David French Looks Forward To The Day When President Kamala Harris and Twitter Are Censoring The Alt-Right

National Review:

“If, say, Kamala Harris wins the White House and Twitter permits her to use its services to announce that she’s forming a committee to study the feasibility of reparations for slavery, does she then have to allow that thread to be hijacked by white nationalists and other vile alt-right voices? I say no. The Second Circuit says yes. …”

Frenchism is a joke, but hell we have been saying that for years now. It is only in 2019 that social conservatives are beginning to catch up with us.

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  1. David “eunuch” French favorite American governor must be fat jew J.B. (Jew bastard) pritzker of Illinois.

    After having his jug ears filled with the screeching of negros and anti-white sjws, the billionaire askennazi governor cancelled an appearance at the Illinois state fair by the band Confederate Railroad because they include a confederate battle flag emblem on their merchandise.

    Snoop Dogg’s newest release is called “Make America crip again ” with an image a body bag. Snoop’s invitation to play the Illinois state fair hasn’t been pulled.

    David Frech must approve.

  2. As he believes pro-White voices to be vile, French must be happy about all the cultural enrichment pouring over the border. According to a recent press release from US Customs and Border Patrol, in the Del Rio sector agents have stopped non-white “refugees” from 45 countries. In overall numbers, they’ve seen a 500% rise in non-Mexican migrants since last year. In only one sector. God knows what diseases they’re bringing along for the ride.

    No one seems to be exactly sure who’s paying for (just one example) Congolese to come to Mexico, and then travel up to Maine. If the explanation is related to how Somalis and Hmong got to Minnesota, it’s (((foundations))) quietly funneling money to receptive “social service organizations” in the state. With the full cooperation of politicians and bureaucrats somehow getting a portion of that largess themselves. US taxpayers ultimately get the bill, of course, as a reward for being made more diverse against our wishes. Well, to be fair, Frenchcuck is probably rooting for them to get here. He’s hoping at least a few of them get a turn with his wife.

  3. People’s feelings about multiracial diversity is proportional to how far they live from diverse environments. The closer they live the more they are opposed to diversity. The further they live from it the more they support it. For thee but not for me!

  4. That creepy, cuckolded faggot David French is just butt-hurt that the alt right is being mean to him and his niglet “daughter”. In an earlier, more honorable age a worthless character like him would have been challenged to a duel. And then after not showing up he would have disappeared into shameful obscurity.

  5. Why doesn’t this fag just join the Democrats already? What does he actually stand for but hating whites?

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