Jack Corbin Has Been Denied Bond

If you want to get a glimpse of how far gone our justice system has become under Donald Trump, look no further than the Jack Corbin case.

CBS 19:

“TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — A white man charged with cyberstalking and making racist threats against a black activist in Virginia was ordered Monday to remain in custody, in a case that could test the boundaries of when online trolling becomes a criminal threat.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas Wilson ordered Daniel McMahon to continue to be jailed, saying his mental instability, ability to obtain firearms and praise of mass shootings in Pittsburgh and Charleston, South Carolina, through his online communications raise concerns he poses a threat to the community. …

During Monday’s hearing, the prosecutor presented as evidence some of the comments McMahon had made on social media, including ones repeating that Gathers needed to be stopped through “a diversity of tactics.” Gammons said that term meant physical violence. …”

According to U.S. Attorney Carlton Gammons, Jack Corbin’s use of the phrase “a diversity of tactics” on social media means he was threatening physical violence. Checks notes.

Why does Trump’s DOJ and the FBI arrest Jack Corbin for using the phrase “a diversity of tactics” – a tongue-in-cheek remark about Antifa who constantly use that phrase – and implying it is a threat of physical violence? Why doesn’t the phrase “a diversity of tactics” imply threats of physical violence when it is used by Antifa who have repeatedly engaged in actual physical violence for years at rightwing political rallies? Jack Corbin has only watched those rallies at home.

I’m sure there is a good explanation for why Trump’s DOJ and the FBI have done absolutely nothing about hundreds of examples of Antifa violence at rightwing rallies, not to mention cyberstalking for which they are never banned on social media platforms. Surely, there is a good reason why the people who use the phrase “a diversity of tactics” to violently disrupt these events and who then go out and routinely do it in cities like Charlottesville and Portland are allowed to get away with it while those who merely watch the footage of these rallies at home are prosecuted.

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  1. We are to believe that the statement “Diversity of tactics” is a dog whistle for violence, but chanting “What do want? Dead cops. When do we want them now” by black lives matter activists in NYC isn’t a call for violence?


    The contortions to ration thought to arrive at such a conclusion isn’t just mind boggling but meant to serve an explicit warning by federal judiciary that words and intentions will be interpreted according to Big Brother.

    Welcome to Airstrip One. Enjoy your stay.

  2. Whats the solution? non-violence. Our prisoners will simply have to wait until we figure this whole thing out peacefully.

    • Not Sarcastic,

      Good question.

      Jim Goad believes that circumstances mold generations and not the inverse.

      Obviously, there are a whole lot more questions than answers.

  3. Enoch was recently suspended on twitter for exposing the Jack Corbin case he had the video of the Gathers assaulting a UTR protestor unprovoked. This short truthful video was considered hate speech from emily the socialistdogfucker so her and her merry band of subversive commies got him suspended for facts and logic on Corbin

  4. The federal government are Roman Fascists, evidenced by the fasces on the wall of the House of Representatives. Tim Cullen is an Irish Catholic Romanist as well. Trump is a Romanist trained at jesuit Fordham University. Roman Fascism still rules and their main quest other than restoring the Pope’s temporal power, is to lead the Counter-Reformation. This is the entire reason they followed the Protestants to their new country America, to enslave and oppress them again!

    Until people finally wake up to the fact we are up against Romanism aka Roman Catholic Fascism via the Federal Government, we are never going to even start to understand the problem. All the Romanist feds have ever done is attack Protestant liberties, since the feds inception!

    Jews cannot run any jew ops unless the Romanist laws give them the space to do so! Jews can’t SWAT you, Romanists can! jews can’t steal your children with CPS, Romanists can, jews can’t kill with impunity, Romanists can! jews didn’t force integration, Romanists did!

    Jews ARE a problem, but ROMAN FASCISM via DC is the most dangerous enemy of WASPs and our Southland. That is the head of this serpent.

    • “I-it was the Romans!”
      You sound like an Evangelitard trying to shift attention away from the Christ-killing Jews.

      I’m not a catholic BTW

      • I’m weary of heebs, romcoms, and evangeltards so consider me unbiased but roms have done some pretty nasty things to Protestants throughout history jem is doing some jew cucking here too tho

    • @Jem You are incredibly delusional and mentally ill if you think that “Romanists” and “Roman Catholics” run the US government and are the problem. The Jews and the select few WASP elite are the one who have always run the US government aka ZOG since the very beginning. I’ve stated this many times but the truth hurts and that is the National Socialists and fascists in Germany, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Lithuania, Hungary, and Romania were the last governments on earth to oppose Jews. Italy, Spain, Croatia, Lithuania, and partially(Germany, Hungary, and Romania) are Catholic countries. Meanwhile Anglos in Great Britain, US, Canada, and Australia were busy killing their European brothers for the Jews.

      • @croat LOL. Jews didn’t build the federal government, and damn sure did not “run it from the beginning.” It was built by masons (papal servants via the Knights of Malta, and illuminized via jesuit Adam Weishapt) They literally built “rome on the potomac” a carbon copy of vatican city. Only a willfully ignorant fool would be blind to this.

        Like I already stated, and you dishonestly dismissed, YES jews are a problem, but they cant do anything without the allowance and protections of the Romanists’ laws. You don’t know anything about DC, or the history of the fed. Go back to 4chan son.

    • Coomer- I would agree. The nut cases have come out of the wall, since HW will not censor the whackjobs that continually comment on here, with nothing to back their opinions, but their gap-toothed smiles, and ‘good ol’ boy’ heritages, or something like that. Catholi-schism is in free fall, you have two popes living at the same time, when only one can be legitimate. You have orchestrated (by Jews) infiltration in the seminaries for over thirty years, to gain acceptance of sodomy, lesbianism, the desire to DISMANTLE (in a protestant fashion) the entire apparatus of the Roman Hierarchy, to make it more like the atomistic CULTS that people like Jem come from, and HE thinks ROME is to blame!?!

      Misericordie, Domine. Trad RC’s are just as much (or more) victims of the NWO, as anyone else, and yet- becuase we have PAGAN ROMAN fasces on our buildings, that’s somehow a CLEW?!?


      • You’re just upset that I pointed out your apostasy in the other thread. Christians call no man “Father.” Read your bible sinner.

      • The nut cases have come out of the wall, since HW will not censor the whackjobs that continually comment on here, with nothing to back their opinions, but their gap-toothed smiles, and ‘good ol’ boy’ heritages, or something like that. -Fr. John+

        Oh look people, another 1a free thought activist and personal appearance expert. Your religion is and was the most genocidal of all throughout history. Your God must be real proud of you.

      • Imagine looking at DC and thinking “duh, its tha jews!1” They’ve only told you who they are in GIANT STONE MONUMENTS.

        Surely God has sent a strong delusion, and the Godless alt-right is firmly taken by it. Fools.

        • @Jem I agree with everything you’ve said but some and most people scream it’s the jews all the time disregarding the facts you’ve pointed out. People must ask themselves who put the jews and others on that pedestal?

          People think the Catholic Church is so holy but disregard their satanic Kabbalist roots, Jesuits and the like. There are only three private cities of the world, the Vatican -religion, the city of London -financial and Washington DC -military, the three cities of the horizontal rule of the one new world order.

          Every time I see that disgusting pope in that photo kissing and cleaning nog feet, I wonder what Catholics are thinking? Can they be that stupid and or brainwashed?

        • As if Whites, ALL of whom are under world wide genocidal attack, aren’t divided and demoralized enough. Let’s divide and demoralize them some more. I’m suspicious of anyone coming on to a pro-White website and doing what you’re doing.

          • What am I doing but telling the truth? Does it hurt that we have many White enemies within hiding behind their Freemason lodges and Churches who profess one thing whilst saying another thing smiling through their lying teeth putting our enemies on pedestals and had been for decades. Because it sure bothers me and our cause that people dismiss this truthful fact. You can’t be that naive or are you?

  5. The prosecutor, in this case, is a dipshit! The term a ”diversity of tactics” is protected political speech. It does not imply a threat of violence by any means. What part of the First Amendment do these prosecutors not understand? Are they mentally retarded?

    • Diversity of tactics is a popular antifa saying when doing something greasy, unethical and mean spirited basically correct me if i’m wrong justice system is lorded over by heebs and romcom shabbos goys they know and understand exactly what they are doing

  6. U.S. Attorney Carlton Gammons is a product of Affirmative Action. He isn’t qualified to be a U.S. Attorney if he doesn’t know the legal definition of a true threat. Seriously the law school he attended must have low standards. A job flipping burgers may be fitting for his double-digit IQ. If only the Bell Curve included picture illustrations of a Bonobo….

  7. It wouldn’t really bother me if they went hard after WNs as long as they went just as hard after antifa scum – who are obviously the scummest of scum on the planet. I don’t understand how any LEO with actual (civic) patriotic feeling can view these people as anything else and not feel an irresistible urge to cave their heads in.

  8. Corbin is being assaulted with this lawfare while the antifags are committing real violence scot-free all over the country because they’re doing the dirty work the jews & their whores in the police state alphabet gangs can’t. And it didn’t take place under Obongo, but only now, under Trump the traitor.

    There is no longer any justice for Whites in ‘Murca. The federal government is a tyranny, hence illegitimate.

  9. Trump needs to intervene and free all these political prisoners that have been taken captive during his time in office. Start by removing all the Leftist Swamp creatures in his DOJ. You know something is wrong when the radical Leftist Antifa are happy and celebrating.

  10. “Diversity of Tactics.” Sounds like a great name for a nationalist folk band.
    Like ‘Dread Scott’ is for a Celtic White Band.

  11. Any White person who doesn’t want his race abolished is a “domestic terrorist threat”.
    The anti-White DOJ has declared war on pro-Whites.

  12. Someone should send these political reprobates copies of the United States Constitution since they obviously failed civics class. If you combined Thomas Cullen, Carlton Gammons, and the POTUS you would have America’s Three Stooges. Also, we as American citizens have a moral obligation to expose this attack on our beloved 1st Amendment by speaking truth to power. How’s that for a “diversity of tactics?”

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