Pat Buchanan: Trump Won The First Democratic Debate


“Since the Democratic debates in June, the tide seems to have receded for the party and its presidential hopefuls.

In new polls, only Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump comfortably.

The other top-tier candidates — Sens. Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg — are running even with Trump, a measurable drop. A Washington Post-ABC poll just found Trump at 47% approval, a new high for his presidency.

Apparently, the more the nation sees of the alternatives to Trump the Democrats have on offer, the better The Donald looks. For Democrats, this is not good, not good at all. …”

I agree.

Blompf’s best shot at winning reelection is to hope the Democrats destroy and disqualify each other in the primary. The first debate had to be very encouraging for his campaign. It was so cringe and extreme on immigration that all the other leading Democratic candidates except Biden fell in the polls into a tie with Blompf in head to head matchups.

After watching the first debate, I learned that the Democrats support free healthcare for illegal aliens, decriminalizing illegal immigration, reparations for slavery and forced busing. After that debate, I went from Yang to back on the fence. I might vote for Tulsi, but given the mood of the Democrat base it is hard to see her surviving to the Iowa Caucuses.

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  1. The state I live in isn’t gonna go blue, so I will be hunting on election night. Fuck it.

    I would rather bung a deer then vote for any of these people.

    If you don’t know what that is, then ur not white enough for me to care what you think of my decisions anyhow, so get off meh.


  2. Why vote at all? No one supports our interests. Concentrate on supporting the few Whites either not apathetic about our fate, or actively trying to kill off our own and our civilization. Politicians don’t give a damn about helping Whites in the present or future, and they don’t even care about preserving our past. We’ll have to look to ourselves for possible solutions.

  3. I don’t believe these polls. As Drumpf pulls in 10s of thousands at rallies whilst thousands sit outside hoping to get in.
    In the meantime these democrats running only get a couple hundred at town hall meetings.
    We need a miracle and I hope it came by a man named Epstein. I’ll get much enjoyment watching these rats squirm if he name names. Won’t you?

  4. In past decades, democrats used to lie about their views and compromise some of their policies and agendas in order to get elected. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, they would at least strive to be impartial and tolerate opposing views, despite leaning to the left on the political spectrum at the same time. As soon as the obama era came along(2009-2016), those moderately liberal democrats no longer had a voice in the party. This democrat party of today mainly consists of openly anti-white, anti-male communists and radicals. These new minority democrats don’t care one bit to beat around the bushes and compromise their views, they are upfront about what they want.

    • @Denise, Iranian nukes are an Israeli and neoconservative lie.

      We’d have a better chance of getting nuked by Pakistan.

    • Denise,

      You could do a Slim Pickens part like in the Dr. Strangelove movie. Where he rides a bomb down to the ground starting WWIII and the annihilation of most of humanity. I would miss you but I would always honor you as a benefactor of humanity by taking out the USA.

      My comment was made lightly and not meant to say that you are expendable.

  5. Trump will lose by an underwhelming margin. Given the Dems’ crazytown positions, Rs could keep the Senate due to voters hedging. Dems will keep House; a handful of seats might flip back to Rs, a couple will flip to Ds. After this, 2022 will be an R wave year similar to 2010. Hopefully the post-Trump GOP will have some sense, but I’m not counting on it.

  6. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the upcoming election. What you want means less than nothing to the Rulers.
    This “democracy” crap is a bad joke and a fraud.

  7. I have no interest in the upcoming election and will not be voting. Fucking waste of time.

  8. BUT…..if Trump allows hostile Neo-Conservative elements to goad him into a war with Iran you can bet he will lose the election. If he is too stupid to figure that out then he does not deserve a second term!

  9. Buchanan is right but he also needs to look very hard at what Trump himself is doing.

    Trump has a major liability with the people he has put in charge of his campaign who are all big time mainstream conservatives. It’s not Lewandowski this time or even Steve Bannon who is a good bullshitter. It’s Parscale, Charlie Kirk and Mercedes Schlapp who will run a typical hardcore conservative anti-populist John McCain-tier campaign.

    A good example of this – the Trump campaigns counter-message on the night of the debate? Israel. The Democrats didn’t talk about Israel. That was the concern of the Trump campaign – not all the other shit that was said. This is the kind of brain-dead shit you can expect from the likes of Kirk and Schlapp who are clueless donor-funded beltway political hacks.

    Trump has a major problem this time and it’s the opposite of 2016 – it’s non-college educated Whites. Trump has given them zero reason to want to come out. The polling among that group shows that Trump has a steep hill to climb to win them back and i believe he will have a low turnout among that group which will be enough votes to cost him key states.

  10. The Democrats have become the party for anybody but White People. Any sense of moderate policies has been removed. Any sense of Christianity. Any sense of Truth. It’s really sad. However I know the game….Democrats know that America will be minority majority in the near future. It’s a game of race. The Republicans will never win another election when White People are the minority. However do I care about the Republican Party? Heck No! Those pigs will do nothing but support our destruction! Just as long as the Jew is Safe! The GOP has no care for Morality and the White Working Class. We have a better way….a future of White Nationalism. Deo Vindice !

  11. I don’t care who wins, but as a purely academic observation, I think Trump stands a good chance. The democrats are just a chaotic clown car of uninspiring nutcases, idiots, and wogs. Trump at least has showmanship going for him, even if it’s backed up by nothing.

    In a popularity contest between a carnival barker and a group of demented sad sacks, I’d put odds on the carnival barker.

  12. Trump is history. I put my money on 110% turnouts in black precincts in Cleveland and Philadelphia, hundreds of thousands of Puerto Rican votes in Florida, manufactured votes in Broward County, millions of votes cast by illegal aliens and dead negroes, Jews voting at home in NY and also in Florida, etc., etc. The Dems, media and secret police (aka intelligence community) will take no chances this time. The only way Trump wins is if the Dems go full “get whitey” and that frightens whites into giving Trump ~70% of their votes. Of course he will not have earned those votes having given them nothing.

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