Daily Stormer: Weev’s History As An “Anti-Semite Hunter”

UPDATE: This seems like a weird thing to say

Keep. People need to be educated about known anti-Semite Dennis Fetcho. —Weev G N A A™ 16:13, 5 September 2005 (UTC)

In this podcast, Dennis Fetcho fills you in on Weev’s history as the leader of a pack of Jewish trolls in the 2000s, his history as the president of the Gay Nigger Association of America and his efforts to stigmatize and discredit the Jewish Question by making it look extreme and ridiculous. In September 2015, Fetcho predicts that everyone associated with Weev will burn and deserve to.

I didn’t find this podcast until this morning.

I’m about to sit down and listen to it. In this podcast, Dennis Fetcho reacts to Weev’s Gay Ops at Daily Stormer in 2016 and continues to elaborate on his motivations:

In this third two hour special episode of Inside The Eye, Dennis Fetcho exposes Andrew Escher Auernheimer and his history:

Listen to these podcasts.

It cost me $8 to put them up. It was well spent.

You will begin to see Weev’s actions in a new light.

Inside The Eye:

“Weev” Auernheimer, and “The Fetch”

“Recently, someone who is known as the ultimate sleaze persona of “the Internets”, a Jew by the name of Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer, aka Weev, has been been making the rounds as advocate for White ethnicity. Much of this is simply a fraud: Weev was one of the most notorious “anti-Semite hunters” of the early to middle 2000’s.

He and his gang of Internet stalking an cyber-harassing trash were one of the more effective trolling gangs who collaborated or worked within large media websites for the express purpose to shut down political discussion of Jewish involvement in 9-11 and political power structures in general.

Now, some 10 years later, and a short but well deserved prison sentence, Weev has been seeking to “rebrand” himself as a “White Nationalist”.

What few know is that “The Fetch” was Weev and his gang of Internet stalking and harassing “rapists” “Public Enemy #1” due to my stance on Jewish involvement in 9-11 and my determination to out this coordinated (conspiratorial) criminal stalking gang into the light.

This show shed some light on that history, a history which goes back to the darkest days of “the Internets” and the efforts which were required to stay on message and bring knowledge of “the Construct” and Jewish destructive powers into the light.”


Emmett Rensin, Confessions of a Former Troll, Vox

Daily Stormer: The Vetting of Weev

Weev’s OkCupid Profile

“My ancestor”

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    • Soros might be a minor figure if you look at the Kushner Clan going back into the era of the Pale. Soros was clever enough to bet against the Pound before Mastricht treaty. I can’t blame him. But I suspect he was fronting for bigger investors now. Bankers determined to shuffle the pound into the Euro.

        • no they aren’t. In fact, Kushner and Soros are business partners.

          the differences between Zio-Jews and Universalist Tikkun Olas are tactical only.

          the ultimate strategic goal – White extinction – is identical.

    • I don’t know about Pilosov and Soros, but there are other connections to the New York Jewish mafia. Anglin retained Marc Randazza for his lawsuit, and Randazza is also Alan Dershowitz’s lawyer. Dershowitz mentored Chuck Johnson since he was 16, who is friends with weev and Pilosov. I imagine that Anglin got referred to randazza through these channels.

      Dershowitz is in the Giuliani clique along with Richard Schwartz, the employer of Douglass Mackey aka Ricky Vaughn. Chuck Johnson was also involved with this, which is evident by the naming convention of the company smartcheckr (other companies involving Johnson have used this similar convention: wesearchr, freestartr). Wesearchr is also the service anglin used when begging for his $150k in legal funds. It’s strange that all of these guys have direct connections to the Jewish-zionist NYC mafia. Trump does too. And Kushner, of course. Oh, and also Epstein.

      • Weev has connections to Pilosov, MILO, Cernovich, Douglass Mackey, MPC, Chuck Johnson and all kinds of other people. The disruption he has caused us is related to some agenda. It is an influence operation. Weev has been activated to cause disruption.

  1. This weev is a hell of a character. He always makes me flick light switches for him on Saturdays for some odd reason. Just last week he prepared me a delicious meal that he said his Muskogee ancestors passed on through the generations. Sey-dar? Seh-dehr? I don’t really remember the name exactly, ole Azz’s memory ain’t what it used to be.

    Bottom text.

    • Hey Azzholemador, when’s the next meeting with your PO? I really couldn’t say who’s the most unsavory character at the Daily Sleaze – you, D’Andre the wigger or Rabbi Aurenheimer.

    • aren’t you the old queen that banned me from IS a couple nights ago when i called you kike handler a jew?
      I am surprised you and Lee have the audacity to shit talk HW…you clowns sound like a bunch of low IQ druggy niggers.
      All this conflict of the And-joos.
      Yeah, you cunts aren’t probably feds, but you are no different than niggers.

  2. So have anyone actually seen Weev or Anglin in the last 2 years? It was not uncommon to hear

    “I just saw Anglin the other day” or “I just called Anglin”. So any signs of life besides podcasts etc? Voices can be faked you know.

    • The only person we know who has met Anglin is Sven Longshanks in the UK and he threw him under the bus. It is strange everyone seems to know everyone else IRL including people who hate each other, but no one knows Anglin.

      • But that was back in 2015 right?

        People told they had met Anglin on twitter; when we were still going there, it was quite common to hear that until 2017 or so.

        After jan-feb 2018 I havent heard anyone saying they met or called Anglin IRL.

        • I’m less certain about Anglin’s intentions than Weev’s.

          If memory serves, Anglin started Daily Stormer before Weev arrived on the scene. He started it in Summer 2013. Weev arrived in Fall 2014. Weev gets out, all these sites come under attack, Weev offers his technical services. That’s how Weev was embedded within the Alt-Right after his early release from federal prison after a campaign by the progressive Left.

          Weev gets out and paints a swastika on his chest. Suddenly, he isn’t Jewish anymore. He’s now a Nazi. After Weev takes over the Daily Stormer, most of the people originally involved with it like Marcus and Sven Longshanks are driven out. Weev works with all his MAGA buddies to promote Donald Trump all through 2015 and 2016 as “God Emperor Trump.” He also has all kinds of side projects going on due to his obsession with getting his revenge on the federal government for locking him up for computer crime.

          We know for a fact that Weev was working with Douglass Mackey (Ricky Vaughn), Cernovich and Pilosov in September 2017 to split the Alt-Right. They were working for Roger Stone. These people were giving Weev his orders. Anglin was reporting to Weev. All the shit about AmNats vs. Wignats in 2017 and 2018 was part of a GOP influence campaign.

          Now, why do we have this shit going on today? Why is Weev trying to take out TRS? If you look at their actions over the course of five years, they are steadily bad jacketing and destroying various other content creators. They pretend to care about optics, but at the same time celebrate mass shootings? This position makes no sense at face value.

          • They couldn’t have chosen a worse asset than Weev. Weevs involvement in the optics debate/war is one of the most ludicrous things I’ve ever seen. This is a guy who celebrates mass shooters and killing children and talked about creating an n-word killing AI. If there ever was a debate on optics to be had Weev certainly doesn’t deserve a place at the table. This really demonstrate show disingenuous the whole optics debate is.

            Something is very rotten about this situation and anyone with an IQ above 85 should be questioning what is going on. I know for a fact they’re lying about TRS. Weev could be a fed. That’s possible, even probably. He also has an extremely large ego and what he can’t control he will attempt to destroy. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

            There are a lot of strange coincidences with all of this. Hayden was working on an article about Jayoh before DS wrote their article. He later pretends to be just a passive observer who was prompted to write an article on Jayoh because of the DS article. This is a lie. He was already going to write his article and had been researching it.

          • “We know for a fact that Weev was working with Douglass Mackey (Ricky Vaughn), Cernovich and Pilosov in September 2017 to split the Alt-Right. They were working for Roger Stone. These people were giving Weev his orders.”

            Jesus Christ! Are you sure about this, Hunter Wallace, and/or can you verify w/links?
            I remember Vox Day, who was part of the Cernovich gang, going on an “anti-nazi” ragefest
            on GAB at about that time. He, if I recall correctly, trying to get his buddy, Andrew Torba
            to ban “Nazis” or he was going to sue for “defamation of character” or some such thing.

            But having seen what I saw with my own eyes, not only Vox Day but many other things, your statement makes at least some sense. With hindsight, the whole thing sure seems coordinated.

    • Is it that bad for Enoch wifes, I kinda like Mike he at least has decent optics and seems principaled. I knew his wife was jewish but I didn’t know she was that jewish I thought she was quater or half? mossad links and all?! Wowsa not good btw did they ever divorce are they still married?

      • How does someone who brought their B’nai B’rith Youth Organization chapter president, “BioQueen wannabe” (google it) wife onto their supposedly pro-White/anti-jewish podcast to pretend to be something she isn’t and mislead their audience seem “principaled”? The TRS debate was settled the second the clips of her on the show were unearthed.

      • He’s making stuff up because he’s a gullible fool. She was part Jew but the mossad ties and rabbi bit are pure fantasy. He probably heard it somewhere and just keeps repeating it because he’s an easily manipulated fool

        • Nah, there is widespread and archived proof she is: jewish, bnai brith youth chapter president, promoter of tranny sex shows, and she was on early episodes of TRS mocking Christianity. Enoch is a jew, with a mega jew wife. there is no proof of divorce whatsoever. TRS are fake nationalists who push the same BS that Daily Stormer does: no activism, vote GOP etc.

          Shill somewhere else nigger

      • How would it sound to suggest that making crude sexually vulgar comments referencing women’s body parts probably just adds to the lies being told about pro-white men?

        FYI, most women find those types of expressions extremely offensive. It’s not the same as some more neutral, commonplace profanity. Even some men intuit that there’s often a latent violence towards women lurking behind such expressions, regardless of whether or not every individual who uses them truly has latent violence in them.

        I say this because I personally don’t think adding to the artillery amassed against us is a well thought out idea.

        @ Everyone

        I think there needs to be a moratorium on misogynist speech. For those who see this as some ‘oppression,’ you might consider what’s happening to white men who thought they had the most basic right to bear arms.

  3. I am not surprised to see more of this.

    Serious people are being mocked and laughed at.

    Where are the “serious” “white nationalist” ? A sleep.

    Can’t even defend themselves from a known Jewish Troll
    going back a decade.

    Andrew Anglin has a lot to say about everyone and always has
    and lies about it.

    The biggest shit bird owns him.

    Fall 2014 is about right for the takeover of Daily Stormer and
    Andrew Anglin.

    You are being lauged at.

    People should answer for this.

    911 Truth is their Achilles Heel , the litmus test.

  4. “Now do Enochs jewish wife, her rabbai, her synagogue, mossad links and marriage status.”

    Sure. Why not? Full disclosure.

      • The stuff about the mossad and her rabbi are pure fantasy. People like him are always spreading rumors because they’re not the discerning types and easily fooled. They read something on DS or 4chan, where those rumors originated, and assume it’s gospel. They pass it on and the person they tell it to passes it on and so it goes right on down the line. People like this never actually look into whether the accusations are true. They just believe it and nothing is ever going to change that. They will always find excuses to dismiss evidence that contradicts their preconceived opinions. This is one of the ways our enemies manipulates us.

        • I’m allowing all of this to be aired so that it can be discussed on its merits. I didn’t follow TRS until after the big dox in early 2017. In any case, I haven’t heard anything about Mike’s wife in years and there is no reason to believe she is still around.

          • You never heard anything from Enochs jewish wife from the start, because he literally hid her from everyone, do you honestly believe he’s still not hiding her?

            You don’t even need to think hard about this.

            There’s a mountain of evidence, her synagogues ties to mossad and pictures of her with her rabbai.

            Old James up there is trying to damage control for some reason.

        • She was president of her B’nai B’rith Youth Organization chapter and is obsessed with “drag” degeneracy to the point where she calls herself a “BioQueen wannabe”. That’s more than enough to make the case against her and TRS.


  5. even when jews are genuinely attracted to the indoeuropean world and they want to be part of it, they have so much chaos in their genetics and so few nobility in their nature, that they act like KIng MIdas, but at the opposite- they turn gold into shit.

    • EL, you nailed it.
      Jws can do their part elsewhere, White advocacy is our task. Either we will do it or it won’t be donw. We don’t want interlopers.

  6. Outside of being paid an allowance by his jewish friends, weev makes a living producing and selling … [HW: proof of this?]

    Isn’t it weird also, how Douglass Mackey is talked about, but his jewish boss and business partner never is? A jew with connections to weev’s jew friends. And he was running his smartchckr thing on russian servers. Almost as if the entire point was to entrap politicians who were in league with us?

      • I’m referring to how weev will rant and rave and gnash his teeth at anyone who says anything about douglass mackey. But conveniently, weev never talks about his kike partner or any of the information surrounding that whole thing. Nope, it happened in a total information vacuum, no other details available. Typical kike behavior.

  7. in 2016, this Jewish Freak was presented by almost everyone as some Superhero High IQ Genius Fugitive Hacker who would help us defeat our enemies.

    I admit, I felt lost initially when entering the Kekistani God Emperor Meme Realm.

    The Learning Curve is Irrational.

    I should have just stuck with David Duke and and giving a Fck about Twitter.


  8. I’m obviously not including HW in this, since he’s been talking about weev for a long time, but it’s interesting how this information has been available forever, but it’s only a problem now. When calling weev a jew on the 504um got you banned, that was fine. When Eric Striker called weev’s jewishness a “jew rumor” that was made up by Newsweek, that was fine too. But now that Anglin wrote a kind of autistic article about someone who’s obviously a fraud, now it’s on the table.

    Like the jew wife, this shows that to a lot of the TRS fanbase, jews aren’t really a problem. If an eceleb they like is a jew, friends with a jew, or married to a jew, then that’s a “good jew”. But if someone connected to that same jew attacks one of their idols, then it’s an issue.

    The same goes for people talking about Douglass Mackey now, but not when he was a regular on Fash the Nation, or when Sven was lying about Smartcheckr or whatever it was called doing facial recognition.

    • not really a fair argument you are making here. Hunter has touched on this issue several times over the years as did every other site expect TRS. it’s one of those things where you say it over and over but people arent listening for some reason. if the interest in the topic arises again, thats simply another opportunity to talk about.

      you are dishonestly trying to cast doubt on this exposee, which would only benefit the guilty parties at DS. so you can fuck off back to the BBS shill

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