Odessa Mass Shooting

What are you doing this evening?

My plan was to grill some burgers, drink a few beers and enjoy some family time. I’m so tired of this shit that I am going to tune out and watch the Auburn vs. Oregon game now.

1 shooter.

He was shot dead by the cops.

5 confirmed dead.

21 people wounded.

This monster shot a 17 month old baby in the face:

This all started in a traffic stop.

The shooter first shot a state trooper and went on a rampage.

Note: Auburn won the game.

It seems like everyone had the same reaction that I did and tuned out to watch sportsball. At this point, I would rather unwind and watch sportsball than mass shootings and the faux outrage, point scoring and hysteria that inevitably follow in their wake on Twitter.

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  1. I was just about to go to the grocery store. Um….another (((mass shooting))). Hey Badge Fags – are you going to try to make the (((shooters))) appear to be White?

    • I took a nice long walk today, in a somewhat calmer, quieter (true quiet is almost nonexistent in my state, even on trails) area for the first time in a long time…and got to thinking.

      All this percolating discussion on here and in ‘the scene’ and around is absolutely having an impact. Then a random middle class middle aged woman sort of adopted me for our walk, and made some blurry allusion to ‘conspiracy theories.’ I think the specific one was something like, just how really creepy is Joe Biden if you want to go there.

      They don’t have much time at this stage to allow the frog to take stock of its predicament.

      But hey, even Kermit and friends knew what they were up against, what X’er didn’t love the Muppets:

    • Denise.Here in Brazil the (((media))) reported on september 1: “all they know is the shooter was white and in his forties”.

    • A Texan on the internet claims, the shooter screamed, if Comey can get away with it, I can get away with it too.

    • A Texan claims on the internet, the shooter screamed, if Comey can get away with it, I can get away with it too.

      No left turn signal.

    • It’s inevitable. You can’t have commerce regularly attacked like this. These guys will be super accellerationists and are acting in a team. It’s going to be labeled correctly as Terrorism. The only thing you can hope for is that it’s Muslims doing it. But I doubt it.

      Home Depot? Ffs. People attacked who like to keep their property nice and do things to fix house. It’s one of my favorite places to browse for tools and materials for projects. Generally some nice old guys to chat with and get keys cut.

    • Mr. Wallace,

      Yes. Even the rock hard republicans are going to fold on this one. It is my understanding that Texans have a lot of concealed handguns. Yet they do not seem to stop too many mass shootings.

      I am not going to wade into the gun control debate except to say that in order to work it will take some very strict methods and enforcement. My brother has read a book called —The Cowboy, The Mountie, and The Samurai where even the pro gun writer admitted that strict gun control can work in America but only if combined with very strict governmental controls in many areas that most Americans might not accept unless they were fearful.

      I do hope the shootings are non- political.

      • Christina,

        If you find a moment, read the chapter on gun control effectiveness and lack there of in the book “Freakonomics.”

        The only deterrence to gun crimes are more police officers and harsh punishments. Everything else is simply window dressings.

        • November,

          I said I was not going to wade into the issue very deeply. It would be too inflammatory on this site. Yet despite myself I have to for that is the issue here.

          I know that if Mexico had the same gun laws as the USA there would be even more crimes than there are. No one can counter attack me and say that because Mexico has stricter gun laws yet more crime that it proves gun control does not work. Anglos cannot judge other people’s and their situation with yours. For instance well over 90% of Cartel killings are against other cartel members, police, and soldiers. So more civilians with guns would not help Mexico in that category.

          Mexicans are more volatile than anglos. More passionate. So strict gun laws are best for Mexico. I will not deny that in the USA certain groups of people are going to cause way more crime than self defense than other groups. Certain groups of Americans can traditionally handle weapons but those days are gone.

          So there is not one method for all races, nations, cultures etc. You are stuck with your multi racial population. I believe you are suffering from universal ownership of guns.

          As for Freakonomics—-The Jewish(if I am correct here) writer supports Affirmative Action and Abortion and Busing. My brother had read the book and was not impressed. Therefore, my statements here are his reading of the book.

          Whatever laws you currently have they are not working. You need either more or less laws and a healthier population morally.

          Remember as I have mentioned before. People are not the same. What works among peaceful and traditional societies will not work in the USA and other places. Still, mass shootings are spectacular in a negative fashion but they are overall a drop in the bucket for overall crime.

          So if I had any influence in the USA I would be careful in not overreacting. Once you start the ride to strictness on guns where will it stop?

        • November,

          I forgot to mention that the experts agree that it would take the military to crush crime and the Cartels in Mexico. The same could be done in the USA. You round up all the gang members (and the police know who they are), you start executing criminals right and left, You do not worry about the body count or civil liberties. Most Mexicans support such methods as do I.

          I also support Mexican methods in the USA but white nationalists do not. I am not sure what the bulk of white people think in America. Perhaps what they have been told to think.

          Remember I and Mexicans do not think in many ways as you traditional Americans who are white advocates think. It is not your fault or mine. Just a different mind set.

          My brother said that the famous American gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok once said that you kill the really bad people and save jail for the petty offenders. I imagine we do agree on that.

          Christina Romana

          • Christina,

            I can’t recall offhand what the authors (there were two I believe) positions were on busing, affirmative action, or abortion. They were economists and pointing out what the data showed.

            Again, I didn’t read the book cover to cover. Just chapters that interested me. The one on guns, gun crimes, and gun control made sense to me. Of course, if a mass shooter is willing to go out (I.e., die) in a shootout with cops-nothing will stop their warped objective. The suggestions of more police officers and harsher penalties for committing a crime with a firearm are directed at people that would be deterred by those countermeasures.

            You don’t have to tell me that mestizos have less impulse control than Anglos and are quicker to engage in violence triggered by being fast to anger and being raised in a machismo culture. I am only too aware of the less civilized behavior of a large proportion of Mexican males.

            I’ve always been very suspect of Roman Catholicism’s act of confession. It seems like a ‘get out of jail free card’ with your priest for illegal and sinful actions. For example, beat your wife, confess to your priest, and do a rosary of “The Lord’s Prayer” and “Hail Mary” and all is forgiven. Why don’t they just go back to selling indulgences? Then they could pay the victims of pedophile clergymen with the proceeds.

            I am in full agreement with you on summary executions of ALL gangbangers in the United States. You have to be a human being to be extended human rights, and in my book they’re Untermenchen/subhuman vermin. Even lower than your hated scorpions.

            America is a cesspool of multiculturalism, multiracialism, multilingualism, and homosexuality. There is nothing that binds as a people or folk anymore. It’s all agitation propaganda and racial grievances directed at Whites by the jews. POC aren’t smart or wise enough to not take the judaic bait, and thank their God for the high quality of life they have due to White innovations, rule of law, food production, medical breakthroughs, ad infinitum. What do these same ungrateful POC bring to us White folks? We all know the answer to that question, right?

            Whites/Europeans are the smallest racial group on earth, but we are overwhelmingly responsible for making the world better for everyone with our unappreciated humanitarianism and unselfishness.

            We are the Goose that lays the golden eggs. Imagine the world without us.

        • November,

          I do have a pro gun suggestion. If a person has a background check in Texas and can own a handgun then why would they need to get a separate license to carry it? That person is more likely to be attacked outside the home than inside his house as far as I am aware.

          So for America I still strongly support handgun ownership. But I am still amazed that in 2 recent mass shootings in Texas no one with a pistol helped out.

          • Christina,

            Concealed and open carry gun permits are one of the few places that states still exercise specific criteria for carrying a firearm outside of your home. Some states will honor/reciprocity other state’s CCL gun permit holders and others will not. It’s a hot mess, but what did you expect from this disfunctional and death spiraling empire?

    • That’s the second one in Texas this summer.

      Yep, hun control is coming, and the GOP is going to spearhead it.

  2. I had given up on watching diversionary crap like college football. Now, I’m getting back into it this season. I can only read so much, watch so many old movies, or listen to so much music made before autotuning. It sounds like I’m a pretentious country squire with too many diversions, I suppose. But the psy-ops in the news and the nonstop cultural programming is too much black-pilling for me. Frustrations need to be vented in a healthy manner.

    • Rich L,

      Need to vent frustrations? That’s what thots are for. Just play safe. They’re much more fun than watching negro mesomorphs with a pigskin. Thank me later.

      • November, as long as I can be assured the thot is not riddled with diseases, fine.

        I view football the same way George Carlin did: the players are pituitary retards there for my amusement. But I could have it both ways, you know. I can take my sweet time with the lady, and still cuddle up afterwards with her while watching the mesomorphs.

    • What are you listening to? There’s plenty of music out there with no auto-tuning. Football needs to go away. It’s a promotional vehicle for blacks.

      • Powell, I listen to everything from Bach to Bill Evans to the Bee Gees. As for football, I only watch the college variety. I’m not particularly attached to any team, and the teams have a revolving roster. I don’t mind watching the players crash into each other. A lot of them are black, you know.

  3. I remember after (((9/11))) how the jewsmedia and zog-Amerika were warning the country able potential jihadis attacking shopping malls during the Christmas shopping season. Of course, those threats were just to scare more normies into condoning zog’s wars for Israhell.

    • I also remember a U.S. Government propaganda campaign showing a series of wogs on TV with the theme “We’re all Americans” to try to dissipate anti-Moslem anger. Too bad that anger hadn’t been directed at the U.S. Government for leaving the borders wide open to see what the cat dragged in.

      BTW GWB II, using his lawful Executive Authority closed the borders after 9/11 and stopped immigration too. Of course the scumbag opened the border and resumed immigration again after a few weeks increasing the rate of Moslem immigration to the U.S. to even higher rates than before 9/11.

      DJT could also suspend immigration and close the border; every yard of it from Texas to California could have concertina wire on it 15 feet high and 10 yards deep with an executive order. The “conservatives” wouldn’t like that though. What are the “conservatives” conserving again?

  4. The Left is celebrating again even if it’s Moslems who did this. If it’s terrorism it “proves” that gun control, whatever that is, would have prevented the Moslems from getting firearms. If it’s some White sperg, ditto. If it’s Black/Mexican gang bangers, the same.

    Conclusions first, look up the facts and arguments later. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story as the NYT, WSJ, Washington Post, CNN, NBC etc. say.

  5. It appears the “lone wolf” terrorists are winning. The government can’t infiltrate these loners and the Swamp is frustrated and are trying to blame the entire situation on white nationalists just so they can punish some despised group and make everyone think they are taking care of the problem and the media is as always “hiding” all the non-white violence (killings every week by non-whites and very little if any press condemning them).

    Welcome to the anti-White USA.

    May God Save the South!

  6. The CCC had the greatest thing going by showing the black-on-white violent crimes which had new postings almost daily. Dylann Roof followed it.

    To walk away from that valuable information which showed clearly that the lying anti-White media was a a political propaganda machine was to give our enemies the cloak they needed to perpetuate their lies that Whites have a monopoly on racial violence.

  7. America doesn’t seem to get upset by anything anymore, it’s just a place where 330 million random, anonymous people happen to live, eat, shop, watch sportsball and occasionally get killed by angry, alienated mental cases.

    • spahnranch1969,

      That is true. I heard of the shooting here and then rushed to look at TV. All 3 major channels were continuing with their football games. I found no news coverage until I looked at Fox news. I was astonished. Football more important than human events????

  8. I’ve been through Odessa on the way back from New Mexico. The Missouri Pacific railroad ran parallel to the highway, towards Fort Worth.

    I went through Dumas, in the Northern Panhandle, in mid morning, under deep blue skies and huge grain elevators and cotton gins. Wheat, corn, milo, cotton, cattle and oil dominate the land

    Texas is under attack by the Jews and their ostensibly White stooges. I can feel it. It makes me feel frustrated, and insecure in a way I’ve never felt before.

    If they can break Texas, they can break the rest of Dixie and the Interior West. Which effectively ends resistance to Yankeedom and Mexifornia-Pacifica.

    • Dixie is already broken. There is no real resistance whatsoever to Yankee-Zio expansion and colonisation.

      Demographically and culturally, the Interior West is in a much healthier state than Dixie is.

  9. Yankeedom and Mexifornia will learn to get use to the crossbow and knife crime Londinstan. Nothing new under the sun with military history. The second amendment says nothing about owning the right to a fleet of battle ships with cannons for constitutional rights or private contacted armed musket loader horse riding Calvary l security protection if American citizens are comforted by British Zog troops. In 1776 or 2030

  10. Liberal Democracy makes people insane. r there is the title which everybody know is neither truly liberal or truly democratic. None of this nonsense please that we are a constitutional Republic. The Constitution has been violated so many time with impunity that if it were female it could hardly walk for all the vicious rapes against it. This is all caused by the United States having no conception of social communitarianism. People do not even know who lives next door or will watch people be murdered or raped on a subway right in from of them and do noting Break it up! America to too big and too diverse to govern itself effectively.

  11. What’s the racial makeup of Auburn’s football team?
    70% black? 80%? Higher?

    You can kick football just like did (also how I quit smoking) It’s quite liberating. Once you’ve freed yourself from the Matrix there’s no going back.

  12. Alabama Negro went on a mass shooting rampage the same day as Odessa shooter. Zog puts POC crime on the back burner to stoke anti-White and anti-Second Amendment hysteria.

    ” The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed–and hence calamitous to be led to safety–by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – H.L. Mencken


    • November,

      I noticed that as well. Also, since the Odessa shootings do not seem to be politically motivated there is less focus on this shooting in Yahoo News than the crime itself deserves.

      A reasonable long explanation from you in your above comment on guns.

      As for indulgences? That was always considered a mortal sin like murder and other crimes. The FAITH itself has been against it. Churchmen are men and they sin and violate our laws like everyone sins. Selling of indulgences was a problem even in the 8th century if I remember right. It is also a sin for a priest to prey on boys but some do. That is on the individual’s head not our laws in themselves. Even a lack of enforcement on such issues is still a testament to the humans involved rather than our Laws which officially condemn such behavior. Do not people of other religions violate their own laws as well?

      As for confession? Well Protestants do not have to even go to confession and do penance for their sins so it is relative. Catholics believe that the penance done for sins after a confession is just a start. That penance is a life long endeavor. That God punishes us in this world and the next for our sins until we enter Heaven. If we do.

      Traditionally, we believe even most Catholic adults go to hell. So no confession is not a get out of jail free. There is always a reckoning.

      Anyway I love debating. I hope you were not too upset with me on my gun statements. White Nationalists in the USA are very serious on the issue so I was hesitant to bring it up. I just do not have the same mentality on guns as this website has.

      Currently, there are 2 subjects I tread lightly on—–they are Catholic vs Protestant and refighting the Texas Revolution and the Mexican American War. I might have to add the firearm issue as well. No need for me to upset people here. White Advocates are already under enough pressure as it is.

      • Christina,

        No worries. Your replies didn’t upset me at all.

        By the way, I was being facetious about bringing back the corrupt practice of selling indulgences. Though I still do not approve or condone clergy of any faith providing spiritual comfort to murderers condemned to die via capital punishment. Priests, pastors, or reverends should not offer any form of absolution to these monsters.

        “Animals gifted us emotions. Humans gifted themselves cruelty.” – Hannibal Leuckter.

        • November,

          I am glad you are not upset with me.

          As for absolution? A person being forgiven just means they might not lose their soul. But they will still be punished by God by Catholic standards. And that means Purgatory where they will be burned until due satisfaction is made. That might warm your heart in regards to justice. As you can see there is nothing soft about Traditional Catholicism.

          Protestants do not believe in Purgatory. They think Scripture is all there is. Even pertaining to Scripture we have 72 books and they have 66 books—–I think. However, in keeping with my non-aggression Pact with the Protestant forces I will say no more for now.

    • The Odessa shooter was supposedly a White guy. Haven’t heard or seen anything about an on line “Manifesto” yet. Interesting how all these “white supreemacists” never go after the real perps of White Genocide. This tells me they are either mentally unstable people gone over the top or agents provocateur.

    • Have you ever looked at all the white male criminals in the post office ?
      Hernando Gomez
      Lupe Sanchez
      Oscar Delgato
      Jesus Ramirez
      Jose Martinez

      Lots of those white males are real criminals.

      • Arian,

        What you said is true. I have seen posters of obvious Indians being classified as Whites to artificially inflate the white crime rate and disguise illegal alien crimes.

        So America really is a magical land. It can turn an Indian into a White man by just crossing the border.

  13. Bear Bryant was not the only college coach responsible…

    “On that March 1997 day he supplanted Adolph Rupp as the most prolific major college winner of them all, Dean Smith would not accept any credit for his role in integrating what had been a white man’s domain…

    “Charles Scott was the recruit who explained more about the coach than a hundred Jordans could. In 1966, Scott became North Carolina’s first African-American scholarship player and one of the first black athletes to sign at a major school south of the Mason-Dixon line.”

    Smith’s father, Alfred, had integrated his Kansas high school team in the 1930s, and the Tar Heels coach was only following his old man’s lead when he walked into a segregated Chapel Hill restaurant in the company of a black pastor and black student in the late 1950s to ensure they received service. Smith spoke up on behalf of black friends trying to cope with real estate agents who were steering them away from white neighborhoods, and four years before he signed Scott — and right after he took the North Carolina job — Smith tried to make Lou Hudson the first black player in the ACC. (Hudson reportedly didn’t meet the school’s academic requirements and enrolled at Minnesota.)

    North Carolina defeated a Colorado team coached by a black man, Ricardo Patton, on the record-breaking day in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to advance to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament. I asked Patton that day if he felt the way Nolan Richardson felt about Rupp’s place in history (“I’ll sleep much better knowing Dean’s the man,” the Arkansas coach had said) and if he thought it was fitting a progressive thinker like Smith was the one to knock out the Kentucky coach who preferred to keep his sport as segregated as Old South water fountains and schools.

    “Adolph Rupp was only the most famous of those guys,” Patton responded. “There were a lot of coaches who felt like him back then.”

    So Smith helped changed the face of college basketball in more ways than one. It’s a good thing he rejected the NBA offers he received over the years, including one from Madison Square Garden boss Sonny Werblin, who once met with Smith in George Steinbrenner’s suite in an attempt to persuade him to save the New York Knicks.

    Smith was much better off on his college campus, speaking out against war, encouraging his players to develop a voice on political and social issues, and moving those around him a few steps closer to the ideal of a colorblind society. He recruited Charles Scott to North Carolina, invited the player into his integrated church and defended him against racist fans.

    That’s called coaching, something Dean Edwards Smith was born to do.

    — abc news, “Dean Smith fought for integration”

    • Thanks, Coach Smith…

      Statement from UNC Black Faculty on Silent Sam:

      As UNC Black faculty, we occupy a unique position relative to the Confederate monument known as “Silent Sam.” When the Daughters of the Confederacy commissioned the monument for the University, when University donors offered resources to support its completion, when the University paid the remaining balance, and UNC Board of Trustees member Julian Carr delivered his racist remarks at its dedication, we doubt any envisioned Black faculty as vibrant and necessary members of the University’s intellectual, cultural, and social community. In 1913, the Confederate monument did not stand in opposition to the stated values and mission of the University. In 2018, it most certainly does. It has done so since the University chose to admit the first Black student or offer the first Black faculty member a contract for employment. We have witnessed a monument that represents white supremacy in both the past and present be venerated and protected at the same time that we have been asked to serve as examples of diversity and inclusion. That is a demoralizing burden.

      A monument to white supremacy, steeped in a history of violence against Black people, and that continues to attract white supremacists, creates a racially hostile work environment and diminishes the University’s reputation worldwide. For us, arguments of moral equivalency are extremely problematic; there are not two morally valid sides to the history the monument represents nor to its current significance. Without brave acts of civil disobedience that changed the moral character of the nation and advanced the cause of justice, Black faculty, staff, and students would not be here. To reinstall the Confederate monument to any location on UNC’s campus is to herald for the nation and for the world that UNC is not a welcoming place for Black people.

      We, the undersigned faculty, urge the Chancellor, Provost, Board of Trustees, and Board of Governors to permanently remove the Confederate statue and its pedestal from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There is no way to re-erect the statue without valorizing an incomplete version of history. A symbol of racism, violence, and white supremacy has no place on our 21st century campus often called the “University of the People.”

      In other words whitey must go … who could have believed we can all coexist in peace …

  14. 1. they always initially say its a white man
    2. state and federal criminal justice systems have a tendency to call hispanics and arabs “White”
    3. since they know we know this about them, now, as we are seeing here, they tell you he’s white, but then don’t release any photo for several days, so their claim that he’s white sticks, whether true or not

  15. reminder that if you give up your gun, the only people that will have guns are the anti-White government, and anti-White black and brown gangbangers because they don’t follow the law

    we can not let this country become Britain, or OUR PEOPLE will be tortured by muds and the state.

  16. Brad, you wrote in the O.P.:

    This monster shot a 17 month old baby in the face.

    Your comment illustrates why I for one avoid discussing my initial thoughts on these sorts of things until I’ve had a chance to acquire more reliable information and am in a (relatively) non-agitated state of mind. Your statement implies that the shooter took aim at the toddler and shot him purposely. But the reports I’ve read indicate the child was hit in the face by a stray bullet fragment (and is now stable and in the hospital recovering, thank the Lord). Seems like the guy was shooting into vehicles as he was driving, so my assumption is that the child was hit by a fragment that split off as it pierced a windshield or something like that, but who among us can know for sure at this point. In any case, my point of course is that we all look like fools and jackasses later on whenever we make such statements based on very scanty and unreliable information, coupled with a high degree of agitation. Noah Webster once wrote that man’s ability to reason is “a miserable guide” in and of itself; for “it often errs from ignorance, and more often from the impulse of passion,” he wrote.

    • That sounds plausible enough. My best guess is that his anger had been brewing for awhile and being fired from his job was the final “straw that broke the camel’s back,” so to speak. In that moment he snapped and “went postal” as we used to say. Who knows what in the hell was going on in his life to cause him to finally snap. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to learn he was in trouble with the IRS and/or the state of Texas over some child support crap or something like that. etc, etc.

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