The Great Unraveling

I’ve spent the last few days at the 2019 League of the South Conference.

It has been quiet here lately because I have been so busy with my research, working on my speech and then going to the conference, delivering the speech and meeting with friends, fans and readers there. I returned home last night and spent the whole evening assembling some bookshelves. I’ve expanded my personal library this year to the point where new furniture was needed.

It was good to see James Edwards, David Duke and Dr. Kevin MacDonald again at the conference. In recent years, Dr. Duke has turned his attention to health and fitness and the declining health of White people. He gave a fantastic speech about the causes of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The advice that he gave about the need for sleep, sunlight and physical exercise and to cut out processed foods, sugar, seeds oils and excessive carbs from your diet was absolutely on point. After all, more White Southerners are dropping dead from obesity related illnesses than anything else these days.

There was a gentleman from Michigan who gave a thought provoking speech immediately before my speech. The speech was about how the Detroit that he was born and raised in and loved was destroyed and how White people these days seem to care less about their identity, heritage and posterity than a plastic shopping bag from Wal-Mart. The speech resonated with me because I have seen the same thing here in the South. He could have been talking about Birmingham, Atlanta or Memphis. Many Southerners are now as indifferent to their heritage as any other deracinated consumer anywhere else in the American Empire. They are fully absorbed in their own personal lives and defer to the same taboos.

This was the overarching theme of my speech. The South’s organic folk culture has been disintegrating since World War II, but the causes of this and the processes that are driving it are not unique to the South. The South is a province of the American Empire which is now the “leader of the Free World” and the architect and preserver of the liberal world order. The same story is playing out in all the other provinces and for the same reasons that are collectively part of the Empire and which are organized by its ideology. The Western Bloc as a whole has had a similar history since World War II.

There is a reason why I named this website Occidental Dissent, not Dixie Dissent. I’m a proud Southerner. I’m as deeply rooted in this corner of Alabama as anyone can possibly be. My family has lived in the same place for over a century now. I take a broader view and reject petty nationalism though because I recognize we are in a civilizational crisis. We are not in a cultural crisis unique to the South. If the South survives The Great Unraveling of the 21st century, it will be because the West as a whole has recognized the crisis and rebounded from it. It is highly unlikely that any single state, particularly one here in the very heart of the Empire, will be allowed to exist after a separate peace. Whether we like it or not, the fate of the South is bound up with the fate of the West as a whole a result of the 20th century.

The revival of nationalism and populism in the 21st century is a direct result of The Great Unraveling which in turn has led to The Great Replacement. The cause of this is the systemic pressures which are growing – social disintegration and widening income inequality – under the yoke of liberal democracy and free-market capitalism. We are not returning to anything resembling the World War I and World War II era when European nations went to war over the ethnic heterogeneity of Central Europe. It is more helpful to think of our present civilizational crisis as being analagous to the crisis the Eastern Bloc went through during the legitimacy crisis of communism in the 1980s and 1990s.

Millions of people have become “red pilled,” which is to say, they no longer believe in the organizing ideology of the Western Bloc. Maybe they were exposed to the Western equivalent of samizdat on social media. Just as Eastern Europeans ceased to believe in the lies of communism, Westerners are ceasing to believe in liberal democracy and free-market capitalism. We can see now what it has done to us and what the future holds in store for us. Just as with communism, the historical footprint of the Empire is massive and it has inflicted incalculable damage upon our historic cultures. Both liberalism and communism deracinated the masses in service to a utopian universal ideology based on materialism.

People are waking up from the dream of liberalism like Rip van Winkle with amnesia all over the Empire. They aren’t concentrated in any particular place. They are randomly distributed across all Western nations. They are socially isolated and politically marginalized dissidents. They lack a vision of what ought to replace the current system. These people have been separated from their heritage over the course of two generations. There is a spiritual and intellectual void there that is being filled by all sorts of random things. The alienation that leads to pagan Neo-Nazism can just as easily manifest as anarchism.

The task of nationalism in the 21st century isn’t to relitigate old ethnic feuds from the 19th and 20th centuries. It is to build back what has been lost over the last 75 years. It is essentially curing our civilization of a sort of collective Alzheimer’s disease which was inflicted upon our grandparents and parents generations by the liberal establishment during the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The Germans have to exorcise the demon that has haunted them since World War II and learn how to be Germans again. The Swedes have to learn how to become Swedes again. Australians have to learn how to be Australians again. Finally, we all have to figure out what to do about all the aliens who live among us and how to deradicalize liberals and come up with a vision of our common civilization that can replace liberalism.

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  1. Was wondering why you haven’t had any articles for a few days now, good luck on your speech and presentation for LOTS hunter

      • You’re right AND wrong about the south being separate and distinct. See, the sheeple, ( the ones with the plastic Wal Mart bags, ) have been kissing ass, apathetic, and distracted by grown men tossing a ball around for ssooo long … that it allowed the deep state to “inch by inch it’s a cinch,” flood us with 50 million 3rd world darkies AND infiltrate all gatekeeper positions.

        So here we are. Yes, here all of us are … including patriots of the rest of America and Europe.

        Now, what’s the answer to save us ALL ? The answer is simple, how to make it happen will require strategy. We need to “condense” our power and strength in the one place that makes the most sense. The south. The deep south’s not quite big enough, so we need A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY … and any religion or no religion, but never Satanists or Muslims. This new Confederacy 2.0 will be for white kith and kin from America, Europe and South Africa.

        Bible prophecy WILL and IS happening. We can’t stop it. However, we can “position ourselves,” to survive and thrive.

        If this subject was not talked about at the conference … I’d feel a great despair. The writing’s BEEN on the wall. Let’s use our high white IQ’s and “get the Confederate conversation going.”

        ALL white far right Americans, Europeans and South Africans … the old phrase was “move west young man.” The new updated version is : ” MOVE SOUTH YOUNG MAN.”

  2. Excellent piece HW. You hit the nail on the head, an unraveling is what has been taking place since the so-called “Free Speech and Civil Rights” movements ca. 1964. That more accurately describes in one word what we are heading in to at an accelerating pace. Civil War II and ‘Balkanization’ have been used also but they never seemed to quite describe the situation we are in. I find it astonishing that at this late date there are so many people still wearing their rose colored glasses believing DJT is going to save us.

    “Put not your trust in princes . . .” Psalm 146

    • There has been a loss of identity, cohesion and vitality as liberalism has sunk deeper roots across the West. It is not a Southern problem. As I said above, you could go to Canada or Australia or anywhere in Western Europe and you would see the symptoms of the same disease.

      • What your describing in Weimerica is impossible. We are not one European nation so short of a white ethnostate in America we aren’t doing any of those things. As American isn’t even real. We can not deradicalize liberals are you serious? When their own kids are killed they apologize. When they themselves are bleeding out after a POC attack they apologize I have seen actual video of it. So no. We also aren’t getting rid of any POC’s without first expelling the small hats. Which have the full force of the entire Military and LE at their disposal. As well as almost all of Christianity at their beck n call. An ethnostate is are only hope of survival in the U.S.

    • Except DJT nobody will save you. Communism is on the march and few fanatics will be gunned down like this folk in the Oregon few years ago.

      As everybody probably have seen , communists quit pretending and abandoned the boiling the frog slowly tactics.

      When Donald falls, then there will be serious and decisive “restoration of democracy” . We all know what this mean.

      Yes, Eastern Europe recovery mentioned in the speech is interesting but more important is, how the hell we got into this mess first place and why millions of heavily armed WW I experienced white males lost so badly to unarmed inexperienced snowflakes.

      Donald is your last and only defense line. Like we had Kerensky..

      • Juri: Some people say Kerensky and his Provisional Government were nothing but place-holders until Lenin and the Bolsheviks were ready to seize power.

        • Sorry, this is a myth to cover up, how rotten and defunct Russian aristocracy really was. Very similar to your GOP and State apparatus. And unfortunately similar to some white nationalists too.

          Lenin had only few hundred criminals and when aristocracy or some patriots could manage 1000 men, then Lenin and Jewry would be crushed in first day.

          This Lenin Kerensky deal was later invented by Russian emigrants who felt ashamed that they gave up Russia to 300 criminals without single shot. Even after fall of Kerensky, patriots had weeks to assemble men and kick them out.

          When Lenin took Moscow later, he had 1000 Latvian Jews. There were 30 000 WW I officers living in Moscow this time and hundreds of thousands soldiers in Moscow and nearby but they decided that they will not defend the rotten and useless government.

          Later they understood and launched civil war but then was already too late.

          All 20th century horrors would be avoided with few hundred men. I pray the God that Trump will not lose with 1000 votes.

          As we all saw in C`ville, your state apparatus is as much rotten and corrupt as our one was 100 years ago, so there is little hope that those people will refuse to fill even worst liberal orders.

          First Lenin had no State apparatus whatsoever. In the Winter Palace he just got table and chair and pen and phone and decadent corrupt present apparatus rats filled his every last order. Entire Lenin Army was bolt action rifles armed Antifa. But in decadent times, this small determined force was enough.

  3. Must read on the TAPS Act, ‘mental health’ and Red Flag laws:

    (((They))) are trying to dislodge gun confiscation from…gun confiscation. Note that a southern California case is cited in which a woman received numerous ‘threatening’ letters yet law enforcement did nothing, even though sending numerous letters in and of itself could potentially be criminal harassment and issuing physical threats of any kind, even once, is inherently criminally actionable. Now we supposedly need ‘mental health’ commissars to adduce ‘illness’ and identify ‘red flags.’ Basically, they’re conflating the notion of criminal acts going ignored by the police with preventing criminal acts not committed yet.

    We are all ‘mentally ill’ on here. It’s just a matter of time until our internet speech becomes ‘proof’ of our ‘illness’ and we get red flagged and interned. Mostly right now I think the inclusion of ‘mental health experts’ serves to camouflage that what they’re really doing is confiscating guns for political reasons, although maybe the only way to truly do that is to intern or threaten to intern unreliables. Certainly, a gulag system will replace a criminal justice one in due time; the foundation for such a system is being laid as we write.

  4. Brad, we need to examine exactly how the last 75 years saw such a decline in our civilization. It’s impossible to deny that the rise of (Judeo)-Roman Catholic hegemony in a country that was founded in defiance of its evils has been intrinsic to the breakdown of Protestant America, and also of European civilization.

    Oh, and @Everyone, I’m reposting Ann’s latest column, another must read:

    “We aren’t dealing with honest brokers.”

    • I spend virtually all my time writing about the South, but as you say the history of North and the dissolution of the old WASP elite which used to run the American Empire and the rise of the “meritocratic” elite and the Jewish-Catholic elite under JFK is a vital part of the story.

      • E. Michael Jones, for all his constant promotion of RC conversion, has written about how the church was co-opted by the foundations, especially Rockefeller, in the fifties and sixties. Foundations have been used to spread control of institutions great and small since the end of WWII. Getting society back from the oligarchy again means, among other things, destroying the foundations like Ford, Rockefeller, Soros (Open Society), etc.

        • There is a reason that E. Michael Jones is one of the few ‘anti-semitic’ pundits still allowed on youtube (especially considering how vitriolic he is towards Judaism). He is Kosher approved. He and his Roman Caliphate Cult are the ultimate controlled opposition.

          • I agree….I strongly think that the astrological age we’re about ready to leave, the Piscean, needs to be replaced by a new Indo-Aryan cult that obeys the Laws of Physics and the Habits of Nature… — a Quantum Scientific Theocracy (QST) that sacralizes European peoples, and indeed all peoples and cultures that are Indo-Aryan with roots back in Sanskrit and the Vedic, Greco-Roman, Nordic-German, and Celtic pantheons…. (and no, Mark Brahmin is a pathetic shill as his “debate” with the arrogant Jay Dyer showed)….

            Gandalf The White 2

          • @Gandalf – yes. Correct. Krischeeinsanity is a ruinous theft of OUR Gods, OUR Pantheon, OUR “magic” – spiritual identity, knowledge, and soul – but the Enemy of Light and Life – Der ewige Jude.

          • ” He is Kosher approved. He and his Roman Caliphate Cult are the ultimate controlled opposition.”

            That is the biggest pile of horse dung I have EVER read! Even though I am adamantly opposed to Roman Catholi-schism, it is a DAMN SIGHT better than the atomistic Bullsh*t that passes for contemporary Protestant-schism. Primarily because it has the one thing that the Prots lack- historical continuity with the Apostles and the Early Church.

            The Battles between Orthodoxy and Rome are well-known, but trust me- NO JEW is on Jones’ side- not with the incendiary stuff he has written. If the Roman Communion had had him and his writings fifty years ago, Vatican Ewww would NEVER have happened.

    • Nothing turns around until we breakup the Judeo-Roman Catholic Alliance. Let’s face facts, the Jews by themselves do not have the political numbers to accomplish anything. They need the Catholics in Congress, the State Houses and in the big cities and large towns to accomplish their anti-White agenda! This is a fact, and you can see it in the votes!

      The Pope and his Cardinals, who function like the old Soviet Politburo, are still obviously sore about the Protestant Reformation that broke northern Europe away from their dictatorship, and consequently the US too, as we were founded as colonies of northern European nations primarily England.

      • Brad, our mutual hero Tom Watson wrote about all of this 100 years ago. The Catholic Church was strong enough even back then to have Watson’s books and publications banned from the US Mail! And Tom saw the Roman Catholic and Jewish Alliance as a fact, and claimed he had proof their was a formal treaty between the Jews, and, the Vatican to control American politics! As we know Watson was no bullshitter.

      • Noticeably, the USA Supreme Court is mostly Jews & Roman Catholics … the cult of the ‘court’ itself, being a judaised perversion of society

        And this despite how the US Constitution gives the Congress unlimited removal power over any fed or supreme court judge not in ‘good behaviour’ … a power they sadly almost never use

        But the Jewish-Catholic alliance in US society, was doubled in power by Protestant Christian Zionism, with the Zionist ‘bible guides’ like Scofield, and then the establishment TV preachers

        Ultimately, the West is in trouble because Christianity is unsustainable now. It worked better as a religion of ceremony, mysticism & incense in archaic languages, with Bible-reading avoided

        Note that Christian Orthodox still thrive because they still do religion that way. Catholicism collapsed after dumping Latin etc

        Hunter himself is drawn to Lutheranism, the most musical – ceremonial – artistic version of Protestantism

        Bible reading after Gutenberg and Luther actually unravelled Christianity, because ultimately people couldn’t stomach all the genital mutilation circumcision horror, the ‘God-ordered’ genocides of women & children, the terrorism of ‘eternal’ torture hell with no escape etc, and all the J baggage in the book … by the 1700s the thinking class had already left Christianity behind

        And without religion, culture dies, there is a ‘God’ hole, but we cannot plug that hole any more with J-heritage creations

        The south / east Asian religions are actually more sustainable, you have easily accessible mystical experiences via meditation, yoga etc, and no ‘you must believe – one way only’ books or ideologies which you must follow, there is nothing ugly which is ‘required’ … and as a bonus, everyone makes it in the end to heaven etc, just some beings have a much longer road, you can access the good road anytime, and there is never ‘no hope’

        A Western version of that needs to be ignited … the J bible-book cannot be widely sold anymore, tho a certain nostalgia for those warm Sunday mornings with family and community is understandable

        The most beloved Hindu story, the Bhagavad-Gita, is actually about a warrior … who has doubts about fighting, and it turns out his chariot driver is one of the incarnations of god, who helps restore the warrior’s courage by telling him what life is all about … here is the story 10 minutes, no ‘eternal hell’ or ‘one way is the only way’

        • Gorsuch the only “Protestant” on the SCOTUS is a recent convert from Roman Catholicism, and I have no idea what he believes in terms of Salvation by Faith the key to the Protestant Reformation, as opposed to the Roman Catholic Salvation by Works. No one had the courage to ask him either.

          I’ve never had a Protestant mention the Scofield Bible to me, and I only remember seeing one in a bookstore about 20 some years ago. As far as Christian Zionism goes, I’ve never had anyone mention it to me in conversation, and I’ve talked, and, talk to a lot of people.

          When James Edwards got bounced out of the Baptist Church, that should have been a wake up call for Protestants about how far creeping Catholicism has gone in a major Protestant churches. Protestants have always believed that every man has a clear conscience to read and interpret the Bible as he saw fit. In the Edwards case some Baptist Pope and College of Cardinals kicked James Edwards out for his traditional reading of the Bible.

          I’m sick of these wannabe Roman Catholics in the major Protestant Churches—they should be the ones leaving! Not an honest Protestant like Edwards.

        • Brabantian — I’ll agree with that. Christianity is pretty much sunk. It’s a spent force. In fact, a lot of the characteristics people ascribe to it — the nationalism, warrior spirit, etc. — of Europeans was simply a carryover of pagan values for well over a thousand years after the nominal conversion. It was essentially a pagan soul with Christian ritual on top.

          People don’t realize that humans don’t snap from one thing to another instantly. The Roman Empire really survived until the fall of Co nstantinople. Paganism didn’t get fully rooted out of Christianity until around the time of the Reformation and the Wars of Religion.

          A lot of Christianity is flat-out detestable once you face it squarely. Such as the idea that billions of entities were created with no hope for any resolution except being grotesquely tortured for eternity simply because of being born in the wrong time/place. Not to mention the idea of infinite torture for finite crimes, which is an appalling concept — “God as Cthulhu-style monster.”

          Yes, it’s got some nice music, architecture, etc., but that’s arguably an expression of the Aryan soul and not something solely caused by Christianity.

          it’s too late to restore Christianity. Like you, I understand the nostalgia value, but that’s about all that’s left of it. It’s either indistinguishable from Leftism, or it’s fire-and-brimstone insanity that isn’t going to return to predominance. It’s done.

          The Eastern model is one that should be seriously considered.

        • One must remember there are millions of mischlinge who are raised as “full blooded” jews, madam. Even those who only have one jewish grandparent can be accepted into the Tribe.

        • Denise, even if you tripled the number Jews to 18 Million, that still wouldn’t make them a significant factor politically. They need the Catholic numbers to advance their anti-White agenda.

      • the RCC…. but of course, its necessary conduit for funneling illegals into the US, and migrant hordes into Europe/UK.

  5. National populists everywhere must run for public office. Democrat or Republican, whatever it takes to win. This disdain for participating in actual politics is a lolbert infection. The only other option ends in blood and sadness.

  6. “The revival of nationalism and populism in the 21st century……”

    There is no revival of real nationalism or populism anywhere in the world, unless you think nationalism means serving Jews and trolling on Twitter. All the “nationalist” and “populist” leaders in America and Europe are either charlatans or clowns or both and so completely in the pockets of Jews that those words begin to disgust me.

    • I would say that nationalism and populism are certainly percolating at the grassroots level, but yes Jews have been using their resources to coopt and redirect these movements.

  7. Caught the rundown on the League of the South Conference on the Political Cesspool last night.

    Hope you post some of the speeches, including your own on OD.

  8. The US, Canada, Australia, and Western European Nations could learn a thing or two from their Eastern and Southern European counterparts. I’m a 5th generation American who still has relatives who live in Croatia. I’ve been to Croatia many times and while it is certainly not perfect they do not have the degeneracy, third worlders invading, rampant drug abuse, or a government who throws them under the bus at every turn unlike the west.

  9. “The South’s organic folk culture has been disintegrating since World War II”

    As has everything else. Gee, I wonder why?

  10. I think we should start referring to the Jews as TCP’s or The Chosennites, The Chosen People, etc.

    It’s imperative that the ignorant understand why we seek separation from the jewish nation. No one likes anyone calling themselves ‘The Chosen Ones.’ And once the nature of Judaism is partially exposed, people will wonder, chosen for what? Chosen to invade other people’s lands and colonize and exploit and enslave….that’s what.

  11. Hunter – a number of us have been trying to tell you, and your most obstinate Dixians, that it’s not just YOU, for years and years. It’s al Whites, all over the globe. Yes – there are variations – but Our race IS Our Nation. We must begin to think and ACT as a RACE. A People on the verge of extinction.

  12. “The task of nationalism in the 21st century isn’t to relitigate old ethnic feuds from the 19th and 20th centuries. It is to build back what has been lost over the last 75 years.”

    I know your scholarship will take various turns and twists to adapt as time goes on to defend us but at your age I hope with what time we have left you will inspire younger Southerners to take up the battle to follow you and develop research skills to counter all these cheap shot artists, revisionist (euphemism for lying) historians who make their living tweeting and writing anti-South, anti-White “alternate” history to stir up minorities and secure their easy pie jobs at liberal utopian universities.

    Who says that slavery doesn’t pay? Look at all these decadent liberals filming, writing, etc nonstop on the subject to stuff their bank accounts and gain peer approval to join the holier-than-thou class of PC gods.

    • I wish HW were in a posistions to go back to Auburn for his PhD. and take on the role of a profesional historian. Having someone on our side within the institutions that govern our story would be invaluable. He would mop the floor with at least half of the Southern Historical Association members I have met and ive met several. Also, there is a respectable minority who are naturally sympathetic to our ideas. Its just that no one wants to be the first guy to buck the current. HW, you are our Plutarch. Our Livy. Our Bede. I thank you for all that you do.

  13. many things in the US contains a strange, naive, ungrateful, anti-Roman Catholic bias Like this autistic ridiculous mentioning of “Judeo-Catholic” alliance.
    Everybody non-autistic adult knows that Protestantism is Judaized Christianity. who can’t deny it? I don’t care but it’s curious

    “protestants” don’t believe in anything, like jews don’t believe in anything, everything is fluid, is post- modernism, combined with an insatiable greed
    Industrial Revolution took place firstly in Protestant nations, wich gave an unprecedented massive unique militar and economic edge. and yet you naive idiots, with an eternal infantile psychological make-up, managed to screw everything. It’s YOUR BLAME

    DON’T PUT ALL EUROPEAN WORLD IN THE SAME BASKET, autistic fools.. Grow the fuck up

    I grew up in strong Catholic environment but it was very very rare the “Protestants” being mentioned.
    In Western Europe, after the fall of Rome, it was the Catholic Church that with an institutional effort spread the religion beyond the Alps, without that effort, Christianity would have remained unknown there And we wouldn’t have moronic 12 year old “protestants” slandering who CREATED THEM
    Parishes, schools, monasteries, hospitals, and later universities spread the religion among the illiterate “barbarians.”

    You had everything in your hands, everything, now instead of places like Constantinople conquered, racial cleansed, and repopulated, now you’re harassed in your own lands.

    The absolute blame for the dying European world, including the legacy of Greece and Rome, is ENTIRELY in your shoulders.
    but who cares? you can’t fix genetic autism

      • Christina Romana Alva H.(Christy)

        First time someone calls something that I write “excellent.” thanks I’m certainly not an “intellectual.”
        I work with farming at the end of the world. Producing soy beans for the despicable vile disgusting little chinese dog eaters.
        I’m a peasant in short. 🙂

        • Outside of the jews and their shabbos goyim fellow travelers, the mainstream Catholic hierarchy are the most in favor of open borders in all of Christiandom.

          What religion is overwhelming practiced by the illegal immigrant hordes storming the U.S. southern border? Catholic mestizos.

          If a census were to be taken of the racial composition of Catholics worldwide, the majority of them would be non-White.

          My words here aren’t meant to be construed as anti-Catholic, but anti-universalism and liberation theology Catholicism has become in the last 60+ years. After all, Uncle A was baptized Catholic.

          • November,

            I agree with what you said. The modern Church hierarchy is traitorous. But that is the fault of churchmen not the Faith itself. There is nothing in Church dogmas that support the destruction and those types of invasions.

            Even as recently as the 1990’s Pope John Paul II said that technically speaking there is no right to immigrate/invade another country under such circumstances. Church laws have traditionally left immigration etc. to the secular powers.

            The modern Church authorities are violating Catholic doctrine in so many areas including this one. The current Francis is evil to the core.

        • Finally Nemo put some sense in a bunch of asperger dumbfuckers,some months ago my coworker invited me to go with him to his church,It was before the election in this country.In the middle of the ceremony the pastor started talking about a ridiculous book written by Ben Kikepiro, how “Muh Capitalismus” is great,how the muslins are descendants of Esau and hate “da joos”,how the UN is all against “da poor joos” and how anybody who doesn’t love the joos is satanic and evil.This happened in:

          Thats right,even here in Brazil the protestants where shilling for zionist bolsonaro to be elected and mumbling about muh jews.And them somebody has the nerve to say “never heard a protestant mention the scofield bible”,gimme a break.

        • Nemo,

          A peasant man can be rich and noble in spirit and in deed. Well I am late to class. Bye.


    • @Nemo, I hate to tell you sonny, but, the Fall of Constantinople to the Turks was one of the secondary causes of the Reformation, because the Roman Catholic Pope and his Cardinals had done nothing to aid the Eastern Roman Empire/Byzantium in their fight with the Turks. At that time the Pope was selling indulgences in northern Europe to raise money for his lifestyle, but, could be bothered helping his fellow Catholics in the East.

      The Roman Catholic Church has been problematic since it was founded by the Roman Emperor Constantine as a universal religion for his diverse and multi-racial Empire.

      • where were the Protestants at the battles of Vienna and Lepanto?
        so called Protestants have been the water carriers, attack dogs, or cannon fodder par excellence for the Jews, now accusing Catholics of siding with the jews is ludicrous.
        The issue is boring nevertheless.

        Indulgences -, Luther’s main opposition initially to indulgence sales was not primarily theological
        It was because he assumed that money raised in Germany was sent to Rome and wasted there. But nearly the opposite was the truth. Construction across the Germanies of colleges, orphanages, hospitals, parish churches, etc. with money from indulgence sales had been common from the time before Luther was a boy. The brand new college at Wittenberg, where Luther taught, had been built with indulgence sales. Students at Wittenberg paid no tuition because of endowments from indulgence sales.
        Luther was freed from all traditional monk duties to be a full time college professor because of endowments from indulgence sales.

        Luther was another fool, lacking understanding of the real world, that only brought calamities to Europe and in the end only benefited (((people))) far more cunning than him.

        Schopenhauer once wrote that Roman Catholic Christianity is a “grossly misused Christianity,” yes, but the Catholic Church, politically and culturally was essential to Europe, and it’s not a retarded organization, despite the last decades.
        He also wrote “Lutheranism is a degenerated Christianity”. He actually noticed that the Lutheran branch was just bringing back Christianity to Judaism.


        • @Nemo Pardon me boy, but, John George the Elector of Saxony led a German Protestant army to the relief of Vienna, even though the German Protestants where under threat of being stabbed in the back by the French Roman Catholics at the time. This fact is conveniently forgotten by Roman Catholic propagandists like E. Michael Jones and other who pay homage to the “infallible” Roman Catholic Pope and his Church.

    • Wow. Catholics hate Protestants more than Jews. Fascinating. It’s understandable; Catholicism is the little sister of the Jew. The Esther. And we’ve had so many Jewish Popes. 3 in a row, in fact…….

    • This autistic squabble between Catholics and Protestants as to who is more pozzed is frustrating. They are both pozzed. The Prot’s have been J-pozzed almost since the beginning. The Cath’s caused untold damage in the east by fighting Orthodoxy in order to impose their flavor of christianity.
      As it stands now, Christianity has clearly passed its pull-by date. Why do so many still cling to it? Nostalgia? I suggest reading or watching Richard Carrier videos.
      Oh, and Nemo… you’re a peasant? You win. You can feed yourself. How many people on these sites have done nothing toward self-sufficiency?

      • Good question, Mad Jack. I’d say the reason that most people still cling to Xianity is out of a combination of willful ignorance, fear and stubbornness. Little do they know that their religion is largely based on Zoroastrianism and the cult of Horus.

  14. HW, why don’t you post ‘Irish need not apply’ to your masthead, after these utterly BOGUS comments about the Jew- Irish RC alliance!?

    Are even we Heritage Americans descending into madness, where we blame everyone not US, for every problem that besets us, because we are too sinful to look at our own blasphemies, and admit our innate sinfulness, but (like the Jews) seek to find someone OTHER to blame?!

    I owe more to my Scots-Irish side than I ever did to my Teutonic side, including my forays into Holy Orthodoxy, because I recognized that the Catholic Liturgy is the SOLE cultural artifact that both the Germans (Luther’s Mass IS the Mass) and the Celts (via Cranmer and the BCP/Anglicans- who are over 50% CELT) share in common.

    But this ‘Mick bashing’ stinks to high heaven. Must be a bunch of heads stuck in the sand Yankees…..
    which is about the worst insult I can think of, without resorting to four letter words.

    • I’m not bashing Irish Catholics.

      It’s true though that the downfall of the WASPs in the North around the mid-20th century was caused by Jews networking with other White ethnic groups there who resented Yankees. The Kennedys in particular were aligned with the Jews. The phrase “Nation of Immigrants” comes from a pamphlet that JFK wrote for the ADL. William F. Buckley and mainstream conservatism is another manifestation of it. Both the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Immigration Act of 1965 were pushed as a tribute to JFK after he was assassinated in 1963.

      • Everyone seems to forget that Phil Hart, a wealthy Roman Catholic lawyer from Michigan, sponsored the Immigration Act of 1965 in the US Senate. Hart was a US Senator and a major player, and not some piss ant Jew Congressman from New Yawk City.

        Incidentally, Hart’s father-in-law owned the Detroit Tigers.

    • Fr. John,

      Good posts by you recognizing basic truths on religion. Naturally, I am not going to get into Catholic vs Orthodox on this site.

      I know that under certain conditions I may fulfill my Sunday obligation by attending an Orthodox service. I may confess to an Orthodox priest, and I may receive communion from one if there is not a Catholic church within an hour’s travel. Those are the traditional rules as far as I am aware. Of course I cannot do any of that with a Protestant minister/church.

    • Irish Catholics played a key role in the degeneration and liberalization of America. 1965 Immigration Act, for instance, was pushed mainly by Irish Catholics with the help of Jews. So, it’s hypocritical to blame only the Jews and leave out the Irish.

    • Neither the Yankees nor the Southrons were very fond of the Irish Catholic immigrants. Irish, like the Jews, have parasitic and anarchist tendencies and they always strive to corrupt and undermine the culture of whatever place they are in.

      Irish were also hated for their loose morals. Irish women, especially, gained notoriety for the large number bastard and mongrel children they produced by copulating with whites and niggers indiscriminately. It’s not for nothing the Irish were, and are, called “white niggers”.

      BTW, Scots-Irish people were not Irish. They were actually the biggest enemies of Irish Catholics.

    • Why do the Irish hate Muslims? If you are not a whore for the Jews then state your reasons. What the fuck have Muslims ever done to the Irish, can you answer me your worthless two faced Irish prick? Oh and Mick you need to be Hannotized,….. anally and orally….. forever and ever AMEN. Lets us pray. Go to hell me miserable dirty filthy Irish, it is your calling.

    • We need to put our differences aside especially us Christians. Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity, and Protestant branches were all founded by White Europeans who strive to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. There are minor differences here and there but at the end of the day we are European brothers and sisters who worship the same God and fight for the same European white race.

      • “White Europeans who strive to follow the teachings of jesus christ:” Blessed are the meek. Turn the other cheek. Love your enemies, do good to those who hurt you. Whoever takes your coat, offer to give him your shirt, as well.

        Yep, with advice like this we can’t lose. …

        • Not to mention “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

          Now THAT’S not an invitation to the evolution of the Poz, if ever I’ve heard one. Even justification for trannyism in there.

          Sure, the autists will sperg out and say “that’s not what it really means!” just like “all men are created equal” in the Declaration. But people tend to believe the simple statement in front of them and ignore the thousand pages of densely reasoned autism about “that’s not really what it means even though it says it.”

          • Ironside, you are not able to understand what the apostle was writing about. His topic was baptism. And unlike with circumcision, with baptism there is no male or female diffetence. All are baptized. There is no Jew/Greek difference, all believers are baptized. Being baptized believers, we are all one in Christ Jesus. But not you, however.

  15. WASP South was best South. Pagans and Catholics have no place here and are an even worse influence than the jews and blacks, because their superficial similarities with us get them in closer to sow their rot.

    • The greatest book on the South (GWTW) has a Roman Catholic woman Katie Scarlett O’HARA as the embodiment of the South. Now tell me that Western Catholics have no place in the South, or any other part of the USA.

      It was the RC’s in the late 1960’s and 1970’s who ALONE were in the forefront of protests against BABY MURDER, (Abortion) which was the Kikes’ first onslaught into their forays towards WHITE GENOCIDE, while the Prots were all dissing the “Irish,” (i.e., as embodiment of faithful Trad. RC’s) as witness this scene that forever points out the hypocrisy of the Prot Left:

      I’m not H8in’ on all Prots. The scene in ‘The Quiet Man’ where the RC’s give the Irish Anglican Bishop a faux welcome, is a wonderful bit that shows we WHITES CAN get along….without the need for Blacks, Jews, Gays, and Feminist Harpies.

      I AM, however, lambasting the hypocrites on this and every board, who want the benefits of Western Civ, yet conveniently ignore the fact that Lex Orandi does make Lex Credendi.

  16. The South may have its fate intertwined with the West, but as a distinct cultural identity within the Empire, it still has a life of its own, and if cultivated, could serve as a foundation for an alternative worldview as the West collapses.

    Russia persisted after the collapse of the Soviet Union. So will we.

    This distinctness has been the subject of alot of the recent articles at Identity Dixie in the last week. There seems finally to be an effort to distance Southern Identity from the White Nationalism of the Altright.

    The League of the South has been mentioned as a source of particular concern to ID’s writers, as becoming increasingly a refuge of Natsocs and White Trash. I don’t know the source of that conflict, or if that assertion is true, but it would behoove you to look into it before that turns into a major schism. That process is well under way.

  17. *yawn*

    Those of y’all who want to be piddling around in the dysmal morrass of religious dissension should remember that there’s really only one religion in the world that is pulling it’s weight in the realm of hating Jews and being hated by the Jews. That religion is Shiite Islam.

  18. There is something going on behind the scenes that is not apparent.

    The Daily Stormer just turned the deck guns on TRS and gave them both barrels. Anglin referenced old posts that I dont recall ever seeing, and I keep a close eye on that site. His rhetoric in the article is the same crap the Bowl Gang was using to tear down Cantwell. He is even calling for a campaign of targeted harrassment and deplatforming of TRS guys.

    Identity Dixie has also in the last couple days started openly attacking the Altright, TRS has been mentioned by authors specifically in the comments.

    In an attempt to discern the machinations behind the scenes and figure out who ID is aligning with, Ive made it a point to tie Anglin to TRS in the comments, as this was established as being the case as far back as the doxxing of Ricky Vaughn and the optics war. They have been blocking those comments. This would seem to imply that they may be trying to keep their powder dry as it relates to Anglin, or they may be acting in concert with him, though i find this unlikely as it would be supremely out of character for them.

    Still, I dont believe in coincidence, and the timing of this all happening at once has my spidey sense tingling. I don’t like this cloak and dagger crap. But you can tell by reading anglins article about Jay Oh, that these people have been engaging in these corrupt arrangements of convenience for a while now. Anglin even pulls the Mikes wife card. Which is the nuclear option in the eyes of TRS, given how hard they tried to hide that.

    This all stinks to me.

      • How is Anglin bad news? I basically read the entirety of right wing media but make a conscious effort to avoid all the infighting. It always ends with literally everyone screaming FED at literally everyone else and just gets on my nerves. So I’m in the dark on this?

        • Maybe I’m being too harsh with Col. Andrew but his followers, most of whom are antisocial autistic incels, really are fucking hateful. The whole DS site gives off a bad vibe. I get Anglin’s edgy, darkly ironic shtick but it’s become old, predictable and counterproductive now.

  19. Neither the modern world or the United States is sustainable in the long run.The major factors by the end of the 21st century will be the rise of China to be the dominant super-power in the world and the breakup of the United States into various ethnic regions. It is inevitable that the Anglo-Sphere must unite as one into a international bloc-a United White Commonwealth- for that will be the only way to counter China on the world stage.Sort of like Yockey’s Imperium instead based in North America instead of Europe and involving all the White English speaking nations as one entity. After all, in the D-day operations Canada, the United Sates, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand worked as one entity each taking a different section of the beach. It has been done in the past. It will be necessary in the future for one nation can no long go it alone as “nationalism” in the western world is to week to defeat an enemy that operates internationally.

    • I think white people need to live under Mongol rule for a few centuries. Then they’ll finally stop acting like a bunch of faggots.

    • Only a complete idiot would take the most shameful chapter of the English speaking peoples, namely the destruction of Germany for your ZOG masters, as the hopeful foundation for a glorious future. Honestly, I am shocked that people like you exist here.

  20. Religion will not be a uniting factor. Christians are too divided by issues like affiliation, as some of the above comments show. The ideas about choosing another Eastern spirituality for marketing purposes, or going back to a paganism some people see as backward as African animism, will not go far.

    Shouldn’t we focus on similarities? What are the big issues we can agree on? Saving our kind from replacement and eventual extinction is one. We are being singled out for censorship and persecution. Those things matter to all of us. Let’s worry about peripheral issues when we have the luxury of safety.

  21. Abortion could be the “slavery issue” that triggers secession of the American heartland from the degenerate big cities. If Texas decides to “Texit”, they’ll take most of the land mass with them – including rural California.

  22. White Power? We have White Gentiles in power in the White House, United States Congress, and the U.S. Supreme Court, but they have betrayed us because to them shekels supersede loyalty to ones race and culture. In that sense, they all are charlatans, harlots, and modern day Judas Ascariots.

  23. “Judaism, which was destroyed politically (following the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD), went to the big world and adapted its goods to its wanderings as an army going to war, a ‘moveable state’.” The Jews were forced to smuggle their goods from border to border, so they chose abstract goods, easy to smuggle, which allowed them, despite the ghettoes and restrictions, to penetrate everywhere.

    Such penetration was not without the deliberate connivance of the Jews in the form of assistance provided in a thousand ways, means and disguises.It has been affected in great measure by crypto-Jews, who permeated Christianity and spoke through the mouth of Christianity.

    By these means, by the Jewish will and by the power of their Jewish blood and by instinct of ‘reprisal’, it is they who, in principle, are the creators of the Renaissance (reason displaces faith in Christ), liberalism, democracy, socialism and communism.

    All this was done mainly by unknown anonymous Jews, secret Jews, crypto-Jews who mingled with the Gentiles and fed great thinkers or by the influence of the Jews who, in the great crises of freedom, stood behind the scenes or through Jewish teachers and scholars of the Middle Ages.They were disciples of Jewish teachers who led Protestant movements.”

    ‘1001 quotes about Jews’ – number 198.

    found at

  24. The conference speech about the destruction of Detroit brought to mind an experience that I had in my youth. In 1962 my brother and I went to west Texas to collect snakes in the desert. We went with two Hoosiers who had driven down to Birmingham to meet us. One of the Hoosiers was in graduate school at Indiana University, and he subsequently became the Curator of the Belle Isle Aquarium, a Detroit institution that was the first public aquarium in the U.S. (1904) and which closed during the bankruptcy caused by black rule.

    As we passed through Poplarville, Mississippi, this Hoosier commented on the town as the site of the lynching of Mack Parker a few years earlier, and his commentary castigated white Southerners as being barbarians. I explained to him that lynching was not an appropriate component of Jim Crow social control, but that such social control of blacks was necessary and was intended to maintain a society that was good for blacks as well as whites. As Detroit fell into chaos and bankruptcy I wondered if the Hoosier had recalled my response to his tirade. His beloved Belle Isle Aquarium was certainly a casualty of the liberal delusions held by him and millions of other white Mid-Westerners.

    • I never said the Irish were our common enemy.

      It’s true that WASPs used to rule the North. Then around the mid-20th century the old Yankee elite crumbled and was replaced by the current multiethnic elite which is disproportionately Jewish. The change happened in the North.

      • … basically right after the War to Save Liberalism, Marxism. and Communism. Otherwise known as WW2, otherwise known as the 2nd chapter of the War to Destroy the German People.

    • Why do you hate Muslims you fucking Irish retard? If it is not to serve the interests of Jews, if it not to hate the enemy of the Jews then please speak and say for what reason do you hate Muslims? Can you answer me you filth Irish Mick?

  25. Wake up people, this bickering about catholics vs. Protestants is butkus, as all christianity is NOT KINIST and is nothing other than a 2000 year old push for a global messianic theonomic dominionist despotic usurious (i.e. socialist communism monarchy for the oligarchy who run the global usury ponzi and slaving scheme.


    WHO ARE YOU ALL KIDDING BUT YOURSELVES? WHO”S YOUR GOD? … an “Archontic” Flavian “man-god” Emperor? … … not in his image !!! (see for the syncretism of Hasmonean Zadokite “Messianism” with Flavian man-god emperor worship) …

    Significantly, archon was the common term for “governer,” or “authority” in Roman times. In some translations of the Coptic materials, archon (plural, archontoi) is rendered as “the authorities.” see “Ideological Virus” section below … (could all just be “coded” descriptions of pure long term power aspiration driven “religio-political economy” of Usury of, by, and for the Oligarchical Socialist’s, i.e. they will own all property and the proles will be “owned” by them as well… ) (see for the syncretism of Hasmonean Zadokite “Messianism” with Flavian man-god emperor worship) …

  26. Culture is downstream from politics, which is downstream from power. Our root problem is lack of power, due to many interconnected factors that have been covered here on this blog and elsewhere. Grassroots culture formation is a pipe dream that never really works out, which is the reason conservativism is so useless. They try to fight centralized culture formation with grassroots culture and they get steamrolled every time. And because their conservative “elites” are either controlled opposition or worthless, they have no real power structure of their own. The fight over gay rights is the most obvious example of this. Gaining power (and removing power from our enemies) is the necessary prerequisite for anything else. And the prerequisite for that is ending conservativism.

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