Washington Post: The Trump Appointee Who Is Putting White Supremacists In Jail

U.S. Attorney Thomas Cullen and the prosecution of the Rise Above Movement over Charlottesville is Exhibit A of why conservatism must be extirpated and why Blompf should not be reelected.

In the 2016 election, Blompf told us that he was going to restore “law and order.” We took that to mean that illegal immigration would be curtailed, Hillary Clinton would be locked up, violent street criminals in our cities would be prosecuted and Black Lives Matter which had spent the Obama years rioting in our cities would be stopped. Blompf has delivered the exact opposite of his 2016 agenda.

He used the lame duck session of the last Congress to sign criminal justice reform for the Koch Brothers which has released thousands of rapists and murderers into our streets. He has allowed the border to collapse and now illegal immigration is far worse than it was under Obama. His administration went out of its way to have Julian Assange extradited and thrown in a dungeon.

Worst of all though, the Blompf presidency has unleashed a tidal wave of Antifa violence and instead of prosecuting Antifa or elected officials in Democratic cities like Portland and Charlottesville which issue stand down orders to police he has people like Thomas Cullen prosecuting his own supporters for defending themselves from Antifa to “send a message” to white supremacists.

The Washington Post:

“It was a win, but only a first step. Cullen, 15 months into his job as the chief federal prosecutor for the Western District of Virginia, is on a mission: to use the federal judiciary to strike a blow against mounting white nationalist violence. And nailing James Fields was arguably the easy part. The bigger challenge was the organized groups of white supremacists who had planned the massive rally with the intent to threaten and physically assault counterprotesters: How could they be held responsible?

Cullen and his prosecutors have set their sights on a white supremacist group called the Rise Above Movement, based in Southern California, charging four of its members with conspiracy to commit violence and crossing state lines to riot in Charlottesville. The prosecutors’ ironic weapon of choice against the extreme-right group: an anti-riot statute passed in the 1960s to rein in leftist Vietnam War protesters. …

In a news conference in Roanoke, Cullen recognized ProPublica for providing a “starting point” for the federal investigation. But “we’re not finished,” he declared. “I commit as the U.S. attorney that we’re going to follow every lead until we’re satisfied that we’ve done all we can do.” He wanted to “send a message” to white supremacists, he said, putting them on notice that they could face federal criminal charges for violent actions. …”

Message received.

In the 2020 election, we should send a message to the Trump administration, the Republican Party and U.S. Attorney Thomas Cullen. The message is that you are fired because you are worse than the Democrats. 8 years of President Barack Obama wasn’t nearly as bad as 4 years of Blompf.

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      • Virginia having the capital of the old Confederacy, and being adjacent to the cesspools of Washington DC, it was more targeted by Northern carpetbaggers than any other part of the old rebel South

        With the CIA and the Pentagon in Virginia, and the greatest part of federal employees living there, Virginia’s fine old salt of the earth people, got surrounded and crushed by the Yankee carpetbaggers, who now poison much of the local as well as federal Virginia establishment

        One of the important functions of Virginia for the feds, is having the USA’s most corrupt, sadistic federal judiciary there, the feds using the government presence in Virginia, as pretext to stage their most political ‘trials’ with Virginia federal judges … judges who are notoriously allowed on the one hand to take bribes in various cases to favour the connected … and the judges then are blackmail-‘owned’ by the Justice Dept with these control-files when DOJ wants a result, DOJ able to ‘remind’ the judges of the bribery evidence they oversaw while the crimes happened

        • That doesn’t still explain why there are so many native cucks in Virginia, like Gov. Northam (of colonial Virginia ancestry), compared to other southern states.

          • Cockburn – thank you. This “Yankee/Dixie: division is total BS. Tragically loads of Whites, form everywhere, are more than happy and willing to destroy their own Race on behalf of the Jew Supremacists. Cullen is a total disgrace, but he’s one of so many.

            Southerners allowed Jews to infest the Dixie, and gain power, earlier than the dreaded Yanquis did. Back stabbing vermin abound, everywhere.

          • Jews in the South never disturbed slavery, segregation or white supremacy. They went along with it. Both slavery and segregation were overthrown by forces outside the region.

          • Hunter – I can’t reply to you in the thread, and I’m not certain of your reasons for your reply – but a Jew is a Jew. Jews RAN the slave trade, the majority of slave holders were Jews, and Jews were pushing for war, the ruin of the South, and are decidedly anti segregation everywhere except Israel. Remember the instructive fates of poor Jeff David vs Judah Benjamin. How did they wind up? That’s the story of Jews in the South.

          • Unfortunately, there are some (((persons))) who would like it aggravate the “Yankee” versus “Dixie” division, in order to deflect attention away from the (((Chosen))) versus the Goyim division.

            Murica is run of, by and for the jews,. The only question for us, the dissident right, is … are we still loyal to Murica? My answer is, No.

      • According to his bio the Cullen family are originally from Brooklyn, New York, and his family moved to Virginia.

        Probably, just another Irish Roman Catholic asshole from New York, whose father, also a lawyer, wanted his kids raised in a White environment.

      • Southwestern Virginia is cool. Northern Virginia deserves to be nuked, unironically. An absolute wretched hive of scum and villainy.

        • John Bolton, Hillary Clinton, Donald Rumsfeld, the Bush’s, and Dick Cheney. There are a lot more where those came from.

          • John Bolton is not Protestant he claims to be Lutheran but obviously he hasn’t read any of Luthers writings Bolton would denounce Luthers ‘The jews and their lies’ in a new york minute the guy is a unrepentant zionist warmonger piece of dogshit with lots of blood on his hands

            Hilary Clinton Protestant? Oh sure she grew up in a Protestant family but her actions speak louder then words also she married bill clinton a jesuit schooled yuppie. Bush family Protestant? News to my ears but again i doubt their sincerity and considering the secret societies that family has been involved in

          • You don’t like being attack for your racial heritage now do you Mick. I give you a taste of your own medicine and you don’t like it, now do you, you miserable dirty fuck? Now you know how we feel. Tell your kind to cool it.

          • @Thom
            You could say the same thing about some of these Catholics, that they aren’t “real” Catholics. Regardless, the people I listed are descended from the English or German Protestants, not Irish Catholics.

            @Robert Browning
            I’m not Irish.

    • Yes, Browning. I see a pattern. We have lunatics like Friar Tuck and closet jews like you who seek to pit Whites against each other.

      • You need to be hannotized Mick, anally and orally. WTF have Muslims done to the Irish? I would like an answer retard, none of your kind seem to know why. The Irish your kind, are the ones serving the Jews and you know it Mick. You and your kind are filthy disgusting whores, you know that Mick?

  1. You cannot vote Trump out of office.

    Reason one: You are a tiny minority compared to the sheeple who are easily brainwashed by the jewish operated mass media.

    Reason two: The jews count the votes. All important elections are rigged. Sure the jews try with their psyops to guide the public opinion in favor for the politician they have chosen. But if he doesn’t get enough votes then the counting will be fraudulent.

    I see all this blather about revenge at the ballot box more and more as some kind of narcissistic outburst: “My vote is important, with it I will shake the world”.

    Sorry to sound a bit pessimistic but I am really done with “democracies” in the “Western” style which in reality are jewish tyrannies.

    • Gast – it’s far more difficult to rig a national election than a state or local one. And LOADS of folks are pissed beyond description over Trump vile treachery. So get over yourself, princess.

      • I am male, so please don’t call me princess, lad.

        And there is a lot of evidence that the Trump election was rigged. See Miles Mathis very insightful essay a few days after the election.


        Apart from the vote fraud issue it is very insightful and the author has no egg on his face now (compare that to Anglin or even our own Wallace who was bragging at that time that books over him and others in the “Alt-Right” will be written because they were the kingmakers of the great savior Donald Trump.

        And what is your reason that national elections are so hard to rig? I would think it is a lot easier because the oversight is harder to achieve. You seem to lack common sense.

        • I apologize for the last sentence. Sense is never common, as someone has pointed out. That was a fallback in folksy rhetoric which I normally don’t use.

  2. The railroading of mentally-disabled, antifa-attack-victim James Fields, by this Thomas Cullen scum, Fields’ corrupt ex-prosecutor ‘public defender’ helping Cullen by sabotaging her client, that was a gross judicial crime against humanity –

    A crime right up there, with Bill Clinton’s sadistic murder by judicial execution of a mentally-impaired black man, Ricky Rector, during the 1992 presidential campaign, Rector so brain damaged he didn’t even know he was being executed, Rector refusing to eat his favourite pecan pie at his last meal, saying he ‘would eat it later after his lethal injection was over’ … Arkansas then tortured the groaning man-child Rector with needle-poking for 20 minutes till he succumbed

    Hey Thomas Cullen, how about that Jewish woman Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Grubman, ramming her SUV into a crowd, apparently shouting ‘f-ck you, white trash’, injuring 16, but serving only 38 days in jail … whilst James Fields gets a living death, a sentence of life plus 419 years? You got nothing to say about that, Thomas Cullen?

    Cullen belongs in that jail cell instead of James FIelds Jr

    • You’ve gotta’ know that Fields will die in prison: judicial murder by Con…yeah, would that Cullen and Fields could trade places.

      • @ Brabantin Clinton is a cunt no argument there but Ricky Rector deserved to die a horrible painful death especially what he did to Officer Martin who he specially requested when he agreed to turn himself in. Martin knew Rector from his childhood and got him out of dozens of jams and minor scuffles with law enforcement and thats the thanks he got from Rector was getting shot point blank in the neck and jaw

  3. Trump is a rapist just like his big dollar freinds Clinton, Epstein and the rest of Washington District of Criminal rapists, pedophiles and child eaters.
    There was election meddling but it wasn’t Russia. It was that shit strip piece of land in the middle east, occupied Palestine.
    Epstein got off on his heinous crimes last time because he was an intelligence asset.
    The jews got dirt on Blomrpf, guaranteed. He went from helping us to hurting us in a matter of weeks after election and don’t forget bombing Syria twice for those long nosed, hand rubbing devils on false information.
    Whiite MAGA-MIGAtards make me physically sick cheering for their demise! Not mine…

    • .gov is afraid of us. Our voices are too powerful and we make sense.
      I often wonder if push really came to shove will most Whites get on their knees and surrender? I think 80% would but the other 20% wouldn’t.
      Is that why jew-.gov is pushing us to our limits? Let’s face facts people, we are just a colony of Israel. We’ve been under their thumbs since 1913 with the Federal Reserve act and under their boot-heel since WW2.
      I blame the shabbos goy freemason and other queer secret societies. Maybe this has been planned since our founding father freemasonic order? Every president has been one or another member of a secret society. That’s the problem! Shabbos zionist goyim! Sellouts!

    • General – I can NOT convey the absolute fury, “out there” expressed by Normies of all stripes. The (((Trump cabal))) has alienated and CHEESED off all kinds of factions. He’s not going to be re-elected/installed/whatever. He can bugger off to Trump Heights in Jizzrael

      • Denise you live around coal and what was in 2016 hardcore Trump country, I believe.

        Are you reporting local attitudes? Because the people out there really are a bellwether. If/when they turn against Trump, most of the base will as well.

  4. It’s official now. The war on Whites has finally been formalized, de jure, no longer de facto.

  5. Do you REALLY believe voting in yet another rigged ZOG election is going to change anything, HW? You don’t strike me as being a foolish person.

    • How do you see this ending?

      It will end when either 1.) enough people give up on the GOP and conservatism or 2.) when the demographics shift to the point the GOP and conservatism can never contest a national election again. That’s the tipping point. So it is better it happens sooner rather than later.

      • HW you just might have a point. When wild animals in a nature setting are trapped, they just don’t turn over and die, they fight with every last bite of life. If our people were concerned like that, animal instincts just might kick in? But being brainwashed 24/7/365 they’ve all turned into feminists @dogmoms, trannys, man on man analists and jew loving evangelicals. There’s a lot of work to be done and we’ve been kicked off of every platform to get the un-brainwashing done. These bastards know exactly what they’re doing. I say let it burn, that’s the only way to kick in natural animal human instincts. Only the strongest will survive.

        • Things will get real only when the false hope of conservatism is discredited. As long as these people are out there dangling false hope, normie conservatives will swallow it like a drowning man and this slow boil will continue.

        • Na, i trap animals, you will only get 1 in 5 that will chew its own leg off to get away. Most will curl up and go to sleep.

          The 1 will live and you’ll never trap him again.

          • We aren’t animals, though. Resistance is “out there”. Parents groups are organizing against the Tranny Freak Pedo Reading Hour in libraries. America is a weird place. America is worlds within worlds. The “changing demographics” are creating all kinds of chaos, but there are certain things that push all kinds of people to resist.

            Right now – dumping the JewOP and allowing the Left to take over will be the best option. The JewOP Delenda Est.

          • I’m fascinated by how the evangelicals deal with this. Are they all such brainwashed zionists?

        • Not all Gays are down with White extinction. You can oppose the Gay agenda without assuming all of them are even most are happy to see fellow Whites become a minority.

          • And the Gay agenda, for most Gays, used to be about basic rights and protection from violence, not this tranny obsession and bake my cake bullshit.

      • When the left takes complete control, they will never willingly give up power. Their anti-White hatred isn’t masked, either. What tactics could then be used against the DC monsters? Our options will be extremely limited.

        • I don’t think the left will take complete control per se. I just think there’s a cabal of elites who use anti-white to solidify their wealth and power, as white/anglo tradition has intractable egalitarian elements to it, more along the lines of vaunting notions of personal/individual responsibility than blind ‘equality.’

          This tendency obstructed the mass invasion the largely jewish elites needed to accomplish as a means of destroying the white majority.

          But now that that goal is almost reached, the controllers will just seize total power. I don’t think they even have a real ideology, like ‘anti-white,’ except that the jews have always been most threatened (and most attracted) by whites.

      • Demographics will destroy the GOP faster than you can, sorry to say. Maybe whites will be shell-shocked enough at that point to wake up.

    • If you ever needed proof that poor people are smarter than rich people, look at the fact that poor people are much less likely to (((vote))). You are also far more likely to hear poor people who are redpilled on things like 911 and Zionist involvement in the Iraq war. Redpilled bourgeois are very rare.

  6. We should organize a peaceful protest outside Cullen’s office and advertise this event nationwide.

  7. Trump wants White Supremacists imprisoned. White Supremacists don’t like NON-Whites and that bothers Trump and makes Trump morally indignant. In the meantime the Jew Trump is blockading food shipments to NON-White Venezuela in service to JEW SUPREMACISTS.

    Trump the Jew, Trump the ANTI-White-Supremacist, Trump the JEW SUPREMACIST, wants to see the NON-Whites in Venezuela starve, so much so he has ordered a blockade of Venezuela, including a blockade of food shipments to Venezuela, a NON-White country. And he has the nerve to point his finger at White Supremacists. For some reason World JEWRY doesn’t like NON-White country of Venezuela and want to see the NON-Whites of Venezuela starve. And these JEW SUPREMACISTS who are now blockading food to the NON-White country of Venezuela expect us to believe they love and respect NON-Whites.

    And Yes, Trump is a Jew, he’s a Jew in his blood/DNA. He’s a crypto Jew, a crypto Jew pretending to be a “Presbyterian”, but he’s a Jew in his blood/DNA. He’s a JEW, he’s a JEW SUPREMACIST and he has no problem with his JEW tribe Genociding the Palestinians, a NON-White people, and he has no problem blockading food to a NON-White country — and he has the nerve to point his JEW SUPREMACIST finger at us White Americans for being White “Supremacists”. We’re all White “Supremacists” and “evil Nazis” now, while he himself, the JEW SUPREMACIST he is, he fully supports the mass killing/Genociding of the NON-White Palestinians by the his JEW tribe, and now he’s blockading food shipments to NON-White Venezuela, because for some reason World JEWRY has a hard-on for Venezuela, a NON-White country.

    It’s just disgusting that us White Americans are being lectured to about how we must not be racist and how we must start loving blacks and all other NON-Whites by THE MOST HATE-FILLED AND MOST RACIST AND MOST MURDEROUS TRIBE ON EARTH, the JEWS. The JEWS are GENOCIDING the NON-White Palestinians and the JEWS are blocking food shipments to the NON-White country of Venezuela as the JEWS lecture us White Americans about how we must start loving NON-Whites.

  8. It’s not like Trump was ever trustworthy. He waffled on immigration in the months before the election. The alt-right has to look in the mirror and see that we have failed as a movement. There needs to be lessons learned. The number one lesson is no political support for anyone who not part of our movement. Nationalists in Europe don’t support these maverick type candidates. They have their own parties with their own leaders. The GOP will never be a pro-white party and there will never be a pro-white president who just comes out of nowhere like Trump.

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