Kushner running the show. What self-respecting individual votes for this?

        • Re “a border wall was scraps”… Soooo true, as the Orange One would say. It was a not-so-clever con that aimed to be PC by TrueCon standards. And normie pro-Whites are getting the thrashing of their lives for daring to follow the lead of a con artist President who won’t stand up for them.

    • And then you had morons like Anglin, who for a while was calling Trump “Supreme God Emperor”, going on about “muh Overton Window”. Trying to shift the Overton Window has been a complete failure.

      Either vote for a politician who will DIRECTLY stand up for European rights, or don’t vote at all.

  2. WE are the superior race. It’s OUR homeland. Don’t look outside of us for a savior. THE CONFEDERATE PARTY is our savior. Massage it into existence.

  3. You haven’t a ‘ghost’ of a chance with that one, Gray. If the Reagan Boomers are still living behind the Berlin Wall of their minds, y’all are still playing Dixie on your banjos, while living in the Appomattox of your mind. (Like a wheel within a wheel)

  4. Blormpf is almost a cipher, an exceedingly vain, intellectually shallow buffoon with no convictions or beliefs. Deep down I must have known this all along, but I wanted to see where the Trump Train was going.

  5. “If you think about it, one day Blompf will be gone and Conservatism, Inc will be gone as well. What becomes of those people?”

    The #MAGA agenda will continue under the auspices of Vice-God-Emperor Pence, KKK Kobach, righteous Jew Stephen Miller, and brain bug Bannon! No surrender, no retreat!

  6. When I read stuff like this:

    ” They are also aware of #Trump’s unlimited support for #Israel at all costs and by any means. An Israeli-#US war on Syria would be disastrous…” (From Elijah Magnier)

    and see the US make severe threats against tiny Lebanon I have little interest in where Trump is on a diagram. I just want him deported to Israel where he belongs. Along with Pence, Pompeo, and Bolton.

  7. HW: “I had him pegged before nearly everyone else in December 2016”

    that’s 17 months too late. Haxo, on this and a dozen other sites,

    warned all and sundry beginning June 2015. But

    U didn’t listen. Now

    your at it again with this

    slant-eyed scammer.


    • If you look closely at the maps above, you will see that backing Blompf in 2016 wasn’t a total loss. He did succeed in moving the Overton Window. Virtually all the Republicans are authoritarians now. They used to be more libertarian in the Reagan years. Those people are all dead now or have moved on from where they were previously. Sure, he failed as a president and got nothing done, but it hardly follows that the base underneath him wasn’t changed by the process. He will be gone soon and those people will need a new leader with a better vision.

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