MILO Has Been Banned From a Furry Convention

The Grift Right has fallen on hard times.

A few days ago, MILO was crying on his Telegram channel that the money had dried up and he can no longer put food on the table for his black husband:

Daily Dot:

“According to Yiannopoulos, he’s flailing on Telegram.

“It’s just not a good use of my time to be here,” he writes, “talking to the same 1,000 people, none of whom buy books, tickets to anything or donate.” He claims that his post views have “crashed” to only about “2 to 3K total” apiece.

He’s glad to be able to connect with his “gold star homies,” but laments that he “can’t put food on the table this way.”

His experience, he claims, is typical of that of his fellow “social media refugees.”

Yiannopoulos also shared his thoughts about three of the safe-haven platforms for the far-right: Gab, Parler, and Telegram. Gab, he says, is “relentlessly, exhaustingly hostile and jam packed full of teen racists who totally dictate the tone and discussion.” Parler has “zero interaction, no one is there.” And Telegram is “a wasteland.” …”

Now comes what is possibly the most devastating blow yet to his flailing career. MILO is too cringe to hang out with furries at the Midwest Furfest:

“Milo Yiannopolous was once on top of the world. The former editor at Breitbart News had built his brand around supporting Gamergate and trafficking in racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic rhetoric, winning him a devoted fan base among disaffected young white men and a lucrative career as an author and campus speaker. Then, his career took a swift nose dive after several video clips surfaced, featuring Yiannopolous suggesting that sex between adult men and boys as young as 13 can be “perfectly consensual.” Yiannopolous subsequently lost his book deal, his job, and an invitation to speak at CPAC, and it’s clear he’s been struggling as of late: last week, he complained on the messaging app Telegram thread that he was unable to promote his work because he had been deplatformed by all of the major social media companies, causing many on the internet to play the world’s tiniest violins and revel in his downfall.

Apparently, however, there are still a few spaces where Yiannopolous felt welcome, one of which was MidWest FurFest, a furry convention to be held near Chicago this December. Although Yiannopolous had planned to attend the conference, many within the community weren’t happy, and successfully campaigned to have him banned. …”

No one wants to be seen with the Dangerous Faggot anymore.

He still has Matt Forney though. He hasn’t hit absolute rock bottom yet.

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  1. The perverts are now turning on each other! Great news! Yes, it’s over some pervs being less PC than other ones, but it shows that, even on the fringe, the left’s cultural Marxist religion is starting to get into the Inquisition phase. May they all immolate each other in the name of ideological purity.

    • “May they all immolate each other in the name of ideological purity.”

      An apt prayer that one can only hope will be answered, as the lamestream American populace, neither know nor seem to care for this level of depravity being allowed to exist in their midst.

  2. Nick Fuentes didn’t mind having his photo taken with queer as a three dollar bill Milo. They ‘broke bread’ together at that embarrassing “Free Speech Rally” over the Fourth of July in D.C. Both Nick and Milo in matching Hawaiian shirts.

      • Fuentes is too smug for his own good. He definitely has a pampered momma’s boy personality and like anglin, he leads a small incel army called “Nickers.”

        Nick is just 21, so he is still quite impressionable. He certainly isn’t doing his brand any favors by hanging out with the likes of Milo and Laura Lampshade Loomer.

        It will be interesting to see where Nick is politically after the 2020 election.

  3. Wow, imagine being rejected by furries. That’s when you know your career as an e-celeb is over. Perhaps the bronies or ponyfags will take pity on M.I.L.O.?

    • LOL, Augustus Invictus and Cultured Thug both threatened to beat up Nick the Spick, madam. I wish I was there, so I could have locked the door to make sure Fuentes didn’t run away.

  4. That’s Anglin’s future right there. Much worse though because Andre has multi million dollar judgements against him that will make it impossible for him to ever live even moderately comfortable.

      • Haxo,

        I wonder how andre’s final act will play out. Will he contract Ebola Zaire or Ebola Sudan? Perhaps another turd word disease such as cholera, dysentery, Marburg, Lassa, malaria, HIV, or hepatitis A and B will be his doom.

  5. If not for culture destruction Marxist media these people would not exist in public. We would still be watching Donna Reed and Leave it to Beaver. And don’t forget, I Dream ofJeannie.

  6. Its not hard to believe he got banned from a furry convention. Most furfags are leftists, commies and shitlibs very few lean conservative not that fake Israeli bought party is doing anything good lately

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