Taylor Swift: Lover

There seems to be an unwritten rule under liberal democracy that only negative role models, perversion and cultural degeneration is fostered under this system of government.

As Kid Rock recently said, Taylor Swift wants to make movies now and that means catering to the sentiments and prejudices of the people in the entertainment industry who own the cultural means of production, which is to say, largely Jewish perverts in the mold of Harvey Weinstein.

Note: This was Taylor Swift’s previous effort in June. It is no accident that this poison is being cultivated, rewarded and promoted to our youth.

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  1. Taylor swift was always a shitty meme by alt righters and stormer spergs I remember the stupid articles at stormer yes it was satire but it was still cringe af. To think swift was ever secretly browsing pol/ or was is in anyway traditional is a big laugh to me She is also a shitty singer and predictable songwriter your basic bitch sad white girl love and breakup songs nothing remotely spectacular in her musicianship

  2. She is pretty poison who is a fierce LGBT advocate who publicly backs Democratic candidates. The United States is like unto Frankenstein’s monster which has turned on its creators. American popular culture is a toxic and corrosive culture which is exported to the world. It it any secret more traditional societies hate us with a passion? Not everyone likes constant homosexuality ad miscegenation piped into their living room.

    • I don’t keep up with pop culture generally but went by a huge display at Target tonight (right up by the checkouts) of nothing but dvd cases of this cover of “lover”. Oh yeah are they ramming it into our young girls’ subconsious minds. Swift understands exactly what her role is in this too. This is how she has to pay Satan back.

      • Sick! Taylor Swift is one sick, sick female. Her White-hate is oozing out of her like puss, Disgusting. And to display it so in-your-face…

  3. There are two damning things about the music video. It’s not just that she, as a de facto role model for teenage white girls across the nation, is having a romantic relationship with the a black guy.

    The first is that the black man in the video is desired by another white woman, signaling that he’s the hottest thing on the block.

    The second is the very end, where all of the things that cultivate their relationship is in a snow globe for their mixed race child in the future.

    It’s all a big fuck you to white fathers by trying to brainwash their white daughters into mudsharking.

  4. At 30 this dingbat’s career as a pop princess is over, so now she has to re-brand herself as an actress. It’s either that or go off to Branson and open for Tony Orlando and Dawn.

  5. This really is a nightmare. This video will get BILLIONS of views and will be viewed by MILLIONS of young impressionable white girls. More than likely this was the idea and work of some jewish producer hiding in the shadows. This would be a punishable crime in a healthy society. Hate is not a strong enough word for what I feel towards American culture. It is physical and spiritual POISON. Taylor needs to receive millions of queries as to why she is promoting white ethnic-cleansing.

    • Obvious jew masterminds confirmed. The Tribe seems to be genetically encoded to destroy all that is good and beautiful in this world.

      Director: (((Drew Kirsch))) & Taylor Swift
      Producers: (((Tara Tazavi))) & (((Megan Gutman)))

  6. I knew this video was inevitable.

    But I can’t bear to watch or read about it.

    I’ve met too many “girl next door ” types that either were or still are mudsharks. So before you kiss that cute/hot/sexy chick you just met, try not to think where those lips have been.

    • At least Britney had enough sense to mate with her own kind and give birth to good looking white children, madam. She is the one who should be held up as a pop culture role model, not Miss Broomstick Legs.

      • Spahn,

        Overall your comment is accurate, but Kevin Federline was/is almost as ghetto as your average inner city wannabes rapper. Federline before siring Brittney’s children had offspring with his negress wife.

        If memory serves me correctly, the younger sister of Jessica Simpson married and bore the half breed of a negro.

        The problem is that some of these women are/were considering “role models” for young girls raised on (((popular entertainment))).

    • My feelings on the matter are pretty much the same as Denise’s. It’s a bit of a Darwinian practice.

      I don’t think some of you realize how much shit gets thrown at the wall targeting White girls and how much of it sticks. A song about Taylor Swift promoting a relationship with a Black is just a drop in the pond of a society telling young girls to ruin their lives with an unlimited number of self-destructive behaviours.

      There is a reason now that on studies regarding dating sites, Asian women are considered the most attractive race of women by almost all groups of men. White women are in a complete quagmire, surrounded and influenced by all manner of sin. Those who are smart enough won’t pay any heed to this and those who will pay heed to this already indulge in all the other products which are worse.

      I still think that when the ethnostate is formed, it’s going to be a society that has like 2 or more men for every woman. Personally I favor bigamy over letting in sluts and feminists, because quality is more important than quantity/

    • Darwinism no longer applies to humans. Survival of the fittest got nullified by all of our modern technological wonders. This is social engineering and manipulation on an epic scale. I’m not sure you will want to see the end result.

  7. The mudsharking trend With social media shaming will make a dent in the (((trend))) to many brutal deaths and abuse ever day I read one on the DS or New Nation News

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