Rightwing Fed Poster Arrested In Ohio

Told you so.

The feds are using the current moral panic about mass shootings to round up as many habitual fed posters as possible to look like they are doing something. Most of these people are just blowing off steam on the internet. The serious ones who actually go and do this lay low until they fed post their manifestos about 20 minutes before the shooting starts. By then it is too late.

New York Post:

“An Ohio man who wrote online that he supported mass shootings and attacks at Planned Parenthood sites was busted at a home with a veritable arsenal inside, including over a dozen rifles, pistols and roughly 10,000 rounds of ammo, federal prosecutors said.

Justin Olsen, an 18-year-old who lives with his father in Boardman, was arrested Wednesday as he walked from the home to his car.

He had been under investigation since February, but a prosecutor in the town of 35,000 people southeast of Cleveland said he needed to act due to the recent mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, that killed nine people, and in El Paso, Texas, that killed 22, Cleveland.com reports.

Authorities later seized a total of 15 rifles from the residence, including some assault-style models, as well as 10 semi-automatic pistols and roughly 10,000 rounds of ammunition. A large gun vault and a slew of camouflage clothing and backpacks were also found inside, according to an FBI affidavit.

Federal prosecutors allege that Olsen, using the handle “ArmyOfChrist,” voiced his support for mass shootings and coordinated attacks at Planned Parenthood locations on iFunny, a mobile app where users can share videos, memes and other content, the affidavit states. …”

This kid is a young White male who is an anti-abortion, anti-federal government gun hoarder who called himself “ArmyOfChrist.” He is almost certainly a conservative, not a “white supremacist.”

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    • No, they are looking for things that they can use as an excuse to come down on people with both jackboots, so they can say that they’re “doing something” about a nonexistent problem (“white supremacy!”). And because, like the media, Fedgov is losing its grip on the people it pretends to “serve.” No one believes their lies anymore except the chorus of jackals and jackasses on the Left. And on the Right, if it has to do with Holy Israel and Muh Free Market. Even an old paleocon like Paul Craig Roberts has pretty much gone full 1488 recently in his columns.

      You see, we “basket of deplorables” were supposed to own up to our innate deplorability and vote for Hillary in 2016. Instead, we showed them just how irredeemably deplorable were are by voting for a weirdo billionaire who told us things we wanted to hear to get elected, then promptly surrendered to the Republitard Party. But that did not erase our SIN against the Chosen’s Chosen One, Hillary. So we must be shown the whip hand and the iron-heeled boot. If we dare to protest the displacement of our ancestors from the country they built, they’ll give us life in prison plus 400 years for a traffic accident, and preen over how “moral” they are.

      Tucker recently characterized AOC as “a child with a firearm. Terrifying.” The whole of the woke Left — and most of the Dead Asleep Right — are like retarded children, armed with machine-guns and hand grenades. I have long said that the horrors of the 21st century will make those of the 20th look like the Sunday-school outings of wide-eyed innocents, and I regret to say that my opinion hasn’t changed in this matter. And it is such an awful shame, for I was born into, and remember, a world that, whatever its faults, seems a veritable paradise compared to what we have today — and what is likely to come tomorrow.

      • “Even an old paleocon like Paul Craig Roberts has pretty much gone full 1488 recently in his columns. ”

        I had to laugh at this. ‘Bout pretty much sums up how a lot of us later Boomers are feeling right now- ‘who stole OUR country from us?’ Jew know the answer.

      • Leftists are complete and total whackos and WHITE Conservatives are total and complete insufferable cowards who have given our homeland away.

    • Boardman is a suburb of Youngstown, Ohio.

      The young fellow’s former Congressman was Jim Traficant, not one to hold back on his free speech rights. The current Congressman is that Irish Roman Catholic asshole Tim Ryan who stabbed Jim Traficant in the back. Ryan was Traficant’s chief of staff.

      Tim Ryan, in typical Roman Catholic asshole fashion, is currently running for President, and against the 2nd Amendment, and for “Red Flag” Laws and other strict gun control legislation.

  1. He’s just a kid, a white kid whose only real crime was expressing strongly held beliefs online. He never hurt anyone. And now ZOG is going to fucking ruin his life. Meanwhile we have 30 to 40 million illegal aliens roaming around this country at will, raping, robbing and killing thousands of innocent Americans every year. I’d say that’s a REAL case of domestic terrorism.

    • Absolutely. And ultra-tools ANTIFA.gov can make credible, direct death threats with no ramifications. That fat f*** Ayatollah had a point with “great satan”.

      • Hman,

        antifa are the street level storm troopers of zog. They’re not trying to end globalism, international banking, or the status quo. Antifa are used to defend the establishment from dissidents. Why do you think they’ve been given carte blanche to be violent without consequences?

    • @Spahn, you forgot all of christian’s beaner spic cousins trafficking fentanyl laced heroin that kills tens of thousands annually for ten yrs along with the wonderful societal addition of cocaine, methamphetamine and sex slaves that are destroying everyplace these beaners intrude with their gang banging mongrel violence!

      Oh yeah , thats right, i should “calm down” and i am a “jew caricature of white nationalism” for pointing out that these feral “latino” spics are no better than our nigger plague of violence and criminality for the most part.

      Not many “pure Spaniards” sneaking in by the tens of millions….

      Of course whether castizo or mestizo, they are invaders and our racial enemies.

      Also the term “latino” is just a made up political illusionary term designed to trick whitey into denying that we are being racially replaced.

      After all, they are wonderful (((catholics)))…

      “French, Spanish, Portugese , Italian, Greek etc European people are “Latin” not mongrelized brown people from central america , meh-hee-coh or the Caribbean.
      These people are more accurately usually labelled as “Hispanics”..

      Of course wonderful hispanics would never have any reason to commit a “mass shooting” because all that made up stuff is for evil whites to be painted with a broad stroke as.

      I can recall at least 15 mass shootings where beaners killed other beaners in a 1-1.5 yr timeframe in southern california about ten yrs ago…of course according to the FBI reports on racial crime data, hispanics were and still are in many places considered “white” in the stats.

      Sickening to see so many cucks over here giggling with our enemies and acting like she is “one of the good ones” or some BS..
      Meanwhile “irish/italian people are niggers” seems to be a common theme on this thread.

      • Mestizos/chicanos are “white” if they commit a crime but magically revert to “Hispanic” if they are the victims.

        The pigs are not your friends, Whitey.

      • The irish are not ‘niggers,’ but most italian americans are definitely north african, in significant part anyway. And native italians are corrupt too.

      • lol I know you’re referencing me buddy with the “calm down” statement and “she’s one of the good ones” being that Christine Alva chick who posts here from that other thread.

        I can’t believe you’re still angry about that misunderstanding. She said it wouldn’t make sense for a Mexican to kill random Mexicans for political reasons. You took it to mean that a Latino would never commit a mass shooting.

        Also, I’ve never read any Irish hatred on here, but I’ll put forth my own right now. Irish act like niggers because everything with them is

        “muh oppression by the English”

        “muh potato famine”

        “muh no Irish apply signs”

        “muh indentured servitude”

        and all other whiny gay shit to get those upcummies for your victim complex. Meanwhile, your entire people were used as mercenaries around the world to fight against native peoples of other lands by major powers going as far back as the Thirty Years War. Since this is a pro-South site, it’s worth mentioning prominently in the American Civil War on behalf of the Union.

        Every time I hear an Irishmen bitch, I groan. It’s like a Lithuanian complaining how they don’t get equal attention to the major European powers. Your people were a part of a few great empires, but that’s it. If England never conquered you, you’d be sitting on a potato farm right now as refugees are pouring in and learning Gaelic while your women cheer for legal abortions. Nothing would have changed.

        Are the Irish White? Technically yes. Do they see themselves as White? Evidently not.

  2. “Authorities later seized a total of 15 rifles from the residence, including some assault-style models, as well as 10 semi-automatic pistols and roughly 10,000 rounds of ammunition. A large gun vault and a slew of camouflage clothing and backpacks were also found inside, according to an FBI affidavit.”

    When a collection gets to that size it has become a fetish. In a real SHTF scenario, you would be able to carry one rifle and some ammo. The rest of that stockpile would be looted.

    “This kid is a young White male who is an anti-abortion, anti-federal government gun hoarder who called himself “ArmyOfChrist.” He is almost certainly a conservative, not a “white supremacist.””

    The libs will call him white supremacist anyway, and the conservatives will join in because they are cowards that always side with the bully.

    • Most of that stuff is probably his father’s and the feds just seized it all.

      It’s not even about just watching what you say now, but if your liberal wife rats you as a rightist out or your inexperienced son starts fedposting, say bye bye to your firearms.

      All we need now is something that says your guns can be taken away if you object to your daughter being LBT or having a Black bf and the family unit will be completely de-incentivized.

  3. He may have been living with daddy but daddy wasn’t parenting. 18 or not, he was living under the old man’s roof.

  4. They were his dad’s guns.

    He is just a kid, posting the same kind of dumb 1776 stuff that conservative Patriotards always post.

    Obviously you are correct that WNs need to be very careful about what they post online.

    But the interesting thing about this story is that the FBI didn’t target a WN or a suspected mass shooter, but just some normie child who posted overly edgy memes.

    There would be a big stink about this story if it happened under a Democratic president.

  5. Are the authorities looking for the other three shooters that were in the El Paso Walmart? Of course not.

    They’re fanning the flames doing things like this instead of defusing situations.

    That’s why they were rebranded “law enforcement” officers several decades ago. They serve only the big, rotten, corrupt, evil, whore-infested machine’s owners.

    • Why aren’t we hearing 24/7 about that Warren-loving Satanist, who ALSO KILLED PEOPLE?
      Just like Nidal Hassan, the satanist antifa killer has slipped through the memory hole? Who, you say?


      “The Senate released a report describing the mass shooting as “the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001”

      Yet, this filthy sandnigger is STILL alive, while a poor WHITE Boy (he’s not a man!) is the next CRUCIFIXION by the Accursed FEDGOV, in this charade of ANTI-ANGLO hate!?

      Where is Trump the Apostate in all this? Like Pilate, he is merely washing his hands, of the blood he has on them. Misericordie, Domine.

  6. There were a series of arrests of Moslems after 9/11 such as the “Buffalo Six” in upstate NY who were convicted of terrorism. At trial it was revealed that the FBI provided the “evidence” such as C4, Stinger missiles, M-60 machine guns etc. to various groups. Transcripts showed in case after case that the people who were convicted had to be enticed to commit crimes and helped along by the FBI. Convictions were obtained in spite of obvious entrapment, perjury and other crimes committed by FedGov.

    Part of this campaign was to defuse justified public anti-Moslem anger after 9/11 and partly to show that FedGov actually is competent in spite of 9/11. The subsequent anthrax attacks that were never solved also damaged the FBI’s reputation especially after two innocent men were accused of the crime. Different parts of FedGov also lied about WMDs in Iraq and were waging a never ending war in Afghanistan at the same time and the border was left wide open too.

    FedGov is never your friend and its incompetence at basic tasks such as border security is well known. Under BHO the “Fast and Furious” program transported weapons to Mexican criminals in Mexico resulting in numerous deaths on both sides of the border. What all of these things have in common is that Government criminals go free but those who are against the prevailing narrative are devoured by FedGov on the slightest pretense.

    It will be interesting to see who actually gets prosecuted for Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes now that Jeffrey is unavailable for trial. Most likely it will be a series of low level people who have no damaging evidence to reveal who will feel the wrath of the Deep State. They will get long sentences, Jeffrey’s estate will be divided with half going to the lawyers, a quarter going to the Deep State and the rest going to Jeffrey’s victims. The Govt. will declare victory, the MSM will say that “justice was done” and the real criminals will sleep soundly like they always do in FUSA.

  7. Blaming whites for all mass shootings is bullshit. The press lies about this issue, just like every other one where white people can be damned. Blacks actually are responsible for 51% of mass shootings, whites 29%. We are being set up to take all the racial heat, as usual. The mainly white elites are happy to sacrifice us. For whatever reason, they want to replace us with a more compliant peasantry. Problem is, some of the whirlwind will be reaped by them, even in their penthouses and exclusive schools. They foolishly believe the peons will only go after each other.


    • Rich L,

      All the media and federal government hysteria over mass shootings and the “White Supremacy ” threat are to skunk the White Identity Movement, and demonizing it with an image of violence, hatred, and extreme authoritarianism.

      The psychotic vermin that control the upper echelons of zog are using White Identitarians to deflect the public’s attention from the authentic internal enemies of the country.

  8. FBI Agents Steinowitz and Rosenbaum have already offered Justin a plea agreement. He must denounce Christ, admits he’s gay, and enlist in the Marines.

    If Justin signs the plea agreement, he will be forced to deploy in a Marine Combat Unit to the Middle East for no less than 15 years.

    If Justin makes it back to America after those 15 years, he will be required to undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery. Of course, the Pentagon will pay 100% of the cost to not overburden Justine.

    Finally free in 2040, Justine will join the ADL’s new Paramilitary Anti-Fascist Organization which hunts down any remaining White Dissidents and ships them to the Gulags.

  9. This promises to be yet another ‘crisis’ the Left will botch, in their attempt at (((Bolshevik CONTROL))).
    I hope so…. I LOATHE the Left.


    “Americans show more concern over this than one might expect for a local event. Open conflict on our streets, as happened in the 1960s, signals that some form of political overthrow is about to happen. That means bad things for the ideology which has dominated us since the end of WW2, the utilitarian stew of egalitarianism, diversity, liberal democracy, socialist entitlements, and Keynesian consumerism. Naturally anyone who benefits from this system — especially overpaid government employees, private sector consultants servicing them, and underclass people dependent upon them — is experiencing a bit of fear and trembling. Let us hope for a glorious riot where the Right makes its point and then Antifa destroys Portland, leaving all moderates in America no choice but to flee toward the Right.”

  10. What kind of clothing is this guy wearing? Is he a samurai? And somehow this “photo” looks fake. They are mocking us.

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