National Review Calls For Red Flag Laws, Mass Arrests of Shitposters, COINTELPRO Sabotage of White Nationalist Groups

It is date night.

I’m taking my wife out to eat and to see The Lion King. Before I head out the door, I want to show you what the True Conservatives at National Review are proposing to do to White Nationalists. As you know, “conservative liberals” are dedicated to the preserving the eternal principles of classical liberalism, which makes them a very different breed of animal from “progressive liberals.”

I will have a lot more to say about this later tonight when I get home. It will probably be sufficient though just to show you the value of the principles of “conservative liberalism” to our community.

David French calls for a declaration of war on White Nationalism:

“It’s time to face some dreadful, terrible facts. The United States is now facing a deadly challenge from a connected, radical, online-organizing community of vicious white-nationalist terrorists. They are every bit as evil as jihadists, and they radicalize in much the same way. And just like the ISIS terrorists our nation and our allies have confronted in the great cities of the West, they use the most modern of tools to advance the oldest of hatreds.

America has faced waves of white-supremacist terror in the past, and there are always at least some, few extremists lurking in the dark corners of American life. We’ve come to expect the occasional act of white-supremacist violence, and we’ve sometimes explained it away as the last spasm of a dying bigotry.

Beginning in 2015, however, it became apparent to those who had eyes to see that our nation was starting to experience a new youth movement of hate. The Charleston church massacre was followed by a strange — and for those who experienced it — terrifying wave of bizarre online racist harassment. The word “alt-right” entered the American lexicon. …”

Here is David French again endorsing Blompf’s call this morning for Red Flag Laws where social media companies and liberal judges can take your guns away without due process:

“A so-called “red flag” law fills the gaps in criminal law and the laws governing mental-health adjudications by granting standing to a defined, limited universe of people to seek temporaryseizure orders — called gun-violence-restraining orders — for a gun if they can present admissible evidence that the gun’s owner is exhibiting threatening behavior. …

“There is no question that poorly drafted laws are subject to abuse. Grant too many people standing to seek an order, lower the burdens of proof, or allow for easy access to ex parte orders, and you expose law-abiding citizens to the threat of vindictive proceedings. But these are fixable issues that should not be an impediment to effective reform. The Federal Commission on School Safety, which has recommended passing red-flag laws, wisely argues that “states should adopt clear and narrow definitions identifying appropriate persons with standing to file a petition” and that “states can deter misuse or abuse of the [red flag] process through appropriate criminal penalties for false (bad faith) or harassing petitions.”2

No one should suggest that red-flag laws represent a cure for mass shootings. Of course they don’t. The challenge is too complex and the trend too well entrenched to be defeated by any single public policy. If properly drafted, such laws do, however, provide the public with a vital tool that can cover the gaps left between a healthy criminal-prosecution regime and a woefully inadequate mental-health-adjudication process.

A partial public-policy cure — especially one that is targeted to the exact real-world challenges presented by mass shooters — is better than no cure at all. Trump is right to call for red-flag laws. State legislators should heed his call.”

Here is Rich Lowry on how the FBI should infiltrate and disrupt White Nationalist groups and communities like they did to the Klan with the COINTELPRO program back in the 1960s:

“Of course, the contemporary FBI obviously isn’t going to take over the alt-right, nor should we want it to. The abuses of the COINTELPRO programs — the FBI also targeted civil-rights groups and the New Left, among others — became notorious when they were exposed in the 1970s.

There are also practical obstacles to the FBI duplicating its anti-Klan work, the most important of which is that the Klan was an organization, whereas today’s white supremacists are isolated, free-floating haters whose only connection to anyone else often is anonymous Internet postings.

Yet the FBI needs to be intensely focused on this threat. The bureau should take an intelligence-based approach. It should monitor sewer Internet boards such as 8chan, the preferred white-supremacist forum for propagandizing for mass murder. Posters who cross over from First Amendment–protected speech to incitement should be prosecuted. The FBI should interview anyone expressing sympathy with terrorism — just as it does with suspected Islamic extremists — and surveil such persons as appropriate and permitted under the law.3

El Paso was an outrage, and surely not the last. We need to react accordingly.

Andrew McCarthy on how all “white supremacists” should be considered police suspects and investigated by law enforcement. This is all very “constitutional” like arbitrarily seizing firearms from people:

“What is required, however, is the will to do a full-court press. White supremacists tend to strike as loners, not as operatives of an organization; but there are social-media communities and other meeting places to which they gravitate. We have to set aside the reluctance to monitor the resulting communications and associations for intelligence purposes.

If a person is a white supremacist, that implies a hostility to our societal order and sympathy for racist brutality. To cite the obvious example, the online message board 8chan, on which the El Paso white-supremacist terrorist posted his manifesto, often lionizes Dylann Roof, the infamous white supremacist who carried out the Charleston church massacre. No, being a white supremacist and associating with white supremacists are not, by themselves, grounds for prosecution; but they are constitutionally sufficient grounds for police suspicion. They warrant investigation. It has always been permissible to use beliefs, associations, and speech for evidentiary purposes in criminal investigations. This is not criminalizing constitutionally protected ideas; it is investigating to prevent the violent crimes to which aggressively hateful ideas are known to lead.

The First Amendment protects a person’s right to believe in white supremacism, to be a white supremacist, to associate with other white supremacists, and to discuss their repulsive beliefs. Yet, the Constitution does not require police — or the rest of us — to blind ourselves to the nexus between ideology and violence.”

Jim Geraghty on how mass arrests and detentions of Alt-Right and White Nationalist shit posters could be done:

“Over the weekend, Twitter commentator Kilgore Trout offered an extreme option: Authorities can determine who posts on boards that celebrate mass shootings or troll about them, and they should charge them as accessories to the crime. (Profanity warning at the link; the term for posting memes and other messages celebrating, promoting, and encouraging mass shooters is a four-letter word.) Cleaning up his language a bit, his recommendation is. . .

“You’re not going to fix the problem one white nationalist ****poster at a time. their networks need to be destroyed by putting them in constant fear that their next ****post body count meme is going to be the one that sends the feds to their door. Yes, this is a government action deliberately designed to suppress speech, and no, slyly conspiring to commit acts of terror in broad daylight on 8chan is not protected speech after the acts of terror are no longer hypotheticals. This is what we’d advocate for if ISIS set up shop in America and created a bunch of one-man splinter cells ready to activate at any moment. No one would bat an eye at arresting the accomplices – it’s just less recognizable as white nationalist ****posting. if you want to share ****posts about shooting the [offensive term for Latinos] and gassing the Jews, go right ahead, no one’s stopping you. But if one of your ****post buddies you go back and forth with on 8chan then goes out and does it, yeah, you should be good and[in deep trouble].” …

Maybe this just reflects an exhaustion with “trolling” culture. If you spend a significant amount of time online — particularly on Twitter — you’ve probably put up with more abuse than your ever imagined, often racist or anti-Semitic and more than vaguely threatening. The vast majority of us think of ourselves as a First Amendment supporters, but perhaps you can only be sent “Trump’s gonna put you in the ovens” memes so many times before you start thinking, “to hell with this, if this guy sending me this message is such a big fan of fascism, let’s have the government throw his butt in jail for what he posts and see if he likes it so much then.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1.) First, this is all highly “constitutional.”

2.) Second, this is also extremely “principled.”

3.) Third, “conservative liberalism” is very different from “progressive liberalism” and should be taken seriously.

4.) Fourth, this is fully consistent with the eternal principles of classical liberalism. This is not a volte face call for authoritarianism and state repression.

5.) Fifth, it is simply isn’t true that conservatives have conserved nothing, and the proof of their success is gun control. Conservatives are holding the line on gun control by supporting Minority Report-style pre-crime surveillance, suppression of dissidents and confiscation of firearms.

6.) Finally, you need to get out and support Blompf in the 2016 election because the Democrats R The Real Racists and the black unemployment rate has never been lower and the U.S. embassy has been moved to Jerusalem. We want them to come in legally in the HIGHEST NUMBERS EVER.

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      • So your holiday statement about internet hysterics and prospering Whites in the real US world hasn’t aged very well…

      • Could all be distractions. Perhaps someone needs to focus on other news items especially those carried in foreign newspapers.

    • As I have said before, if there is going to be some kind of armed conflict with the government and its mercenaries that conflict will be fought by whites, while the jews and their brown-skinned pets will remain relatively unharmed.

    • “You’re not going to fix the problem one white nationalist ****poster at a time. their networks need to be destroyed by putting them in constant fear that their next ****post body count meme is going to be the one that sends the feds to their door. ”

      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
      ? Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

      F*CKING GOD-DAMN BOLSHEVIKS!!!! ALL OF THESE ASSH*LES WHOSE PICTURES ARE HERE, ARE LATTER-DAY Bolsheviks! And David French is NOTHING BUT an antichrist, who thinks he is beloved of God, and yet is, and has nothing but the condemnation of a damned “jew’ per Rev. 3:8,9. ANATHEMA ANATHEMA ANATHEMA!!!

      And Trump is NAUGHT BUT a lousy orange copycat, latter-day, Julian the Apostate!!! If these quotes from 2000 years ago, don’t bespeak ‘our values’ today, you have learned nothing…
      The mindset of the Apostate has not changed, in 2000 years. Some quotes by this blasphemer.

      “Next to consider the views that are [sic] correctly held by the Jews, and also those that our fathers handed down to us from the beginning.”

      “Now that the human race possesses its knowledge of God by nature and not from teaching is proved to us first of all by the universal yearning for the divine that is in all men whether private persons or communities, whether considered as individuals or as races.”- Julian in his book, “Against the Galileans.”

      The Apostates of the world all crave adulation from the godless Jews, [Trump Heights] and freedom from the constraints of true biblical law [ decriminalizing sodomy]- so much so, they proclaim the ‘universal equality of the races.’ Utter rubbish. And damned by God.

      Civil War II has begun, ladies and gents. Deo Vindice!

  1. How can you be a white supremacist and a white separatist at the same time? Who are you going to be supreme to if you live in a country with only your own kind?

    The White Supremacist meme never made any no sense. It proves how silly these people are. One can only be a racial supremacist in a multi-racial country of the kind David French’s owners prefer.

    And didn’t French purchase a black child from Africa, and then parade her around as a status symbol at conservative meetings? SICK! That should be pointed out more.

    • When they warn the public about the dangers of “white supremacy” they are actually threatening whites, using the power of jew supremacy. Crazy but true!

      • “White supremacist” means any White person who doesn’t want his race abolished.
        “No room for White supremacists” means no room for White people.

    • Apparently David French doesn’t know that a “dog-child” can be had at his local animal shelter for next to nothing. Just sayin’…

  2. “US Mainstream Conservatism and Modern US Progressivism are 2 sides of the same Jewish coin” – Adolf Hitler.

  3. In any worst case scenario or crisis –

    Try to act at least a little off kilter if you get taken into an ER psych section. Some hospitals set up temporary ‘psychiatric’ sections to keep people for 72 hours until a screener (who usually works for the corporation that will profit from commitments…or the state…in California, NY and NJ it’s not truly divisible even on a street level since Pharma runs them – especially NJ) can commit you.

    The do-‘good’ers in the psych field are particularly needy for validation. This is because they’re looking to justify their racket, which attracts the kind of personnel (especially doctors but also screeners and many psych nurses) that have personality disorders in the higher ups and/or basic power issues in the lower ranking ones.

    They want you to need them. If you don’t, they feel threatened and will lie or inflict various types of abuses, often oblique, to feel good about themselves and protect their egos.

    So even in a 72 hour hold I’d suggest conveying at least a little neediness or vulnerability to someone. Never get defiant or too as that will only make them more aggressive. At this point, insurance is still their biggest motivation, after generalized power issues, so that and your outside support (which if they’re authentic should be prepared to fight and threaten to sue) will be the deciding factors on whether they officially commit you.

    If that happens, then DEFINITELY act sort of needy and grateful for attention, etc. Don’t overplay it, but don’t act normal either, as that tends to antagonize the powertrippers among the staff and especially in psychiatrists who need their little captives to be ‘sick.’

    Consider if you get marooned acting a little nutty, like the Chief in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. He hid his sanity from the black orderlies, the castrating nurse and the psychopaths aka psychiatrists to avoid becoming a target for their sadism.

    These are some tips for emergencies. Mostly have networks of people prepared if possible to lobby aggressively and threateningly (the threat of a lawsuit terrifies these people as long as there’s still a jury system) to get you out.

    Last, be very careful of articulating much about any power dynamics in general much less ones that involve race or even gender. Whitey types – anglos or northwestern europeans and fair ones especially – who have little resources particularly need to prepare themselves. Poor hospitals, where these types of psych floors exist, can consider even Medicaid a profit as psych floors have so little overhead.

    Avoiding unconstitutional gun confiscation is a whole other matter but might be more obvious for most people depending on their circumstances.

    Oh and for the forward-thinking activists, try getting personnel planted in some local floors or hospitals. That might be a long term goal for the pro-white movement and freedom fighters to think about as the walls close in on us. I think orderlies only require high school diplomas in most places. Even low level people can exert incredible power in these places, not just to help people escape (which would probably be hard) but to subvert the horrors that are coming at dissidents.

    We should also be trying to place people in low level government offices and agencies, courts, etc. That’s how the blacks and hispanics and jews wield so much power in states like NY and NJ. We cannot afford as a movement to retreat. We must go stealth inside the system as well as organizing outside it.

    Peace and love to my people.


  4. I like that side by side image near the top of the page where French is being interviewed by a CNN personality. They look like a pair of hairless old testicles.

  5. Negro sympathizers never change. They are more concerned about “the other” than they are about their own. These are sick puppies.

  6. This is exactly what intelligent white nationalists were predicting in the 2000s. The most desire threat to white nationalist organizing comes from conservatives due to their “law and order”; patriot act, authoritarian mentality. Antifa can talk all they want about throwing milkshakes at Nazis but in the end their ideology calls for abolishing the police, prisons, FBI and military which are the repressive arm that ZOG needs to carry out white genocide effectively. Conservatives who defend police brutality, military interventions, capital punishment, torture, indefinite detention and other policies of state repression are making way for state terror against white nationalists whereas leftists who oppose those things are hindering it, even if that’s the last thing they’d ever admit.

  7. Just about any animal that’s backed into a corner will fight for its life. Zog is actively pushing another Holomodor of White advocates in the USA and presumably anywhere they sense resistance to their tyranny.

    Lower the periscope. It might be time to go to stealth mode.

  8. This might make some public order sense, if it weren’t for the fact people with all kinds of opinions commit various crimes everyday. The Texas shooter made some points that a ‘white nationalist’ might, but such points are not exclusive to them. His opinions on automation and the social/economic results sound as though they could have been made by Yang or Kuntsler, Going to go after them with oppression? Why hasn’t NR called for the suppression of Bernie Sanders, since his supporter tried to commit a mass assassination of Republican members of the House? Or Elizabeth Warren because the Dayton mass murderer supported her? What all this shows is that NR thinks their real and most effective enemies are to the right and never to the left. And in an unintended way, they are right. This also shows why official conservatism never conserves anything; they exist to provide cover for and to surrender to the left.

    • @William

      The El Paso shooter is a Jew. His dad is a Jewish psychologist, with videos on YouTube.

      Most Jews are congenitally insane. That’s why some of them larp as Nazis, or in this case, White Nationalists. They have some perverse need to be their enemies, for some reason.

      The El Paso shooter will be quietly forgotten once his Jewishness comes to the fore. Most of these shooters are forgotten once they serve their political and psychological purposes, anyway.

  9. The National Review is acting like a bunch of Communist Jewish Supremacists that hate all White People. By talking smack about Nationalists…..that’s like saying White Genocide! That’s what Conservatives are actually promoting by rejecting White Nationalists. Oh but Conservatives would never talk bad about Jews and Israel. The Conservatives and Republicans don’t care that Israel is run like Nazi Germany. The reality is Conservatives and Republicans are nothing but the enemy of White Nationalists and our White Survival in the World. Deo Vindice !

    • Jewish Supremacist- an Oxy’moron’ if ever there was one…. not that they are ‘supreme’- you understand.

  10. COUNTERINTEPRO never went away. Zog would never handicap their entrapment and surveillance apparatus. Edward Snowden revealed as much about domestic spying as did Wikileaks exposé in regard to the CIA’s “Vault 7/Black Vault.”

    (((Big Brother))) has been watching for the last 50 years. Now they have that new NSA 1.7 billion dollar (on the outskirts of Bluffdale Utah) data center for eavesdropping on Americans.

  11. How does one cross over from First Amendment protected speech to incitement? Who decides that what that line is? The Feds? Whatever particular internet site you are on, or the SPLC?

    I have hostility towards our social order but that does not mean I have sympathy for racist brutality! The two do not necessarily go together!

    Why waste time compiling lists of possible future white terrorists. Just call the SPLC and save time and money. They already have the list. I suspect they are waiting for your call with bated breath ready to spring into action!

    My suggestion is for all off line organizations to require lie detector tests by a trained and known polygraph operator for all future members. The future of our race is too valuable to be left to illiterate rednecks or 8chan posters.

    Maintain sanity! When I hear people on our side talk about a flat Earth or faked moon landings or how mass shootings don’t really exist and are false flag operations I want to walk away in disgust. That is mental insanity! Learn to combine racial consciousness with political sanity! Far too many of our people are racially conscious but not politically sane. Those are the ones that will flake out, become shooters, or turn traitor later on and become federal agents.

    • @Heartland Separatist

      how mass shootings don’t really exist and are false flag operations.

      They don’t understand that false flag operations are real. The flag, or the allegiance and identity of the attacker(s) is false, not the attack.

      Another name for it is black propaganda.

      Lee H.Oswald acted alone. The real conspiracy revolves around covering up who put him up to it.

      Sometimes these shooters actually are government operators. But in 99% of the cases, they’ve been manipulated into acting.

      Years ago, I read the CIA manual for Assassination in Latin America. It talks extensively about throwaway assassins. Which are disaffected, or more often than not, unstable persons that can be manipulated into carrying out an assassination. Their death and/or capture carries no consequences for those doing the manipulating.

      • Exactly! The false flag is the false perpetrator not that the entire event is completely false. It’s not a black/white operation. Sometimes they manipulate/leverage/expand actual events, sometime they “allow” events, sometimes they trigger/steer events. You have to appreciate the vast amount of information and control that is at their disposal.

  12. Hunter you show how important it is to be a FAMILY MAN.
    God bless you and your dear wife and child.

    I found OD through Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer some years ago.
    Today the DS has disappeared. SCUM like NR and the Republican party and the MAGA president, btw that is a HEBREW word, seriously.

    We have NO FRIENDS in government. We have no rights.
    This is the End, and it may turn out differently than the EVIL think it will.

  13. It couldn’t be more obvious: The Federal Government has been targeting the White man since Lincoln. Everything they do is an attack on White Protestants and our liberty. Anyone enforcing unconstitutional gun grabs based on Ex Parte hearings should be killed until they learn their lesson.

  14. These principled conservatives don’t get 1/50th upset about ongoing Antifa violence , Muslim violence, Hispanic violence, Black violence. They couldn’t care less about violence against White people.

    Conservatives conserve nothing.
    Conservatives are anti-White controlled opposition.

    • What you just gave there as the Stormer link, is one of the ‘web to Tor’ routers pioneered by the ‘suicided’ Jewish MIT hacker Aaron Swartz

      Tho ‘Tor’ is not the ‘answer’ to web censorship touted by Anglin, for several reasons, essentially ‘The Dark Web is Run by the Deep State’

      Tor was developed by US CIA-tied spooks of the US Naval Research & DARPA Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency

      The Tor ‘team’ is very Jewish even including a rabbi, take a look at this photo, Tor team rabbi with Jewish Torah scroll –

      The Tor team specifically discussed amending the Tor programme to block the Stormer … Anglin pointed out, this was an admission that the Tor people could block the paedos who use Tor if they wished, so they shut up for the moment

      Governments can block Tor (Iran, China), or make it illegal to use Tor, along with identifying Tor users … Tor programming can be altered as the Tor team admits … Things will go very very dark

      In Europe actually this has always been better understood … Europeans are very quiet, about the tens of millions of guns they own (yes, Americans, that’s true see gunpolicy org for stats) … Europeans usually don’t go blowhard on the web, and generally avoid coalescing in anti-gov groups with any newbies … when they act radically, they do it with childhood buddies, staying off the comm channels

  15. All I have to say to Blormpf, the GOP, Ben Shapiro, Yarom Hazony, and the National Review……

    I fully support Iran developing Nuclear Weapons and distributing them to Hezbollah and Assad.

    It’s not only White People who yearn to breathe FREE…….

    The Entire World yearns to breathe free from ZOG.

  16. So when the left-libs dynamite Stone Mountain in Georgia about three years from now I suppose there wont be any of us there to protest- doing such will be unlawful.. Our views, by then, will be criminalized.

    • @Sertorius

      In Texas, you haf to be 18 to buy or have a rifle. For pistols, it’s 21. Under 18, requires adult supervision.

      The age of majority is 18..They’ll haf to change it to 21. Which might be in line with their plans to extend public schooling to 20. They’ve already gone to year round schooling in many school districts.

      Preempting adulthood is part of ZOG’s scheme.

      In my opinion, if you’re old enough to operate a motor vehicle, hold a job, make a baby, you’re not really a child any more.

      This was the majority opinion before the mid 20th Century.

  17. Trust your local sheriff’s? They are your last defense against the federal government. Henry County Alabama’s is for the people.

  18. The only thing worse than politicians are pundits. They are to politics what fantasy footballers are to football. Whichever jackass brays the loudest has the most influence.

    Personally, I have far more interest in reality than the internet nonsense simulacra. Take all the dire prognostications with a grain of salt. Think about all those wretched bastards that Facebook hires to monitor and moderate posts and the sheer psychic fatigue they endure. You think the FBI or NSA is unaware of the real crime statistics that exist? Even while being castigated most whites natural instinct is to apologize and conciliate with their opponents.

    Psychically there is pure, unmitigated, garbage vying for your precious attention and awareness. The media has turned us into a land of lotus eaters, believing fabrications are reality and reality is a fabrication. Literally, nerd physicists have convinced the bugman clique that reality is just a computer simulation. I’m inclined to believe that the movie industry and television news/internet news outlets all make use of the same common mechanisms to influence minds.

    The most dangerous people to this system are those that don’t want to participate in it. They love the fanatics and martyrs for either side, but it is the ambivalent that truly draw their ire. It is incredibly advantageous to have “WigNats” in constant anticipation of Antifa and Antifa believing that they are the sovereign defenders of the downtrodden masses. Due to this neither side feels the pull of the marionette strings.

    Every dude here knows they neither aspire to nor advocate for terrorism. In the highly unlikely event that these shootings aren’t false flags, they were actions carried out by lone-nut gunmen – who just so happened to be white. Most gun violence in America is perpetrated by blacks and Hispanics using unregistered firearms.

    The other massive, and totally unacknowledged statistic in deaths from firearms is police related killings. Remember that guy who wasn’t very bright, and wasn’t very good at sports, and didn’t end up doing drugs because he was never invited to parties and has a huge chip on his shoulder? He didn’t become a mass shooter, he became a cop so that he could legally justify shooting someone.

    I will never give them the satisfaction of being either their tragic Oxycontin junkie overdose or White Nationalist bogeyman. I’m a man, with a soul, and a mind. I don’t consent to either accepting slavery or the commission of tyranny.

    All Rights Reserved UCC 1-308

  19. What happen malcontents? Running scared? Thought I saw people laughing at death innocent women, children, fathers, grandfather’s, law abiding peaceful people. You have woke a sleeping bear. You had your fun. Doing so, you woke up a sleeping bear. Those Latinos are the blacks. They are coming for you. They will not forget.

    • I’ll tell you what is happening, malodor. Your Mama remembers when you were excreted. She won’t forget because you wrecked her rectum when she crapped you out. The sleeping bear is the great White masses, who are just beginning to stir from their long hibernation. The fun has only just begun. The Blacks and The Browns and The Yellows and The Tans all hate each other, and they do not live together harmoniously without our insistence. The Black flight from the ghettos that have become barrios is taking place in cities across the country. Asians and Middle Easterners typically despise Negroes, and many are not too fond of Hispanics. Among the “Hispanics” you have multiple divisions between Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, El Salvadorians, etc… Even the Nortenos and Surenos of California vie for supremacy.

      I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, White People are the Elmer’s Glue that holds this sick and ugly collage together. You take away the White referee, and a clash of cultures will erupt that will make the conflicts in the Middle East look like a snowball fight. It most assuredly will end up being you who is running scared. Don’t forget, you heard it here first, Lounge Mammary (a saggy, little titty in a seedy topless bar).

    • Well, I have seen meso-american jungle indians playing basketball on urban playgrounds. Whenever I venture outside of my swpl town…nice to know the basketball americans will be replaced first.

    • Oh my gawd, a bunch of low-IQ bean goblins who can barely slouch across an undefended border are “coming for us!” Just like a bunch of no-account niggers, except even lazier, if possible!

      .. no, I can’t even mock this properly. I’m laughing too hard.

      “Better watch out! You’ve made a cockroach under the trash bag in your kitchen angry! Wooo-ooo-ooo!”

  20. Oh god no not the lion king Hunter, out of all the trash out there to watch you had to choose a disney film at the theaters At least the 1994 animated version had it merits despite being subversive crap, this live action one has a bunch of annoying heebs and shitlibs in it doing the voice acting like Seth Rogen, John oliver, and that annoying singer beyonce worst female singer and artist ever!

    And whats also messed up is they got Donald glover the this is amerikkka prick doing simbas voice I went out to the theaters last week too and my mom wanted to see this drivel but I just wouldn’t nudge on seeing it and we saw godzilla king of monsters at the cheapies instead, it still not as good as the japanese originals but it was the best american made godzilla one so far unlike that crap one in 1998 with matthew brodrick

    • I can scarcely stand to watch any of the new, computer generated, action films (or much of any of the other millennial movies, for that matter). I am fortunate that I have a fairly extensive library of movies, documentaries and television programs on VHS and DVD to satisfy most of my viewing needs. I acquire the majority of my material second hand, for bottom dollar prices, unless it is something that is pretty rare, then I may spend a little more.

      I was re-watching “Hooper,” the other day, after not playing it for several years, and I was marveling at the stunts that were being performed. Also, unlike the Fast and Furious films (none of which I have sat through) the old Burt Reynolds movies like “Cannon Ball Run,” and its equally good sequel, had characters that were relatable and scenes that were believable.

      Maybe, I’m just too out of touch, but actors, comedians and musicians today, with a few exceptions, just seem like a bunch of far less talented and much more egotistical versions of their predecessors.

      • Cannonball Run….ah yes, the Ingmar Bergman classic. Not quite as good as Persona or Wild Strawberries, though.

        • Never a big Burt Reynolds fan cowtown but Hooper was a pretty good film, cannonball run was not that good tho

          Spahn Ingmar bergman is quite a genius, jew directors wish they could be so talented an innovative

          • Yeah, I know that Burt Reynolds did not provide high brow entertainment. That’s not what I’m looking for when I watch a film with him in it. But, it is, for me, a good release of anxiety and frustration. It is also a portal through which I can travel back to a much simpler time.

            Forgive me for sharing, Spahn. But, I figure if Hunter can get away with going to see the Lion King, I’m not going to be made to feel stupid for watching the late, great Burt Reynolds. I’ve never watched an Ingmar Bergman film, although I have seen him mocked by Catherine O’Hara and Andrea Martin. Perhaps, one day I’ll get around to seeing one of his motion pictures. However, I do have some short films by Georges Melies. I’m not sure how well they compare with Ingmar.

        • Spawn- Hysterical! “ah yes, the Ingmar Bergman classic. Not quite as good as Persona or Wild Strawberries, though.”

          I prefer ‘Smiles of a Summer Night,” myself, as does the wife.

  21. Trump Anti White JEW WRITTEN AND CONTROLLED BS is NOT going over with ANY-ONE. Not with ANY-ONE.

    Hebes never ever ever know when to back off.

    Rod the Jew Rosenstein Jew just stated that the shootings need to be called “White terrorism”. Not “White Supremacism terrorism” but “WHITE terrorism”. They are going full bore. And all kinds of people are SEEING.

  22. Well on a positive note, the Dow lost 767 points today and (((big tech))) lost 162 billion in value.

    China is also going to make Blompf their bitch and ‘deep six’ his beloved GDP.


  23. Looking at the profile of Patrick Crusius.

    Dad is fabulously wealthy psychologist specializing in PTSD related therapy. Lots of links to military and police and medical gunshot wound charity stuff. 100% likely to be a progressive enthusiastically anti racist household.

    How the fuck do you profile for a shooter emerging from a household like that? It’s reaction formation on Crusius’s part if the racist rhetoric in that document is at all sincere. He’d have had 21 years of teaching from his parents about being kind, anti racist, charitable, open minded. He’d have been under observation by a psychologist dad trained to spot signs of clinical depression, distress and psychosis.

    My hunch is that Patrick’s racism is a ruse. The motive is to piss off his parents, particularly his dad. He also gets to hurt shoppers at a down market venue. He fits the sadistic Columbine Profile of a Klebold/Harris more than he does the Bowers/Breivik model.
    I’m not at all convinced that he’s sincerely racist given his family background.

    The dad was a specialist in gunshot survivor PTSD for fucks sake. Imagine what kind of conversations the boy had with the dad growing up about shooter survivor profiles and gruesome cases.

    • Monkeys patrol their territories and tear apart monkeys from other groups that enter their territories. This behavior can be observed all through the animal kingdom. Nothing is more unnatural than forcing the different races of man to live together. What is incredible is these random explosions of white rage aren’t happening every day.

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