Joe Biden: Trump Has Poured Fuel On The Fire of White Supremacy

The 2020 election is cranking up.

Joe Biden is accusing Blompf of pouring fuel on the fire of “white supremacy.” If that were the case, you would think that White Nationalists would be ecstatic about Keeping America Great. After all, there has been so much winning for us these past two and a half years.

Take a look around though. How many White Nationalists do you see on social media dancing with their pom poms in the air at the thought of 4 more years of this shitshow? Where are all the meme warriors from 2016? Where is the Alt-Right social media machine ripping into Joe Biden and Blompf’s Democratic rivals? Where is all the online energy, excitement and enthusiasm that surrounded Blompf’s campaign in 2016? It is nothing but Bill Mitchell, Charlie Kirk and GOP astroturf now.

Personally, I just want us to stay the hell out of the 2020 election and not become a political football. I have no interest in watching Blompf vs. Biden – two Boomers who aren’t going to do shit for us or anyone else, who will just preside over the slow decline of the country, who are just stirring the pot of the culture war solely to get themselves into office. There is nothing to get excited about because regardless of who wins nothing will change. Joe Biden has already promised his donors that nothing will fundamentally change. Both Blompf and Biden will sell the policy agenda to the donor class.

What is being accomplished here? Biden is trying to rile up the Democratic base to stop Blompf’s White Nationalist agenda … things like, say, criminal justice reform, corporate tax cuts, banking deregulation, record levels of illegal immigration, moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, red flag legislation, ending the Iran Deal and other things “white supremacists” care so much about.

It’s true that some people are snapping, lashing out and engaging in violence. That’s been going on for twenty years though. The El Paso shooter was possibly a Brenton Tarrant fan. The Dayton shooter was an Antifa Satanist. Most of these mass shooters don’t subscribe to ANY overarching political ideology though. They are people who are just giving up and checking out of life.

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  1. Somebody needs to ask this Irish retard what the hell does chosen mean. The Jews regard themselves as chosen, as racially superior, to all non-Jews by virtue of Gods will. How the hell can whites be supreme when the Jew God made Jews supreme?

      • What does chosen mean if it does not mean racially superior then what? And how can it be that these worthless Irish pricks can not see Jew racially supremacy when it is the Jews who are writing their pay checks and telling them what so say? How can they be so blind? it is impossible. They see. They know. And they know they are filthy disgusting Irish whores. The lowest filthiest scum on earth. They know.

        • Haha, where does this Irish hate come from? Is it just old Protestant vs. Catholic b.s.? That nonsense has been dividing whites for too long, much to the delight of the Jew.

          • The troubles was the stupidest thing ever but it was clear from day one the the IRA was a pro jew party and financed by shadowy backers and alphabet organisations, ian paisley was anti pope but he never started anything he merely said that the trade agreement with the British was stupid and unfair but it wasn’t something to start war over

            Alot of irish and irish americans side with the perfidious zionist jews thats where the irish hate comes from

          • Answer the question you fucking Irish retard, what does chosen mean? If not racially superior then what? How can whites be race supremacists when God made Jews racially superior? Oh and pull the feather out of your rectum retard.

  2. This is coming from Serial Groper Joe Biden. Both the Democrats and Cuckservatives are under the spell of their Jewish masters. We must overthrow the Kritarchy before (((they))) gulag us all!

  3. Blompf and the rest of the Likud party will never receive my vote again.

    My only vote from now on is a vote of no confidence.

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