White Nationalists Should Declare War on Conservatism

Conservatives have openly declared war on White Nationalism. Here are some thoughts on Twitter of how we should respond them and how we can defeat them in this war:

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  1. The approach toward Blormf supporters should be:

    If they are mostly apolitical low-information “normie racists”, redpill them on the reality of Potato Man.

    If they are supposedly well informed white nationalists, and know all about the reality of the most psycopathically pro-Jewish and pro-legal immigration president in history, yet still shill for Trump, GOP and conservatism, ostracize them and ban them from your circles.

  2. What do you expect from a magazine founded by an Irish Roman Catholic homosexual? You can bet that Buckley sucked Priest dick too.

    Screw the infallible Pope, and the Holy Catholic Mary Mother of God (think about that one), and Confession to a Priest while your at it. Not to mention all of the other crazy Catholic practices.

    • The forgiving Catholics and their Pope are still looking for payback for Martin Luther and the Protestant reformation 500 years later. Some Christians?

      • Step away from the keyboard! Go have some cookies and grape juice and listen to a 1 hour sermon. Yours is the true Christianity! *yawn* Protestantism led to atheism and destroyed Western Europe. Read up on your history Jimmy

        • I am not in this world to entertain you, do you understand me? And I don’t take orders from the likes of you, am I being clear?

        • What did God tell me to do that I did not do? I am a Christian. I protect and defend the weak and the innocent. Tell me why you hate Muslims you worthless Irish prick? Tell me why you miserable dirty fuck? I dare you to, you Irish prick?

        • In that case it should be pointed out that Christianity led to the destruction of classical Greco-Roman culture, the foundation of Western Civilization, which degraded directly into the Jewish takeover of Europe, from which we are currently suffering.

          • Are you a fucking retard or something?What is the promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people? Every religion offers a benefit as a way to draw people to the religion. It is the nature of all religions. What benefit does Judaism offer Jews?

            Answer—the promise of the Jew religion to the jew people is the subjugation of the non-Jew. Christ was the son of god. The Jews believe Christ was the son of god. The Jews wanted Christ to meet the demands the Jews had for their messiah. The Jews wanted Christ to enslave human kind for the Jews. Christ chose to die instead. Christ chose to die rather than enslave human kind for the Jews. Now you tell me how Christ sacrificing himself led to the destruction of Western civilization, would you please retard?

    • Krappy Welfare-Worker. Go to hell, you blasphemous DOG! (Oh, wait, you already are!)

      If you dare to insult the Theotokos, you are my perennial enemy. I long for the day the prophecy of Jezebel [2 Kings 9:10] falls upon you. Son of a bitch. Your mother should have aborted you.

    • Kevin McCarthy
      Rich Lowry
      Andrew McCarthy
      Jim Geraghty
      Sean Hannity

      You get my drift?? Why are they such whores for the Jews? Where they born whores?? Where they born traitors to Christ and Christianity? Somebody needs to ask these whores why they are the Irish such a bunch of filthy disgusting whores? Somebody needs to ask?

      • The Irish themselves are anti-Israeli and often the term “Westminster” is used by them as a code word for Jews. What you have with this list are “Plastic Paddies”. They are fantasy Irishmen.

        • Have none of you read ‘The Irish Savant’? It’s on HW’s list of good websites. Irish bashing is both useless and divisive. They are Whites, after all…. but yes, ANY nationality can be a traitor.
          Look at LIndsey Graham, John McCain, Bill Clinton, etc.

          • Ask that Irish Mick what have Muslims ever done to the Irish? If he is not a henchman for the Jews, then he should have a reason for hating Muslims? But they don’t. None of them do. And they are going to leads the charge for the Jews against whites just like they did the Muslims. You just wait and see.

          • They are not Christian. They persecute and torment the weak and the innocent just like a Jew.

      • I written extensively on this subject – the White traitors or “whores” as you call them can be identified in the category Wilmot Robertson presented in the Dispossessed Majority. Almost all the classifications of traitors have motivation of personal wealth, status and security – they do what they do because if benefits them and their families personally. George Will has lived in a multi million$ mansion in Chevy Chase Maryland for decades. You’re not going to convince the George Wills to change what they do and say by reason, or by getting them to read some populist, nationalist immigration patriot book. OK

        These are the divisions:

        Pussy footer/Cuckservatives
        Old Believers

        Get to know them, identify them and learn how to fight them.

    • Don’t Vote. Don’t give your credibility to such a system. The system isn’t credible. You are. Don’t Vote.

  3. Conservatives are not our only problem. Evil forces among us are.

    Now I don’t believe everyone in the U.S. government is bad nor do I believe all agencies are corrupt but there are many bad, bad people in government. They use compartmentalization. Do not think for one minute that parts of our government are not our enemy:

    To make a point, I go back to OKC:


    I saw the actual We Are Change video documentary on Yeakey 10 years or more ago where they spoke to his mother and siblings. His ex-wife or soon-to-be ex-wife’s brake lines were cut. Another first responder, Dr. Howard D. Chumley (OKC), who stated an FBI agent came up to him and asked for him to bandage parts of his body to look like injuries and refused. He was in communication with Yeakey. He mysteriously died when his small plane crashed right after takeoff. An OKC area sheriff stated live on Alex Jones that he and his wife were threatened with physical violence by an FBI agent in a law enforcement office.

    Listen to what a member of OKC grand jury stated about the circus of a trial:


    They control enough resources to provide cover. And, they know people judge things based on their own behavior. Most people will not accept that this kind of evil exists. It does. And, it walks among us.

  4. M’thinks pro White Americans are not in a great position to fight, let alone win a war with the entire US Government, Federal State and Local and Conservative Inc.

    Probably best to withdraw, retreat, regroup.

    Of course don’t give any support to Conservative inc. instead mock them, insult them do the same with dumb arse patriotards who still wave the flag, support the troops and insist THE RUSSIANS are #1 enemy. Yeah Mitt Romney actually said that during his failed presidential campaign.

    I’d also highly recommend, cleaning up your home, properties and your computers to get rid of incriminating things.

    Don’t stockpile military guns that will never be used.
    Don’t have lots and lots of White racialist literature to be put on TV along with those guns
    Don’t dress and act the part of a loner, crazy, hateful White RACIST extremist.
    Be part of some regular group that isn’t 24/7 White nationalists, have this group stick up for you.

    Most guns in Southern and Midwest Red states, rural areas will still be legal, work with local NRA type groups to defend basic gun rights – as ZOG curtails the rights of White Americans to buy or own military type rifles, that doesn’t mean you’ll lose the right to own a 22 plinker for target practice, or a 12 gauge shot gun for deer hunting and self defense. The 12 gauge shot gun is an excellent gun for self defense, one of the best.

    a 38 special revolver is also excellent for CCL.

    Beware of those people preaching violent revolutionary gun fantasies. Those people trying to get you to wage a violent war against the government are probably working for the government or the SPLC.

    Stay sane, stay positive, this Sh*** ain’t nothing new.

    • Revolvers don’t misfire like pistols can, and if you get a decent make of pump shotgun, it can go for hundreds of rounds before misfiring. The US Army had tested the Mossberg 500 a few years back, and it did just that.

      • Agreed and well said. My problem with revolvers is that the S&W 38 special is so short and powerful that I am very inaccurate – the thing is a mini cannon!

        I’m good with a 12 gauge shot gun and it really is the perfect home defense gun, lethal at short range, but not dangerous to kill a neighbor a block away.

    • By the way, you glow in the fucking dark.

      Right when society is crumbling and the left is working themselves up to exterminate us in a Cheka-like fashion, you urge us to disarm ourselves?

      And you want us to get rid of all the information countering the (((narrative))) in our possession so that the (((leftists))) have their information monopoly last into the future?

      You’re either a fed, or non-ironically retarded/insane.

      Why don’t you go screw brown potato-like bean goblin sows like you were planning to and quit afflicting this comments section with your mindless walls of text?

      • Much of this thinking comes from the likes of Greggy-poo at Counter Currents, the outfit that sells “books against time.”

  5. We can say “Adios!” to the TruCons in Congress by withholding our votes.

    Those in the think tanks and publications like NR are going to be around as long as jews are willing to fund them. As it is now the donors are well-served by NR’s proposition nation, destroy white working America, and wage endless war for Israel stances. They must be delighted by Conservatism’s latest campaign to declare war on “white nationalism,” whatever that means.

    • Back 1992, (((high society))) William Fag Buckley wrote a 10,000 word essay of evils of anti-semitism. Buckley’s intent was to sink Buchanan’s insurgency campaign infavor of the establishment GOP cuck Bush Sr.

      i never could stand Buckley’s haughty New England upper crust accent. It would have serve him right, if Gore Vidal beat his ass on stage, after Buckley threatened to punch him.

      Save the trees. Stop wasting paper on cuckservative birdcage liners.

    • @ATBOTL
      The GOP is just physical infrastructure that is currently occupied by Respectable Conservative grifters. Delaring war on infrastructure would be like declaring war on an inanimate object, like the liberals’ nutty War on Guns.

      Respectable Conservatives in many political parties are destroying all White nations, with their insistence there be unending mass non-White immigration.

      Respectable Conservatives are anti-White to the bone and are proud of it. They just declared war on their fellow citizens!


      David French and his fellow Respectable Conservative grifters have also declared war on the First Amendment. They assert that one fellow saying something, makes him legally responsible for the actions of another!

      If this is to be the case, then we should take down every cross from every Church, because millions of people have been killed over the centuries, in the name of Christianity.

      Sorry David French, because some unhinged Christian killed some people somewhere else on the planet, you as a Christian will be now be persecuted by state thugs in jack boots.

      Free speech is always suppressed by tyrants, with the excuse that “it might cause trouble”.

  6. Tell me what rights you have, if you depend on others to give them to you. The right is continuing to use the left’s tactics, by agreeing to take away our so-called rights piece by piece. If the powerful can take something away from you, it’s a privilege, not a right. Rights are things you maintain by force, threatened or applied; through your own strength, or in combination with others. TPTB are happy to scapegoat and abuse those not sufficiently multicultural, and use the opportunity to kill our freedoms before our eyes, out in the open.

    Don’t expect a lot of help from the normies. They just want to get theirs. What they don’t realize is that by not fighting back, they really will get theirs, good and fucking hard. The only “right” they’ll soon have is to impotently whine about how their liberties aren’t respected by those ruling over us. Come to think of it, that’s what is already happening. Soon, we might have to resort to pamphleteering (zines and such) like some of our forefathers did, and keep freedom alive through underground activities.

  7. I’m for this, I felt this was the proper response to the stolen election of Roy Moore in Alabama, which was a portent of things to come: the Establishment cucks teaming with the Enemy to stop us.

    If they are going to do that, we burn it ALL down.

    BUT, I want us to think beyond 2020 November (for once! gosh darnit!) For once, let’s think ahead a little bit. Where is this all going? Where can it go? There is only one play we have and that is a campaign to split up the country, AKA Partition.

    Just like the rank-and-file shooters are holding the “leaders” of this movement to account for their lack of leadership by stepping on the gas: true accelerationism!

    Just as they do that, so do we to white folk as a whole. We give them the choice: life with us, or death with the enemy. No more fence sitting, no more pushing the pain out into the future on innocent future generations; we settle this right now. And be very explicit about it: you reject us, therefore we are exposing you to the Zimbabwe scenario. We expose you to the Haiti scenario.

    We burn it ALL down. And then offer the solution: Partition.

    PS If we go down swinging in America, we will save whites world wide with our sacrifice by teaching them a lesson they will not forget, so it is worth the Darwinian price.

    • Biden/Mugabe 1980 Or Bernie/L’Overture 1805. Kamala/Castro 2020 oh wait that’s actually a possible real ticket. Kamala/Pol Pot 1979.

  8. We need to be careful of rushing into action before we put our philosophical house in order. Contrary to the prevailing view within the pro-White movement, the movement itself lacks a philosophically advanced paradigm. That’s why we are, in the mass, so embarrassingly easy to demoralize. What’s more, our political efforts are doomed as long as pro-White leaders continue the practice of relying, for political capital, on a formless racial animus. What is needed from the leadership, instead, is A NEW PHILOSOPHICAL EDIFICE, comparable in scale to Marxism, to give form to the otherwise weak pro-White animus of both the movement and of our people as a whole.

    • We have thousands of arm chair generals, philosphers and essay writers. What we have in short supply and need is name callers.

      The left beats the right because they repeat what hurts the right, while the right never repeats anything that hurts the left.

      The left never gets tired of repeating racist-nazi-whitesupremacist. You have to twist the arm of a rightie to get them to call anyone anti-White.

      • You’re misunderstanding me. I’m not advocating for increasing the glut of useless pseudo-intellectuals in the movement. I already know that there are too many of them. On the contrary, I’m advocating for competent philosophical leadership, for the development of a complete philosophical system at the advanced level of, say, Marxism in its heyday. We don’t have leaders committed to any such project, and the result is that there’s a void at the center of the movement, making our efforts largely ineffectual.

        • “for the development of a complete philosophical system at the advanced level of, say, Marxism in its heyday. ”

          You already have an antidote to Talmudic Jewish Marxism. It’s called Conciliar Christianity, which is NOT Papal Pretension, Protestant Posturing, or Evangelical insanity. Look at what is going on in Russia today, with the revivification of Holy Orthodoxy. THERE is your antidote to Bolshevism.

      • We are seeing “anti-white” used on Twitter as a pushback and on public comments on msm articles. Mantra is no use on comments sections of WN sites at this point. That was discussed 2010-16 and used effectively when addressing outsiders. We need elected representatives who will risk saying so and so is an “anti-white”. How can we find more? Steve King was shut down man.

  9. I gave up on GOP country club when I voted for the first in 2001.Dubya did about 180 once elected.Though favored Trump,still had skeptcism of the DC one party rule.GOP will self destruct that engage in such racial treason.

  10. The poetic justice irony;the right wing,The Republicans, the conservatives after an attack on a Latino community are now all being painted by the media/politicians with the smear of white nationalism, white supremacy, racism. Just what they have done towards Muslims all these years; smearing them as terrorists and evil just for being Muslim, because of the actions/beliefs of some. Now they are all protesting ;its unfair, this smearing all in the right as believers in the evil ideology of racism , white nationalist, white supremacism. They don’t like being on the defensive even though that’s what they do to Muslims. And the irony of these weapons that we have been using on men, women and children over there for almost 2decades now, are being used on our own citizens. Chickens coming home to roost in both ways.

  11. I very much support this war on conservatism, which in effect has always been nothing more than controlled opposition to keep Whites from reestablishing their dominance.

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