Los Angeles Times: Actually, The Alt-Right Is Stronger Than Ever

While we were on vacation, our pal Thomas Main had an Op-Ed published in the Los Angeles Times in which he warned that the Alt-Right was bouncing back:

LA Times:

“After the 2017 “Unite the Right” gathering in Charlottesville, Va., during which counter-protester Heather Heyer was killed by a rally attendee, a lot of pundits predicted the demise of the alt-right movement. And for a while, it seemed as if they might be right.

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, alt-right websites spewing white nationalist, misogynist and anti-Semitic diatribes were banned from standard internet service providers, and the de-platforming took a toll. A month before Charlottesville, the movement’s flagship website the Daily Stormer was getting about 1.9 million visits. After it was dropped by the web-hosting company GoDaddy, traffic dropped dramatically, and in November 2017 the site had only 13,000 visitors. The leftist Truthout declared the alt-right movement confined “only to the back alleys of the internet,” while the Guardian concluded “the alt-right is in decline.”

The editor of Occidental Dissent, Hunter Wallace, is a neo-Confederate who rejects the present-day, multi-racial America. On June 22, he argued that “the culture we have now is in an advanced state of degeneration and that the root cause of it is the liberal order. … We will be much stronger after reorienting the Right around the authoritarian axis. … The Confederates realized this in the 1860s and their solution was to decouple their constitutional republic from the leveling abstract ideology of liberal democracy. …”

Here’s my recollection:

  • Traffic here was great in 2016 and 2017. We were on an upswing.
  • As 2017 began, I grew disillusioned with Blompf and returned to activism, which I had discontinued when the Blompf campaign began in 2015.
  • Charlottesville happened and it was a disaster because of the police stand down. We were deplatformed from nearly everything. This was the beginning of the downswing.
  • From Shelbyville (October 2017) through Michigan State (March 2018), the Alt-Right descended into infighting and collapsed.
  • From March 2018 to June 2018, I washed my hands of the Alt-Right and took some time off to rethink everything.
  • Last summer, I got dragged into one of the Charlottesville lawsuits and came back and spent a few months doxxing Antifa.
  • Since the beginning of 2019, the waters have calmed, most people who survived that chaotic period now stay in their own lane and we have been on a new upswing for about six months.

This website is now more stable, active and productive than ever before:

Those numbers will dip in August because the site was closed for a week due to our fundraiser. In the future though, I am just going to churn out content on a daily basis without getting distracted by chaotic rallies, frivolous lawsuits or trolling by Antifa, and in the real world we will organize in private and away from the media spotlight. We’re going to focus on slow, but steady growth.

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  1. I have decided that (((the plan))) is probably to sneak a full-on communist into office by making them Biden’s VP and then having Biden either officially step down or just croak, naturally or not.

    So the real question will be, who will Biden’s VP be? Dems are talking up Harris for this role, irritating as her campaign claims to be by such discussion.

  2. The movement pretty much died, but the cause is stronger than ever. Of course the left and all the anti-Whites are mostly responsible for that, the punditry required from our side is minimal amid myriad enemy mistakes.

  3. You cannot subvert us, you cannot bribe us with money, you cannot break our spirits. We are winning the culture war, We are winning the hearts and mind of Working class Americans, We are right, and we will win.

    Hail victory and hail our people!

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