Trump Celebrates His Global Crusade To Decriminalize Homosexuality

I’m confused:

I’ve been told that I to put aside all my views on economics and foreign policy because we have to rally together to vote for Blompf in 2020 because of the “social issues”:

Yes, the Trump administration is leading two global crusades to promote homosexuality and feminism around the world.

Yes, the Trump administration banned bump stocks and passed criminal justice reform which Obama couldn’t do in eight years as president.

Yes, the Trump administration is leading the fight to undo the evil racist 1994 crime bill after running on “law and order” in 2016.

Yes, the political correctness, social media censorship and the Antifa violence is significantly worse than it was under Obama.

Yes, there is no border wall and illegal immigration and legal immigration have soared to record highs and is worse than it was under Obama.

Yes, the suicide and opioid epidemic in White America is also now worse than it was when Obama was president.

Yes, the GOP Congress has condemned White Nationalism on at least three occasions since Charlottesville.

Yes, the Trump Justice Department has prosecuted White Nationalist groups like the Rise Above Movement.

OH MY … are you really willing to sell out and take the “thirty pieces of silver” for $1,000 a month? Are you really willing to write off mainstream conservatism as worth less than $1,000 a month?


Note: 53% of Americans are social conservatives. 4% of Americans are Right-Libertarians. Who is more influential in the GOP?

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  1. Dandy Don Drumpf brings lollipops & fancypants for all the world! Especially Eye-Ran…

  2. The responses from the gay activists under that Trump tweet are pretty funny. They are saying Trump says one thing while his admin does the exact opposite.

  3. People coming back from European visits have noticed that US embassies have rainbow flags and similar crap displayed. As if Hungarians or Poles, among others, would want to descend to celebrating guys buttpumping or chicks clamdigging. They’re trying to preserve a decent culture and moral climate, so they don’t want our degeneracy promoted there.

  4. The extent of this agenda is utterly mind boggling. I saw where the LGBQTXYZ Negroes in Kenya were waving around factory made Rainbow Flags and glossy, professionally produced Signs, while wearing dingy clothing that was clearly provided by Western charities, such as T-Shirts with distinctly American logos, slogans and images on them; things that the people wearing them would have absolutely no inkling of.

    Yet, the obvious intrusion and influence of American interventionism in these affairs appears to escape the notice of the general public, who seem to just accept these “spontaneous uprisings” as more evidence of “a global resistance against hate and intolerance.” It’s simply unfathomable to the majority that the United States and the United Nations are staging these events for their own diabolical purposes.

  5. I wonder if Trump’s open pandering to the LGBTQ sodomite lobby will finally wake up American evangelicals that Trump is not a Christian by any possible definition of the term? Probably not. Confronted with this fact, they will argue that it is not true, mutter something random about muh Israel, or perhaps get uncomfortable and begin visualizing the Rapture. Modern Christianity is utterly apostate, as I argue in my latest blog post.

  6. I would say I would vote for Tulsi but neither Tulsi or Lang (Sorry, HW) are going to get the Democratic nomination. Once more I emphasize the Ethno-State resolution is the only solution!

  7. I get into a debate on a regular basis with brainwashed Christian Conservatives about Trump. I have no use for Christian Conservatives or Trump. However these idiots keep Voting Republican. Don’t realize that Democrats are the same as Republicans on social and moral issues. It’s really a joke. People literally get stuck on the lesser of 2 evils thing. Trump is probably more socially liberal than Obama. That’s the truth. However Christians and Conservatives can’t see it. Those people are the biggest idiot Voters. The only thing Christian Conservatives care about is Jews. The Jews and nothing but the Jews. It’s pathetic. Being a Conservative is what people did in 1970 right after the Civil Rights Movement. Conservatives did nothing for nobody but the Super Rich and Zionists. The future is Christian / Nationalism….putting our Faith and Race before Money and Zionism. Deo Vindice !

  8. Trump is a jewish shill. The global crusade to decriminalize is a jewish scheme to provoke and inflame anti-Americanism in the Muslim world. It is good for the jews/Israel when Muslim hatred is directed towards the US and Europe.

  9. This is a test by the mainstream GOP: they are still under the delusion that if they bend over backwards to the feminists the blacks and the Jews hard enough they will have some more non-white votes.

    However as demographics start to change some more the GOP will find out that there isn’t enough traditional GOP voters to elect them and they will finally realize that they are the part of white people and it’s timr they start acting like one.

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