Trump: Republicans Defending Fredo Are Cucks!

Very true.

The reason that conservatives never miss a chance to virtue signal to the mainstream media is because they all aspire to leap frog from the conservative media into a higher status mainstream media gig like David French or Joe Scarborough or S.E. Cupp or countless other grifters before them. The same is true of conservatives on the Supreme Court who “evolve” after their appointments.

Watch this video.

#TrumpIsAWhiteSupremacist is trending on Twitter.

It is difficult not to look at this and conclude democracy turns people into idiots.

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  1. It’s a waste of time trying to appease the jews, the coloreds and the pinkos, because if you don’t believe every single thing they do they are going to hate on you no matter what. That’s a lesson that Blormp supporters seem incapable of understanding.

    • Virtue signaling to people who hate you only makes them hate you more. The only Whites anti-Whites tolerate but still hate are the ones that STFU about every aspect of the anti-White agenda and accept their race’s eradication as inevitable.

  2. Trump cucked again on tariffs today against Chinese goods by delaying their implementation until Dec. 15th instead of Sept. 1st as already announced. Once again, just as with immigration, H1-B visas, the unbuilt border wall etc. Trump cucked to his business scumbag friends at the expense of his base. The Chinese know Trump is petrified of a stock market collapse and will do anything to try to prevent it. The scumbag businessmen who own the Republicans care only about their short term profits and they don’t want either tariffs or border controls, the country be damned.

    Asian cultures value highly a promise or threat made then kept and Trump’s credibility is gone with them because of his cucking. The Chinese Government has its own vast problems but they believe they can manipulate Trump for their own goals because he is just as bad as the Bushes or BHO only louder. The coming election and fear of a stock market crash like 2008 play into their hands.

    Ironically he will get the stock market crash anyway. He can’t prevent it because of all the unpayable debt (which he is adding to) and other problems he inherited. Trump is setting up the Federal Reserve to take the blame for the coming crash by criticizing Chairman Powell now for not cutting interest rates that are already near zero. That’s when things get interesting.

    I can’t take all this winning.

  3. We are enemy nations fighting for control over this land; when we separate, hostility will decline, but persist at some non-zero baseline. There is just too much bad blood.

    • Partition the damn country, and let the [LEFTIST] dead bury the [LEFTIST] dead.

      I want to live with moral, normal white Christian folk, and never again have to deal with Hitlery, Warren, Buttplug, Wang/Yang, Antifa, faggots, femiNazis, etc.

  4. The problem with the cuckservative meme was people used it in a way implying it only referred to a certain fraction of conservatives. In reality, all conservatives are cuckolds and always have been. The ideology itself was basically defined as playing the foil for progressive Whigs, who conservatives view as the true protagonists of history. This goes all the way back to og cuckservative Burke and his contemporaries.

  5. The only thing Conservatives and Republicans stand for consistently is their hatred of Islam/Muslims. They all want action against China for cracking down on freedom loving protesters in Hong Kong. When peaceful non fundamentalist educated Syrians were protesting a brutal regime of Assad/Putin , they were silent and or said; Muslims killing Muslim let Allah sort it out, and pass the popcorn.So concern for peaceful protestors opposing tyranny is only an issue for them when like in Hong Kong it serves our interests of going after China.

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