House Majority Backs Trump Impeachment Inquiry

We’re closely monitoring the situation.


“A majority of the House now backs impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, a significant milestone as Democrats move rapidly on an impeachment inquiry.

As of Wednesday night, 218 lawmakers have indicated support for impeachment proceedings — 217 Democrats and independent Rep. Justin Amash. …”

New York Times:

“But while an impeachment’s impact on November 2020 is unknowable, its effect on us as a nation is almost certain. A dangerously polarized and often viciously partisan country would grow more so, with people on opposing sides hunkering down deeper in their camps and clinging harder to their chosen narratives as the president — concerned only with himself — ratcheted up his insistence that truth itself was subjective and up for grabs. …”

This seems the most likely result.

A few months ago, I was supporting Andrew Yang, but after he came out for decriminalizing the border, free health care for illegal aliens, endorsed calling Blompf a white supremacist and publicly supported his impeachment even I couldn’t continue supporting him. I had entertained the idea that the polarization could be halted and reversed, but it is clear now that it is only going to intensify due to the Democrats. What is the country going to be like when Trump is actually gone and all of his supporters who thought they were MAGAing wake up after their four year nap?

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  1. How many plastic surgerys has this bitch had, shes what almost 70 or 80? I Can’t wait til this backstabbing Italian cunt dies

  2. “What is the country going to be like when Trump is actually gone…?”

    I don’t understand the question. Trump is actually gone right now. Trump was never here in the first place. The guy who allegedly won in 2016 disappeared mysteriously and never even took office. We are ruled instead by Hawaiian Federal Judge of Color, and a bunch of Jewish Jews. But of course that’s been true for decades already.

    Also this “what is the country going to be like?” question makes no sense either. What “country” are you talking about? I don’t live in a “country,” I live in Shopping and Economic Zone Five, and Surplus Brown Pauper Storage Area Twelve. And I have the paperwork to prove it. I don’t know what this word “country” is that you’re using.

  3. Every single anti-White policy will remain in place regardless. That’s why I don’t pay attention to any of this manufactured hysteria.

  4. Friar John: I don’t see any organized resistance to ZOG, do you? There can’t be another civil war or revolution without it.

  5. It started in the FBI, which protected Clinton and hatched Russiagate. Now it’s the turn of the CIA. They’re completing the third year of a continuing coup attempt by the secret police.

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