Beta O’Dork: Yes, The Federal Government Is Coming To Seize Your Guns

This isn’t really newsworthy.

The BETO presidential campaign is currently in its death throes. I’m only sharing this as an indicator of where the Democrats are at now. The “mainstream” is shifting Left.

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  1. I firmly believe that we the people will be forced into another 1776 scenario. The British tried this and got their asses kicked! History repeats itself.

    • I fear Americans will not be provoked into a spirit of rebellion but rather sink into despair and indifference.

  2. Pushing death and selective hatred will eventually make a boomerang effect that these power-hungry fools will regret. I’m not looking forward to the reckoning, no matter how well-deserved it may be.

  3. Once this “Beto” O’Faggot character officially drops out of the race what will he do? He is obviously good for nothing.

  4. A new Federal Law (AWB) is coming.
    Bet the farm on it. The GOP will either lead the charge or follow along while pretending to support the 2nd Amendment. Either way, they’re going to sell us out.
    Buy everything you can NOW.

    You’re gonna need it.

    An armed Nation has citizens. A disarmed Nation has subjects.

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