White House Meeting With Big Tech After El Paso Shooting

According to Matt Walsh, Nick Fuentes is a Neo-Nazi whose views are “identical” to the El Paso shooter:


“The White House has invited internet and technology companies for a roundtable discussion on violent online extremism on Friday, as the Trump administration comes under growing pressure to deter mass shootings tied to internet-fueled racism.

The meeting will include “senior administration officials along with representatives of a range of companies,” according to a White House spokesperson, who did not name who will take part. The discussion comes after President Donald Trump directed the Justice Department to work with online platforms and state and local governments to “develop tools that can detect mass shooters before they strike.”

“We must recognize that the internet has provided a dangerous avenue to radicalize disturbed minds and perform demented acts,” Trump said. “We must shine light on the dark recesses of the internet and stop mass murders before they start.” …”

Let’s review:

Under Blompf, the Mexican border has collapsed and illegal immigration is approaching the worst days of the Bush administration.

Under Blompf, we are shooting for the highest levels of legal immigration ever for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. They need to come in legally.

Under Blompf, the White male suicide rate continues to soar back toward levels unseen since the Great Depression.

Under Blompf, the U.S. trade deficit is higher than ever.

Under Blompf, the streets have been turned over to violent Antifa, and the only people who are prosecuted are groups like the Proud Boys and Rise Above Movement who were ambushed by them.

Under Blompf, we have seen the demise of free speech on the internet and the spread of deplatforming into banking. He is “monitoring” the situation.

Under Blompf, we are on the verge of Congress passing red flag laws, so that Antifa or liberal relatives can report you to the police and liberal judges can seize your firearms.

Under Blompf, homosexuality has been mainstreamed on the right and there is a global crusade to force it on foreign countries. We have also normalized Drag Queen Story Hour and Desmond Is Amazing.

Do you remember the Social Media Summit?

We laughed at it at the time. We dismissed it for what it was which was a cheap political stunt. No one who had actually been censored like Alex Jones was there. Less than a month later, the Blompf administration has done a 180 and is looking for new ways to censor the Dissident Right.

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  1. Trump does was Jarvanka/Adelson/Satanyahu tells him. In order to predict his next move – just bone up on any old Nation Wrecking Jew agenda. Easy peasy

  2. And the alt right was equally a failure as Trump (if not more so since it knew better)

    Luckily we are building the winning movement even as we speak!

    (you can thank me later)

  3. Matt Walsh—Irish

    Catching my drift yet?

    Why are these Irish such filthy disgusting whores?

    • You seem quite desperate to distract and deflect from the fact that it is the jews who are running operation ‘White Genocide’, huh Robert? I wonder why that is…

      • I have said the Micks are the henchmen for the Jews.

        And a henchmen—-one who follows, usually without asking the why, for the side of evil

        Sound like the Micks in service of the Jews?

  4. I dont agree with the whole AmNat schtick, but I am totally behind the Fuenteses and Greers of our sphere if they are using their positions to take down GOP mainstreamers like Walsh (who have huge follower bases).

    Hunter, I also agree with what you have been saying here and on Twitter about taking down the GOP. I know consensus has been hard to come by in the different factions of “the movement”, but I think there is almost unanimous agreement on the fact that the GOP needs to die. All factions are better served by focusing on our points of agreement and attacking from multiple angles, than on the disagreements we do have. This also multiplies our attack force significantly.

  5. These scumbags just want us to roll over and accept our demise and they call it conservative but in reality its progressive.
    It’s no wonder people on the right or left are becoming unhinged.
    Any White person who sells out to his own people are the enemy.
    Time to draw sides for real.

  6. For this nest of traitors and open enemies the only good Whites are those that STFU and accept their eradication as if was inevitable.
    Anti-Whites deny White Genocide, then demand every policy which perpetrates it.

  7. With Grima Wormtongue in the room, the (((tribal))) agenda will triumph. We must guarantee their failure, even if it means voting Democrat. That’ll be easy for me as I used to do that back in the day. Gotta’ break this steady sinking feeling.

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