Ross Douthat: The Age of American Despair

I forgot to mention the opioid and suicide epidemic in my speech on The Unraveling of the South. As with the mass shootings, this is another national trend which stems from the same social and economic breakdown which has increased the stress level in American life:

New York Times:

“This week CNN devoted seven hours of programming to climate change, bringing the leading Democratic candidates onstage to grill them on the issue. I have no complaints about the decision, but I wish that some network would set aside a similar amount of time for a more immediate crisis, one that is killing tens of thousands of Americans right now — more than the crack epidemic at its worst, more than the Vietnam War.

The working shorthand for this crisis is “deaths of despair,” a resonant phrase conjured by the economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton to describe the sudden rise in deaths from suicide, alcohol and drug abuse since the turn of the millennium.

Now a new report from the Senate’s Joint Economic Committee charts the scale of this increase — a doubling from 22.7 deaths of despair per 100,000 American in 2000 to 45.8 per 100,000 in 2017, easily eclipsing all prior 20th-century highs. …”

How strange.

According to the Democrats, “white supremacy” is on the march in America, but strangely White men are killing themselves in record numbers from suicides and drug overdoses. Mass shootings are another solution to the same existential crisis but far more people just blow their brains out. The crisis is more reminiscent of post-Soviet Russia or American Indian reservations.

Don’t lose hope!

The solution is classical liberalism buttressed by pluralism. The GDP has never been higher! The US embassy has been moved to Jerusalem! The black unemployment rate has never been lower! Yes, White men are throwing their lives away in record numbers and lashing out in rage against society, but all is well! The abortion rate has declined because the birth rate has collapsed! Those campus free speech codes have been eliminated after mainstream conservatism nipped political correctness in the bud!

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    • Col. Wang Lin loves making reckless comments about others in hopes of “stirring the shit”. Especially if the people he’s attacking are members of the “dissident right”.

      I’ve said it before and I shall say it again: the white race deserves to be under Mongol rule for several hundred years as punishment for its greed, cowardice and stupidity.

  1. Hello HW;

    The universities in the U.S. are the repository of the Left Wing infection killing the country and the West in general. Not only are they the places where radicals go to rest up (e.g. Tod Gitlin, Bill Ayers, Susan Sontag et al.) and have worthless careers at taxpayer expense but the universities themselves are totally corrupt. Two examples of this corruption are college sports and the recent “Varsity Blues” college admissions scandal.

    How many “student athletes” will get arrested this year for rape, assault and other crimes? The college administrators are only concerned with the money brought in by sports, not the crimes of mostly Black athletes against White girls. The university administrators are a bigger disgrace than the so-called “student athletes” and typically get paid less than college football coaches although they all make out like bandits.

    The “Varsity Blues” scandal of wealthy white parents, mostly in Hollywood buying their mediocre children spots in college is just the latest chapter in this story of corruption. Once again the administration of these colleges are shocked, shocked to find corruption and will put their best people on the problem right away, right away. I wonder, why weren’t the parents trying to buy spots in colleges like Cal Tech, MIT, Georgia Tech etc.?

  2. Unlike the lazy, good for nuthin niggra the white man needs a purpose in life. If he is chronically unemployed or underemployed and unable to find a wife and start a family then he becomes filled with anger and despair. This is why I don’t like it when “leaders” of the alt-right advise against war and political violence. Such things are necessary evils. They have historically given a sense of purpose to many restless, aimless young men. A certain Austrian architect manqué comes most readily to mind.

  3. I think the opioid “crisis” is highly exaggerated. Politicians are always looking for another great “crisis” to solve.

    If someone is going to kill themselves they are going to do it one way or another.

    I do think that some young White men today do despair, and a lot of it can be blamed on their own parents, and, their own relatives for not giving their children any hope for a positive future.

  4. Monitoring the situation closely folks!
    t. Dilgongord

    If muds were dying of this shit at a rate remotely similar to which whites were, you can bet both parties would be up in arms.

  5. Why are or men just killing themselves? Where is that fighting spirit? Why just make it easy for our enemies? Suicide is the ULTIMATE White Flight. No matter how bleak things look – life in America is still easier than just about anywhere else, Why are our men so…weak?

    • @ Denise

      White men intuitively know that they are capable of doing many good things. When most of the pathways to accomplishment are blocked by social circumstances, they have terrible feelings of inadequacy, leading to a deep sense of failure, then suicide.

      If we had a nation with direction and social structures that lead to work and accomplishment, they wouldn’t commit suicide.

      We have a nation that doesn’t care.

    • You’re absolutely right. Glad someone said it. You would have made a great Spartan wife/mother: “Come back with your shield or on it.”

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    • Robert Browning,

      Where is this Christ that you speak of? Is he the same Christ that both sides of TWBTS prayed too? The same Christ that allied bomber pilots and allied death camp guards prayed too as they were murdering innocent German Christians? The same Christ that these White men are crying out to in despair for salvation from their inner demons?

      Your Christ is either hard of hearing or has very selective hearing. He seems to like the jews quite a bit, as he allows them to destroy his worshippers with their cultural poisons.

      If this is the way you Christ looks after his children, DCFS would take them away from him with ample justification.

      Just admit that what you call Christ is AWOL or indifferent to our suffering.

      • The Romans destroyed the jew temple, slaughtered and enslaved thousands. Until 20th century Germany Christians have protected the jew. They allowed limited pogroms so their people could let off steam. But the christian has always protected his big brother…

        • The Romans enslaved at best like 30 jews during the destruction of the temple.

          The Jews voluntarily went into Roman-ruled Europe as traders and part of the elite ruling class to make money. They weren’t abducted there or enslaved.

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        • Robert Browning,

          You and I and everyone who reads OD are animals. That fact doesn’t change whether you can handle it or not.

          I do not hate or persecute your MIA Christ, but I asked you why he is not intervening in this hellscape. As I stated, is your Christ indifferent to abortion, murder, rape, suicide, disease, and starvation, or is he a deadbeat dad or ever worse a sadist?

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          • @November

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          • @Robert Browning,

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            BTW, it isn’t me that causes weak and innocent babies die of pediatric cancer. Who hates and persecutes them, Robert? Hmm?

          • @November

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  7. If you have to lose something very important to transcend an intractable situation which will only lead further to the brink……

    Then do it…..

    Fuck your optics…….

    I’m staying ALIVE.

  8. My only older brother took his life at the age of 23 when I was 18. It’s been over 20 years, however I still get angry and melancholy when I reflect back on it.

    He was in graduate school at the time, high stress and a bad break up with a woman he was madly in love with, so it was not degenerate drugs, or some kinda of romanticized angst despair or was it?

    He left a suicide note, starting he loved all of us as a family and apologized for his finally act, however wanted out for his suffering.

    He addressed me at the end of the note, stating:

    “Don’t be a dreamer”

    The irony was one of his favorite songs was “Don’t Dream it’s over” by, Crowed House

    The lesson folks! Never Dream it’s over!

  9. There’s no reason for the jewish controlled media to spend any time on such a story. They don’t want anyone to think about any solutions for something they are gleefully celebrating.

  10. Apologies for going off-topic, but Resurrection Europa’s latest video addressed the coming ‘normimalization’ of pedophilia and kiddie porn.

    The usual suspects of homosexuals, jews, and shabbos goyim are the dark forces behind pushing for the decriminalizing child pornography and lowering the age of sexual consent to be more in line with the talmud.

  11. @November

    Christ died for our freedom. And wanted is to live by Gods laws and ways. Isn’t freedom enough for you or do you require to be serviced by your God? Are you a Jew? Your thoughts are of a Jew. You want to be serviced.

  12. Jews living high off the hog while our warriors are dying lonely miserable deaths. What’s it gonna take to stop this horror?

  13. (((Christianity))) is a weapon invented by Jews to weaken white men. It encourages race mixing, tolerance, meekness, and specifically Jew alliance. As the two books are connected at the hip. What we are seeing in America is partly the result of a weak semitic desert religion. To be a christian and a white ideniterian is literally impossible. All Gods Children. Wells For Africa. Love Your Enemies. Helping Refugees Resettle. Jesus Working At The Border. We Europeans have an ethnic faith. Blut Und Boden!

    • The promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people is the subjugation of the non-Jew. If Christ was a Jew or a Jew ally or a kyke sympathizer then why didn’t he enslave human kind for the Jews as the Jews wanted and desired? Why did Christ chose to die instead? He had the power of God. He was the son of God.

    • The Founders agree: 1) The naturalization Act of 1790 says the country is open to Free White Persons- The Founders were racial nationalists 2) paraphrasing John Adams- “It is not to be construed that the United States government is in any way based upon the Christian religion.”

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