Conservatives Embrace Red Flag Gun Control Legislation

Editor’s Note: This is a work in progress.

Do you remember the Sohrab Ahmari vs. David French debate?

Bill Mitchell is prepping the Qtarded to Trust The Plan:

If Red Flag Legislation is passed by the Republican Senate, it would be the second major step forward toward gun control under Blompf:

Black Conservatives are supporting it:

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  1. “Let’s be real folks. When the second amendment was written, “arms” meant single shot muskets which took 2 minutes to reload. We need modern laws for modern weapons. I believe Red Flag Legislation is a reasonable middle ground which protects our rights as well as our lives.”

    The Second Amendment is about having the ability to defend yourself especially against an overreaching government. As another poster stated, we do not have parity of armaments. This is about control. If they ever get the guns – and they will kill to get them – Orwell will be a permanent reality.

    This is how civilizations are destroyed. Then they hide the information from future generations. We see and hear with our own eyes and ears how they manipulate the present. And, you honestly believe they haven’t manipulated the past?

    The real agenda is slowly coming to the surface.

    • It’s coming quicker and quicker, Snowhitey. And to add to your comment, the 2nd Amendment was written specifically to defend the new country’s citizenry from an overbearing, tyrannical government.

    • Cohencidence.

      @ Everyone

      Plant the seeds of skepticism in as many people’s minds as you can in your ‘real’ life, gather facts and sources if possible when you do, although many will simply close to your suggestions immediately. But at least the seed was planted, and their common sense will have some chance of congealing that these aren’t real, or most anyway.

      I did this earlier today. Trump was on and a woman next to me admitted that some stuff just didn’t make sense, unable as she was to fully consider the truth.

      At least I did something. We can all fight this, just be careful how and where you go about it.


  2. You can surely expect impartial red flagging from these social media institutions like the impartial censorship already indicates.

    So you can expect one side of the upcoming civil war heavily armed the other side not. The result: White genocide.

    That White genocide in the US has been the plan for a very long time becomes clearer with every day. Who would have thought a few decades ago the a sleazy casino owner and womanizer would be a pivotal frontman for this? Strange world.

    • Snowhitey,

      The ” manifesto.”

      Witnesses seeing multiple shooters dressed in black.

      The mayor of El Paso saying that three suspects were taken into custody.

      This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

    • Snowwhitey,

      Sorry I did not reply earlier but I usually do not read every article. And I seldom read all the comments unless it is where I have posted a statement. I made an exception due to the shooting. But it eats up too much of my time.

      The background noise was horrible but the English translation was essentially correct. Her Spanish was short and terse. Due to the situation no doubt. Usually latins are more expressive and Mexican Spanish is easier to understand than from say Spain.

      I tend to believe her. Which could mean government complicity though I hesitate about that. Possibly because with cameras everywhere local police would have to be forced to keep quiet and could they do that for long.

      • Thanks. I believe both the woman and the man (video lower down). I just wanted to make sure the translation was correct.

        Does it not smell to high heaven?

        • Snowhitey,

          Yes it does stink. I wrote a comment in response already but it did not take. Either it is my computer or the website is having trouble.

  3. You can’t take a persons rights away based on a suspicion. We are not that kind of people. It is contrary to our core vales. Liberty and justice for all.

    • Can we now admit that Trump was the Zionist choice all along? This isn’t to say Hillary is good and isn’t a Zio herself, but the acceleration plan seems to be going in full motion with Dumpf despite the conventional wisdom that he would “slow things down”.

      Trump isn’t playing 4D chess, the Satanic NWO is.

  4. Better to call it Red Line legislation.

    Suppose the following: there is another shooting, perhaps in a day, perhaps in a week? There are a lot of sick people out there, there are a lot of stupid people out there, a lot of people tuned in to TRS and Daily Stormer and 8chan. So it’s pretty much inevitable. No?

    That was why it was so important not to paint a bullseye on the movement with violent and insane rhetoric, and once painted on, to distance the movement as rapidly as possible from those doing it, not guffaw and cheer them on and call them “friends”.

    Why? Because now the movement owns every shooting. And they will make the movement pay for every shooting, whether true flag or false flag, it wont matter.

    But the past is the past; you can change many things about life, but one thing you can never change is the past. What matters is the present and the future.

    We can either slide rapidly or less rapidly into bondage or oblivion or we can face the facts: there is no freedom, no honor, no life in this system. They are pushing and finding no resistance – why? The Enemy is smart, they know our only play is Partition, but they adjudge we are too sheepish to go for it – the adjudge us incapable of shedding the propaganda conditioning of “love of country”.

    Only with a peaceful, respectful, honorable campaign for Partition can we break free of this system. It has been a slow, lonely battle, but more and more are coming to that realization every day. Heck, even Greg Johnson is giving up on the Slow Cleanse and is admitting that it will never work and that Partition is at least part of the answer. We just need to start speaking with one voice: Partition.

    • Seems like the partition / separatism agenda is one of the core things they want to try to nip in the bud with the red flag gun confiscation laws

      Depriving people of guns will make it harder to advocate for separatism … with such advocacy itself to become a crime

      As people note, they have everybody’s internet shitposting in the NSA database in Utah … ‘red flags’ in other words

      It’s said the USA has a 1 million core-dissident list including the no-fly list, and 8 million people on the larger dissident list – this is the internet shitposting collective, likely marked for larger scale gun confiscation over the next five years

      They want to make sure nothing interferes with the shitposting types, remaining serf tax donkeys for the larger machine

    • I suspect at least 90% of the 2A enthusiasts will meekly hand over their firearms. Moreover, they’ll be urged to do so by the NRA. The other 10% or so? That should be interesting.

      • “The other 10% or so?” will probably be brushed aside as suicide by cop. Post mortem confiscation.

      • Of course not – but it’s much more difficult to “fix” a national election, than a State one. EVERY-ONE is FURIOUS over this evil speech. EVERY-ONE.

    • Denise my dear, there isn’t going to be another election anyway, at least not one that’s even mildly legitimate.

  5. Turn on the TV, change the channel to CNBC and watch the stock market roll over. If this continues for too many more days, not many either, the financial system will be in deep trouble. The U.S. Government’s Plunge Protection Team will jump on this decline trying to reverse it but their chance of permanent success is remote.

    This is important because Trump has hitched his wagon to money i.e. the stock market, repeatedly boasting about “new highs”, “401Ks” etc. Trump has also tied stock market success (really gambling) to economic success i.e. “lowest black/hispanic unemployment rate ever!”. When the great financial unwind occurs like it did in 2008 Trump will own that too. Money and its discontents affects everyone because everyone needs money to live and plan for the future.

    The money problems in the American Empire are fundamentally caused by the million mile high mountain of debt built up by both R. and D. regimes especially good “conservatives” like Presidents Reagan, Bush and Bush. Trump has expanded this debt problem even more than his predecessors exacerbating the Empire’s money problems. Per the usual, there is nothing to show for this spending except more unpayable debt and a few of the usual suspects grabbing a piece of the money as it goes by.

    This is what may finally end the Trump Presidency, this is his big danger and he cannot do much about it now either. If the financial system crashes like 2008 it will not recover through more Government bailouts, that was all used up in 2008. Hopefully he will take the good “conservatives” down with him.

  6. Advice from Bob Whitaker before he died:

    A vote for a mainline party (R or D) is a wasted vote, because they collude. Either support a 3rd party that opposes these people, or stay home. That is the only way they will hear your voice.

  7. The conservative agenda, as I understand it, consists of endless nonwhite immigration, endless wars for Zionism, deregulation of Big Business, tax cuts for the rich, enacting draconian gun confiscation laws, the elimination of free speech online and awarding special protective status to homosexuals and hostile alien minorities. How is Charlie Kirk going to convince me that supporting any of this is in my best interest?

  8. The Cuckpublicans are all for Gun Control now that Trump is President. However those same Republicans was against Gun Control when Obama was in office. Those idiots have no standards. Heck the entire Republican Party is stuck on religious freedom now. I guess the idiots don’t realize that being a Devil Worshipper is literally a legal religion in America. The Republicans cuck on Gun Control…..what should happen is Devil Worshipper control. Everybody knows mass shooters are Devil Worshippers. Get rid of Devil Worshipers and the mass shooting rate would drop 99%. Deo Vindice !

  9. I’m sure I’ll be arrested by (((them))) for my big literal Soviet red flag.

    Anyway now is time to prepare. Kick the jews. Zionists, yellow fever apologists, feds and anyone promoting senseless division out of the white movement so that the rest of us can stick together for Blompf’s acceleration of white genocide.

  10. I encourage every Pro-White American to disobey all unconstitutional laws! Never comply with Jew/Zio rules….

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