David French: Drag Queen Story Hour Is a “Blessing of Liberty”

I’m glad that David French is making the case for liberty.

The New Yorker:

“What makes our politics so toxic is both sides think they’re losing,” French said, once we’d eaten dinner and his son and his son’s girlfriend had come through to report on the “Bachelor” finale. In French’s written reply to Ahmari’s essay, he had pointed out that, in his long career as a religious-liberty lawyer, he had won most of his cases. “Pastor French,” Ahmari called him, suggesting that French was too pious to recognize that politics, as Ahmari put it, was about “war and enmity.” French’s position was that the pro-Trump faction refused to see how often the structures of a liberal society wound up favoring them. “They talk about Kavanaugh as if it was this terrible defeat, but we won that one!” French told me. “Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court.” If Trump won a second term, then the efforts in red states to ban abortion, either in effect or outright, would be realized. French said, “There’s this idea that victory is the natural state of affairs and defeat is the intolerable intrusion. What I’ve been trying to tell people is that none of this stuff is fixed. There is not necessarily an arc to history, and you don’t have to surrender first principles to fight over stuff that you care about. The day is not lost in any way, shape, or form. And, oh, by the way, you can’t define victory as the exclusion of your enemies from the public square. There are going to be Drag Queen Story Hours. They’re going to happen. And, by the way, the fact that a person can get a room in a library and hold a Drag Queen Story Hour and get people to come? That’s one of the blessings of liberty.”

If this is one of the blessings of liberty, maybe liberty has been taken too far?

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      • It’s definitely THAT – but I’m thinking there are some K alleles in the mix. Jews get jewier as they age, and that nose is melting down his face….

    • There’s no way he’s a Jew. He’s the guy the Neocon Jews put in our faces for a laugh. There’s no way in hell he’s being promoted seriously or because of his ideas.

      Those DC Jews are far too aggressive to respect a guy like him. Those Jews don’t believe what they preach, and French is an effeminate idiot who drank the kool-aid. He’s a joke being played on us, and they’re laughing.

  1. Speaking of really weird White ? men ?

    Since we’ve moved on from the DS debacle – I want to put this at the top of the heap ;

    To all the Yellow Fever Apologistas – here’s what I think of when I think of White men (?) and Asian females (?)


    This really odd White ? Man? makes his living pimping Asian wives to White men, and trying to be a model and a You Tube SupaStah!

    I call then FagFace and DogGirl

    He’s sooo masculine and she’s sooo byoodeeful. So feminine. You know she doesn’t mind when he goes “out with the boys” for…a week.

    I’m not entirely certain she’s not actually a ladyboi. I think I was banned from their channel when I asked…..

      • I suspect a lot of homos are men who failed with women from their own race. Perhaps Col. Wang Lin and his cult followers can explain that phenomenon in more detail.

        • have you seen the infostormer drivel about HW today?
          Could they put anglins dick down their throats any further?
          Lee tells me that “my opinion” is okay , but its wrongthink.
          Then i got banned by that 80 year old jizz-mopper faggot azz-masterdor for saying that weev was a jew and anglin was a degenerate.
          Of course lee didn’t ban me , his butt buddy daddy did because even though ass-matador hasn’t even been on the forum for months, he wears the pants in their relationship.
          Calling HW names while supporting LARPers who advocate degeneracy and violence that plays into the enemies hands is what real white men do…duh
          I’ve been on that site for 9 yrs. but am considering it a badge of honor to be removed by those who run these forums.
          DS and IS are useless sites that state very basic, elementary knowledge that should be obvious to anyone with room temperature IQ and normal ocular functionality.

          • I think Azzholemador banned me as well, but I won’t give that old meth-addict the satisfaction of going back there to confirm it. If him and D’Andre are the kind of low-lifes Lee wants to associate with then I’m glad I won’t be going to the Infostormer site anymore.

            PS: When is Gab going to stop being so retarded and gay?

      • Did you watch any of that video, Owen? The “male” has one of the worst cases of Fag Face I have ever seen. I spent a lot of time last night, researching the White Race Traitor male/Asian female – Hoo Ha! All the Yellow Fever Victims should spend a little time reading about what Asians think of them. ESPECIALLY the Chinese! Chinese are brutal. The basic summation is the Round Eyes get suckered with all the ugly girls. And don’t even know it. The pretty Chinese girls get the best Chinese males. This is a huge topic. But let’s just say White males that go for Asians are regarded as total moron loser suckers – by Asians.

  2. While we speak the Harrison Diversity Council is having a diversity weekend this week consisting of drag queens reading to elementary children and even a transgendered beauty contest. There is no protest from Churches or community members.

  3. In his terms of cuckservatism, He should take his sub Saharan boys and dress them up as demonic women character figures. Heck take them to Afghanistan as cultural diplomats to boost the troop moral!

  4. Pics of the limp French fry, and a bearded nigqueen? I need a memory eraser, plus a Visine scrub for my eyes. The only plus to seeing those gut-turning images is that my caloric intake gets reduced. Your penchant for showing Frenchcuck so often is extremely worrisome. I hope you don’t have a mancrush on him, HW. What’s next, wanting to write at Counter-Currents? Hanging out with Greg in bus station men’s rooms?

  5. “I call then FagFace and DogGirl”

    Denise, you are really despicable, to make such a comparison.
    To compare a fine companion, that could form a lifelong bond, to something so repugnant. A dog has never made me wince so badly.

    It is not a ladyboi, even in the worst case, they are never that ugly.

    ( what is wrong with that guy? He doesn’t have ‘yellow fever’, he has ‘gargoyle mania’)

    • Arian – I humbly apologize. You are correct. Every canine I have ever seen possesses an infinitely prettier visage than the ….creature…in the video.

      The male – he is one of the faggiest closet cases EVER. I have written that I used to be involved in Thee-Ay-tuh, and thus have known plenty of sodomites. But this “male” would be too faggy for the faggiest fags I knew. Ewww! He looks like he’s made of ,,,some type of…lubricant.

  6. I heard E. Michael Jones tell this story about meeting Ralph Reed in the 90s. He was discussing the fact that since the communists had been defeated, it would be time for both Protestants and Catholics to fight against the moral decay in America for real. Reed, was more concerned about being a “Blessing” to Israel. The boomers in the Religious Right are like punch-drunk boxers to dumb not to stay down after getting beat. They got played, but are just too dumb to realize it.

    Frenchie Boy has proven he isn’t serious about fighting cultural degeneracy. He seems to thrive in his role as a Shabbos Goy. Who under 50 actually takes David French seriously?

  7. Once again, Richard Spencer’s tweet about being the polar opposite of david french’s moral compass is spot on.

    The furries would never ban rabbi french from their convention.

  8. Our Rabbi who art in NYC
    Hallowed be thy Nose
    My genocide comes
    Thy bolshevism be done
    In America as it was in Russia

    Give us this day our 24/7/365 demoralization
    And forgive us for being born
    As we bash our fellow whites until they commit
    a mass nationwide Jim Jones event

    And lead us not into regeneration
    But deliver us into TrannyFa
    For thine is my brains, my balls, and my backside
    Forever and ever


  9. I used to think French was just a severely naive, gullible and cucked phony christian but now I’m convinced hes satanic and knows exactly what hes doing and who hes serving drag time story hour a blessing?! Yeah I’m sure Jesus would approve

  10. “in his long career as a religious-liberty lawyer, he had won most of his cases. ” This poor excuse for a White Man, who calls himself a Christian, is a LAWYER?!? NO WONDER he’s so damned. Anathema to this pathetic excuse for an American.

  11. We get excluded from the public square and thats perfectly fine because we do racisms. But trannies are a blessing from liberty. JFC. I’m soooo angry.

  12. He’s a Jew. Look at the physiology. I don’t give a shit about what he says on evangelical christian. Many jews ran catholic schools and parishes. They took goy names but were jews. Happened many times. We need to go back to the Germans study of physiology. Also why the hell do you guys just believe what people say? It’s insane. If someone looks like a jew and acts like a jew. It’s a jew. How many examples of every single time do you need?

  13. I”m not even particularly religious, but I’m finding the tranny crap really annoying. For now, they won’t go away and live in their own community and no one is allowed to physically remove them.

  14. Drag Queen Story Hour is for bigots like French.

    Real liberty is allowing random homos to visit your elementary school and rape whichever kid they want to. Bonus points if they have HIV. Yay, #Pride.

  15. It’s so tiresome.

    Virtually all those now in public life in this country are scumbags.

    The “elites” in government, the media, the universities, entertainment, finance, and business are all corrupt, dishonest creeps, shitheads and criminals. I wonder what they all have in common.

  16. Another great example of Religious Liberty. It’s not about religion but Christians cucking and tolerating our enemies destroying everything Moral about Western Christian Civilization. Deo Vindice !

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